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  1. I'm much more concerned about using heavy attacks impairing frames powers than the opposite. I wasn't implying that powers could spend combo counters cause, well, it wouldn't make sense anyway. But having to choose between (1) i rely upon frames skills / don't spend combo counters - no heavy attacks or (2) i still use melee mechanics, hence heavy attacks, but get screwed when it comes to frames powers is some major issue to me. If new combo counters are meant to be acquired easily and spent regularly then why the hell would they keep such mechanics as storing as much combo as we can to get enough buffs ? Plus DE has to choose, combo are buffing damage or not, we can't keep both it doesn't make any sense. If the new combo system doesn't buff damage anymore then get rid of old mechanics. They simply can buff frames powers damage through other ways.
  2. There's no such thing as infinite scaling once you have limited mod slots. And we do know enough to understand that they did keep combo counter "damage increase" for some obvious reasons - combo related mods and scaling with melee buffs damage powers. Let be serious a second, they remove damage buffs on combo counters or they don't - balance and consistency always suffer from in-between situations. Buffing this powers base damage along with enhanced melee mods would do the job, keeping combo counters on specific melee mechanics is all but common sense. And as i already said, it also prevents Atlas or Khora from using heavy attacks since it basically resets your combo meter each time, which would also make no sense.
  3. Current combo already can deliver up to that number of hits, and overkill is still a thing in most content. My only concern is about Khora and Atlas being stuck with the remains of an old mechanics for no reasons, this powers are the bread and butter of this frames and should be considered more seriously, especially since preventing them from using heavy attacks doesn't seem fair nor wise. We aren't talking about exalted weapons here, but powers.
  4. Except that @[DE]Beardoesn't have much details, which means that this issue isn't necessarily solved at this point either. Especially since combo counters don't give damage buffs anymore so why such frames are still stuck with this mechanics [forced specific mods, forced specific operator school etc.). Plus combo counters are now meant to be spent, so why keeping them on frames who have to stack them - Atlas or Khora are basically unable to use heavy attacks if they want to if they don't want to be screwed by this whole mechanics. My feeling about this ? They didn't consider such issues seriously when they did implement the new combo mechanics, and now they're stuck with something they can't really solve. Same thing with blood rush, if one can get more critical with combo counters why the hell would they spend it on any kind of special attack when enemies are still dying in one swing ? Heavy attacks are cool but why should i care when i'm already oneshoting a lvl 100 Nox with my Paracesis ? I really think that melee rework should be looked at along with some damage and armor rework, perhaps a higher level option (lvl 120 for example) could also help - Melee is really strong in Warframe and unless they're going to nerf how damages are scaling i don't see why would anyone use a special attack when one simple swing is already doing all the job. 😔 They should have removed combo entirely, doing half of the job looks like a big mess for now, maybe i'm wrong but we'll see how that works in a few days i guess.
  5. No offense but this has nothing to do in a feedback thread, and overreacting doesn't serve you well either. Maybe pointing out that Magistar's healing should scale with new channeling mechanics or just wait and see once patch will apply could have been enough. Why such a drama. 🙄
  6. Thanks 🙂 Not sure it'll work fine though since combo counter is now meant to be spent but hey, wait and see.
  7. What about non exalted skills being buffed by melee mods & combo counters such as Khora's 1st for example. Will they have some damage increase to compensate the lack of combo damage multiplier ?
  8. You're right, not being viable means they don't suck at all. 😓
  9. Arbitrations rotation timer is one hour and start at a way higher level. I don't mind debating but don't think you're in devs mind. You're not.
  10. @[DE]Bear Sorry for being redundant if this has been asked before but what about melee riven disposition rebalance since you've updated every single melee weapon stats ?
  11. Legit high level is around 120-140, if one is staying enough time in arbitrations or doing some Kuva survival. Everything beyond this point is ridiculous and is all but relevant. Especially since you have to rely upon broken mechanics to kill efficiently at absurd levels, thus it shouldn't be even be discussed unless to prove what's wrong in Warframe's balance department.
  12. Huge mistake here. You didn't get why people keep spamming spin attacks. It's not only because they deal huge damage, one can use any kind of attack to kill efficiently. It's only because spin attacks can be spammed and basically exploit its fast animation to move faster. Nothing you've implemented will change that cause spin-2-win will still be faster (and lazier). Not sure you're playing the game along with other players at this point cause this thing is an exploit and make fully geared players sliding through entire tilesets faster than a Gauss on drugs without even bothering about aiming at anything, leaving all enemies dead. Once again, it's no gameplay, it's an exploit and should be fixed at once. Perhaps looking at macros could help. Debating about damages isn't much relevant since everything dies at low/mid levels range - it's only about animation. Quite ironically instead of solving this issue you even made it worse with this update cause no one needs combo counters anymore so building for damage and speed only will be easier, spin-2-winners won't even need combo counters to buff their damages thus they can start to maul everything sooner. 🙄
  13. Of course, put a Synth set mod on your pet (or two) and switch to melee or your secondary (melee is faster) and then you'll reload freely.
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