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  1. I somewhat agree with all of the above. I am an older player, and I try my best to help out new players. That being said, if they clap back at me with attitude, that is what they will get in return. I mostly get this when I tell noob Gara players that bright energy colors make her wall super annoying for everyone else since you cant see the enemies you are trying to shoot. I get a lot of attitude back about that one. Same with other super bright energy colors other similar moves. For the most part, I give people what they give me. When I was a noob, however, I did find both really nice vets and really nasty ones. You will find that in every online game you will ever play. In most games it is far worse then Warframe. If you are really being harassed, like being cussed out, or caps lock screamed at, or stalked thru missions or PM's, then by all means report that person and put them on ignore. But as other have said above, be prepared to have screen shot proof for DE.
  2. I think its quite sad that you have to build an entire frame / just using super tanks, but to get pets to stay alive. Its really no wonder they are not used. Even the Vasca dies, and it has flipping lifesteal.
  3. Not sure I understand your issue, can you post a screenshot?
  4. Got to admit, this is a good idea on paper. Not sure how that would feel in game, but trying to give controller users more hotkey options would be welcome.
  5. This thread will not be here long. Basically there is nothing players helping players can do for you. Only support can do anything. If they believe the ban was justified, then you might just have to wait it out. Most are 7 days at the most. Annoying if you really didn't do anything, but its tolerable.
  6. This sounds more like a user error then a program error. I mean, modifying the files can cause issues, even if you have 'done it before'. Though if you are having a technical issue, a support ticket is going to help you way more then anything we can do here.
  7. I use the warframe.market website for price checking personally. The biggest part to selling things for plat is to know what you have and what it is worth. Some people are going to see that you are an MR6 and WILL try to scam you. When i first started in warframe I was same thing as you, selling parts for plat. People tried to convince me all the time that what i had was worth nothing and I should pretty much just give it to them for 5p or less. I learned that on some things they were correct, but a lot of the time they were trying to take advantage of my new-ness. Even had one MR13 try to tell me that hey knew what the set I was selling was worth better then I did since he was a big bad MR13. This was after I found out about the website sight so needless to say that didn't work out for him. I guess in general what I am saying for anyone selling sets and non-riven mods for plat, is to price check things your self. Buying or selling really. The community has a lot of good people, but a lot of bad people as well. Protect yourself and make your plat.
  8. I believe they have added this in the latest update. Either that of they have talked about doing so with the larvalings.
  9. Not sure what recharge means, but if you are thinking about using outside 'discount' sources to by platinum, don't do it. You will sooner or later get banned for it. Buy plat only through official means. If you want to 'recharge' your supply of platinum, you can do so on PC via Warframe's website. Not sure about Steam, but I am sure some other PC players can let you know if there are other sources that are legit.
  10. I would love a UI upgrade the the inventory screen were we have more options for sorting, like just looking at our warframe parts, weapon parts. Pretty much like the founder is. Would make things much easier to keep track of.
  11. When I get in game today I will shoot you an invite.
  12. Ah, I have never seen or had a trade ban, so I didn't know that is what that error meant. Glad to know now just in came. I trade at least 3 times a week so this is good into to have. TY.
  13. In my experience that happens for two reasons, bad player or new player. The toxic players do that because they only care about themselves, and the new players do it because they don't know better. I would like to see an updated mission start system that would deal with both issues, but the hold to start would at least help new players I think.
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