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  1. The enemies on Jupiter have almost the same colour palette as the tileset, making them difficult to spot,especially in areas that feature outside lighting as well. Now I don't really know whether this stems from my settings, but since every other planet/tileset is pretty vibrant and does not impede my ability to discern enemies, I'd wager that the overall brightness of the planet's areas is where the problem lies. If you people think it might be something wrong with my graphics settings, please do leave a recommendation or two (besides just 'increase the brightness').
  2. Tatsu kills seem to only give one charge if you are a client, regardless if it is wielded by Revenant or not.
  3. Oh that's great then! Let's just hope that it's not the soonTM v.
  4. Don't get me wrong here, I like whatever content DE puts out, and I do get hyped when something is being announced. I also like how they continuously try to fix stuff. Thing is, this issue was not a "bug" that surfaced recently, it was an almost core mechanic players used to help alleviate some of the grind, for like 3 years or so. You still need 20-30 minute long missions to get a good amount of resources (more if those resources are rare), but at least you could work with your teammates to achieve a very high level of efficiency. Now all this teamwork is diminished, and if those 3 frames are in the same team, each of them is now required to act alone, in order for the loot drops to be as optimal as possible. Let me say this again: Grinding in MMOs is to be expected, and not a huge issue if the gameplay is fun/engaging enough. But let's be real here, Warframe's gameplay can get absolutely repetitive at times. That is the time when you just sit back, have a podcast playing in the background, and focus like 3 of your brain cells on farming. That is perfectly fine, and I do enjoy it. However, I like my rewards to be proportionate to the time I invest in the game, and for the most time, I feel that they are. Taking away the only way of making the grind a bit less time consuming is not a great choice though.
  5. Wow imagine players liking the new content so much they are willing to spend time grinding the resources needed in order to enjoy it. Warframe's grind is absolutely not invalidated at all, it is just made a tad bit easier.
  6. DE: New frame, reworked planet, new game mode, new lore stuff, new mods, new eidolon fight, new weapons Also DE: "Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora" "Fixed"? Really? Is that what you call it? I understand your reasoning behind it, (in case people don't know, there was an exploit about the Silver Grove spectres that enabled players to get "too much" loot [which is stupid, since farming those spectres is one of the most tedious tasks but ok] ) but removing something players used to make grinding at least a bit bearable and not horrifically time consuming because of an isolated issue is like taking your whole house off the power grid to close the lights in one room. Please, reconsider reverting that "fix". Warframe is grindy enough as it is, and not all of us use resource boosters all the time. Either that, or increase the drop chances of loot, especially the rare resources. Players have relied on the Nekros/Pilfdroid setup for ages, and Khora is a great addition to that. Farming teams is the most efficient way to gather resources, especially the rare ones. This was not a bug you 'fixed', this was a thing players were allowed to do for like 3-4 years, then you suddenly realize that it should not happen? Why? Your reasoning behind all this is weak, and you should make a post with an official statement as to why you though that this would be a good idea. Let me remind you once more that Warframe is a grindy game. There is no inherent problem with grinding, and we all do it. But you have straight up devalued the time and effort players put in this game by eliminating the only thing that makes the grind a bit more bearable. Do not sweep this under the rug.
  7. This feedback post is aimed at the colour palette used in the PoE. While it does make sense aesthetic wise, it can hinder gameplay,especially when dealing with conservation captures. The animals are small either way, and almost indiscernible from terrain. Throw some Grineer into the mix, and you got a real S#&$ show. Grineer trying to kill you, hidden behind trees, while you are trying to find the animal that will have probably fled by now, or killed from a stray Grineer bullet. At least when the Corpus spawn in the Orb Vallis, they do so away from the player. I understand that the OV is a much bigger map, so it's easier to have the ships appear farther away, but in the PoE the whole spawn thing is getting ridiculous. I can't move 100m without Grineer ships spawning like on top of me,while a random Grineer deploys the reinforcements drone, which not only is hard to locate, it is also very fast at signaling for reinforcements. Imagine all that, but add a Thumper to the mix as well, and you will have a pretty good idea about what my conservation captures have been like. The Grineer are not even difficult or challenging, they are just a nuisance. A nuisance that I must not nuke with Saryn or Equinox, lest I risk killing the animal I'm trying to capture. Recommended Solutions for the colour palette problem: 1) Slightly change the PoE's Grineer armour colour, like you've done with the Kuva Grineer 2) Add a faint aura outline when attempting conservation, at least when there are enemies nearby Recommended Solutions for the Grineer Spawn problem: 1) Lower the spawn rate of the Grineer ships 2) Make the ships spawn further away from the player Thank you for your consideration.
  8. When someone dies, the arbitration drones start dropping the insurgence tokens (or resurgence, not sure). Thing is, if someone has picked one or two of them, and the dead teammate leaves, the tokens remain on whoever picked them, for the remainder of the mission, perpetually debuffing them. This is more of an overlook than a bug, so I'm posting it on the feedback forum.
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