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  1. I like this gun. In general I find single-target precision weapons fun to use. They can have usability problems due to low fire-rate. in cases where you shoot multiple times in quick succession, low fire-rate just makes some guns feel unresponsive. base fire-rate is 1.83, I would suggest increasing it to 3.50 or 4.00, that would be a nice comfortable place for it to be imo. The gun has enough drawbacks, no crit, slow reload, so I think increasing fire-rate is not unreasonable.
  2. just turn them into warframe specific arcanes, ez
  3. It is kind of fine. Bundles are generally pretty bad. the ratio to stuff id like and things I have no use for in this case is really extreme. Its as if the cat deco is the bonus and the content is mediocre skins / boosters / kuva and credits. its odd. I'll live.
  4. Since I started this game I've had a "WF.txt" going with current goals, reminders, copypaste messaged for trade or recruitment. anything in game wont be useful for that. However, I've had a Note Beacon set up in the front of my ship for some time. its useful to remind me about any syndicate rep im low on atm. Its not very nimble, getting to the decoration mode in the orbiter is a bit awkward with the submenus but I don't need to edit it often. A txt file is great though.
  5. I don't think the suspicions regarding tencent in here are reasonable at all. Speculation is fair but its not like bundles have ever been a great deal no matter what. Ive bought a lot of the deluxe bundles for a single item, its a shame its structured that way but its always possible I'll appreciate having the other items at a later time, around 200 plat its still a decent deal. I also got that Kuva Lich bundle, just for the palettes, that bundle is full of garbage besides that, but I really love muted colors and use them all a whole lot, hard to regret it in the end. I think the Deimos b
  6. This is a very strange problem that's somehow stayed in for over a year now. Since the UI updated I changed my UI scaling to 80% in order to see more items on the end-of-mission screen, or the quick view in missions. Its had the additional effect of completely removing that issue in RJ missions. for now, that's a good option.
  7. good. I also miss the higher stakes initial Railjack where people needed to work together. Things have improved for solo play since launch but something has been lost, like you say. I believe things would be a lot different if Railjack shipped with Command.
  8. I think the mod is just a bit strange as is. There is not enough benefit from increased speed to warrant the extra mod capacity cost. So if its going to be a 9 capacity mod, it should do more than just the speed. Otherwise it may just be a rank0 7 cap mod with the base effect. Its a cost-benefit issue for me. many ways it could be addressed. The movement increase is a decent effect, I think the cost-benefit ratio is just way off for the mod capacity costs. the movement speed isn't very noticeable in-game. a lot of entities like the Resonator will also teleport to avoid gettin
  9. I like your solution, its very clean. 4 abilities is too much as well, if they could be trimmed down that would help a lot as well. I guess im saying remove Full Moon.
  10. We once had Archwing missions in there. It was not appreciated by the community at large.
  11. I think this is a bit of a shame. for reference, the mod is 6 cost at base, increasing the movement speed of your Resonator from 100% to 150% at max rank and a cost of 9. You don't get anything significant out of that increased capacity cost, the biggest boon of the mod is to have it at all. Instead of a speed boost, I would propose this; Small range boost to the Resonator itself and the Mallet if its currently attached. 15% is in line with Cunning Drift's increase so I think its reasonable.
  12. Thats nonsense, the mission takes a set amount of time, you cant do it faster, only more efficiently. During the PC event, if my recollection is true, you could do decently by keeping any given Orphix alive until about 30-35% sentient activity before killing it, then the next would spawn almost immediately. during that time youd kill as many sentients as possible. the score was also affected by your map, some jupiter spawn-tiles were the most optimal, reactor I think, for a high score you wanted at least 2 of those for a lot of sentient spawns. Looking at the public leaderboards it k
  13. There are many ways to adress it, a simple one could be for the mods [Regen] and [Primed Regen] to not be limited by charges at all. [Regen] could bring them back at 20% hp, while [Primed Regen] brings them back at full health. A limiting factor could maybe be downtime once they are brought back. In general Im not sure its worth it to have downsides to sentinels, such as them dying, being disabled in any way actually. There isn't anything you can do as a player to avoid them being destroyed. Even with Link mods its only a matter of time until your sentinel will just be dead. Maybe th
  14. @[DE]Megan I think this announcement would be improved with a very clear an unambiguous YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO THIS RIGHT NOW at the top. it is implied by the post existing at all, but I was genuinely confused about when I should be doing this. I may just be a dunce though.
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