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  1. Sortie reward table should be updated. +1 from me.
  2. Like a Qilin or something similar? Given what you've suggested as lore it would be a fitting Orokin hypocrisy for them to consider the alchemist in Lavos's lore a threat while trying to accomplish the same feat of mystical ascension.
  3. Very fitting of the name Sun Simiao. Rebellious medic with a hint of Heian Era mysticism. You could even hint at a duality with each of his ability's names, so: 1. Lorist Curse/Boon 2. Numbing Fog/Warding Mist 3. Spiteful Remedy/ Apunculture 4. Interrogate / Bolster
  4. Kind of reminds me of Hotline Miami. A mask frame would be pretty baller.
  5. I would totally be up for transmuting relics to such a fine point that you could only get rare rewards (for an exorbitant fee of course).
  6. Maybe I was misunderstanding this line. Bondrewd is a cool character and I definitely see the influences now, but when first reading the draft I was thinking of the medic from tf2. Maybe that's because I haven't seen what Bondrewd is fully capable of (didn't watch the movie, only the anime) and only know him as a completely soulless ends-justify-the-means kind of guy. Since you're (I think) drawing parallels to Mitty's functional immortality with Nina, maybe it would be best to consider a scenario where that would be essential for the frame's origin story. Just like Gau
  7. Even if this is a joke concept, it reads like a Warframe I'd actually like to play in some way.
  8. No worries. I can understand that talk is bound to happen when review and opinion is right there on the table. Everyone has a different experience of the game and come from different angles when talking about it. The discussion you've had here paints a perfectly good example of that.
  9. We're still in early days, not going to throw in the towel until my deadline.
  10. Currently at 1137 responses. This is looking to be a decent sample size.
  11. Negatives are just as important as positives. Speak your mind.
  12. I think that if they made a habit of it, then it would get more precise 'in the moment' information and people would be more able to directly communicate their grievances. The way I've formatted this survey is simply because I'm doing this alone and when it comes time to collate everything, I want to be able to deliver the results in a timely manner.
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