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  1. It's my subsume slot, I don't find that I need her 2. She has fun options. I finally got my 2nd Protea for Helminth. Now I have a Zephyr Pez (dispenser) build. Can hover forever on any missions that you don't have to be highly mobile while using an archgun. I'm enjoying the morgha alot.
  2. It can go well over 9000! I've had about 13-14000% before. Endless missions with weapons like the cyanex can get you there. Any weapon with projectiles that hit but also bounce/lock on to multiple enemies.
  3. Well, you can easily balance 4. For example, rank up New Loka, which gives you Perrin Sequence also. Then you can switch to Red Veil, which gives you Steel Meridian also, and doesn't negatively affect Loka or Perrin in the process.
  4. I agree, that was a funny read, sorry @Xana_Skullsunder. I wish you wrote out the third instance. In regards to self-staggers, yeah previously all that aoe power was balanced by self-damage. Not scared anymore though, can shoot it at my feet without issues.
  5. I was hoping the glaives from her 3 would go out and attack enemies. Pretty disappointing that they just spin around her like that.
  6. Were you set to public/invite only/friends only, or solo? If you set it to solo and your internet cuts out, you can continue playing until it comes back on, and then extract. It will keep trying to reconnect for quite a long time, actually, even if it cuts out right when you're extracting.
  7. The efficiency mod, Streamline, and duration mods, Continuity and Augur Message, are really good starting points. Stretch for range also. As for weapons, I believe high rate of fire crit weapons are great for killing enemies trapped in her tornados, as the crit damage gets boosted when you shoot the tornados. To add to that, Zephyr has extra crit chance while airborne. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zephyr/Abilities
  8. I enjoyed his theme and aesthetics for quite a while after he released, but stopped playing him due to so much micromanagement. Sprint toggling off, reselecting elements.
  9. Yeah, it's gone. Starting RJ from your dojo doesn't make you host anymore. I just set it to solo now cause crew members are more reliable than other players anyway, unfortunately.
  10. Let's say they make 'more than enough money' now. After switching to dedicated servers they will make 'less than enough money'. Because people with bad internet can still play P2P solo. Even if my internet disconnects during a mission, when it does reconnect I can extract and keep all my loot/progress. That won't happen with dedicated servers, I will just lose it altogether. There are alot of countries with people that can play and afford to spend money on the game but also have bad internet infrastructure. Those people will stop spending money because they will lose connection more than they
  11. The only solution for now is to change your ping limit to 100. Most of the time you will be the host. If not, then you're more likely to connect to someone with a better connection.
  12. You can afk perfectly fine for a few mins in warframe, just let your group know that you're going to stretch, make a sammich, etc during endless missions. That's the only time you really need to take breaks if it's a long run. Otherwise, yeah, you should be responsible for the amount of time you spend playing computer games. I say that as someone that spends too much time playing computer games. Can't really do much else though in my situation right now.
  13. The angle of the sensors need to be changed. It's like those sensors at a mall that you have to stand directly beneath for the doors to open.
  14. Yeah, the latte vandal is the only weapon I'm missing right now. Can't be bothered with it due to the only way to acquire it being ESO, which is boring. Not going to buy it either, will let that one go unless they implement another way to get it.
  15. I don't even use airburst, that's my subsume slot. This augment isn't gonna make me wanna use it. I have way more fun with abilities like barrage, yes, barrage + tornados. So much weather! Even well of life is good, since Hieracon is my favourite node to play on and it's nice having a way to heal excavs. I do other missions of course, but Hieracon is my playground. Of course, I have a build with vial rush, cause she can hover in the air and use it, making her an ice bomber. I haven't bothered to farm a second Protea yet, but dispensary is gonna be way more valuable on Zephyr with a high powere
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