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  1. nidus passive works as far as I know. then you can kick enemies down (aimglide and slide) to cc.
  2. I wish I could remember what DE did for duplicate protection, there is something like that in the live version of the game I just don't remember exactly what the implementation was. If a pool has 5 weapons maybe you wont allow duplicates to spawn until every possible option has been seen, so the order is random but there is some luck protection. It's a bit messy, RNG is obviously a big part of the game and the monetization strategy as well. finding a good balance is important. Would be good. The deterministic approach is kind of expensive so that's a fair trade-off in a way. The lur
  3. I'm weary of the Granum Crown implementation as well. If getting a 'Larvaling' takes a bit more time, while also getting the right weapon takes less time I'd be ok with a more involved 'Larvaling' spawning process in general. For feedback that's suggesting specific changes and not simply pointing out an issue I felt it was appropriate to not deviate too far from what DE has communicated is already implemented to some degree though. The nature of feedback is maybe misunderstood in general for forums and I think that the most useful kind if to simply say "this doesnt work and this is why" rath
  4. The current problem; We only have access to Kuva Liches right now, with a pool of 16 weapons. If you are looking for a specific weapon, it can easily take 40 minutes+ to get the correct Larvaling to appear doing the fastest mission possible (Cassini on Saturn). We are soon to see an increase to this weapon pool once again, reaching 19 weapons in total. As players get more of the weapons and start looking for more and more specific Larvalings, its taking longer and longer on average to get started with your Kuva Lich and as more weapons are added to that spawning process is only worsening.
  5. Its usually posted in the description of the youtube vod of the hometime stream before its added to the contest thread.
  6. Questions Is there more status-rework to come? Will there be an overhaul to primary weapon stats similar to the melee update? Do you think that boosting status chance on slow single-shot primaries by a base of 100% or more could be a good solution to making status more viable for slow weapons'? as the 10 proc standard heavily favors rapid-fire weapons at the moment? Currently the waypoint system seems to be too clever for its own good, it looks like its creating a path along the enemy nav-mesh and its not interested in our position if we are not grounded. Could it just be s
  7. The Prime Weapons have some really sad stats
  8. This is very minor, still, I think it would be more fitting for the new mote added with this augment to be first in the list for the ability. Right now its added to the end of the list and when using the augment for more mobile missions to quickly get your buffs out its feeling a bit counter-intuitive as is.
  9. Id rather not get into my small issues with your proposal. I generally like it and wouldn't mind it being added. I had the opportunity to farm the high yield Steel Essence missions when it dropped from Eximus, I would really like to get back to such a good kuva farm again. Granted it was possibly too effective, but its left me wanting to at least see a pretty drastic change to roll cost and/or kuva drop-rates in general. Your solution is good I think.
  10. Clan Name: AVIOMOIVA Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Feature Image: Video Tour: Image album with more details A complete rebuild from my last submission. Previous Submissions: Spring 2020, Winter 2021
  11. So much could be done for Rivens, its disappointing that this is what they decide to put out. Its not a system I hate but it certainly hates me that's for sure.
  12. There are bigger QoL issues for dojo's I think. removing rooms and re-structuring is pretty rare, so while its very annoying to deal with its unlikely to be something you will do even one time in a given year. It would be great if there was just more flexibility to room layouts and organizing. the big one would be the ability to move rooms, or save fully decorated rooms to be placed later. anything like that were a room isnt so locked down.
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