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  1. https://imgur.com/3XWL4hK 1) Void fissure visual effect persists even when there is no timer 1.2) This happens mostly on zaws 1.3) This happens only on melee weapons 2) Changing weapons does not make the effect go away 3) Nikana Tekelu skin position does not match the sword itself
  2. https://imgur.com/bSWdrJq Omni HUD shows up on mission select screen
  3. Yep, the waypoint system is still broken and not properly fixed in 2021. I struggle to find the exit in like 30-40% of my missions, because other markers seem to overrule the exit waypoint, and when it DOES appear, it appears immediately at the exit, without showing me the way, as it should. I get that you (DE) place bugs on a priority list, but i'd say that this one is universal, regardless of mission type or MR, and is quite disruptive. Maybe take a look into that?
  4. Ah yes, doing the exact same thing as before but with different rewards now counts as an event I guess. I literally got in, got everything i wanted in less than an hour, closed the game. Is that your definition of "event"?
  5. Not only was it unintended, how the hell did it take you this long to fix it lmao
  6. https://imgur.com/a/KpZm9TT As seen on this picture,the D station is not showing, as well as the colour change from Red (Enemy captured) to Blue (Ally captured). Is this because of lag or something? Also, how do I "insert image from URL"? What kind of url does it need to work?
  7. Oh that's great then! Let's just hope that it's not the soonTM v.
  8. Don't get me wrong here, I like whatever content DE puts out, and I do get hyped when something is being announced. I also like how they continuously try to fix stuff. Thing is, this issue was not a "bug" that surfaced recently, it was an almost core mechanic players used to help alleviate some of the grind, for like 3 years or so. You still need 20-30 minute long missions to get a good amount of resources (more if those resources are rare), but at least you could work with your teammates to achieve a very high level of efficiency. Now all this teamwork is diminished, and if those 3 frames are
  9. Wow imagine players liking the new content so much they are willing to spend time grinding the resources needed in order to enjoy it. Warframe's grind is absolutely not invalidated at all, it is just made a tad bit easier.
  10. DE: New frame, reworked planet, new game mode, new lore stuff, new mods, new eidolon fight, new weapons Also DE: "Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora" "Fixed"? Really? Is that what you call it? I understand your reasoning behind it, (in case people don't know, there was an exploit about the Silver Grove spectres that enabled players to get "too much" loot [which is stupid, since farming those spectres is one of the most tedious tasks but ok] ) but removing something players used to make grinding at least a bit bearable and not horrifically time consuming because of a
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