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  1. deadlock protocol was fun plus the QoL chnages along with it , other than that its just a hard meh year for the game
  2. not saying one cant do it , im just saying 'comparably' , if you kill 10 mobs per seconds of course its gonna not be distinctable much. and the thing im saying is a bit of speculation , but it is true that they fundementally changed the spawn mechanics in survivals it was in one of their patch notes , but not the life support drop and moving around rooms relation .
  3. iirc , one of the features they added to the anti-afk strategies was that if youre sitting in one spot or even a general open spot youll get lesser and lesser life support drops from the mobs not tied to your kps (i kind of tested myself , i was constantly getting more drops whenever i was moving for more than 20 minutes but whenever i was sitting in one spot even though i was having higher kps , life support drops were lower , khora wasnt involved or an lot frame),they want us to roam around like a chicken with a head cutt off (unless you pick khora and dont care either way ehm) .. well that
  4. survivals topic is a whole another level of can of worms , DE repedeadly f^ed up the spawns this past year for the sake of less kuva gains and because of some macro users , but still its redeemeble ; remove macros entirely and introduce a proper updated spawn system into the game , solely for survivals or for all(would prefer the latter of course) Yes , yes 'not teh majority enjoys it mode' but for the people that sank more than 2k hours into the game , chances are they are here because of this mode exists so .. You nerf the kuva farms all year along its fine , but its not fine wh
  5. zarr hurts the most for me , i really liked that gun's design and it was just all around fun to use
  6. i want corpus liches to challenge my builds , thats all , not even the rewards
  7. Okay , what is that loose definiton of endgame for you ? , and what did they add for example , for the record they deny anything has been added for the 'endgame' title as content , even in ragards to steel path , stating that it is definatly not the endgame mode . If its arbitrations they basically did that because people were getting consistant endo from vodyanoi , they wanted it to make it rng based for endo , if you would consider endo an endgame reward that is(which is arguably not by most people i assume).
  8. You're basically putting everyone that wants endgame as they want the same thing and then they get flustered , which is not the case , be more concise with your arguments in the same fashion as you ask what players want as endgame to be precise .. Ultimately DE decides to which audience to cater towards or a specific content they want to give to the players , so far the overall impression on what they chose to give doesnt seem to be good enough , and yes from the infamous steam chart impressions . As for the 'kids' and 'whinning' i would rather fight for what i want then to silently tak
  9. check it out yourself https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#7d year or so ago the lowest point was 59k ,just in 7 days chart it shows 46k down to 43k today even . do you want more ?(and those 43-46k numbers are peak hour numbers per day btw) the evidence is out there , its up to you to deny it or not , now tell me how steam charts arent relevant remember , theres covid going on and we are in a big event , and still these numbers .
  10. this is easily wrong , we are not in plateu . even in times of covid , where more people sit at their homes , you would epect more active players in comparison to previous years and on top of that theres orphix event ongoing , and its overall down to 7k-(means 7k less or so in total , not 7k) .. do you know how bad that is .
  11. remember back then we had actual whiteknights and not leftovers or soft knights ? yea i remember . remember when you were critizing the game for the better was received (on the major) as hate ? i do remember Now look at all the allll the deimos arcana youtube comments , hardly any people defend the game there , what happened exacyly right ? This year and 2019 , all DE did was to butcher their audience thats whats happened , they took even their white knights for granted so they left . But whats the funny part ; most of whose here are now 'petty' critisizers , because whether
  12. theres an another open world and we have fishing and conservation ... next up we have duviri paradox and tau system ,that means they would have conservation and mining too right .... frigg this 😆 why are we still here lol i try to max my arcane energize these days but not even energize gives me incentive to login , if energize cant incentivize me what will in the future ? nothing probably Oh btw , they said the year 2021 wont be a year of nerfs , Doubt X on that one .
  13. nah man , there are people here that would try to argue that those are just petty people (most people cant even statistically dislike a youtube video btw) , and continue to excuse DE for their complacency till the game eventually dies , its amazing man it truly is . this is in my eyes one of the few capture moments for human behaviour on both ends .
  14. revert zenistar , revert ember i like my instant cc , revert all the unnecessary vazarin nerfs and maybe bring back old naramon imo of course and im entitled to my own opinion tnx. dont feel attacked .
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