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  1. Well they said it was because of how popular some weapons were in comparison to others..... But 1st of all the kohm wasnt touched. And 2nd they created POE, and stuck 3 fun to capture things in a vast map. That were only able to be shot with three weapons effectively, the lanka, rubico, or vectis. Ummmm i wonder why those weapons were used more then others? 3rd i will say it again, THE KOHM WASNT TOUCHED. Which you cant tell me isnt one of the most used weapons in game..... So for DE to say it was because of a popularity contest makes no sense. And taking stats away from something players worked hard on, spent plat on, or took the time to acquire is robbing them of that achievements. I feel DE needs to adress this soon or they will lose more players then they already have.
  2. Just watched another elite mr25 long time player say he wont be back after this.... I cant believe it, dude had a 3yr account. Literally gonna uninstall over this decision DE has made. They really messed up. That made it 17 ppl they lost so far that just i know about. All of them being long time players. They better do something fast to fix this.
  3. Lol.....really star wars, now i definitely know your opinions on this topic are irrelevant. And i noticed you avoided the part where you tried to justfy this nerf as balance, then back peddled by saying bad balance logic when i brought up the kohm not being nerfed. You obviously havnt got a clue of what your talking about. Go back to your star war game yoda.
  4. Obviously you dont have god teir rivs you achieved by rolling thousands of kuva on. And for you to say its balance, then say its bad balance logic tells me a lot about your logic and opinion. Kick rocks. This was a bad decision on DEs part and not thought threw at all. And its costing them a lot of their long time investors. If you think differently then like i said before. You havnt spent the time i have or a lot of players have to acquire certain things just to have DE make it useless, just because they wanted some weapons that werent being used to be used.... Or because of a price of something in a free market that they created. They just made a really bad decision and the proof is obvious. This forums length is that proof
  5. This is far from balance, exaple kohm riven not touched. One of the most powerful, most used weapons in game. Also no update DE has done affected an existing players inventory in such a way. Example, kubrow breeding changed but they didnt take away existing pets, just made them unattainably in future game play. That is balance, but taking something that players spent their hard earned money and time on and nerfing it because of a popularity contest is thieving. And a lot of ppl feel the same.
  6. DE has robbed so many players of their time spent rolling rivens and plat spent on hard to acquire mods with this update. Im in a clan and alliance with a lot of mr 25 players. Players that have been around for years and this latest decision is causing them to drop off like flies.....DE better do something fast or they are going to lose more. Ppl are so disappointed its ridiculous. I cant believe their decision to take from ppl that have invested so much.... I really hope DE gives back what they found so easy to take. Or the elite player fall off will continue and this new fortuna update wont mean a thing. They really lost a lot of respect of so many high rank players. You dont take away from ppl something they have earned. Its called theft.
  7. DE give me my stats back on my rivens, you completely robbed me of something i spent a lot of time and money to acquire. You have made a horrible decision, just because a weapon was popular? Give me back what I earned. This is ROBBERY!
  8. To the guy that said dont spend plat on rivens, what i choose to spend my plat on is my business. Futher more your comment made no sense. And if you had read my post youd have seen that i said i spent a lot of time rolling rivs to make them what they were, just to have DE take it away. Which is robbery, to me and anyone else that took the time to do so. And if you are not mad about this update. Then its probably 1you dont do tricaps, which ive done over 650+. Two you havnt took the time i have to farm kuva to turn mediocre rivs into god teirs, like i have. And 3 your comment about what i spend my plat on tells me you dont have alot of knowledge about the free market or its propuse. This update is a big disappointment to a lot of endgamers which have invested the time like i have. Just to have DE take it away, because a weapon wasnt being used. It was a bad move and not thought out very well at all. Period.
  9. So i havnt been playing warframe very long, but i have invested a lot of time and money to support this game and DE. I found it completely unfair to nerf existing riven mods that people have spent their hard earn time to roll or plat to acquire. This has made me not want to play since.... I could understand trying to find balance in game. But i find it so wrong for DE to take something that i took a lot of time achieving and making it usless practically. In the past changes to warframe they had not done this to things ppl had already acquired, instead just made them unable to aquire in future game play for the ppl that didnt have them. Examples being certain kubrow prints, Prime chamber, prime excal, and the list goes on. I feel robbed...and im definitely disappointed in this decision to take away the stats of something i had already acquire through lots of game play and the spending of plat. I've lost a lot of respect for DE for this. They shouldn't have messed with existing mods that people already had. Just changed the ones made or rolled in after the update to find there balance they were seeking by this. And taking the sentinal mods out of rotation did nothing but make their price sky rocket on the market, the exact opposite of any balancing affect they were trying to achive there as well. The fact is this update was poorly thought out in my opinion, you shouldn't take from somone that they have acquired already, just have changed the new things coming out like they did in the past updates.... Once again, I feel robbed of a lot of time and effort and lost a desire to the only game i played for the past year. Very disappointed in this decision DE.
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