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  1. A warframe with a sword and shield as exalted weapon, that can taunt enemies and teleport to downed allies to protect them
  2. Is there a possibility of enabling multiple item creation in the foundry? Like, instead of waiting 24 hours for a forma, log in, grab it and start creating the next one, just let us choose the number of formas we want to create, and add up the hours. That way, people that don't have enough time to open the game every day can just leave it, and come back whenever they can, without losing anything. Or if not with formas, at least with refinable mining materials. Having to wait 1 minute, then begin another one, then wait another minute and so on is tedious. Let us choose the number of iterations on the refinement, and we can pick them up later. Of course, I can sit there for an hour and press "craft" every minute, but what I could do, is press craft once, then go on an hour long arbitration or whatever, then come back and get the same quantity of items, without wasting my time.
  3. Sound question: Can you increase the sound the demolysts do when on disruption missions? Unless I have my speech and music sliders turned all the way down, i can barely hear them
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