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  1. Dhampir has been changed appropriately. The damage types work under the premise of the damage system earlier in the thread. I have decided to further nerf enemies affected by giving their fire slow projectile speed. I should use the Seekers that were part of the attunement quest. Thanks for pointing out the potential cheese.
  2. The Vault of Orryphus Part 2: Trouble in Haven & The Main Event Getting Started And now I'm back. Before I detail the Trial, it is important to present the attunement quest. This one is perhaps going to be a little more difficult than the previous one. I am providing an external link here since it is 20 pages long, written in a pseudo script format. Trouble in Haven ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Trial Bring ruin to the Vault of Orryphus, for my shame
  3. H sounds like talent trees. I want to see your take on them.
  4. Been a busy month. Here is something that I concepted with @exturkconner and @(NSW)HoodieDeku. Together we might tackle the other open world recurrent events at some point, but that is TBD. Enjoy. Plague Star Season 2
  5. Yeah, fair enough. A mission in Starcraft 2 followed this kind of setup, where you were escorting trains through an active warzone. Now that the Railjack can zoom around at breakneck speed, seems like we're more than ready to handle something similar.
  6. I think that this would be good as a one and done mission. Unsure how to work it as an endless unless you are literally doing overwatch for a high traffic area.
  7. Hijack isn't unpopular because it's an escort mission. It's unpopular because it's slower than Capture and has no rewards.
  8. I don't know what to tell you other than that hits me where I live. I've got a laundry list of things I want to tackle, so I'm going to tackle this one too (eventually). If you head over this post here, you can see that fixing the game little by little is one of my focuses.
  9. Honestly, if the main gameplay loop is too boring to keep players invested, thats more of a problem than there just not being content. Sure bosses are hot ticket items, but the entire core game needs a look over. Adding new content forever doesn't fix the problem in that DE needs to improve what is already there or be stuck in a rat race of making new content to gloss over what is broken about their game: it just isn't as replay able as it needs to be.
  10. Thats why I say you are onto something. There is most definitely a more nefarious angle to this than just stingrays vibing on Mars. Theres an obscure bit of lore around that suggests that the animals that exist now are based on the memories of the Orokin of ancient Earth, so it is possible that these rays are sporting a fair amount of human genes, or even were created via an especially cruel form of capital punishment.
  11. Forgive me for entering so late, but I would argue that enemies shouldn't be too difficult to kill, but turnabout is fair play and we also should also not be too hard to kill. Most Warframes are lithe things built for movement, superhuman strength (to an extent) at their back and superhuman durability (to an extent), so it feels out of place that battlefield dominance is obtained so trivially. In my boss encounters, I have to simply cull our power because we simply are too strong. I like these ideas because it means bosses have a chance to be bosses and stops power creep from being so rampant
  12. I think that it is not a great idea to walk away from ideas because of a few bad apples. I think it should be on DE to properly handle these situations appropriately. It's not like League of Legends where these accolades have absolute rewards. It's just nice to have these titles. I like this idea, some healthy competition might add some excitement to this game, especially for some of the more braindead nodes.
  13. This reminds me that I need to consolidate the ideas I had for my hydroponics module into one place. I like what you have here in principle, but tying plants to anything outside of plants is kinda a bit much. We already have so many ways of getting resources and the automated ones we already have have been neglected for so long that I'm under the impression that DE has forgotten they exist.
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