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  1. I agree, it would be so much more efficient to just queue for x relic + y refinement.
  2. Yeah, the cedo goes around corners to hit enemies, while chakram doesn't hit enemies right near it.
  3. I infused Vial Rush on her 2. It's hilarious in Razorwing. She's an icebomber. The animation is weird though and you can spin her around while she's doing it.
  4. When you fail a mission because your internet doesn't connect you to the squad is way worse. I never even loaded in but I failed the mission? Ok, cool. Then there's not one, not 2, but 3 end of mission screens for railjack. One when you complete the mission. A second one when you go back to the dry dock. And a third one when you leave the dojo.
  5. Yeah, I never trust that thing. I always do it manually, one at a time.
  6. Wolfchild07

    MR 30 Test

    I did it with Grendel. He eats most of the bosses too, since they're not true bosses.
  7. So the cedo auto-targets enemies...around corners. Meanwhile if you throw a glaive it can miss an enemy right next to it. Same goes for Nezha's chakram. Please allow thrown glaives and Nezha's chakram to do the same as the cedo.
  8. Lavos: -having to reselect the element you want to use is tedious - let us set n forget. If I have radiation (heat + elec), and then I select cold, make it switch to cold. -sprint toggle isn't a toggle - every time I cast vial rush, sprint toggle is cancelled. This goes for other warframes' abilities too. Please change this. -vial rush needs steering - as others have pointed out. -the timers are kinda meh - they're either so short that it doesn't make much difference (his 1 and 2), or they're so long that it's a pain (a little in his 3, but definitely his 4). -3 and 4
  9. I agree that he should just be the dragon. Make his 4 let him fly around, but slowly. Not fast and nimble like Titania. Let his breath weapon do more damage when he's in dragon form and let him rend flesh with his claws.
  10. Sandstorm also needs to affect enemies on a decline. If you're up a hill or stairs, it won't affect enemies on a lower plane. And scarab swarm should be a placeable aoe. The enemies die in seconds and then it's gone. It should persist.
  11. The original La Femme Nikita Theme Song (from about 15 secs. in) would be awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDpQ3ez9P-I
  12. I agree, I think they went too hard on armour/health, when it should have gone the other way and made us more reliant on shields. Should also have separate shields for each side, so that if you're taking too much damage to one side, then you have to maneuver your ship so they can recover. Makes it more tactical instead of just sitting there blowing everything up. I've tried building for shields and it's just not worth it. On topic: I noticed also, you can't go anywhere near structures/ruins because of invisible walls.
  13. For Hydroid and Zephyr. A change to help both of them. In addition to having them place randomly, have a radial menu. You could have tentacles/tornados actually surround a defense, md, excav. You could have another for hallways - all tornados in a line, and two lines of tentacles, as another idea. Some other option, so that there's a solid placement of where you want them, and how you want them placed.
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