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  1. Speaking about DPS frames doesn't make any sense at all. This is Warframe, not Warcraft, All frames are supposed to deal damages at some point. Such things as CC or DPS frames are made up by people used to MMOlikes, and i'm kind of worried that many people here still didn't get that weapons are part of each frame's kit - I'm pretty sure no one at DE designed a frame to certainly never use any weapon in the entire game. Players are making up such stuff. That's why there's so much frustration about Ember's kit, she's way better with specific weapons and people still don't get that - so they whine, again because they want an upteenth lazy "spam 4th" frame and Ember doesn't deliver that anymore.
  2. I'm not spamming macros nor playing as a braindead spin-2-win and can still play most content solo if i want to. This entire topic has nothing to do with difficulty, it's only poor excuses to play Warframe as if it was a job or anything. People who don't want to wait for other players cause they're wasting a few seconds have more issues than game's difficulty - and they're looking for poor excuses too.
  3. Nukers and spin-2-winners can play solo too. Warframe is a coop game first, the "me first" argument is irrelevant at best, if you know what coop means of course.
  4. 000l000

    Wukong Revisit

    So far not much excited by Wukong rework. Previously Wukong was [cast and forget] defy for basic immortality and then run around spamming his exalted weapon. Both his 1st and cloud walker were more than optional. Now i'm really sceptical cause Wukong is basically [cast and forget] his clone instead of defy and i'm basically running around bashing with his staff. Sadly Defy is no longer really needed and cloud walker is optional too. First Defy is all but reliable. Sometimes it deals damages and gives armor, sometimes you get nothing, blame AI here, i don't feel like Warframe can handle [decoy and retaliate] powers - It didn't work well with Nyx i don't even see a single reason it would work with Wukong. You just get stuck into some fancy animation for a few seconds, not much fun so far and certainly not mandatory if you don't have any trouble surviving. Scattering enemies around when dealing damages can be a pain too if you're looking for enemies to kill - Some people weren't liking that much in Baruuk's kit. Could walker isn't much helpful either, i've tried using it as a travel power but one gets easily stuck in indoor levels cause it's moving way too fast. It's also a real pain to use as a finisher tool cause moving through it is awkward as hell and the stun effect is quite short. To get health back only it's quite a dumb power since it relies upon distance, so you have to fly circles to regenerate. I'm already using my operator to get some health back so i still find this power next to worthless and in the end i've totally stopped using it. Maybe its augment mod could make it worth though. So basically wukong gameplay is basically the same, as boring as before but on the bright side power creep happened and he's dealing way more damages thanks to its clone, at least when it's actually working properly (upteenth spectre AI issues). Its leash is quite short so at least the clone isn't lost half of the time and it helps with meleeing but something should really be done about spectres and pets AI anyway. So, more damages, less survivability, way worse energy management if you're using his whole kit (previous defy with a rage build was perfect to manage his energy, now rage is quite useless especially if you're building Wukong as an armoured powerhouse) and pretty much the same concerns about his fun factor than with its previous iteration. I didn't care much about damage especially since his staff has always been really powerful but i can't find a single reason to play more with him now. He's unnecessarily complicated and tbh not much funnier to play.
  5. You could also compare Loki's 4th damage to Revenant at this point. I'm still wondering why people keep comparing everything as if it was some kind of irrefutable argument. What we only should care about is "does this power is viable or not". If you want to kill everything in Revenant's own disco way, so play Revenant. But quite funnily you seem to forget that (1) Ember can still shoot at anything while channeling her 4th and (2) It has no sight limit and can damage anything at range. Hopefully players aren't balancing the game, they keep complaining about power creep but still they want overpowered stuff implemented everywhere. Your maths also are completely wrong since you forget that WoF is firing up to 5 times per explosion and also is dealing heat status damages. With 200% power strength and flash accelerant mod i'm dealing plenty of 10k damage occurences against all but grineers. That's certainly not 8k per sec or anything, level 120 enemies are melting and you still are able to shoot them in the face so what's wrong with that ? As we're saying again and again, ember is fine, only armor scaling is an issue. Sure slightly more damage or range could be fine but Ember has been nerfed for reasons too.
  6. I don't mind spinning but spin-2-win is more like (1) exploit max range to not bother with enemies targeting and (2) using a macro or stupidly spamming spinning attacks to exploit animation speed. Problem most players have with spin-2-win players is that they're lazy and using badly balanced features to clean the map faster than aiming & shooting. At this point there's something people tend to forget, they're not playing alone and perhaps there would be less toxicity in this kind of games if players weren't so selfish, hence only caring about their own experience and not caring at all about other people potential fun. Tbh games were way much fun when grind or farm weren't even a thing, nowadays many players consider games as a job, with dull objectives instead of really enjoying what they're doing. As far as i'm concerned i don't even see what's really fun in spamming all day long the same command, but to each their own.
  7. It doesn't really matter cause even 2 or 3x CP can severely impaired Hildryn ressources anyway. The same way a Saryn or a Mag can strip shields or armor long before you. Hildryn has major design flaws and sadly devs never did care about that.
  8. That's an explanation, you're the one who's spamming counter-arguments here. I don't have enough time for that, really. I'm already spending decades explaining everything you didn't understand, that's a full time job !
  9. My glass is full of wine so far cause i don't think i'd enjoy wukong new iteration more unless i'm totally drunk. I don't care about damages or whatever, but the fun factor is nowhere to be found, same with lore or what's really useful ingame.
  10. I prefer Wisp's definition of synergy than what you tried to sell us as a well rounded kit.
  11. Poor design. In case you didn't get it yet.
  12. I wouldn't call that synergies, you're buffing your clone only - Player don't get anything at all, not even additional abilities. Hopefully other players will help with the mission while you'll be relocating your clone or trying to focus fire from already dead enemies from a clone you don't even know the current location. Perhaps fun on paper, but ingame this new kit is barely interesting.
  13. Once again, if you need you health you're stuck into your cloud, unless you don't need that health, but then why would you use this power ? No offense but if you can't get that the player can't do anything at all while into cloud form, that's not my concern, i can't help you with that. Yeah that's genius you perfectly got it, thanks for admitting it by the way. Obviously you don't know a single thing about your avatar so i'll resume it to you: Wukong is no Dracula. Obviously you didn't get why i was talking about spamming defy so i'll explain (again): Clones need that invulnerability, why would anyone spam it for its armor ? Are you sure you really read what has changed with Wukong's kit, i'm not sure at this point. 😥 My kavat can have as much EHP as that and it's dying all the time, once again you didn't get they're dying because of dumb AI, not dull EHP. Do you even know why you don't die much (at least i hope for you) ingame, because you're less dumb than spectre !
  14. Wukong clones have to be managed since that's part of his design, hence helping him target enemies since spectre AI is dumb as hell. Good luck keeping clones alive in toughest content though cause they're as fragile as dumb, unless you're spamming his new defy of course but if i ain't wrong you don't think that abilities are meant to be spammed.
  15. You're locked into it if you want to get health back, why would anyone use this power if not to regenerate or just to cancel it afterward ? Moving instead of running or bullet jumping ? Wow i'm impressed, such a great job at reworking the less popular frame ever - Wukong really needed that. At least Wisp got an awesome ability along with her teleport. Too bad Wukong gets next to no ability except from moving through lasers and oh, focusing enemies fire.
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