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  1. The rolling animation is so stupid tbh, doesnt fit at all to Titania Prime
  2. I just wish DE would test their content before releasing it in a rushed fully bugged state
  3. "Of cause he wasn´t an issue until now and that´s why I said unhealthy design will become an issue eventually." Limbo was already a "problem" when Thermia Fractures was first released, since its the same boring thing why people use Limbo, its mobile defense all over again.
  4. Do you guys know whats funny? Paracesis being Sentient Slayer but not having void damage to deal
  5. Remember one Devstream, showing the Murex tile and them saying, oh strong high level enemies and them being level 40? Imagine a Beta game that exists since 7 Years, has Prime Access packs containing the Prime and weapons and accessories for 110€ lol, oh wait, thats Warframe. The Game that's in beta, selling a prime access set worth of two AAA Game Titles.
  6. The problem is not that limbo does too strong advanced CC; the problem is, that there's barely any competitor lol
  7. Its still liking a different thing. And i dont see it as a problem, i see the repeating patterns of events a problem, and you probably see it different.
  8. Imagine not letting people enjoy things and releasing a fully bugged operation
  9. Scarlet Spear is full of bugs and Limbo exists since 2014 and his cataclysm and stasis has always stopped enemies so it would be very, very late to just change it now suddenly. Sentient doesnt have Nullifiers, but Infested don't have them either so where is the problem? Nuke frames always existed 🙂 so why is it a problem now?
  10. This Feels like a Fanfiction or Tumblr in a nutshell
  11. 1) Who wouldn't like efficiency? I won't play a frame that doesn't fit to the task i want to do, for an example playing Defense with a stationary target and spaming Ivaras sleeping arrow, rather i use Frost together with Speed Nova and a Mesa or any other frame which is based on Killing enemies rather than playing a Frame which doesn't fit to what i intend to do, if you take Void Defense as a Sortie, you basically most of the time see, Speed nova, Frost,Mesa or a Saryn or a low range Limbo Cataclysm. 2) Basically, most of the frames are overpowered per definition, Ivara being the Spy Queen, Volt, Titania and Gauss being the speed run kings and queen, Khora, Nekros and Hydroid being the Farm combination with their Pilfering Augments, it stays like that because people are not being crybabies and don't gatekeep someone else just because they don't like other peoples Warframe choice. 3) I agree, it doesn't solve anything, it causes more issues instead. 4) The Game Warframe is a Space Ninja Game, where you kill enemies most of the time you play it, its not a farming simulator like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Here is the Point, people still don't realise, that using Limbos 4th together with 2nd ability won't grant you the Ability to stay AFK and sleep. First of all the game has an AFK Detection, second of all, the Cataclysm doesn't last forever! Limbo's cataclysm gets smaller and smaller each passing second and enemies walk closer and closer to the objective, Stasis needs to be re-casted because it turns off after a specific amount of time, The third thing of all is, that Nullifiers exist, which turn off abilities and not only on Limbo! If you have the range high enough and a Nullifier turns of the ability, you still need to look for the Nullifier to kill it and if you were to stay AFK and won't kill anything, they still come closer, just like Scarlet Spear Space is, Limbo + Cataclysm combined with Stasis doesn't equal the ability to stay AFK. Taking Xini Eris as an example. Just because you use Limbo in there, with Cataclysm and Stasis active, doesn't mean it gives you the Ability to just sleep and do nothing at all. You still need to defend the target from enemies reaching you and the Objective, and Interception has A, B, C and D Towers like everyone knows and Limbo can only cast one Cataclysm at a time. Do you know whats funny and stupid about something that nobody cries about Frost because nobody cares and only hates Limbo? Frost using his Globe, which he can use up to 4 times by the way, and the Augment Chiling Globe gives a 50% chance of freezing the enemies and using Avalanche freezes the enemies 100%. Its so exhausting to explain people that Limbo isn't the to go goat to hate, just because he can use Cataclysm, doesn't mean hes the only one who can protect Objectives.
  12. To be honest, i take this Melee System over the old one, the old ground slam was terrible.
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