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  1. Writing the Name correctly would've done the right thing, no need to blame the vendor, both sides are at fault.
  2. Excal Prime + Lato Prime + Skana Prime are a thank you from DE for those who paid the extreme prices for the Founders pack. You don't need to feel cheated, since you lost nothing at all,he stays forever as a precious exclusive, let others have fun and enjoy a Excalibur Version they can have which is better than Basic Excal. If you don't care for a useless trophy then you dont need skin and helmet from a useless trophy for the Excal Umbra. Excalibur Prime's helmet and skin should stay on Excal Prime only since Excal Umbra is something entirely different, the reason for probably no other Umbra frame to release is because they made Excal Umbra for the Chinese version so they can have a Prime version there to sell as a Founder Pack which is Excalibur Umbra Prime since they cant release Excalibur Prime and Lato Prime and Skana Prime as a pack (even tho they gave out free Lato Prime when people bought a specific ammount of plat) and for us non-Founders to have a chance of a better version of Excal since the Prime is forever exclusive to Founders due to the "Founders Contract" and so we have no chance to get a better excal.
  3. Yes, you wont lose it, its bound on your nintendo account 🙂
  4. As Caripillar said, check the settings, Creators Mode needs to be off for it to work, and by the way, please add Spoiler warning to your Thread name.
  5. You cant hack the systems anywhere so why should the Liset be able to do so?
  6. Sadly the Host Migrations have always a risk of working or not, depends on the going to be Host. The Game should remember what things have been collected in the Mission if you lost the connection to the Squad but i dont think Host Migrations specifically can be fixed easily.
  7. i mean, Warframe is mostly Co-Op , i dont know any who plays the PvP content but Warframe feels more like a PC game to me due to how annoying the controls are and how slow the reaction is to kill the enemies, i have 0 Problem with ESO on PC and can easily do the Waves but on Switch its very annoying to get it done.
  8. The Problem is we cant just say, hey Nintendo can you add this and that feature? i think DE needs to tell Nintendo about the Feature and see if they are able to add it.
  9. I hope it is somewhat okay to revive my own Thread, played switch and PC and the difference is very huge! its kind of a turn off to get online on the Waframe Switch version and having the migrated account and the PC Account being at a huge difference in progress.
  10. Axi L2 same as L3 drops for me more than L4
  11. I would do the same tbh, me trying to open 21-22 Syndicate packs to get one Axi L4 i won't even try to use it in a public match.
  12. opened two Axi L4 of mine, first drop was Wyrm Prime Carapace, the second drop was Forma, thank you DE for wasting my time getting Forma in a rare and expensive relic, shouldve sold the Relic for 50-60p instead.
  13. there are around 8 Not vaulted Relics each Era right now. the current 7 frames hydroid mirage zephyr limbo chroma mesa equinox + the Prime Unvault frames Volt and Loki which share one relic each era. Lith is the easiest one and Ukko contains Meso-Neo and Neo-Axi is in Sabotage Marduk for an example. so if you do Ukko you need ALOT of luck to get the two relics for the vault frames since there are 16 relics then in one mission and i don't know if its a bug but Meso M3 is twice in the loot table.
  14. Steve replied in this post so maaybe theres hope that someone will hear about this too.
  15. Good idea, maybe bug reports get read more than feedback lol
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