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  1. I expect this system to be permanently in place in the future. Remember sortie seasons? Simaris lore targets? As the past shows "refillable" content will get replaced by permanent systems.
  2. It runs more or less fine with Steam Play or Lutris. There are couple quirks though like Steam version requires a controller to be plugged in. There is a discord with warframe linux players: https://discord.gg/6y3BdzC
  3. @[DE]Rebecca Where will Spring-loaded Blade, Kinetic Diversion and Target Acquired drop if Incursions are removed? Some plains commanders have a chance to drop them but its very low. I hope for some place to get those mods.
  4. I have idea how to make Nightwave good for both hardcore and casual players. Make Nightwave series not automatically expire. Instead player will have to opt-in to next series. This will allow casual players to take more time to get to rank 30 if they find elite challenges to hard. Hardcore players can complete all challenges to progress faster. Players don't like being pressured with fear of missing out on exclusive items. Players on different Nightwave series can get same challenges as there is no lore tie in associated with challenges. This will also allow new players to catch-up.
  5. 100, 300, 500... Each step is 200 500 + 200 = 700 700 + 200 = 900 900 + 200 = 1100 Weapons and armor is now at 900 and 1100. The new armor was at 1000
  6. Since you changed the Weapons/Armour to 100, 300, 500... does that mean I won't get the new armor at 1000 days log in if the system comes out before that. I am around 950 days at the moment.
  7. Is it possible to make finishers to be activated with Use button ('X') rather than melee button. Right now those actions can conflict with each other.
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