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  1. bibmobello

    So, Catchmoon is the worst kitgun for high level.

    Kitguns are weapons made to work against corpus...You can't think they work good against Grineer or infected, there are better weapons for that.
  2. bibmobello

    what are the best primary weapons for endurance runs?

    Zarr for survival?!?!?! Zarrr even with a riven has problems with level 60 enemies, it's a low tier weapon and you will kill your self more than enemies... level 400-500 , 1000 seriously? 2-3 hours survivals starting with enemies at level 1 doesn't mean they have such level... AhAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  3. bibmobello

    Final Sortie Failures?

    It's challenging for expert players full of mods, weapons and frames. Some mission should be denied to some low rank players. It's really stupid to repeat 3,4,5 times a mission because you have in your team 3 MR4 players with an unmodded braton and an unmodded mag. I prefer to play in group but there is a limit to everything. The last time there was a player on the ambulas, i think a MR8 , the other 4 or 7 i don't remember exactly. I told it was the second time i had to repeat the mission and it was an hard mission.The last famous words: "I am better than a MR 25, i can avoid bullets better than you". Nice, they started to die every seconds, they 3 together can't kill an ambulas, i quit and i did solo. A solution for more challenging is to remove maiming strike abuse., unlimited energy packs and perma invisibility/invincibility/ultra powers, you will see a lot of MR26 founders full of mods and arcanes dying like flies....
  4. bibmobello

    Final Sortie Failures?

    The funny way is using tank frames but if you want it easy just use nova or ivara...
  5. bibmobello

    Final Sortie Failures?

    This is another problem many players complain. Some frame skills are overpowered, infinity invisibility, infinity invincibility, infinity energy packs, infinity infinity...While others are just useless. The problem is that new players don't have most frames and other are tired to use such frames i have seen MR26 using volt or mag here dying 5 or more times...
  6. bibmobello

    Final Sortie Failures?

    If you mean the last one, it was pretty easy, The last time it had elemental damage resistance and enemies had corrosive damage (Pretty impossible with 3 MR 4 players or players without skills or the right equipment.. )... The big problem is the lack of tutorials and a lot of players even high MR have no idea what to do because other level 25 players destroyed everything during start chart missions.... You need to remove elementals on your weapon and add more IPS and seriously don't use Trinity for these kind of missions, i had a trinity in this sortie and i had to revive her 10 times maybe it was you :- . P.S: i used only a basic ass shaku with only impact dealing 70% of damage...
  7. bibmobello

    Having an arsenal room on the ship

    I was posting the same....
  8. bibmobello

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    If you want an hard challenge you can try a Grineer survival with a level zero frame and with an unmodded braton. solo. Seriously on arbitration most abilities are useless and there are no revives, you can just try it. 90 minutes against orokin it's a good challenge. Anyway you are right, this game needs an heavy redesign, too much stuff is overpowered and the rest is useless. 1)Spin to win is stupid but it's the most and only used action on high levels because guns become useless pretty fast on high levels. 2)Some powers, operator abilities and arcanes are redundant and overpowered. 3)You can carry infinite amount of energy and health packs. It's the same after many years in fact today it's even worse and i am starting to think the melee 3.0 will be a big flop. Consider this a collectible game, if you want more you need to try something else.
  9. I can be the worst event but it has the best rewards...
  10. After level 100 the arca plasmor become useless, at level 140 only melee and few weapons(snipers) are still efficient but the arca.
  11. THe first important thing to do is to remove the stupid spin to win abuse, It's so stupid watching people running around the map for 1 hour using macros to spin to win.
  12. bibmobello

    I am unable to retrieve my gun

    Yes maybe i can't find the icon, anyway it's a bug if you confirm this.
  13. bibmobello

    I am unable to retrieve my gun

    Yes i was asking if someone had the same problem on pc.
  14. When a Drahk Master disarm me, i am unable to retrieve my kitgun. This is the second time it happens to me.
  15. To have a selection of good players only, the rest generally uninstall the game and go away.