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  1. 000l000

    Volt Speed constant recasts need to be elminated

    Some kids aren't writing on the walls, there's something called education. Same story concerning Volt, one can ask to not spam his powers too or just think about what can happen when you're not playing alone. If i can't stand Speed Nova or a speed Volt i just leave, it takes approximatively 5s to go back in my ship or ask if i have some time to waste. Complaining is easy, tolerance and diplomacy on the other hand are quite rare. At least that's how adults are supposed to behave.
  2. 000l000

    Zenith best warframe primary?

    Zenith has nothing to do with Tenora nor Soma so it's perfectly normal you gets confused. Comparison is worthless in most cases, it's people best hobby these days and they're pretty bad at it. The only issue i'd have with Zenith is that how status based weapons perform compared to pure critical guns. Status weapons will always lack of some Ooomph, the only thing they're good at is to rip armors. Zenith deals mostly slash damages but you'll never see someone dying from bleeds, unless you can go for hybrid or pure crit, this dots will never be worth of it. Thus you end with a typical full corrosive build and tbh against Corpus or Infested this kind of weapons get old pretty fast. A simple synapse with the right riven (more critical, punch through can help to deal with crowds too) outperform status guns by a mile. Hybrid guns are decent though but hunter munitions kind of screwed primary weapons balance. I don't have Zenith yet but Flux rifle does have quite similar mechanics, i just tried to kill some high level heavy gunner with full status build and some kind of hybrid build. 10% CC isn't much reliable as a hybrid weapon but even with such a low critical chance, it's performing better nonetheless. Status Flux Rifle vs Gunner 160 - More than an ammo clip, armor gets ripped fast though. Flux rifle with more critical chance vs Gunner 160 - Less than an ammo clip. Synapse, critical and viral build vs Gunner 160 - Bleeds get viable with hunter munition then, one doesn't care about shield nor armor. These aren't min/maxed builds but if you're looking for Zenith as best primary perhaps you should give Synapse a try. Rivens are easy to find since this is no fashion/prime weapon too. My Synapse has the lowest damage output but thanks to orange/red criticals its damage can reach an absurd level - including bleeds. As far as i'm concerned i'd go for Tiberon if i was looking for a hitscan rifle for the reasons mentioned above. If i don't care about range i'd go for Synapse. Anyway Tiberon has already been hurt by its popularity, riven disposition is less interesting and most certainly will be nerfed again, rivens are also way more expensive.
  3. 000l000

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    I don't care about people not liking anything, there are plenty of these players already and quite often they're only complaining for the sake of complaining or they just don't have a clue about how to play. Some are even whining cause they want DE to change the frame the way they want to play - like some old cheap fast-food. The only thing people are good at these days is to tell everybody they don't like anything, no breaking news here. 😂 Such thread will never be constructive cause you can't cure someone who's not sick - One can point out specific frames issues/bugs to help improving it but saying all day long that a frame is weak isn't an argument either. If i can run content, it means it doesn't have performance issues at least - but it doesn't mean the frame can't be improved though. Criticize is an art that needs wits, not hatred. Worth mentioning that this frame still doesn't have any augment mod, thus it could perform even better if we're lucky enough to get an awesome mod.
  4. 000l000

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    The only thing that hurts Baruuk's Serene Storm right now is that you have to hit at close range to build combo points, which can be difficult since you kill everything at sight before getting close ! After melee 3.0 damages could be more consistent i guess. I don't get all of this "I just got [insert weapon/frame name], it really sucks" threads. Most people here don't even know how to build or even play Baruuk but still are complaining - worse, they're comparing him with other exalted weapons users, which is worthless since Baruuk's hit range and controls are beyond anything else in the game. I'm playing some arbitrations (Grineer survival for ex) solo and Baruuk is doing perfectly fine, everything is dying at sight, behind doors or walls all together. If you can manage your restraint he doesn't even need energy to fuel Serene Storm so leechers aren't much of an issue either. Using finishers is perfect for such things as Eximus Gunners and such. Excalibur, Titania or Wukong wouldn't kill such enemies in a blink of an eye anyway so i don't mind arguing this point. Putting enemies into sleep isn't some band aid on a wooden leg, it's totally part of Baruuk's kit and so it's legit - If some don't want to use it, they can't complain since Baruuk has been designed that way. I've read some complaining about his 1 and 3 being counter productive too. If one doesn't want to rely upon Lull to get rid of restraint, 1 and 3 synergize quite well - Better range allows daggers to hit more enemies when Elude prevents from being damaged by disarmed enemies. DE Devs aren't stupid, they have spent way more time designing this characters than some players here complaining about him. If he can run tough content solo, he's all but terrible, worthless, weak or whatever. People just don't have a clue about how to play/gear him and really should spend less time in Simulacrum.
  5. This is no realistic game so as far as i'm concerned i really don't care about Waframe being a real gun simulator or not. Most guns aren't even close to 21th century weapons anyway and if one is looking for more specific changes, we can mod our weapons at will. More rate of fire is really easy to get and if you're using prime shred you'll also shoot through doors, walls and large enemies like paper. Something you won't see much in real life with your typical assault rifle. Tiberon is quite versatile, auto and semi-auto won't necessarily have different mods, we're far from debating about the Euphona prime here. Plus as someone above said i don't get the riven bait in the title. Threads need consistency.
  6. 000l000

    SOMA PRIME Seriously needs a buff

    Sure more MR means more critical and/or status and/or damage, but a simple Kohm which is only MR 5 could be qualified as one if not the best ranged weapon around. Latron or Sybaris prime are MR 10-12 and they can't wreak havoc like Kohm does. We can debate all day long about MR but at the end it's only a number - They struggle to balance riven disposition so anyone thinking MR could be balanced too is fool !
  7. 000l000

    Buff ranged weapons to balance with melee weapons

    First punch through, innate or not, is a thing. No matters what kind of range weapon you're using you can always build it to kill crowds instead of lone enemies. Second Melee weapons can't damage anything through doors or walls no more. We can still increase their range but it only scales well on weapons with high innate range. Many melee weapons are killing enemies one by one no matters what. Third range always wins, in any game, ever. If they want melee weapons to compete, they should add viable manoeuvers to help filling the gap between us and our target. Without any kind of Leap/Charge melee will always be clunky. A roll or a bullet jump won't be enough here, if melee isn't more dynamic (jump from one enemy to another smoothly) guns will always be more interesting. Fourth i hate how this game is handling melee headshots. I'd have prefered something like critical combo (increased damages if combos done at the right time for example) cause you can't aim at anything with a controller at close range. Fifth, more damages and no combo will definitely help with really close enemies, when aiming can be difficult. There's something that currently works fine though - Condition overload. When we'll be able to use single hand melee and secondaries at the same time, shooting for status and finishing with a melee hit could be a thing. Perhaps adding more mods or mechanics such as Get X when killing with a melee weapon would synergize well with dual wield. Tbh i can't wait melee 3.0 and really hope they'll make melee viable and more interesting than currently.
  8. 000l000

    Serene Storm II: The Reckoning

    No offense but comparing Baruuk with two other random frames and trying to kill gunner as if the game was all about killing gunner or even Grineers isn't what i'd call a scientific approach. If you really want to bring valid arguments, you really need a way more serious approach. Hence not comparing direct damages frames powers which wasn't relevant in the first place. I really think you're spending too much time in Simulacrum, saying that Baruuk's exalted weapons are the worst is just laughable since he can pretty much destroy everything on your screen, visible or not. And it doesn't even cost him energy.
  9. 000l000

    Limbo's stasis

    Limbo should get an augment that would add more stasis time for each player ranting about his presence in his team. 😓
  10. 000l000

    How would I change Warframe

    This is already a thing, Djinn can do that with the right mod and tbh it's the only sentinel i still use since every other can't survive in higher levels content, especially arbitrations. Anyway, there's something really wrong with sentinels survivability especially since they're less useful than kubrows or Kavats. They should survive way better than that.
  11. 000l000

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Some are still stuck in Stephano (Uranus). This map should really be looked at since a lot of players just leave when they have to play it. Lack of line of sight and mobile defense points make the lack of progression really painful, one of the two maps is decent for interception missions but totally worthless as a defense mission. Maps in defense missions shouldn't be random, and since this map spawns a lot (Defense/Neo relics for instance) something should really be done about it. Thanks !
  12. 000l000

    Tigris Riven Help!!!

    I wasn't talking about Sancti specifically. 3 dual stats mods on a tigris prime can be an option. i don't even see why it would be literally worthless as you said. Builds in this game have lots of options worth being mentioned, thanks for the maths though. 🙂
  13. 000l000

    Buff ranged weapons to balance with melee weapons

    Wait for spin-to-win and combo nerf and you'll see how absurd your melee damage will be. Seriously, guns are made for killing at range right, how can you kill anything faster than with a Rubico or whatever with anything else than a gunblade ? Staticor can already kill an entire room in one shot, my recently forma'd Synapse is literally destroying everything thanks to a really nice riven. I don't think i could beat these with a Kogake. 😅
  14. 000l000

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    Many people complain about new frames lack of originality, copy/paste powers and such things. A brand new ressource mechanics is refreshing, at this point we can only wait until we see something relevant to criticize, comment or whatever. I have one and only concern though, will this frame be playable in no shield content. Originality is fine but new mechanics shouldn't prevent being cut out of some content.
  15. 000l000

    SOMA PRIME Seriously needs a buff

    Soma is far from being trash, and comparison with Braton isn't relevant at all. Both are totally different. Braton is status/hybrid and Soma mostly critical. Braton can't beat Soma bleeds, it can strip armor easily or apply tons of elemental damages though. My first riven ever was Braton's and i must say it's quite a decent weapon for any kind of content, especially as an hybrid, status definitely helps with enemies armor scaling but when it comes to apply tons of dots, Soma is still better, high rate of fire + criticals is all hunter munition needs. Soma won't necessarily kill faster but if you can shoot a heavy gunner at mid life, hunter munitions will do its job. Here's a simple viral build.