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  1. Saryn is op only against certain enemy types and only really her spores are op for up to around level 135 on even just corrupted enemies then it no longer instantly wipes them. Hydron has corpus enemies on it now apparently instead of grineer so if they keep it that way saryn will no longer nuke hydron because she is weaker against corpus than grineer. Saryn already got nerfed by them switching her 1st and 4th. She was way more powerful for end game play when her 1st was viral. She don't need another nerf. I used to wipe out level 3k+ enemies fast with spore stacking. Now anything past levels 160+ no longer instantly die an you just strip armor instead. At level 80 you have to start using miasma to kill them an nuke on kuva survival with power strength at 234+ with a high spore count in the thousands. I solo lvl 4k enemies all the time with various frames. Saryn used to pull that off with her spores alone. She no longer can do this. She don't need a nerf. People just need to use a frame that fits the squads frames being used. If you are on hydron looking for xp then saryn nuking the board would give you faster xp gain than you killing stuff your self so why complain in the first place? Also if they nuke saryn for sanctuary onslaught they'd have to nerf volt as well because I have a volt build that can out kill saryns for a good while in eso and reg os. There is also equinox that can nuke. Revenant used properly can mass kill everything with his 1st n 3rd paired together right. It seems to me that it is mostly lowered skilled players who cry for nerfs the most. Then when they play an get better after a while they cry saying those nerfed things need buffs because they struggle in harder content later on. Lol yall need to make up your minds. It's not a pvp game so stop crying for nerfs an let people just have fun. You have the option to make your own squad or play solo. So if you dont like how others play.. thats your fault for chosing to play with randoms. I have actual friends so I can make squads an have fun all day if I want because I have played 6 years roughly and learned public is not for me because randoms are usually stupid an ruin the fun by causing mission failures an such. End point, get better or get smarter. Will solve your complaints about things being to op. Actual end game players don't complain about nerfs because late late game anything op is no longer op. Look for my kuva survival videos. I made 4 for a squad setup I run. Check out my saryn nuke build on there. I use no hp mods for end game on any frames I run really. Check out the build an a little game play to see how it's used then hop over to my revenant vid to see how the team starts needing revenant to get the kills because saryn isn't that op as everyone thinks. My friends all used my builds for the frames in each kuva vid. They didn't know how to use revenant yet so we agreed to do the long run when I had revenant instead. 3hr+ im still one shotting lvl 1,500+ kuva guardians with revenant and mass crowds of enemies. Saryn can't do that late game. Everything balances out at some point. You just need to stop playing with the wrong kind of people if you want to have fun or a challenge. youtube.com/user/OnlysGamingChannel
  2. Honestly the only weapon that seemed to benefit from this crap melee switch system they gave us is the Zenistar since it is not used like a actual melee weapon so being able to right in the spot charge throw it allows you to throw the disc but.. they could put the old melee system back an just allow the zenistar to be thrown an melee allow to be used on the spot how it is now without having to switch to melee by having to hold a button an swap to it. It wouldn't be hard to have it setup to use old features with new. Allow to press an hold a button/key to switch to melee stance mode an use melee old style without having to auto swap back to a gun. Then if not holding a button/key have melee setup to allow charge attacks an old school quick attacks without being forced to do stance combos. I used to use orthos prime for end game runs and such into level 1k+ enemies and it was fluid to use an easy. Now I can't because I get stuck in a ugly stance combo that leaves me unable to move swiftly like I used to by just being able to quick attack. It was even fun using just orthos with nekros walking around at a steady pace chopping up dead bodies my allies killed if I didn't making it easier to help loot bodies with desecrate. I feel my idea would better suit the community than anything seeing how I am a more hardcore player than most an use more than just melee when I go into those 5hr+ solo fissure runs. Speaking my ideas from endurance run experience from giving the new melee system a fair chance an tried to adjust and use many types of melee weapons to figure out what could be done or changed to make it better. I strongly feel my ideas for the melee system would give both pure melee players and the rest of the community as well as the devs what they all seek.
  3. I have played this game since the beginning. Lost access to my original account due to dirty people but it's whatever.. anyways as a vet that plays endless for hours on end, runs a newer youtube channel and has enjoyed being able to take newer players farming. I for one will say that the loot nerf has at least on xbox one killed the communities motivation to play the game. The rng of drops is bad enough as is. 73 runs of 8-10 rounds of disruption trying to get the acceltra an it never dropping i used a 50% off to buy it because the drops were not happening. Rng has issues as is. Nerfing it for exploits I get it. You could've just nerfed the shrine period. Add a nullifying effect to the area or something for that specific thing. You have many things looting don't work on so why not stick to that mindset with the shrine. Would've been a less irritating fix to what you wanted to nerf and it would've not caused so many angry players in the long run. Now all you need to do is add a actual end game feature we don't have to wait 8 hours in a fissure to see enemy level cap an have fun trying to stay alive against stupid high level enemies. Make the game fit us no lifers and the easy goers. It's not hard. Game mode set for like MR 15+ to give newer players motivation to get stuff an not sit in region chat all day and actually play the game. My 30 year old self has many ideas but know DE will never care about my thoughts that could help save this games content issues. Lol.. I solo lvl 4k-6k+ enemies an have fun but the 5hr wait to get the 100% boosters and see that level of enemy is a boredom factor. I enjoyed ARBITRATION when it first came out.. then yall did the nooby nerf for those MR27s who cry it's to hard they get one shotted and die.. I want stuff to one shot and be hard.. otherwise farming mods is pointless to do in warframe because you can beat everything in the game having almost nothing. Sad truth but has been proven time an time again. Cater to both new players and vets. DE you guys claim your aim is to *Balance* things for players.. then balance vets to new players needs as well. To me. A vet don't mean those who hit max mastery rank. Vets are those who have played hundreds of days or close to at the least. Not these guys who was gifted everything an carried on xp farms to boost their MR then claim they are vets. Lol.. I want content for actual vets. Us vets teach your new players how to play the game since the beginning because you guys lack proper tutorials in this game. The least you could do is show appreciation towards the vets. End of point. Newer to the youtube thing an make my videos fully detailed so people don't get poser builds wasting time an forma. But if you want to see how actual vets get down an what real end game content builds can handle check out my 3+ hr runs an see the weapon damage outputs and such. Stealth frame i use for more loot but the damage output of my guns.. I do my weapon build test there because the simulator is trash an needs to be able to spawn enemy at any level and not be mastery locked. youtube.com/user/OnlysGamingChannel
  4. Exactly what i was getting at in my long af post. DE trippin.. fixing what isn't broken pushing cosmetics to sell more than pushing for actual things needed to be focused on it seems more than anything lately.
  5. Exactly quick melee going forward is what i liked. Orthos prime is what i used a ton using only the quick melee 90% of the time instead of worrying about the stance an such. DE trippin.. why fix what's not broken. Melee was fine.
  6. Ok ok Melee 3.0 works beautifully for the Zenistar, no complaints there... ZAW HOWEVER,,, Exodia Contagion and Epidemic do not work unless you double or bullet jump then aim down sights an swing your melee weapon then you have to swap back to your gun rinse and repeat making those arcanes now almost a complete waste of time to equip. I use Exodia contagion against the Eidolon to one shot limbs and against Profit taker. It was fun now to use it I have to get tricky. Current ways to use the Exodia Contagion and Epidemic. DOUBLE OR BULLET JUMP, AIM DOWN SIGHTS THEN SLASH TO THROW and then land switch to a gun rinse repeat. That's one way. Or Double or bullet jump, aim down sights of gun and slash your melee then quickly press your fire button for your gun. This keeps the melee weapon from being equipped so you can just jump again and aim and repeat. Still not practical what so ever. Makes killing your self happen much more often due to the delay to throw projectile. They need to fix these mechanics. A double jump or bullet jump and slash is all i should have to do. Not aim down my gun sights to use the arcane once and inconvenience my self to toss it again making the atk speed useless. - ONLY4GIVENONCE ON XBOX ONE.
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