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  1. 7 days for a first time offence. Hopefully you have learned to chill out. Nobody likes a troll, not even kickbot.
  2. I was trying to fight some thumpers solo on the Plaines yesterday. I was running them solo, so not trying to run them quickly. Every since thumper I was fighting would end up disappearing thru the environment after a jump and never returning. Is this is known issue? Are these fights timed someone and I missed it? It happened with all 3 types of thumpers at different difficulty levels as set by starting a bounty but not doing the bounty objectives. It's super frustrating to get a thumper down to its last leg in some cases and have it jump and fall thru the map.
  3. use fliters in the trade chat. You can hit Triangle to pull it up. Type in what you are looking for and that will narrow down the trade chat scroll to just what you want to see. In you case you can look just for people selling smeeta imprints and you can go from there.
  4. My clan does not have it either, as I started my clan well after the event that game that ability out, but 50p for it is totally scamming. I wanted some for my clanmates to prevent them from getting scammed, and found a very nice person that charges me 2p each. For just 1, you can totally find someone willing to give it for free, or charge very little. I was willing to pay the 2p each since I was buying in bulk. Please new players, price check things before playing plat, most of our community is great, but there are scammers out there.
  5. I just recently finished finding them all. Get yourself a lot of time, and good guide, and the determination to do the same mission 75 times waiting for one tile set to spawn. That being said, I do find that kind of thing fun.
  6. I agree with Dissent, Wukong I believe would be easier for a new player to mod out and get used to his play style. A good Chroma IMO takes more rare mods and time to get really good at using.
  7. I would suggest slots. Weapon and Warframe first. Also, try not to let your plat burn a hole in your pocket. As you level up and get more familiar with the game you will find things you need (like more slots) that you will need your plat for. Also, if you buy anything from the in game trade chat, makes sure you price check it first. I hate to say it, but there are people that will try to rip you off since your new. The warframe.market website is a good place to get an idea of what things should cost.
  8. If I remember correctly, DE has said that Nitain and Vuban's parts will always be in the cred shop.
  9. Well, I can tell you that this post is most likely going to be closed by a mod, as there is nothing we can do to help you. You are just going to have to wait for the helpdesk to get to your request.
  10. I'm glad the situation was taken seriously and addressed. I hope this shows promise for some of the other issue the community has been having to be addressed as well. I know we (as a community) don't always come at DE with constructive criticism, but we need to remember that no one listens to a bunch of yelling. We need to keep bring DE our feedback in a constructive way. Quite a few of us as well as partners have made very good, constructive criticism videos, posts and so on. This issue was at least addressed, so lets keep giving our feedback in a constructive way and hope that this is the start of really seeing DE listening to us, and taking into consideration what we are saying with at least an explanation if not a change. In the end, DE and the players are on the same side. We just want this to be the best game it can be. Being toxic will not reach anyone, nor will DE at times seeming like they are just sticking their heads in the sand. I know I should corny to some of you, but its true. Lets work together, things tend to go better that way.
  11. Same issue for me and the rest of my clanmates. Annoying bug. Hope they can fix it soon.
  12. Ya, but most of us know better then to click links we do not know...… no matter how legit you say it is...… FB might be better for this, and people you know in RL.
  13. I have only put money into the game because I wanted to. Never felt like I had to. It is a large time investment to get to max MR (mr 27) but its also not a necessity to get to that point. You can enjoy the game and do all the quests without ever hitting max rank. That being said, as of right now, if you do want to hit max rank, you would need to level damn near everything in the game. I just hit MR 27 about 3 months ago, and I had to max out everything, weapons, frames, amps, archwings, pets, sentinels. Everything that gives MR exp. I really only recommend that for a completionist.
  14. I get that no everyone has the time to invest in Nightwave as I do, but the rewards from season 1 were available for quite a while. The entire point limited time rewards is to get people inot the game to play. If they are just available all the time, what would be the point? Also, they have said that they would return, but we really have no idea when, and I personally hope for new stories and not a rehash of old content. Edited for lack of ability to read that episode 5 is coming this week, not today, LOL
  15. As an artist I get the issue to some extent. Unfortunately with the way the internet is, any artwork that gets posted to the internet ends up getting used by someone that does not give credit to the original artist. Happens all the time. Its sucks, and its wrong, but its really hard to do much about. Lawyers cost a lot of money, and most artist just don't have the cash to handle the influx of copyright issues. I give the OP credit for trying to so something about it, but sadly in most cases nothing is going to be done aside from calling out the person using the copywritten artwork.
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