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  1. Guess No One Can Answer The Question WHY?
  2. What is the POINT of a Personal Nemesis that steals and rewards u with souped up weapons and cosmetics that ppl defend and value for the horrrendous time and effort u put it. Plus makes or will make a hell of a time for us in future. I vote for a petition to permanently end kuva lich.
  3. Liche Nemesis System is Retarded. Do Or Not Do. TRY no is there.
  4. Man.. i am wrong to say u kill your own liche that u wanted to create. And then a new one might appear? Man sure, I guess i'm wrong..
  5. Once u kill your lich to convert or claim kuva weapon.. another may arise.. am i wrong? Sorry if u misunderstood me.
  6. Technically. What if there were no players? Of course it belongs to DE. But dont we have a say in what is distasteful?
  7. Oh btw once u kill a lich the vicious cycle is permanent and u can never get rid of it. Like getting cancer. Isnt it fun?
  8. I just hope people will still love Kuva Leech after it messes up your rewards and sabotages your RailJack and kills your missions over and over again. It is not rewarding, it is punishing. Why? So u will be motivated to kill Lichs. If this seems a fun and exciting game mechanic to some, i applaud u for accepting IT. DE will be pleased. But doesnt warframe really belong to us, the players? I do not want this obnoxious game mechanic. I am not complaining about an update but a very very bad idea in game design. But i am sure there people who say its just a game. Well it is a game that we all play and love. Go figure
  9. Kuva Lich System is a PERMANENT implementation. A year from now u could be killing your 200,000th ot so. HAVE FUN
  10. What i meant by "bycott" is about not initiating your kuva lich at all. Imao, it is Pointless and Unrewarding. Why I am dissappointed is that DE could have given us something so much better. Why do we play video games in the first place? If it is aggravating, infuriating and tedious like Kuva Lich, should we all blindly accept whatever is given us? This is counter productive to warframe's future. There are enough thieves, scammers and stalkers in real life. I dont accept Kuva Lich at all. This is my own personal opinion. Prove me wrong after u killed your 20th lich.
  11. I for one will boycott Old Blood. Was looking forward to New War but after this, Am dissappointed at DE for implementing such a repulsive update
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