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  1. Or prove him wrong instead, it works both ways. Paranoid comments won't help much, what he said is true, and tbh who does even care if you trust him or not.
  2. Sure, more incentive to farm asteroids instead of playing the damn mission is exactly what we needed... Amount of materials to repair or craft is beyond real, some of them aren't even dropping from mission objectives (enemy ships for instance since all of your missions are basically kill X ships if you didn't know it yet). Why aren't you changing that instead of adding even more dull grind ? Being a prominent feedback request is no excuse, first this forum is only a vocal minority, second i've met enough of this kind of players to say that they're basically desperate in regard to what they should be doing to get enough of this huge amount of material - Spending 15min after a lengthy mission to loot what we missed is stupid, spending 15min after a lengthy mission to get more titanium is stupid, spending time in the middle of a fight to go destroy asteroids instead of helping with the mission is stupid. There's something reallly wrong in how you're designing stuff, really. I'm pretty sure now that no one at DE did have a clue about how and how much we have to farm anything in this entire content, what are you testing on private servers, light reflection and texture mapping only ? 😓 What about sitting in a turret for the whole mission duration, playing another game at the same time and waiting for others to do the boring stuff then ? Cause that's already happening. This content needs more consistency, more fun and more rewards, not more grind.
  3. You're only blowing your own horn here and don't even talk about empathy - when it's not the "vet" argument you seem eager to play the good guy role. You have your opinion, i have mine, deal with it and stop wasting my time with dull insults please.
  4. All tests are easy once your bring the right frame with the right weapon. I did this one with Banshee prime and a gunblade - silent ranged kills do the job.
  5. Disruption was definitely a tough one. We weren't much prepared and struggled a bit tbh. And advice though, Hildryn to handle corpus, shields and lack of energy. Sometimes you need to be smarter than the game itself. ^ ^
  6. Loots not being shared really needs to be solved asap, they also need to improve archwing looting mechanics. But wasting your (and most importantly other players in your team) time while spending hours farming some stupid asteroids around isn't much helping tbh. You get ressources while doing the mission, just start another one - farming materials only is a complete waste of time. No one cares about the amount you need to spend or anything, truth is that the only thing you need in huge amount is intrinsics - You just have to be more patient and get as much intrinsics as you can instead of shooting at rocks in space for 15min. Just get all you can during a mission and start another one to get even more, simple as that. And try to board stations since you can loot a lot of materials quite easily in there.
  7. RJ needs the best out of most players and so far it's one of the most awful cooperative experience i've ever have in games in years. When players aren't griefing, they're just completely dumb or as usual toxic as hell or still trying to play solo in a damn coop game. Since DE seems to only care about stupid grind they're also making afk players a real plague. One can sit in a turret for 20min, he doesn't even need to care about the mission at all and no one can do a thing about that. Let be honest a sec, Warframe playerbase isn't that great, and playing with PUGs has been a real nightmare since Empyrean is a thing. The last funny thing i've experienced is idiots who are leaving the team if there's no Sentient ship in your Void mission. Is too much farm causing brain damages or anything ? I only wish RJ mission could be done solo or with my wife only at this point, something like the spy mission syndrom i guess.
  8. And what, you'll get Endo with time. I know that the brand new 21st century hype is to get everything now, but you'll get plenty of Endo as a newb or not. Unless you're only running Sanctuary missions of course, but that's another story. Getting Endo on regular basis (as i said, mods or sorties) doesn't prevent you from doing some arbitrations too. Specifically asking for Endo in RJ missions doesn't make any sense. If you're lacking of it, that's not my nor RJ mission's fault. And don't bring the stupid "vet" argument, as if older players didn't ever need Endo at some point. As i said you'll get tons of that with time and if you're in a hurry, some missions are a far better way to get some. Asking for what you need at the time in every single content isn't much interesting tbh. We could also ask for more credits, more XP, rare materials, what about some Vitus or even platinium - Everyone needs plat. As someone already said, RJ rewards already suck so bad, we don't need to dilute crappy loots with more and more Endo.
  9. Crew ships are the real pain in the * especially in one or two players team. their damage/range output is completely broken, RJ is already made of paper but so far this ships are way too much of a threat, at any range. Missiles shouldn't be that precise (same with every ships tbh), even some agile RJ will struggle with maneuvers, homing missiles should be slower and less precise. They should also have lower turning abilities, one should be able to dodge them while strafing away at decent speed. Quite funnily no enemy shot can miss its target when all of our weapons are basically missing all of their shots, it's quite poor AI design tbh. But the worst part is that systematic boarding pod they launch at all range, it's a mess to track and with one or two players only, boarding crews are way too punishing. This part of the game is completely unbalanced, frustrating and really not fun. I got the concept too, but when players don't have fun, you can throw your concept out of the window. Using slingshot to attack them is interesting but (1) if you're the pilot, running through your entire ship to enter your slingshot is dumb as hell and a waste of time (2) yyou can't fly no more so you're being invaded or obliterated by missiles (3) since slingshot needs you to actually see your target, you're screwed cause he's also seeing you.... All ideas aren't bad but they really need to stop thinking about fixing stuff and starting to rework stuff that simply doesn't work instead.
  10. Asking for more enemies is as worthless as asking for more time to get more ressources. You can get both in starting another mission, both are a complete waste of time. Some players are taking the concept of farming quite literally which isn't even productive since the only real tedious thing everyone needs in huge amount is intrinsics - Wasting your time farming enemies or asteroids in space for hours won't ever help with that.
  11. Only players who are rushing the game need that much Endo cause Endo is everywhere. Selling mods or Sorties only are giving tons of Endo alone. So if you don't have enough Endo, that's only because you can't learn patience or play the game in some weird ways. Anyway Spores or plastids shouldn't even be a thing, especially in higher level missions. One can spend A LOT of time in some Void missions, especially with a 1-2 players team only, and tbh rewards suck really bad. So far between the ridiculous amount of rewards and all the gamebreaking bugs, Railjack is a complete waste of time. Even new materials are obtained in ridiculous amount compared to how much we need to repair or craft high tier RJ gear. I'm still wondering if a single thing works fine, did anyone @ DE ever tried to craft anything or even tried to complete solo any kind of Void mission (with the kind of RJ you're playing with, not the magically fully upgraded one).
  12. There's still some huge discrepancy between avionics drop chances, it's such a huge mess no one is able to understand so far. We're getting the same avionics over and over again, getting some mandatory ones is beyond real, especially on the right family. Everything is still bugged (not even worth of a beta, but some alpha iteration at best), AI is still quite poor, targeting is a real issue since we need Amesha to be able to target anything, enemies magically spawning upon us is dumb as hell, stations some players are still rushing for no reasons (except being semi afk) shouldn't even be a thing before we already dealt with enemy ships, some enemies are regenerating faster than Wolverine (not the old version) for no reason, Transport are still oneshoting everything (grats to the few ones who have enough balls to deal with them alone), we're still getting rubico & co as rewards in such missions (seriously), Looting in space is still nightmarish and should be fixed at once, RJ micro management is not fun and in worst cases is only leading to some crap loop (can't fly since stuck with repair, still attacked thus leads to more repairs....). I wish i could play harder missions with my wife only, or even alone, but enemy density is beyond stupid - Missions level scaling is absurd - Dozens of enemies spawning at once along with two to three transport, no matters how many players are joining, are you serious ? Scaling is broken, how enemies are spanwing is also broken. No space game in the entire history made enemies spawning upon you - Each fight should be prepared and anticipated. Something should be done with this awful homing missiles that are raining upon us every single second, you never bothered with implementing decent archwing targeting, we're basically using bullets to kill space ships when they're all firing homing oneshoting stuff at us... Come on, slow their damn speed, make them unable to reach us once we've avoided them. For now even with some decent speed, we have to soak them all - Even transport missiles or station fire projectiles (in space ?!) are way to agile. No offense, but we aren't talking about tuning here, design lead should play a space game at least once before he works on such stuff. We're far from having a smooth and fun space content so far. And don't forget to fix the damn archmelee and rework archwings that have been left untouched for way too long. We're all going for the same archwing and the same gun cause you failed at making them all viable enough.
  13. It happened a few times so far, my screen is going black. This time i was entering a transport ship and ... I got this: Teleportation to the RJ didn't change a thing, in fact after a few tries i finally solved it using my operator - transference sort of fixed it this time. I joined a screen from the game itself if datas can be obtained through it.
  14. That's how they want us to grind now. Spending hours to grind ressources in missions you're meant to spend this same ressources. How rewarding !
  15. Best way so far is no one in transport nor RJ but 4 Amesha since they're even more helpful than Izatl to deal with enemies we can't aim at, without being squishy. Since missions are braindead shooting any other option is a waste of time and energy. RJ basically sucks in all strategies and it's only here as a deadweight to protect for no reasons. Other archwings are next to worthless since they never reworked Archwing, even before launching an all based upon archwing Empyrean... 🙄 Without Amesha you're pretty much dead in space cause they never bothered implementing health management in Archwings, you're just slowly dying if no Amesha can heal you. Some are even playing Wisp to get some health buff before they launch their archwings. Players actually have to work around bugs and design issues, that's quite pathetic if you want my two cents. And Imperator Vandal as an archgun cause well, other guns also suck in such fights. Seriously, we really needed an archwing QoL before that new content. I'm still wondering why the hell we don't have targeting systems that help with moving target in a damn space content, that's stupid as hell. Even RJ does have it but i suspect it to be part broken cause it doesn't help much either.
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