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  1. iirc the cooldown on pooping the actual effect is 15 secs , idk what you want more .. or less ba dum tss
  2. i cant point my fingers on what you tried to say there so it would be my guess that you think i didnt mention them as straight up bugs ... what do you think , enemies not spawning or stuck in a door is a normal survival gameplay or supposed to be ? no its not , i dont need to say theyre 'straight up bugs' the reason why they ever get fixed is because its was an old old coding thing and if they truly want to fix it as of right now it would take ages , or they need to revamp the whole * game , in which case either 2 scenarios or likely not to happen because its an unneeded time and resource
  3. ... you dont have to camp to witness those anomalies , they are consistant if one does have enough sample size .
  4. just like you mentioned with the drop rates of capsules theres enemy pathing , it was already bad before DE touched it with the uranus survival grineer tunnel/prison strat (maybe exploit to some) , and then theres the occasional cuttage on spawns from enemies because well probably coding or some randomness element with their behaviour(simply not spawning in the first place regardless of your kps/dps) ,and then sometimes they spawn (especially infested on eris) in an un-alerted mode so that they dont rush to you and get stuck on an enterance of a door or couple doors unless you manually find th
  5. do you know which enemy is the strongest ? its the tendency to sleep when doing long runs in general xd , need to listen to some good music or else mind goes numb after a while
  6. afaik harpoon mechanic existed way before than just few years and they copied the exact scorpion animation on them as well ... the leather human made scorpion harpoon .. anyway we dont have smart ai rn anyways theyre just bunch of stat balls and you should see it that way too , elevates unnecessary expectations from them , tho if theyre gonna implement good ai then they have to tone down their numbers and making our cc weaker which is a lot work i reckon and you know how game devs in general like to offer simple solutions to complex problems .. yah its a dead end haha
  7. imo starting with giving better scaling rewards for disruption is a good go , from what i understand most players like this mode and it has to my knowledge no weird internal coding issues like survival has atm (correct me if im wrong here) , just my 2 bits..
  8. inb4 something something marked for death for instrincts and then following with a aheavy hefted nerf , accompanied with outrage on forums because of the investment on rank 10 and then DE re-buffing it to the optimal value which they intended to do in the first place but chose to do it with introducing an omegabroken thing then fixing later mentality ://// Guess i solved DE at this point , they fall ito this because their play testers either play other games on work hours or they specifically dont take crucial feedback from their ''partners'' for the reasons that a mortal being cant compre
  9. fixing and improving an 8 year+ AI is not a simple task and which is the one that would make warframe fun , probably imo , yes its not a fact just a genuine opinion Rng is okay , tho there were times were DE tested playerbase with really really low number of drop chances and yet you see a day when they give you free acolyte mods almost .. DE with their extreme ends i guess its never in between ^^ Talking about 'never in between' it seems theyre changing and tuning it that way of balance it feels , tho a bit late , better than never i suppose
  10. for the topic , escort missions make sense but what doesnt make sense is a target that needs to be defended bumrushes to the 20 enemy randomly because why not . completing the mission solo is actually quite easy the problem comes in when theres other players deaggroing the guy dragging it across the map or just casting random spells that enable enemies to attach it .. ultimately it doesnt matter to me personally nor i think DE cares but its just one of those missions you buckle up if you wanna do some sorties .. if sorties are still a thing that is.
  11. what kind of defensive logic is that , you literally typed that just for sake of defending a game mode .
  12. This is logical and i would say correct . also true but we are also not perfect beings , even a decent person might slip through their unconcious at times , thus why i mentioned its an embeded thing , nor i mentioned i approve of these inner jealousy/justice behaviour based on egoistic point of view which comes from our primate ancestors. (i don't exactly know the phenomenas name , excuse me on that)
  13. that means you can control your anger , doesnt mean it doesnt exist in humans and in other primates , it is an observed steady behaviour , and if you apply this to masses surely you will see its affect by the laws of average .
  14. ''and i don't envy the devs'' no one does , its a situation themselves got in after accumulation of years of introducing power creep and community gun nerfs which didnt affect the balance at all (at large but obvs, it affected people's invested time and emotional attachements) , not saying (specifically) they shouldve not done x or y or shouldve done z , im simply saying that they shouldve seen the consequences of their decisions , and saying people dont like their toys being removed or nerfed doesnt help the situation overall either . I mean think about it in simple terms , you give chi
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