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  1. I named ours Clan Elder Dragon, for a similar reason, LOL.
  2. I'm 38 myself, and am warlord of one of the all adults clans on PS4. Sometimes the younger players can try to intimidate older players, but like most bullies just don't listen to them. Many, many adult players are just as good if not better then the younger ones.
  3. I have to say that I am optimistic to see DE taking a good look at not only the NW system, but other systems in the game and doing all these qol updates and changes. Please, please keep this going for 2021. I really think if this can be the year of QOL improvements on all the cool systems you guys have implemented, but then kinda forgot about (railjack, the repetitive nature of the open worlds, the lich grind ect.) , this game would be 10x better then it already is.
  4. Ah, well at least I know I can't fix it. Can't say I'm a fan of it though. TY for the info.
  5. I have been having this issue on a few tilesets. In my orbiter the colors look normal, but on snow tilesets and a few others I get the washed out color below. Anyone have any idea why this is or how to fix it? I'm on PS4 btw.
  6. We were a moon clan for quite a while. I lowered our tier to MT due to people not helping out. Mt clan requirements are not to bad. Moon would not be to bad with everyone donating, but that seems to be a rare event. I wasn't trying to flex. I was trying to express that I understood what it took as a builder to decorate to the point of being able to win. I frankly have a lot of respect for the other builders that participate. No need to be so hostile just because I don't agree with you entirely. I'm trying to have a dialog, not a fight.
  7. PS4 chat server is down as well. I'm on the US server.
  8. Building costs are really not that big a deal, IMO. I don't mind at all that they include rare resources. I mean, you should have to work a bit to gain something in a game. If you feel your decorating isn't worth it, then you should not do it. To me, it sounds more like you are burned out then anything. And just so you know, I am my dojo's sole decorator, and we won Summer 2019 3rd place. I know what it takes to have that kinda dojo. You really have to be enjoying it. You also need clanmates that are helping you fund the construction. If you are having fun, and you have team mates that ap
  9. Not seeing the reason to have this at all, but you do you.
  10. On the long list admittedly, I would LOVE placable fish ponds or aquariums where we can donate live fish, at least one of each type IMO. (I made a history of the game world museum in my dojo and would love to have live fish instead of just the fishing trophies. Would also LOVE a build able K-Drive obstical course/race builder. Now that we have the huge open rooms, perhaps we can get even bigger rooms to build custome kdrive races in.
  11. Ah, good idea. I was trying in on PoE since i need the darn pigments from the Dargan piolets anyway. This does sound like a faster way.
  12. I run pillage over his 1 as well. Armor and shield stripping is always a good thing.
  13. I unfortunately can see far to many people abusing that organization name to try to be edgy and get around kickbot.
  14. Support ticket is the only way, this topic will get closed as soon as a mod sees it. Also, that in a very unfortunate acernim in English. I can see why it got you banned. This one really depends on context. I don't know how you were using it.
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