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  1. On twitter? i just quit that platform, it is just bullS#&$ for journalists and stupid influencers only.
  2. OK but do you really think a game can be totally free? Someone has to pay something to pay, developers, graphics, managers...
  3. Nahh... there are so many way to heal in this game. Anyway the charged doesn't crit or it does? Because it's hard for DE to add a decent description of a weapon here...
  4. Mine wasn't a critic to play more than 20 minutes, i am writing the same you are. Everyone would like a more balanced game with higher level difficulty and less nuke or cc ability spamming. Noone wants an hardcore game(if the game was balanced they should add it like a bonus), overall considering this is a looting game but it's not fair to have zero difficulty on many missions. Seriously on a sortie 3 extermination i had inaros, using the phone, watching the tv and pressing random buttons i completed the mission and dealt more damage! Yes i downloaded D2(but i already knew that wasn't my kind of game) i played few matches but i don't like it at all, i don't uninstall it only because it was almost 100GB...
  5. Oh ok thanks. This a pretty childish behaviour from both. i wrote this many times, too much grinding is dangerous.
  6. I don't understand what do you mean, you don't have to spend money to buy plat, you can trade your rivens as well or sell prime stuff but i think you already knew that.
  7. Can someone explain the meaning of this post? i don't understand what happened.
  8. It's useless to use 60% mods on the soma because it has low status, just use th 90% elemental. Or just use hunter munitions or pure toxin, viral if you wanna kill grineers or corpus on "high" levels.
  9. Seriously Destiny 2 is just boring, it has(slightly) better graphics, a lot of (useless and wasted of GB) videos but the game is too old school and boring. Anthem is dead before starting. Warframe is still better but there are some points that make it pretty frustrating, more than its competitors. At the you will ask yourself why you continue to play it... Because it's better to create addiction and it's not a good thing.
  10. No thanks i don't like the grind hard squad.
  11. The problem is not 1000, 2000p it's normal you sell something very rare at higher prices like crit chance ,crit damage , damage -impact but it' just stupid to see people selling crit chance,crit damage, damage and -99% status duration at 9999+ plat considering it will be an useless weapon.
  12. Do you think crit chance on a riven is better than +status, +damage? I have to try it with a riven soon or later. And BTW 150.000 against what enemy? I can reach 8.000.000+ damage with ivara and some trick against 155 eximus bombard but that doesn't mean i can use constantly during real missions.
  13. 1) Energy is not infinite, parasitic enemies on higher level are a BIG problem to energy relying frames. The only problem is the infinite energy pizzas you can carry(if you don't get an hit while using them). 2) Mod power is insane for the current "normal" game level when you try to go further on endless missions you will reach the limit. The problem is noone plays more than 20 minutes... 3) AoE powers like nova drastically makes the game trivial on every level. They added the arbitrations to mitigate this.Corpus negate the powers as well, this is why people don't like to play against corpus... 4) Don't we have to face enemies harder than level 100? If the one shoot thing is a problem just use adaptation + quick thinking and most frames will resist over level 150. The problem is why should people waste slots for these mods when they can bring frames with +300% strength because some idiot will have to revive them? And be seriously the game on high levels is hard even for experienced players but the biggest difficulty in this game is when you find troll players during pubs ruining your game. For example: i start an arbitration game alone. Ok maybe some player will join.. yes .. a) I find people dying after 10 seconds dying arbitration praying every second to be revived, b) People activating conduits everywhere without killing the demolyst and dying. c) People with absurd frames and ridiculous gear. or spamming the abilities against you, see speed nova or ice globes everywhere... d)Oh ok i can use the recruiting chat... Yes and i had 3 people dying most of the time after 10 seconds(seriously"), let me quitting. Considering warframe is a game that requires more cooperation than destiny, i ended to the conclusion that to play warframe, you have 4 options: 1) You play solo and reaching your limit(and have limited fun too). 2) Playing with meta squads only(if you are able to find someone excluding eidolons, wasting hours to find someone). 3) You don't play the game at all but farming and levelling stuff only(this the reason why you find some ML27 with no idea how to play some missions...). 4)You play another game. So considering my previous post about this gets replies only by toxic and trolls, i can clearly say that you can play warframe to farm stuff only and to farm stuff only the difficulty is less than zero, with zero strategy and zero cooperation. They can just give the option to click the mouse button at the right time to earn stuff, it's the same.
  14. Yes... I tried it against a human 155 corpus demolist and it can kill it in 2 shots with gas+magnetic. I was asking if having less status or using bloodrush instead of primed fever strike is better. https://ibb.co/xCpTpXh
  15. i think this is the only reason to spend your earned kuva...And BTW yes you are right sometimes it is better to trash a riven and buy an unrolled one but this game relies on addiction. Now with arbitration it's easy to get millions of kuva.
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