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  1. I don't see why you would get banned for trading with random people. It would still be a trade, but to do a 'free' item they would just need to give you something worthless like an ammo drum or something like that.
  2. Really that is why we have a block button. You can report them if you really feel the need, but you will never know what, if anything, comes of it. Blocking is faster and easier. Also if you have a habit of making reports and DE feels you are abusing the system, its you that will end up banned. So again, better to block over small disagreements. Its the internet after all, expect to get random insults from keyboard warriors.
  3. Just going to throw my hat in here with feedback on the corrupted holokey grind. Whereas I am having a lot of fun with this update, the holokey grind just feels out of place with its current drop rates. I feel it just takes to long to get 40 keys. I personally have run many RJ missions since the update, and in the hours I have put in, I have about 15 corrupted keys max. My suggestion would be to either make holokeys a guaranteed drop, or reduce the amount of keys needed for each weapon.
  4. Cross save / play isn't a thing yet. It's in development. I'm sure DE has a lot to figure out between now and then.
  5. As the others have said, rooms above and/or below might be the issue. I hope at some point that DE can make the message more clear when this happens and actually tell you what its hitting.
  6. Remember that you need to trade liches in the Crimson Branch in your dojo. They don't show up on the regular trade menue
  7. They have explained a few times that due to the way that the roller floofs are animated for each individual looking at it, it just won't work with more then a few people, like in a dojo setting. I would be cool if they can do it someday, but there are more bugs I would like to see fixed first tbh. I would not say 'people'. There are more and more people that don't feel the way these people clearly did. If adding a color palate for Pride really offends someone, they can just not get it instead of having a homophobic meltdown. Glad I missed that over on Steam. Not sure why they are having a fit now, there are other LGBTQ+ NPC's in the game if you pay attention to the lore. It's not like representation is something new for DE to do, and I frankly am happy for it. Why not have many different types of people in your fantasy space shooter? Would like to see a Pride glyph though, that would be nice. I'd pay plat for it.
  8. Great work on this so far. Only category that I notice missing is vehicles. That would be where Necramechs, kdrives and technically Archwings would go.
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