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  1. Ah, yeah, Nihil Glassh***. Didn't like it. Was about to just forget the weapon existed, but got it done on the 3rd or 4th try. I know, you heroes did it first time, grats. Everyone has different difficulty levels due to different reasons. It's gonna be hard for some, easy for others, and totally undoable for others. I don't play Warframe for souls-like-lite-whatever games. I didn't start playing it for that and anyone saying they did is being at least a little disingenuous. No, I don't need ALL the weapons. The fight exists and they may or may not make it easier towards the end. I co
  2. It'd be nice if we could select which inputs we want to use for which combos. I actually like just pressing E and certain favoured weapon combos automatically moving me forward. I don't really want to hold W (or W + RMB) for the entirety of the mission. Mashing E is enough.
  3. Kuva Ogris rockets firing out of the Supra Vandal bullet hose? Sure, let me try. 🤣
  4. Plenty! All those capture/rescue/sabotage missions are great for quick prime parts/forma bp's when they come up as fissures. 2 mins per part most of the time. That's tonnes of extra stuff.
  5. So I hit 60. Before I hit 60 I was at 145 crystal cred. After I hit 60 I'm still at 145 crystal cred and not going anywhere. So 59 is actually the cap. I'm stuck on 145 until the end? After 30, it should just be an infinity symbol. Every time you get 10k, you get the cred. Get rid of the 60 tiers, they're a dead end.
  6. I'd be fine with the duration on redline not starting until Gauss hits 100%. As it is, you can't build it up any quicker than a third of it's full duration, making you naturally want more duration and missing out on other stats. Not to mention there are still things that deplete the battery, which is annoying, such as hacking, and shooting while aiming even if you're moving cause you move too slow when aiming.
  7. I played Skyforge for a while and alchemist was a really fun class in that game. I'm wondering where they pulled their inspiration from since there are some interesting sources on it. Could be completely original though, I suppose. Also, weren't high heels invented by a guy? A really short guy? That wanted to look taller? Not that I, personally, am gonna go out and buy a pair. Just saying.
  8. Kuva Ogris with whichever secondary/melee I feel like at the time. Although, I've been playing Gauss alot lately, in which case, I've been using Supra Vandal for brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, Secura Dual Cestra also for brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, and Ohma for thud-thu-thu-thud-thu-thud-thud.
  9. Yes, New Loka want to destroy tech, restore earth, and live among nature. I agree. They're crazies but I have them maxed anyway. I actually go with Red Veil just so it doesn't mess with New Loka and Perrin standing. But also because "our enemies will fear you with that" after I purchase relic packs. Yes, Red Veil man...yes...your enemies will fear my relics...ok. 🤣
  10. I had to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing. Took me almost 2 whole days to redownload it. It still got stuck for a while, but eventually finished. I didn't close it or verify cache or anything, just let it go until done. Frustrating and ridiculous but that was my last option.
  11. Same issue, same number. 249.4.
  12. I can't keep redownloading the game because of getting stuck on "downloading new content" every month. I have a 100 gb limit every month, it's frustrating. Yes, I've tried all the options people have listed on the internet. Verify cache also does nothing, I don't understand the point of it. Even Elder Scrolls Online, a game with terrible code, has a repair function that works, and I haven't even needed to use it for a long time.
  13. Probably because DE needs plat. It's a plat sink for people that don't want/have time to grind. They have to make money to keep the lights on. Obligatory "sell prime parts for plat and buy the frames from the market, it's quicker" statement.
  14. Gauss can freeze them solid instantly, and also strip their armour.
  15. We'll have to fight his weave. That's not quite right, is it!? We'll have to fight him IN his weave. Hmm. 🤔
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