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  1. After Linking [Meso N10 Relic] while being in a mission i was unable to open it while i was in the mission, clicking on it does nothing, after extracting from the mission i can do it again.
  2. Wanting to get Scythe back into "Meta" and then coming back to nerf rivens, lol
  3. Everything after a long time is elitism, Founder Pack, or the old Primed Chamber debate, since now since everyone had the chance to get it. Or people constantly telling you about what they were able to do and what you couldn't, since they have played longer. Or the people who constantly tell you, "i am much better than you since i have been playing this game since a long time." I am for a vaulted relic fissure too, would make the running a bit more fun, it has nothing to do with elitism, you could even use Mesa Prime relics, since she got vaulted just yesterday.
  4. Oh, You mean Warframe, right? You know, the game, where things are either very strong, or absolutely not viable, right? All the weapons that released and get nerfed, or the weapons that end up in the shadows.
  5. "Of cause he wasn´t an issue until now and that´s why I said unhealthy design will become an issue eventually." Limbo was already a "problem" when Thermia Fractures was first released, since its the same boring thing why people use Limbo, its mobile defense all over again.
  6. Scarlet Spear is full of bugs and Limbo exists since 2014 and his cataclysm and stasis has always stopped enemies so it would be very, very late to just change it now suddenly. Sentient doesnt have Nullifiers, but Infested don't have them either so where is the problem? Nuke frames always existed 🙂 so why is it a problem now?
  7. 1) Who wouldn't like efficiency? I won't play a frame that doesn't fit to the task i want to do, for an example playing Defense with a stationary target and spaming Ivaras sleeping arrow, rather i use Frost together with Speed Nova and a Mesa or any other frame which is based on Killing enemies rather than playing a Frame which doesn't fit to what i intend to do, if you take Void Defense as a Sortie, you basically most of the time see, Speed nova, Frost,Mesa or a Saryn or a low range Limbo Cataclysm. 2) Basically, most of the frames are overpowered per definition, Ivara being the Spy Quee
  8. Spy Sorties Melee only 😉 and also trying to do spy and not liking ranged weapons.
  9. Still have the issue, thought i was stupid not being able to kill everyone, so i used Saryn, but there is rarely any Enemy spawning
  10. As Caripillar said, check the settings, Creators Mode needs to be off for it to work, and by the way, please add Spoiler warning to your Thread name.
  11. Sadly the Host Migrations have always a risk of working or not, depends on the going to be Host. The Game should remember what things have been collected in the Mission if you lost the connection to the Squad but i dont think Host Migrations specifically can be fixed easily.
  12. Yeah had problems too comes from high ping sometimes. Atm i have issues with either getting the error message "Trade has failed" or it takes ages till a buyer or seller appears in dojo
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