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  1. true, I judge player competence from around mr 13 to 29 about the same.
  2. Yeah this is basically my observation. In general Higher MR means a player has more tools, more mods, more warframes set-up and so on. If you are doing very specific farms its more likely that a higher MR will have setups to contribute. Aside from that there are often low-effort setups like a desecrate nekros that almost anyone can join with so its not that you need to aggressively vet everyone either. I understand that the general feeling is that my suggestion will lead to a negative discrimination and promote a kind of elitism, I do not think that is true at all. Thing is that if
  3. Seeing MR of players would help a lot to provide some context to what they are asking in many situations. Mostly I think this would be helpful in Q&A and Region where there are players asking questions about the game in general, but it would also help in Recruitment for a bit of context to more open ended requests that show up there from time to time. It would also be helpful for recruitment in higher end activities. After giving the benefit of the doubt to very low MR players I've had to start vetting people by MR to some degree to not bring the whole squad down, if the information w
  4. Switch Steel Path does not have the enemy density of PC, for farming Essence and by extension Slivers, kills per minute is the most important stat for efficiency. At the peak of Ophelia wall whipping a Khora would get around 11000 to 13000 kills in one hour, Switch doesn't get close to that from what I've heard.
  5. It could potentially be a resource for an improved riven system with a more deterministic outcome. atm I've got over a year's worth, its a resource that still has an air of importance and I think that's why it feels as if it should be more important than it actually is. Expectations haven't adjusted yet.
  6. It's made much worse by the fact that its companions, the affinity system is not kind to leveling them. leveling weapons is relatively fine.
  7. don't add them to non-primes. when their primes come out you will likely have more umbra formas anyway. the majority of frames don't need them either.
  8. There should definitely be moderation tools for clans, including a lot of logs that can easily be browsed by some clan roles. Doesn't even need to be in-game, could be part of warframe.com too. For being such an important system, dojo's and clans are shockingly dated. DE even runs clan decoration events and haven't touched the system for ages. Its very strange to let it decay like they have.
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