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  1. xMarvin732

    Prime Vault is Closing Soon!

    The Prime Vault on the Switch is closed and you still can get the Relics in void btw. "2) Mag & Nova Prime Vault closed! You can no longer purchase these Vaults - but the Relics are still in game, for now. Because we are between CERT updates (i.e trying to submit Fortuna soon), we cannot safely release a Hotfix. Our Status thread will continue to update based on our development progress. "
  2. xMarvin732

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    My Few Questions so far: News about the reintroduction of Raids? What about the Prime Unvaulting, do they get more and more unvaulted due to many primes being vaulted? Maybe a system abhout limited rotation about unvaulting 🙂 A hotfix for the bugged frame coloring on the Switch? The upper half is the chosen color and the lower part of the frame is default. You basically copy and paste it the whole time under every devstream announcement, Kavats are still immune! And Limbo Deluxe got some pictures shown in devstream
  3. xMarvin732

    Prime Vault is Closing Soon!

    " I am currently seriously contemplating if I even want to continue playing the Switch version. All major effort clearly goes into the PC version, since it has already received several hotfixes after the Christmas break." You know that they dont do small hotfixes quick like that on consoles? they always need to reach in a cert for that
  4. i hope my MR25 returns, i tried the practice for MR25 to see how the controls for archwing are there, and already got stuck with the archwing causing Mission fail xD I prefer the PC version of Warframe
  5. Happened to me too, and i dont know why but my Mastery Rank is back one Rank down back to MR24 and a half compared to being 25 on PC
  6. xMarvin732

    Vauban the interception GOD

    Yessss the tons of 0 numbers of damage!
  7. xMarvin732

    Identify Vaulted Relics

    I see what vaulted relic is which relic by thinking what Frame and Weapon is currently vaulted and which is not, its easy to know what relic to pick when you for an example see banshee prime blueprint or all the prime frames and prime weapons that came out before Oberon Prime 🙂 Would still be good to have a vaulted relics tab because of the tons of vaulted relics that keep blocking away the not vaulted relics lol
  8. xMarvin732

    Third Party Warframe/DE Accounts!

    Because DE and Microsoft are two companies and they are on two different platforms + servers + because of Cert Updates. And i didnt understand this "but isn't Microsoft a PC company 1st platform company 2nd?"
  9. xMarvin732

    A good game ....

    " i thought i have to force shut down now that i have done Os is completely wiped cant open" I cant understand that tbh, even after forcing to shutdown the PC after my PC froze while playing, everything was still there, maybe its your HDD
  10. xMarvin732

    PC to Switch Migration: Ends January 15!

    Time to prepare my PC Account for the Migration :)
  11. xMarvin732

    Switch Transfer and Mesa Prime

    I mean even Mesa Prime Relics get shown up there, i wrote with someone and noticed Lith M3 got linked meanwhile its normally not even out yet there o.o Checked the Codex and the relics arent there even tho transfered accounts have the relics lol
  12. xMarvin732

    23.5.0 Mask of the Revenant - Hotfix 3

    get the third part and then go back in night 🙂 Revenant Neuroptics it is i guess 🙂
  13. xMarvin732

    Why has this never been fixed?

    Phenom II X6 1055T, R9 270X, 8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM, Windows 10 1920x1080 Resolution and having no Framerate Drops when using Octavia and using all her abilities, still having constant 60fps
  14. xMarvin732


    Dude i thought you just re-explained your problem, no need to tell me "bruh". If the game settings are reset to default and it still doesn't work, try maybe a different USB port for the mouse and keyboard, or try to repair the game in the Launcher.
  15. xMarvin732


    try resetting your control settings in options under controls and then on Defaults, also try restarting the game after you did reset the settings.