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  1. So I've been in contact with the support team several times in the last few months about my Riven, it's rather unique, as it doesn't fit any weapon in the entire game. Its just called "Concidex" for a rifle. As far as I am aware after seeking help on the Global chat, I'm one of if not the only player to experience this phenomenon. Now the support team said post it in the forums. I had no idea what to post it under. And there is a story I believe why this happened. And its rather annoying. So; I bought a Lanka riven months and months ago, unrolled for ~300PL. I get a message from DE Support team the next day that I have been involved with third party programs and scammed players. How this came about it beyond me, as it was advertised in trade chat. I had the transaction reversed after getting several rolls on the riven for the lanka gaining Crit chance and Multishot or something of the sort, it was viable enough for me to actually use despite the bad disposition. I was happy. After DE reversed the transaction (I think I may have been given a trading ban or warning I don't remember it was so long ago) I appealed the claim about the issues, and DE apologized, reversed it AGAIN after seeing I done nothing wrong. The riven returned was just labelled "Concidex" it fit no weapon and had completely different stats, seemingly having been re-rolled by the guy the riven went back to [my theory anyway]. Maybe it was all an elaborate scam for this guy to get his riven back after several re-rolls and reporting me. I don't know. All I know is, I got a fantastic riven for my Lanka, only to find it had been taken and replaced with a weaponless riven. I refuse to contact support any further because they tell me to post it on the bugs forum and basically prays someone notices it. I've been going around in circles and its deeply annoying. I don't want to get rid of it if I can potentially get back a decent Riven. I have photographic evidence of this Riven, but sadly not of the stats for the one before. I don't have the foresight to take pictures of Rivens I get incase this happens. But the support member claimed I had a Lanka Riven, dismissed me and didnt take further action. What do I do?
  2. Reporting issues in warframe is frustrating I agree, I've been sent in circles 12 times by DE support team for my Weaponless Riven, and its DE's fault. I mean one print screen should be evidence enough, but there are bugs where it says people do 0% damage and get 50 kills, also photoshop could be used for less than good purposes to report people who annoy other people. They could do with a system that monitors performance that they can reference. Like shots fired, abilities used, objective time, movement. To see some margin of effort. But it'll probably be far too much effort for DE to implement it when the complaints of AFK players is so minor compared to actual content complaints or bugs. AFK players is a niche market here sadly enough.
  3. Killing everything with a melee weapon is fairly localized, so if someone leaves the affinity range its up to them. But when someone kills those enemies quickly and moves elsewhere and nukes a group of enemies far away is obviously disrupts focus from others, your opinion on the matter is fine, but im sure when Saryn or Mirage use their abilities the affinity gained is localized to the warframe, not where the entity dies. So for instance, I use Saryn spores, they spread mapwide. I could hide in a corner 60m away from teammates albeit accidentally, they wont get any affinity. Equinox farming is good, but I sometimes feel its relatively exploitative. But thirdly, if I don't feel like playing Equinox, I won't play Equinox, I don't have to do that for shared affinity, especially when I would do ESO quickly for Nightwave tasks. You're right, its so so effective at getting everything done I completely agree. However if I could find the article/info I would redirect you to the mass complaints made by other players and Embers old World on Fire, mostly new players obviously, but some people actually like to do stuff instead of just follow a warframe staying in affinity range and playing a Parkour game because the build they spent time creating just isn't as good as another players. I'm not arguing, I do generally agree with you. But there are some loop holes. There will ALWAYS be at least 1 complaining player or member of a community, nothings perfect.
  4. MAAAAAN I've tried so many Hydroid builds, I give up, I've used ALL of his augments, you'd think his 4th Augment is good, but it isn't as it only increases drops for the enemies HIT by tentacles, Nekros and Khora are superior for that, even Atlas is as its cheaper energy wise. His 1 sucks even when spammed, even with the corrosive augment and maxed strength you cant kill enemies its meant to be effective on in higher levels. His 2 is cool and sorta fun, but its cheap CC and does 0 damage. His 3, jesus. I dont need to say more. I get the whole pirate captain feel of him. But if he had abilities that made you feel like you literally controlled the tide or forces of water it would be better. Im thinking water magic/anime/water bender type stuff here. Like his 1 remains mostly the same but if held fires a super concentrated shot of water that pierced multiple enemies and dealt better damage. Super compressed water can easily cut most metals. Augments could shoot a thin horizontal jet of it cutting multiple enemies and dealing slash damage. His 2 could literally throw a tidal wave towards his enemies and reactivating it could detonate it into a depth charge explosion similarly to atlas' wall, except this is far wider and faster, it leaves behind a trail of water that increases movespeed to rush towards downed enemies. Augment allows him to liquidize enemy armor and toughen himself up at the cost of the movement speed effect. His 3 could augment himself with the tides themselves, augmenting his weapons and melee damage with impact procs as he sprays tides of water everywhere, knocking down enemies. It could be augmented to rust armor with a corrosive effect His 4 could drown multiple enemies in an area of water and kraken tentacles grab and drown enemies nearby in this water draining their life and giving it to you for heals, and could reactivate it to have the tentacles throw the enemies everywhere or have an augment to keep them held and use them as clubs to beat other enemies and get extra loot. Idk i dont play him much so a hydroid main could be more imaginative.
  5. I have only ever played a single game of conclave. I think this *could* help somewhat. Feel free to pick me apart and destroy me i dont mind. Honestly I think erasing the use of stat increasing mods for PvP for balancing reasons so its just base weapons/warframes with relevant tankiness and mobility. Balance the weps and warframe abilities. Have a single slot for augment mods on weapons and warframes. Rework the speed of warframes and having cooldowns for rolls and bullet jumps, otherwise its complete and utter chaos. Make footsteps louder. Make melee combat more skill oriented allowing for counters and blocking should reduce damage by 50%-70% from melee's depending on weapon types. Energy should be a kill streak or death streak reward or a fought over drop, but make abilities somewhat longer lasting. At least make number 4 reward only otherwise there will be Exalted blades everywhere. Allow the use of conclave mods but make them somewhat balanced and allow for variety with abilities and weapons. These should have separate weapon upgrade tabs. Prime weapons shouldn't do anymore damage or have better stats, they should just provide a small unseen bonus or alternate appearance. Bigger maps. Potentially more players on larger maps, 8V8. Have energy drops in contested areas, similarly to interception. Health regens but slowly. Limit shield capacity for non tanky frames. Healer warframes would have a better use due to the upper points. Ammo pickups and Health pickups are somewhat uncommon but spawn randomly to prevent people fighting purely over spawning areas. Think of a way to make every warframe viable. Allow for better warframe CC and ragdoll. Better conclave rewards, like waaay better. To give people an ACTUAL incentive to play it. Get post game loot, materials, credits, mods, rare resources, endo, affinity. But decent amounts. If there were some appearance related rewards that looked great and the game modes were good I'm sure people would play it more often. Everyone loves fashion frame. Honestly I can't think of much more, but some things in my opinion would make it a much smoother experience. Even balancing of weapons and warframes would take weeks and weeks of trial and error. But removal of mods for conclave except single augment for weapon and warframe would definitely make it easier for new players as well as rapid movement cooldown.
  6. Not to mention his 1 ability can completely bust defense missions. If you happen to enthrall a Hyekka Master before they summon the Hyekka their summoned Hyekka can persist through his/her death and are regarded as permanently summoned Allies, but classed as remaining enemies. Though this happened to me weeks ago, but yeah. Broke my defense Sortie. I would report this, but I try and save this tactic for AFK players xxx.
  7. In answer to your question, personally I do understand how affinity sharing works, I'm not new to the game, others just don't check the wiki, similarly to people who ask where to farm what material in Region chat, despite not knowing they could check the map itself, as a matter of fact I don't think shared affinity is even explained in the tutorial though I haven't tried the new one. (I'll assume that your comment is directed at me,even otherwise I shall reply with zero hostility) but I shall explain why I said, what I said. With certain maps on Sanctuary can be fairly "large" well... by an arena standard. Since the affinity range is 50m some Sanctuary maps can be 200m+ wide or long, this can deprive other players of the affinity if you 'nuke' enemies at a faraway location and get their first. Sadly not everyone in this game huddles together like a presidential escort to get shared affinity, since one bullet jump combo can travel you outside that area, others go their own direction sometimes motivated by selfish reasons to "gather all the affinity themselves" as they view themselves as capable enough to do so and again, not understanding shared affinity. Secondly its also fun. Players are not a unified mind that stick together for affinity 75% of the time. Warframe is a fast paced game, with lots of visual effects obscuring vision and distracting players from name templates. I even played ESO with my friend, we stuck fairly close together most of the time and even communicated. I got 37k focus, he got 19k. That's virtually another round of ESO he wouldn't have had to do to max his focus if we stuck together better. The system isn't perfect, 50m isn't a large distance, players will be players. Hope that fully answers your question
  8. PASSIVE - Every 4th Ability cast is granted +100% Ability Strength. - Its great. Keep it. GRENADE FAN - Activate to throw a cluster of shrapnel grenades, damaging and staggering nearby enemies. Hold to emit sticky shield grenades that latch onto allies and restore a large amount of shields. - Doesn't scale well, shields are useful. Maybe make the grenades scale off weapon damage or make them like Vauban's mines. Otherwise its just half an ability, maybe even adjust range, duration and even the spread, would be nice to be able to control the spread somewhat. BLAZE ARTILLERY - Place a temporary rapid-fire turret that automatically targets enemies. Each successful hit increases its damage, causing projectiles to pierce enemies and hit multiple foes with a single shot. - I've made it work so it scales, but it uses up ALL of my energy (without 4) to kill level 145 gunners. It would be cool if they could become stationary without needed enemies present so it can be used defensively not as offensively. Conversely could make it so placing multiple could fuse them? Just an idea. DISPENSARY - Deploy a cycling supply cache that can generate Health, Ammo and Energy pickups periodically. - Keep it. Love it in a pinch. TEMPORAL ANCHOR - Activate to drop an anchor point that records Protea’s state. Any damage dealt to Protea during the Ability will be emitted back to your foes upon deactivation. Deactivating Temporal Anchor will rewind Protea back to the activation point restoring all ammo, energy, shields and health. If Protea is downed while Temporal Anchor is active, Protea will automatically rewind to safety! - Visually nauseating sometimes, also I get some bug where if I activate it early it sometimes cancels the whole ability and you lose everything you've expended still, somewhat annoying I haven't checked if it was mentioned in the ability description though. I can see it becoming relatively damaging to the game if her other abilities are buffed though so you can spam them without many disadvantages using her 4, so possibly increasing the base cost would be good but increasing base duration would be a nice trade-off, stops people spamming abilities so much without repercussions only IF her 1 and 2 are buffed and lets them actually use weapons more instead of just whamming grenades and turrets.
  9. So I've been experimenting with Zephyr the last few days, min/maxing a few abilities, using all of her Augments etc, and compared to other warframes, new and otherwise she seems to have clunky mechanics with damage that falls of relatively early in the game. Though I did have some fun using her "Target Fixation" the damage fell off quick and it was rather sad to see the +27000% dmg buff vanish because i stayed on the floor too long. But I don't know, I feel somethings missing with her. I mean her damage resistance is good, so is her CC. Was wondering on peoples thoughts on Zephyr and other Warframes. Personally I'd like a Chroma rework also, he's strong and one of my favourites, just doesn't feel too dragon like. But thats just personal opinion, I think he works. Would be nice for his 1 to become viable. I personally think Hydroid, Banshee and Nyx could use one also. Whereas others like Grendel just need stat adjustments.
  10. There is a considerable difference between those that join and actually try, like get a few kills, but still trying some even say, sorry man not having a good day with this build etc, then those that do nothing literally have dead 0% damage and 0 kills, but when the people present aren't exactly Nuking ESO or normal missions they don't have an excuse. I never really Nuke in public in ESO as it ruins focus farming for people, so I play that solo, but I play ESO sometimes to level up weapons as I like the enemy amount and variety in it, and I dont have a nuke build or any spectacular build just a mirage melee build and someone is obviously doing nothing, then it annoys me. A recent experience I had was with 5* bounties. The guy has no excuse as we are all in casual frames, he just follows us around and does literally nothing, doesn't contribute to objectives or anything. (The weird capsule one on Orb Vallis especially) As of yesterday though I was doing Hydrolysts and had to remake 3 times consecutively because there would be people just doing nothing during the fights, sometimes one, sometimes 2 people, by the time you gather the lures and start the fight to find out they haven't contributed and I leave out of principal is rather disheartening. One guy just hid with cloak on Itzal and flew around sometimes.
  11. The point is that I didn't actually NUKE the enemy, if I do, I do that solo, or with friends. I was aiming to level up a decent melee weapon I liked rather than do defense missions, so I just used Mirage 1+3. I wasn't nuking the map, the other guys just didn't do much, one just hid with limbo, 0 kills, 0 dmg, 0 dmg taken, just ran around the map to prevent the afk affinity timer. I know all too well that Nuking the whole area as a Trap Mirage, Saryn etc can potentially ruin focus for others.
  12. I personally think they should play test their weapons before release a little more, the time forma'ing a weapon only to be nerfed to high heaven is resources and more importantly time you will never ever ever get back. And now you don't want to use a weapon they made terrible. It gives players a false hope. I'm an electrician, its like me giving someone some spot lights in their bedroom and taking away half without permission because looking back, its actually too bright. It's a PvE game mostly. It's just AI it doesn't ruin others experience necessarily. At least offer amicable refunds to those who invested in a weapon.
  13. I understand it could potentially cause players to just kick those they didnt like, but it would be cool if they left into their own instance and not back to the orbiter. Unfortunately I already have a clan, populated solely by me until a month ago where I invited my long time friend and new player. So the options are fairly slim for me XD
  14. I done that once in ESO, I was Mirage Prime and had 92% dmg between me and 3 others. The guy doing nothing made a sarcastic comment like "Looool, free xp easiest game ever, all i do is limbo dodge whooooo" I think he was fairly new to the game like MR9 or something like that I dont remember exactly. But I just said "Im not boosting you enjoy the game" and left. Well... 2 minutes later I get a whisper with him saying im a terrible person, this and that etc etc, duel me in my dojo, dueeeellll me!!!! I didn't react and muted him. Only it got worse as it turns out he had quite a few pals on the game, all 9+ of whom whispered me directly, spamming me. So I had to mute them all. One even went as far as to make a new account to bug me on. Guess I'll just stay silent from now on.
  15. I actually really like Railjack!... when I actually don't play it solo... Here's the "surprise" but. Without a super modded railjack its nigh on impossible to solo some missions, which you will find yourself solo 90% of the time cos everyone hates it or it has matchmaking problems. The mission scaling and progression is broken as hell (less than it used to be) so you kind of have to farm the same 2/4 levels OVER and OVER and OVER again and pray to RNGesus that you get good armaments and intrinsics from drops, then you need to farm a hella lot of Dirac which you dont get tons of, to improve your intrinsics, then there's the crafting mats you get, its random. The upgrades or repairs you need to do to fix a found armament are all the same and fairly expensive early on, all upgrades are a must have to continue with the missions otherwise ya dead. So, after doing almost all earth missions, I'm stuck waiting for people to play the first saturn mission (as the upgraded armaments mk2 etc are only found on that) and I can't solo it, or the final earth mission. So here I am, enjoying railjack with people i cant play with on missions i cant complete, stuck forever soloing rubbish missions. But other than that, naw its great.
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