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  1. TYPE: In-game on PS4 DESCRIPTION: Cannot pick up recage in RJ or archwing. Just get the pick up sound, but no wreckage is received at end of mission. VISUAL: Purple wreckage just sits in space. EXPECTED RESULT: Getting near purple wreckage drop in a Railjack mission should result in it being picked up. OBSERVED RESULT: Connection with purple wreckage drop with RJ or archwings results in pick up sound, but visually wreckage is still on screen and no wreckage is received at end of mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: So far just about every RJ mission I have p
  2. Personally my teather launched fine, they just changed it a LOT and frankly it's not really very good right now.
  3. I had this happen as well. The void storm damaged stacked up in my RJ and killed me and the entire AI crew. Also having this issue. Better to report this in the bug forum so they see it though.
  4. Pretty much you can play again anytime you want, but account transfers are not going to happen again. At least that is what DE has said so far. Last word from anyone on the team has been then when they have something to say about cross save/play they will say something. Before that Steve indicated that it was on the back burner. I would not hold your breath.
  5. Well yes, there is that as well. Sorry not sorry that I pointed out the positive instead of focusing on any negatives (though I don't really see any here). "Oh, now I can see right away if the drop is working for me or not..... oh how cruddy..... I would much rather wait 30 min to figure out that its not working......"
  6. Because now we will be able to see that we are earning the reward, instead of just waiting 30min and hoping for the best. That's the entire reason they changed it. That and so people get easily get the info about what the drop is right from twitch and not have to ask 100 times in stream.
  7. Ya, asking like that won't get you anywhere. WF does not have crossplay/cross save/ platform transfers. Not all game do, even if they are multi platform.
  8. My clan will be happy that the daily reminder bot on our discord will stop telling them to level their mechs every day, LOL.
  9. Well, I mean it would be nice if people insult the community if anything went wrong, but this is the internet after all. Lets just hope that everything goes as smoothly as is possible and that any issues are fixed quickly. And if drops get messed up, so what? Its not like we are OWED these drops anyway, its just something nice DE does for us. And they are pretty good about trying to make it up to us even IF they get messed up. TY DE for the extra 2x affinity time as well, was nice for you to do that for us.
  10. I personally would NOT want this. As a builder, I would not want people to easily be able to copy my work and claim it as their own. Even if DE could see in the code that it's a copy, other players would not be able to. Otherwise you have some interesting ideas.
  11. I named ours Clan Elder Dragon, for a similar reason, LOL.
  12. I'm 38 myself, and am warlord of one of the all adults clans on PS4. Sometimes the younger players can try to intimidate older players, but like most bullies just don't listen to them. Many, many adult players are just as good if not better then the younger ones.
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