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  1. When it comes down to it, it would have made more sense if they were some kind of amalgamation than anything else. My biggest issue however is that they are used in a place where we have almost every advantage possible over them, including the ability to fly and the bounties on offer don't tip the balance back in their favour one iota. I kinda just put out random numbers for each of the arcanes, vaguely basing it on weapons I'd played recently. Something else I considered would have been a 'high noon' like auto target, burst fire mode, or as you said ricochets. I went for conditional splash damage because after all is said and done lmgs and assault rifles are fighting against them rather than anything else. Ricochets would be something I might use for the Buried Depths Season 2, which will focus on secondaries.
  2. Burnout, workload and you: finding motivation through a tangent Hi there. I found myself in a bit of a rut when it came to writing, well anything. When my workload allowed it I would occasionally help others bring their creations to life, offering advice and such. That helped immensely, so I am proud to say that things will move forward quickly this month. This first offering is perhaps a little bit of an ironic one given the reveal during Tennocon yesterday, but I hope it will be interesting nonetheless. It is my pleasure to introduce Ghoul Purge Season 2! I will finish up some of the previous entries in the thread, before introducing some new things. I hope that you like them all. Till Then.
  3. There needed to be a lot more nuance to those mods than was delivered. All I can say is that these mods won't make a difference in the way they want them to and just convince more people to play solo exclusively at high level.
  4. Will any of your ideas here change with the Dev Workshop itinerary from Friday? Your On Hit suggestion stands out quite well compared to most of the Workshopped items.
  5. Very well articulated @Loza03. I think that everything you brought up has been in tune with the discordance I have had with actually playing Warframe for a long time. The hope is whenever these threads come up that a DE employee comes in and a change is put into the pipeline. There is a genuine need for change. The damage systems of the game have run away from the devs and the number of abilities that are around that trivialise the game are many. It might be naive to say, but I hope this gets seen by someone that can effect change.
  6. I am aware of it, in fact iterated on the idea a little by combining it with a sort of limited draft format in a gamemode I titled Slaystorm. What I mean by what I said is that the game is massively balanced towards the player. The modifiers for the enemies would have be more wild than SP. Completely agree on the new update though. It won't really change anything.
  7. Your statement reads as an oxymoron. You can't have raids and dungeons without challenges so what do you mean?
  8. Look forward to the results, get to see if the changes I suggested last year are in line with what people want now :)
  9. I liked this in video form and I like this here. Hope it gets noticed
  10. Made some edits to the Dojo rework post based on conversations about the subject. You can find that post here.
  11. Maybe there could be a decaying hit efficiency based on number of hits and time since last hit? Unsure if the game has a check for the aoe part and the math could get pretty funky for the whole combo efficiency part.
  12. Added some more weapons to the Vault of Orryphus reward pool. Quest for Expeditions coming soon.
  13. Make shield dr scalable, or capping the amount of shields that can be taken in a single hit.
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