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  1. Could you point me in the direction of a paper that talks about an atmosphere? I haven't been able to find anything about that short of the methane becoming gaseous when it gets close to the Sun.
  2. Apparently we will eventually take on the worms of Vome and Fass, which is the only content planned for a pure Necramech experience. However, that still puts them in a better spot than k-drives which only have races. (No skatepark makes me sad). What I mean by this is that in the Mag Prime log, it seems very much like the basic strategy of Warframes were a force multiplier over use as infiltrators. The fact that they can operate independently, kinda like nuclear submarines is definitely a better deterrent than something you can definitely see coming, but until we get more information a
  3. Are you sure? I also should point out that while it most definitely is lifeless, when it gets closest to the sun, it is possible for the methane deposits on the planet to become gaseous, creating a sort of methane fog. Could it support life with Orokin #*!%ery? Yes. Venus was cooled to a (partial) winter wonderland, so anything is possible in the land of make believe and crazy future tech.
  4. I would love for them to have an Eris OW with Dysnomia acting a sort of 'artificial sun' (read giant lightbulb) for the distant colony. Then again I'm biased because I've already written a story set on the dwarf planet during the Old War.
  5. Back on topic, I think that there is a genuine concern here with their decisions. If they do eventually give us the entire Arch Melee roster, they will be stronger on the mech than they ever were in space, creating an interesting polar opposite to the current Warframe powers affected by rivens phenomena. Granted, the Necramechs are supposed to be brickhouse force multipliers, but that fact throws even more questions out as to why exactly they weren't chosen over us, despite being produced (supposedly) years earlier. What we know of the Old War is that only a few things were really necessary to
  6. I'll let you know when I bash out something of note in your messages. Apologies for derailing.
  7. I thought it was nerfed heavily because of how easily you could troll teammates with it in the old days, like teleporting them into looping pits, or the old classic of the disappearing defence target.
  8. Nah fam, just make a resource sink system that allows players to 'fix' Warframes with the abilities of others. Edit: sorry for being so reductive. I just dislike that the Helminth is a thinly veiled attempt at warding off calls to rework the non-meta Warframes since there are so many.
  9. Alright, I decided to take a look at the Plague Star event wiki. It turns out that the boil is just from somewhere. Could be Deimos, Eris, or just one of the many other places that fell to The Plague during the Old War. It just seemed plausible that it was a FUBAR on the part of Dr.Tengus given that he awakened the Technocyte Virus and left many of his colleagues to die in the aftermath of Once Awake but it's just a mystery (oooOOooOOoo). It aligned with Vay Hek's plans to remove the Ostrons from the plains by force, so assumption became headcanon. My bad.
  10. It comes from Doctor Tengus's labs. He is the go to guy for Infestation among the Grineer. He probably has more infested rocks then he knows what to do with. Vay Hek needs one for his campaign on the plains? Sure, done, just don't bring it back.
  11. I concur wholeheartedly. Some of the rarest creatures in this new open world are worth no more than a copse of pobbers on OV. Interesting. I think I'm finding a place where 'Slaystorm' could actually exist. (Endless exterminate with a much more enthusiastic coordination Ops than usual).
  12. HoD, at least the launch ready prep appears to been done in 4 months. The balance of the content that came with it, especially the Necramech powers best reflect how rushed the development was (towards the end). Although there are a few other aspects that are balanced better than the more hyped open worlds, they certainly screwed the pooch on the powers. This doesn't even go into the mess that is the 'lets skip around reworks' Helminth System.
  13. Hmm. Now I know what to include in a concept way down the line. Tell me FrutyX, do you like spellunking ancient ruins in the desert?
  14. Vay Hek has connections with Doctor Tengus, the Grineer scientist responsible for the scientific FUBAR in Once Awake. There is probably enough Infestation around the system to not have to go to a place that was untraceable until very recently.
  15. I concur. The kit of the Necramech is fairly mediocre besides that. If these are just a sideshow, then thats fine, but they are spending time and resources on these which hopefully will culminate in something interesting. Hopefully 2 or 3 more designs over the course of this year and next as well as specific bosses these things are made to fight. I don't know about this though. They are a completely different kettle of fish to the rest of the game and most likely (as you have concepted in this thread) be our window into Archwing melee planetside. Some of the most aesthetically i
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