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  1. Not all players have the time to farm as most of us vets have had in the past. If the devs want to accommodate new players, let them. If the guns and warframes are not interesting, thats a problem with the developed warframes and guns, not the resources needed to craft them
  2. Thats actually pretty nice. You also took into consideration armor stripping. Thats something that has to be addressed as well. It's a good overall compression. Maybe two modes is whats necessary and proper. It'll be more intuitive.
  3. Well the idea is to retain the current modifiers, but explain per tier exactly what is going on. The paragraphs at present don't do a great job of keeping attention and I can also digitalise my gauge to make it look more symmetrical.
  4. I feel that it will also depend on just how many enemies we expect to see on screen at a given time. Given what I've seen of Empyrean from the demo, it looks like raw power will be important over the ability to kill everything. But until then, I want Ember to be the strongest Ember she can be.
  5. Aight, well I'll take a second shot at it. Maybe if I make mod cards with the effects on them it will be easier to explain and visualize.
  6. At least standard pvp. If they put more attention into Lunaro and gave us more content there, then maybe more than 10 people at peak would play.
  7. I think of her as a wildfire, driven by void magic as a fuel and like all fires, wants to burn everything in her path. I wanted to write her to fit more of that niche and build her kit around the fact she is supposed to be the embodiment of fire, or an efreet, or a phoenix like you said. I would rather however focus on her as an efreet though, since having her be a resurrecting, recursive fire would be venturing too heavily into Nidus's territory. Back in the old days, she had the best raw damage nukes, but then they changed how health scaled and she became irrelevant. Her quick fix was very disappointing, but I liked the name and extrapolated on it. Part of the passive I've written included lifesteal and regeneration, but if she ventures too heavily into that territory, she becomes something she (at least up until this point) was never meant to be. I understand. I wanted to make it into a slider to make it easier to read, but I don't know how to make BBcode sliders. Thank you for commenting regardless. I do wish that you got the general gist of what I was trying to do. She gets more mobile, does more damage, gets more vulnerable and looks more like a wildfire rather than a benchwarmer.
  8. The wolf sledge does not follow that philosophy. The braton and lato vandal are behind considerable grinds. The best arcanes are similarly behind considerable grinds. There is difficulty exclusive content in this game. Just because someone can pay to bypass the grind doesn't mean there isn't value in it, in fact the fact that there is value to be earned from selling off those exclusive rewards mean that achievements are possible in this game with quantifiable value.
  9. I would love more field bosses. G3 is still lore relevant if you consider their (death in the Law of Retribution) to be non-canon. Zanuka hunter is lacking, but has one of the most unique missions in the game after a defeat and the Juggernaut is the most mechanically challenging field boss. Corrupted Vor is a meme and has been neglected for years. More variety and challenge would be welcome.
  10. Ember is the fire frame. A raging fire, set wild and free and yet, falls behind Saryn at every turn. Her greatest rage seems to come from the gnashing of teeth and the ire that players that mained her in the past have towards her anemic performance at present. Permit me, if you would, a few minutes of your time for my idea of the Ember that could be. Passive- Mote of Agni In the spoiler tag, is the UI element for Ember's passive. It has 6 levels, 1, to overheat. The idea is that Ember is like a furnace and is stoked by fiery destruction, like the namesakes origin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agni. The lines are the scale of her passive. At first, only the middle flame is tickled by the fire, but as she goes up levels of her passive, the fire spreads, until it reaches up to the edge of the dias. There is advantages to being at 1 and overheat and every point in between. To advance a level is like going up the combo counter; using powers increases it. Burning through 50 energy increases the level. Not using an power for 10 seconds resets the counter. Spend more than 50 energy? Go up another level. As you increase levels, you lose armor and power efficiency, but your powers level up and you move faster. Additionally, while dealing periodic damage with your abilities, you gain 10% of the damage dealt as health per second, and 5% back as energy. So, what does this look like in practice? What happens to Ember's stats? Here is a mockup of how this works in practice. If there is no additional information on particular parts of powers, they do not change from the previous ranking of the power. Level 1-the starting point. Level 2 Level 3 level 4 level 5 Overheat Conclusion and reflective analysis This submission is to try to bring up Ember to the standard set by her nuker sister Saryn. Saryn scales exponentially with level and has the power kit to stay relevant whether you're fighting level 1s or level 100s. Ember cannot say the same thing, whose flat damage values lose out to high health, high armor opponents from abilities alone. Does this bring Ember up to the raw nuking power of Saryn? It might do, but the resources necessary to get there are far greater than 25 energy and a minigame of hit the spore. Does it mean that this kind of scaling is a bit extreme? Most likely. Do I regret pouring over this for a while? No. If I get the time to come back and recreate the UI in a editor, I will. My drawings are ... well they could be better. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this. Have a great day 🙂
  11. You could also argue that Teshin has spent much longer honing his craft then the average Dax protecting two women indirectly against the dangers of the Origin system than most Dax ever did. Or maybe he is a particularly well skilled Dax from a very powerful sire.
  12. During a recent Arbitration excavation, the host died. After this, Arbitration drones stopped spawning. I am aware that host connection on normal excavation has a direct link with the spawning of energy canister units and a lack of spawning can be tied to a bad connection with the host, so I believe there is an spawn director bug for arbitration drones when the host dies. There was only one arbitration drone on the map during the host's death and normal spawning occurred beforehand. In the 20 minutes that we continued, no further spawns were discovered. Have others encountered this bug?
  13. Was in the syndicate screen. Found a seller of the required prime part. Accepted an invite from them. The game entered this state and required a restart. https://imgur.com/Fd3k33X
  14. I am okay with the conceptual changes, but I would be much happier if they added the nightmare multipliers to these missions randomly. Since death is no longer permanent, a major component of control has been given back into the hands of players. Howl all you want, we won't bring you back.
  15. Since theres a Geneforge under Venus, I can see there being a very large interest from research heads, such as Tyl and Tengus. I would like to think that the Corpus would be hard pressed to maintain airspace dominance against the Grineer with how sparsely defended the zone is. Maybe the Corpus have a forcefield or gate system of some kind in space, but without further evidence I think that Grineer interest will be hitting OV hard and fast once they learn of the Geneforge.
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