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  1. And did you need 5000 hours to fully understand that? I agree with the part about the balancing but speaking about P2W in a game with practically only a PvE section has no sense at all. This game is still in beta with too many bugs to be sold at full price. The balancing is just ridicoulos and they don't want to fix anything because their main income arrives from people without any skill spending thousand of dollars just to press a button to kill something. I haven't seen any game in my life where you need to hit yourself like a sadomasochist to gains buffs, or press a butt
  2. I don't think you can get 5000 mutagen sample in 20 minutes...
  3. I wasted hundred of mutagen stuff on hema because i hadn't read the total amount needed... I just want them back.
  4. it's written "capisci" or with sicilian slang "capisti"...
  5. It's a ML8 weapon and honestly i have never seen any absurd weapon under Ml level 10 but some with a rare high riven disposition. It was an absurd weapon if you were able to change the damage type between viral, corrosive or radiation.
  6. When i am on the other side of the map I find myself teleported on the center and killed by something, i think a glowing light(someone call it laser) without any time to react...
  7. The main problem is not the difficulty. The main problem are the visual effects able to daze me and this is a recurrent problem in warframe.
  8. You could but it's impractical, you have to stay minutes in void mode to increment the buf when other people probably killed him already. The last version of wolf has also a -25% on headshots. Probably he had even a kavat bonus.
  9. Here we are again... This is possible because the difficulty level it's settled on " pretty stupid" on normal missions. Most of the people with a NOT TANK frame can't reach 30 minutes of arbitration without dying and even most of super charged tank frames of "veteran" people dye before 50 minutes...
  10. It's not unfair because in a "normal" game tanks stay in the first line, support frames and DPS should stay behind. In other games tanks without support frames can't survive, the same for support frames... Here it's a big mess because most frames can do almost everything (in the star chart) . Now if someone wanna melee with Mag against level 100+ enemies, it's a their problem.
  11. This game is more about speculation on trading than real game, there are persons insulting you because you forget to put 1 platinum on a 100 purchase.... you can ask in the ingame chat maybe someone is in good mood.
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