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  1. Sooo.... just tried to load into the void/sntient mission and guess what tried my railjack nope endless loading then tried joining nope the damn ship doesn't load in so you just stare into empty space. Also tried about 20 times and it stopped being funny after the 5th time...
  2. Well everyone at DE just gives themselves the resources so how the hell could any of them know the hassle of farmin/grinding resources but then again it's another monetization loop from DE i mean cmon 50 plat for a rush drone or thousends of new resources that are difficult to farm even with a booster i swear none of them play this game seriously
  3. Well.... i would like to say this is a good update but i can't since you can't solo it and if your internet isn't top S#&$ you can't play with your railjack so by going for co-op first you've effectively locked out most players from playing this new content
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