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  1. Since we could use "default skins" on Prime frames what about using "default skins" on Prime weapons too ? tbh i prefer default skin of Silva Aegis and Spira than their Prime skins
  2. Update: it's already in the nightwave credit offering now
  3. I notice that there is "Emissary Ornament" decoration when i tried to link any "Emissary" stuff on the chat, but i can't find it on "Nightwave credit offerings" or even "Nightwave Reward Tiers" since this decoration is similiar to "Saturn Six Ornament" on first Nightwave and credit offering is the only way to obtain it
  4. just a reminder that the Lotus Noggle head bug is still unfixed since Chimera update, keep up the good work
  5. that was fast, i know theres lot of bug still unfixed, but keep up the good work
  6. thanks for the update, but the Lotus Noggle Head bug still unfixed since chimera update
  7. we still have few bugs, like the Lotus noggle statue visual bug but thanks for the update and everything
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