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  1. https://gfycat.com/tepidlawfulfruitfly-sci-fi-anime-hfy
  2. Serious eyesight hazard..and with PS5 it comes in next gen hi res
  3. It aint Nora. Maybe her daughter. Cos real Nora is fat and ugly
  4. I actually did get a reply which u will never see here. He agreed it was a little "bright". My god i wonder what very "bright" is to him? Staring at the blazing tropical sun? My post was reported as spam. So i thought we were living in a free society not some 10cent Regime. This will probably be removed. Or some "troll" will appear
  5. Logically if u defeated loid, u never have to see any glassh..t. anymore. Unless u like replaying the boss fight over and over and over again. Aint that fun?
  6. My previous topics on it were all removed. So be careful. Yours might dissappear into Feedback as well They dont like u talking about it. Check my posts if u dont believe me
  7. About the Flash Bangs when u load into mission.
  8. Transition Screen. Dont like the white transition screen that hurts my eyes. Have to close my eyes each time i load into a mission. Seems a trivial complaint. But my eyes are more precious than a game that tries to blind me every chance it gets. This is my opinion. I wont reply to flamers. Just hope they remove this unnecessary annoyance
  9. Well, as for me, I will probably be moving on to Monster Hunter Rise next year with the wirebug that everyone wants to copy into the parazon.
  10. I think chubby fat villians (Hek?) Would be a nice change
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