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  1. Vauban prime is already out since ages but he's vaulted currently
  2. Believe it or not, i got Tekko Prime, Atlas prime and dethcube prime much faster than i got Ninkondi Prime, i just got ninkondi prime after Atlas Prime Access was announced, and i got 3 of the new primes just in 3-5 days
  3. Yes exactly i agree with you about the PSO Mag system, sadly i only know the system of the first game since i only really played the old PSO on DC and Gamecube, and i really liked how they dont die there, i dont know how it is in PSO2 since i wait for the western release. i wish they give the other Sentinels a similar ability to other Sentinels too . It feels like the Sentinels are stuck on low level mission niveau, they need , as you said, scaling to their stats. cant wait to have a Hush similar Mod on primary weapon as an exilus mod🙂
  4. Yeah i apologize for not being clear enough. You're welcome anytime, just saying my opinion.
  5. The Way the Sentinels are with surviving high level missions is terrible. Once they die, they stay dead till you die too, instant revive is the only way to revive the Sentinel which means i am forced to go with a Companion like Kubrow or Kavat since i can revive them. I feel like that there needs to be a change about it, if a teammate revives you, that the sentinel comes back too or there needs to be taken a look into the Sentinel Companion System. The most used one of mine is Wyrm Prime because the Shield is perfect for surviving. Wyrm Prime is one of the only Sentinel i can take without it constantly exploding like the other ones,even with Primed Regen and all the redirection and vitality mods. i did put in both redirection and vitality in all the Prime Sentinels to compare the stats, Helios Prime is probably the weakest together with Dethcube Prime. Now coming to the Sentinel Weapons, whenever i think of taking a different Sentinel Weapon, it feels like Sweeper Prime is probably the only one that actually can do some damage. Of course they shouldn't be the main damage source to go against enemies but they should at least do SOME damage. I tried to use the Vulklok to see if theres any other weapon for the sentinel, i literally didn't even know if it even attacks or not, it didn't even do any damage since it literally has 0.150 Fire rate! For now i use only my smeeta and Wyrm Prime for general use in surviving, Carrier Prime for Ammo and Dethcube Prime to see how it is like.
  6. I was talking in my answer about cross-SAVE/PROGRESS not about cross play. In my opinion Warframe isnt ready for a cross-play in its current development, its not like other games since Console games need Certs and since Warframe is always with bugs whenever something new releases, Cross-Save in my opinion is currently the only way of how it could go.
  7. When they offered the transfer from PC to switch, the Mask of the Revenant Update was still on the Switch while Fortuna was out on PC already and the resources and everything from Fortuna transfered too to the Switch, maybe they can just change it to hide the progress till it unlocks
  8. Feedback in terms of removing Revival Just to take chances away for other people for their own reason is a bit stupid, an opt-out toggle for revival on or off would be good so both sides are happy
  9. Because the update wasnt out yet. Mod Drop Chance Booster Rare (3.27%)
  10. Lol, imagine preferring frames (nekros, hydroid) to be somewhat impaired in their kit by having their augments not synergizing than having a team based farming again.
  11. My feedback Don't remove revival for arbitration 🙂 let people enjoy something. Thank you DE for the hotfixes 🙂 xx
  12. Bounty Type:Assassinate the Commander Location: The Ribs Stage 3/5 : Defend The Area
  13. The bug still exists since my last thread i made and it was basically ignored. its about the good old Liberate the Camp part in Bounties. NO enemies spawn, even at the end when i need to kill remaining enemies, basically nobody of the enemies are around, since i wanted to get the bonus reward for the bounty i tried to kill most of them but because there were no enemies i was only able to see my percentage quickly going down to below 50%.
  14. About fixes: "Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Drop exploding prematurely when aiming with your gun, and looking down a bit. We attempted to fix this in 25.7.4 but it actually broke it more!" For some reason, my antimatter drop turns invisible after shooting it once or twice with catchmoon and for some reason it sometimes launches waay off from my position. Also there's this strange bug which a friend of mine has , where the Warframe settings reset everytime he wants to login
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