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  1. Yes they are "great weapons" but for what? I still don't understand how people can sustain a game mainly and only based on power greediness: Thousand of hours to grind new OP weapons and mods just to try them but really no real new content to use them. The "open worlds" are just "open" and void at the same time, without any sub quest or real secret to continue to explore them further.
  2. you can kill everything in this with a melee and 3 mods on it... CLearly it's easy with a riven a potato and all mods available. If you use melee with main slash damage and a decent status(practically all the best weapons) you kill everything, just take a kronen prime or a venka prime, they deal slash procs even without stances.
  3. Weeping wounds it's not powerful enough alone, the real problem here is the Crit chance reaching on melee stupid values like, +1000% making impossible to balance a weapon or the whole game.
  4. I hate instead how this game advertises itself as "Looter shooter" when update after update it has become just a mere grind fest for addicted people only. They can just add on the title screen:"Hey be careful! this is not a shooter , it's a power creep grinding game and it' can be harmful to your health" like on the cig packs...
  5. Yes it does. This why the actual system is totally meaningless. I mean you could use weapon with more status and zero crit dealing more damage than high crit weapons if you weren't able to reach insane amount of crit in this game... Even building for +100% status for multiproc, you will never reach the multipliers of crits... If you don't have good enough base crit, a weapons even with a lot of status can't barely compete with another with high base crit and less status, overall on melee where you have forced procs on the stances.
  6. Mi riferisco alla matematica dietro il damage system. Ora come ora non ha senso ed l'attuale sistema con gli elemental è proprio sballato :-). Se lo facessero da zero togliendo miglia di mod inutili probabilmente il gioco tornerebbe ad essere accattivante, ora come ora è solo power creep allo stato puro!
  7. I don't know what you mean. Crit in this game is the only viable and broken build overall on melee, considering you get easily +300% crit on every melee. Carnis mandible is a cheap mod, there is no need to use it but on few weapons. Twin basolk has just 5% crit making this weapon irrelevant nowaday but it can still kill everything. THe "best"(you can kill everything in this game with almost every melee..) melee weapons are the weapons with the highest MR being able to proc slash : venka prime, kronen prime, gram prime, galatine prime, orthos prime and few others thanks to good stance lik
  8. The problem are not the Snowboard tricks or the pokemon hunts, the problem is they are so cheap realized and you are even forced to play them. If they barely made minigame like tony hawk pro on PS1 probably people played it even enjoying but it's not.. The Shooter part is just atrocious, with a ridiculous balancing, without any difficulty(but wasting time) and a totally meaningless damage system. This game actually is just waste time finding something, trying it, discovering is just crap and repeat, trying to make you addicted. That's the only game.
  9. Thanks professor with a master degree in Warfremology!
  10. I am out from the beginning because i m tired of easy cheap contents and just grinding repeating the same mission over and over again...
  11. Congratulations! Now play the same against high level corpus or SP corpus demolists...
  12. hey Dude i asked for that long time ago, now i am out.
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