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  1. Would be interested in this myself. PS4 version if there is one, LOL.
  2. It's because it's usually Fass time out on Diemos, since Fass lasts 100min and Vome only lasts 50min. If you just go out there durning Vome, you will find your Fass residue.
  3. Here is the question, am I missing a bug report or something about Necramech mod drops from the enemy Necramechs in the ISO vaults? I just took a look at the drop tables, and I see that these enemies SHOULD be dropping the mods for our Necramechs. I have run around 25-50 ISO vault runs, most to the 3rd vault, and have yet to get ANY Necramech mods at all. I know there are many bug fixes that PS4 doesn't have yet, but I did a search here on the forums and cannot find this listed as a bug. Any info you guys have would be appreciated, since PS4 does not yet have the ability to at least buy t
  4. Not really sure why people expect there to be a way to turn off a game mechanic. That's like asking to turn off Spy missions, or Excavation missions, or any other mission type. Just because you don't like it does not make it not part of the game. The glass enemies are really not hard or annoying. If you don't' want to hear Nora turn your voice volume down. An in game ad would be useless pictures or videos that serve only to try to get you to buy something. You don't have to buy anything for Nightwave. Nightwave is a game mechanic.
  5. With how DE typically is with any kind of insensitive speech, I don't think I human would have not banned you for that. They really don't care about context with some things, that being one the biggest ones. If it's a first offense you might not be perma banned, only support can answer that question. But there will be no mercy for that language at all.
  6. Ya, these guys are so damn small and stay so high up that finding them is a pain in the ass and a half. I hope they add a minimap marker to them in the future. But for now once you hit the call point start looking up. Flying up and searching from there can help to if you can manage to not scare it off while flying up. Use the archwing that has invisibility so you can just fly up to a good height fast then hide again.
  7. Here is an example of the visual bug I am ran into with the Diemos claw skin. I had it on the new Keratinos claws equpit on my Xaku. Not sure if other combinations produce the same bug. On PS4
  8. Can also confirm that Botonist mod does collect the plant samples, but does not give simaris standing. Only manual codex scanning will net simaris standing.
  9. Either way, will be quicker to raise your mastery rank then wait for DE to see feedback and figure out if they meant that to be the case or not.
  10. But the game is totally free. You do not need to spend real money to get anything in this game.
  11. Well, I can tell you that the fact that you spent money does not entitle you to better service. I can also tell you that this thread will more then most likely get removed, as the mods here on the forums typically do when a question that we cannot answer pops up. As far as I know, there is nothing you can do about it, other then just go farm the part. It's most likely just a case of the stuff from Tennocon being mostly exclusive items to tennocon, and this being something you can get on your own. However only support can say for sure why they do what they do.
  12. I have not noticed anyone mention this in the discussion on weather base frames are people. Look at the broken frames powers. He has a damn human skeleton inside him. I think that sums up that the Orokin did indeed use humans, infect it with a perfected strain of the Helmith virus, and mass produce Warframes that have limited to no relation to the humans they were at one point. Frankly, wereas we know that the first frames were indeed people that the Orokin wanted to punish, then just soldiers that either submitted willingly, or were forced, into being changed. The base frames are still human
  13. My personal go to anymore is Heat/viral. Gas is not in a good place since the status rework, so the heat/viral is good for the basic star chart. For Steel Path is use the elements that the faction I am fighting are weak to most.
  14. Not sure if you are anywhere near it yet, but the log in weapon for day 800 would be great for this. It's the sigma and octantis (might have spelled that wrong). When in jumping you can throw the shield captain America style. That was the first one to come to mind.
  15. Ok, half the people that posted in here seem to be dead set on derailing any conversation about the game that they don't like, let me try this again. I said it would be more beneficial to cut the time down SOME. Not all, not take away the monetization component. 12 hrs is plenty of a time gate. Not all of us need to go tooting our own horn about how great we are at games to make a point, as it has little bearing on this conversation. This conversation did not require toxic responses, since I said nothing toxic to anyone else. You can change things slightly, you don't need to mak
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