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  1. The Catchmoon was but an example. Amalgams die in like two-three shots max with almost any well built weapon, while Eidolons do not. Amalgams exist in a mode where there is no set meta,as everything (except the demolysts) dies quite quickly, no matter your loadout. Eidolon hunts on the other hand, almost require a Lanka or a Rubico prime, as any other weapon deals negligible damage. And since in the last phase, Eidolons get damaged wherever they are hit, I merely wanted the Paracesis to live up to its name, and be offered as a viable alternative to Lanka - Rubico prime.
  2. Oh hey didn't know that, but still, Amalgams die in like one shot from a Catchmoon Kitgun, so there's that. Eidolon hunts happen every hour or so, and they are the strongest sentients to date. I'm sure of that as well, but it's weird that it works against almost anything sentient and not the sentients we kill most often (Eidolons). Hell, the Paracesis cannot even kill Vomvalysts, it just reverts them to their spectral form (or whatever that form is, the one where you have to use the operator beam to kill them)
  3. This weapon came as a surprise to many of us, requiring a quest and 1000 ducats, and like 5 formas for max rank, but it's just sitting there in the arsenal looking semi-pretty. Sure it is most likely necessary for the New War arc, but you'd think that the "Sentient Slayer" would see a bit more action in the game, especially when it comes to...sentients. Most players that are done with the Lua sentients' shenanigans have next to no reason to use the weapon. We do not even know its intended purpose. You'd think that the "Sentient Slayer" would work wonders on the Eidolons, but that's not the case. It does not damage their shields, and the damage it deals to them in the final phase is negligible,thus making it yet another non viable weapon for Eidolon hunting. My proposal would be to either increase the damage Paracesis deals to Eidolons so people without 5 forma'ed Lankas and Rubico Primes can still deal some damage to it, or have it affect the shield in some way, like making it more susceptible to void damage, or damaging it outright. That way, people can have an alternative to amps. I know the whole Eidolon / Sentient thing is supposed to revolve mainly around the use of operators, but you can't just introduce a sentient slaying oriented weapon that is useless for anything else other than battalysts and such.
  4. In Survival Arbitrations, the air support is worth less than in normal survival. That would be cool and acceptable, if the drops from the enemies were a bit boosted. Having played many a SA, I have noticed that the life support is the main reason players fail or leave early, cause no matter how many enemies you kill, the life support drops are not that frequent nor are they strong enough to maintain support at acceptable levels. And then you have Nekros. Nekros trivializes air support to the point where you never have to worry about it, as his Desecrate generates enough support drops to maintain air support levels at almost maximum, 90% of the time. This is where the "balancing" factor comes into play. SA is weirdly hard with every frame, and trivial with Nekros, and all of that has nothing to do with enemy damage, health or levels, but with air support. I suggest looking into this, so as to make SA a bit more forgiving when it comes to air support.
  5. When a teammate dies, each drone drops a token you can use to revive them. However, even after you pick the token up, and even after the teammate has been revived, the tokens are still visible. https://imgur.com/a/gU2qiWT
  6. uhhh sorry for the duplicate post, dunno what happened here
  7. Thanks, do you happen to know why we are unable to just drag and drop images?
  8. Can I just upload something from my pc, or do i HAVE to do it via url?
  9. Can I just upload something from my pc, or do i HAVE to do it via url?
  10. Well, Warframe is quite different from your regular MMOs, as in there is no concrete playstyle, or "class". While there are some warframes that are a lot more durable than others, or warframes that can heal and buff others, there are no dedicated classes. You make your own class, your own playstyle, and you do that primarily with mods. Collect mods, upgrade them, learn their effects, and after you have a wide variety of them, then you can finetune your warframes to play as you want. You may want a fast paced, gun firing warframe, or a slow moving, melee machine of destruction (or even vice versa). Maybe you want to play with your abilities more, and not focus that much on gun play or melee attacks, so you can feel like a mage or something. Mods will allow you to do whatever you want with whichever frame. The only downside is that you gotta experience the game for a long time to have sufficient mods to tune your frame exactly how you like. Be patient, have fun, and explore many playstyles. Who knows, you may find something you never thought would appeal to you!
  11. I will disagree on that. Let me try to say it this way: There are 2 options when farming to get something: Either get it quickly, or get it after like 100 tries. Doing the same thing 100 times is boring. You won't be like "oh hey i got something rare out of that, neat!", you will most likely be like "ah fckin finally, the reward i wanted" If you get it quickly though, you will also be able to try it out quickly. That way, if you don't ultimately like it, you won't feel like you wasted so much time, and if you do like it, then good for you. I really want to try some max rank arcanes, but i cannot be bothered with the whole tridolon farming process. When i first played plague star and was comfortable with doing the 4 hemocytes per run, i could calculate how much standing i would need to get 10 of each Exodia,and i was ok with that, because I was progressing towards a reward I was sure to get if I put in the effort. I'd say that RNG is the problem more than the actual farming. I'd rather have a clear goal to work towards achieving (arcanes in this case), rather than mindlessly toil doing the same thing over and over HOPING for the reward I want to drop. Which begs the question: How are you gonna make each of the 30 arcanes obtainable without RNG? Well, there should be challenges for that. Challenges like "Defeat (Eidolon that drops the arcane you want) in X amount of time" or "While fighting (Same eidolon), make sure none of the lures die" or even "During (same eidolon) fight, kill X vomvalysts total". That way, the player has a clear goal (that will still need to complete 10 times for a maxed arcane), and the farm goes from a droning task to something a bit more interesting, as you don't just have to kill the Eidolon, but also fulfill the requirements for the exact arcane you want. This is better for squads too, because players can find players that want the same rewards, so they know exactly what they have to do, without fear of leaving because one got the reward they wanted and the other one didn't.
  12. How about this then: Keep the 45 minutes time window, keep the countdown until day time, but do not transition to day no matter how much time passes. When someone enters the PoE, he is moved to an instance pretty much. So keep the time at night indefinitely (but also limit vomvalyst spawns) until the squad decides to leave. That way, people that are not good enough will still be able to try out stuff without feeling pressured by time, and people that are good enough will still be able to do 5x3 or 6x3. New players can thus learn how to fight the Tridolons at their own pace, while veterans can still get the rewards they get now.
  13. So. The dreaded Archwing. The destroyer of fun. The purveyor of wonky flights and bumpy rides. You see it for the first time and your poor poor brain thinks "Oh boy, can't wait to fly this baby out into space!!" And then you do. And you see for yourself the horrors unveil in front of your very eyes, one by one. The massive speed, the obstacles, the tight spaces, the useless minimap, the ever shifting momentum. You realize this train has no brakes. Literally, because there is no braking system in Archwings. Archwing has many flaws, but I would like to address the one that I think is the biggest one yet: The level design. Oh boy where to begin. Let's think about this for a moment: You are a so called "space ninja". You have great parkour skills -jumping, gliding, wall riding, rolling, bullet jumping- at your disposal. Movement options galore. Every environment is thoughtfully planned out to accomodate that freedom, to let you experience the game as you want, at your own pace. Why does the same not happen with archwing levels? Arhchwing in itself is a fast moving space flight system, supposedly designed for fast and accurate navigation in space, or in places with no gravity in general (or even underwater). Yet the level design is very flawed; claustrophobic corridors, tight turns, obstacles,all serve to hinder your progress through the level. They are supposed to provide a challenge, not annoy you. Those levels seem to have been designed for a warframe, not an archwing. The levels are so bad, the enemies get stuck as well 40% of the time (I know that's bad AI pathing, but you get my point). Levels come in two main categories: Open space and Facility style environment, both of which have critical flaws that hinder gameplay. Open space levels allow for more freedom of movement, without that many obstacles or tight turns, but make finding enemies and aiming at them an annoyance at best. This is where the minimap argument comes into play: The minimap only shows you the general direction of an enemy,not even the approximate position relative to yours. Meaning that if you want to aim at an enemy that is at like 3 o'clock according to the minimap, you will have to search up and down as well to find them. Most enemies are constantly moving, making it harder for you to find them ( granted, the updated markers make finding enemies easier,but it's still not enough ). The minimap should be updated for archwing missions, so that it shows if an enemy is above or below you, maybe with chromatic code or something. Having a 2D minimap with that little information on a 3D plane is bad design in my opinion. Facility environments: This is where the bad movement of the archwing really shines. While finding and aiming at enemies is much easier here due to the limited verticality, navigation is more often than not a nightmare. You are given a lot of speed, with no means to stop in time, you have momentum physics that don't make sense, you have tight turns and small corridors that make you bump into things, especially when there is momentum involved. Sometimes it feels like you are a pinball, at the mercy of the environment, unless you take it slow and methodical. This brings up another point though: Warframe is designed around grinding, at least up to a point. Which effectively means you will do the same missions over and over again. Which means that you want to get done with those missions asap. How do you get done with those missions asap? By completing them fast. That includes traversing the terrain, and killing enemies. Killing enemies is no big deal no matter the levels, as archguns are pretty strong. Traversing the terrain though is a pain because of the level design. Being slow and steady in a game about being fast and efficient is counter intuitive at best. This post does not necessarily aim at remaking levels, but getting DE to notice some glaring issues about the current levels, so as not to repeat them in the upcoming update. If you guys have anything to add, feel free to discuss it.
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