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  1. 2 hours for 1 relics, then you have to be lucky to get a decent reward at the end of a void mission... I think i spent 400.000 syndicate credits to buy relics packs and i got only 1 L4...
  2. They can just skip these 2 stupid frames, and release directly ivara prime. Noone wants to spend plat on Atlas or Wukong but few desperate fans.
  3. They had a limited budget and the 3d artist stopped to work on her feet.
  4. The twin is fun. i tried it in the simulacrum 3 or 4 times against 150 enemies, i died all the 4 times and i restarted to use inaros.
  5. This is can be true for real weapons. Here you can have +-impact, +-crit---. +-fire rate at the end the veldt prime will be a prisma grinlok with less status, less damage, more fire rate. I prefer if they develop more futuristic weapons, there is no point nowadays to kill the enemies with a baseball bat or a revolver...
  6. But there is the prisma grinlok for that, there is no reason for the veldt prime to exist.
  7. Yeah another crappy automatic rifle! Please God no...
  8. Sorry to say this but if this is true, this is pure sh*t. The buyer it's not responsible if someone else pay with fake platinum. DE has its database, they should only check the transaction and they must give back the item traded and block the scammer, It's easy. Luckily i never come across a such problem but if this happens to me you should hear the screams in Canada...
  9. i think i have a riven for the imperator vandal +crit,+electricity,+damage, i will give it a try.
  10. All self damage weapons are just crap, they deal less damage than other weapons and there is no reasons to use them against hordes of enemies running toward you. The only exception is Sancti castanas with ivara to kill Eidolon or to have fun during radiation missions...
  11. But armor get bonus from corrosive and radiation. if you can kill something with 1 shot you will deal damage equal to the the ehp X the bonus multiplier. This is less obvious at high levels.
  12. 1) If i have a weapon dealing 1000 and an enemy has 1000 ehp, i will one shot him dealing 1000 but if i have a weapon dealing 999 i will need 2 shots dealing almost the double. 2) I can waste bullets on shields and armor dealing more damage then using slash weapons. 3) Finishers deal True damage bypassing armor don't take any buff from elemental or physical bonus. Then why: 4) Someone said overkills are not calculated but very often you seen people dealing 90% damage killing 10 enemies and another guy dealing 10% killing 200 enemies... -> 5) Damage stats are broken.
  13. What kind of update? They finally decided to allow people to go to the extract point without completing a mission and getting the reward or you can simply press esc and you get the reward the same?
  14. I think he meant he was on 80 minutes survival not 800 minutes...
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