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  1. I also want sound effects when they slam into the wall at 1000 mph
  2. From my knowledge it only affects other players as well as pets, everytime I used the stealth arrow on an AI-operated ally they never turned invisible
  3. one of the key reasons I dislike solo is the lack of enemy spawns in survival, making it literally impossible to make it far without running out of life support no matter how quickly you kill the enemies. other than that, I normally go solo on spy because barely anybody actually brings a stealth frame, I've lost count of the amount of times I join a spy sortie only for me to be the only one running Ivara while everyone else runs Rhino, Ember, Volt etc.
  4. this is certainly a skin which I'm not entirely looking forward too, and it's a shame since Ivara is one of my favourite frames and I was hoping for a skin which actually improved on her base skin, nothing about this is skin is 'elegant' or even covert for that matter, it just looks like a strange hybrid of other frames, I actually thought that it was a new frame, and I don't mean that in a good way. what made Ivara's original skin was the covert feeling it had: the hood, the skirt which seems to be made of a unique material and actually gives off a rather natural yet spiritual vibe, all of it is kind of taken away by this skin.
  5. it's the same issue with most melee weapons, it kinda puts me off using melee with her since it really doesn't make sense for her to be standing, this is due to melee weapons bypassing warframe animation, hopefully they change this one day.
  6. yeah, I had the same issue as well, there wasn't even any dialogue to hint at it either.
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