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  1. You have no idea , i agree with this so wholeheartedly , reading it felt like watching a cathersis movie/scene
  2. there is arbitrations if one doesnt like to use abilities , the whole game doesnt need to be nerfed down just because someone thinks that fighting a single lich should take about 10 minutes . Also you take down 4 liches if youre in a squad after the lich rework , no way on good god green earth killing 4 liches in a squad should ever take 40 minutes , to that ; HELL NO . Second also ; it is most likely to be intended for liches to be not that tanky because ; you should be able to farm them multiple upon multiple times for doing valence fusions and adding even same weapon multiple times for multiple purposes( magnetic nukor , heat nukor and toxic nukor etc.) ,and for ephemera collecting . For eidolons maybe one could say they should be actually more tanky because theyre flipping skycrapper tall ominous boss beings or whatever but not liches , they are a bad joke at being a nemesis and thats their whole schtick and their lines even are intentionally cringe to not take them seriously . it all lines up together . Trying to find the correct larvalings already an rng sh*tfest (i once grinded 3 HOURS for a single correct larvaling , namely for kuva zarr) , lets not make the whole lich more boring than it already is , Thanks.
  3. i think the merulina being not modable is the worst , she has 2 okay cc abilites , k - drive and a fodder ability which is good because you can replace it with helmith , if only her signature k-drie were to be outstanding , her passive is pretty much all good
  4. Nope , sorry literally not 'literal' damage increase unless youre specifically using damaging abilities . Also dont get the point of trying to defend a point which DE didnt even put it out that way ?? One could say that it in-directly affects for sure , just like every mod in arsenal supposedly serving ... for that exact purpose who wouldve known ... By that logic i can easily say radar mods are also massive dmg increase since half of enemies blend into envorinment anyway especially if its extermination its quadruple useful , why we not just take the radar mods out of exilus then ? but oh wait THEYRE LITERALLY NOT DPS ............... but then again we have 15% power strength as an exilus slot xd so i dont know what you would say to that . Okay on a serious note , i dont understand why some people are just anti-player when it comes to these little suggestions for quality of life change , its not like you instantly achieve old ash ultimate once you could put that mod on exilus slot .. There are so many ways i can go on about how the balance of this game doesn't make sense but if you guys are keen on cherry picking stuff for ultimately nerfing ourselves you can start that with the worst offenders and not some innocent quality of life suggestion .. just saying you know.
  5. it is an indirect affect not a direct dps as much as you want to see it that way sorry , at the end of the day it is still a quality of life mod just as Primed sure footed is , you could say the same for psf as well with that logic since it decreases the time you get automatically downed from random things . Sorry but that argument really do not holds up
  6. other than a reason for us to use our arsenal from 4th dimension perspective , what bothers me more is DE putting self -humiliatory comments on liches themselves for the entertainment purpose , either theyre too edgy or sound way too goof .. dunno maybe a mutiliated vocal cord effects with okay lines could be more intimidating ? or maybe did that because they know well just one shot them so they gave up on intimidating aspect ? Though i admit they did a very good job on parvos and his lines , everything about him just fits his character and what he does/did .
  7. Are you a spokesperson for DE ? no . im simply advocating something , regardless of posibility of it actually happening or not.
  8. The mod that saves most frames , making long cast animations a lot more smooth and keeping it in flow , as most know this is community's one of the most beloved mods , i know this probably has been suggested before but i believe theres no harm in repetition especially for such thing as being able to put natural talent in exilus aka utility mod slots .
  9. funny thing im more interested in the new gunblade more than the new war at this point , because you now another 5 level syndicate system with a sad story and you have to save us tenno while those npcs demand tenno to apparently dig mines and catch all types of fish , you know the immersion stuff right , thats what bio-mechanical super nano tech void powered machines do i suppose .. these days at least .. lel
  10. pick me a bet , after 2 years maybe we would get half of whats will be promised at near tennocon , and duviri?? haha maybe 5 years later if covid ends or smtg
  11. i have 3 questions and they are not necessarily tangent but is realted to balance ; 1 - does streamline the 30% efficeny a cheating 2 - are crit stacking and/or status stacking cheating 3 - is energy drain eximus units existing a cheating for enemy ? (tho it is a countermeasure to us in long runs) what is cheating define it , DE give me mod , i use , DE implement drain eximus , i look ... im bad at poetry .. The language youre trying to use there reminds of what exactly DE uses in their patchnotes , they implement khoras' pet healing defense objectives , DE create a defense based time limited mode , DE notice pet heal , DE go omg das not r8 we have to say smtg to eliminate it . .. see where im going ? If you create a game where you spontenpusly add things on top of each other with no regards to how they function within each other all the systems , you cant just blame users for using what you just gave them . For me personally i lost sight of the 'endgame' and heres the thing arguably at this point we can conclude that you cant make a true endgame in a hord shooter/killer because you will need AOE to deal with them and the premise of AOE deletes any thought process into actively playing whatsoever , so if we were to take that home what we are left is whatever is been nerfed regards to AOE stuff in general tends to in return hurt the player enjoyment because consiously or subconsously at this point players now there will be no endgame in a horder , its legit not possible unless you exclude huge chınks of the game to another area and create an isolated mode where things work entirely different and there are no need for extravagant aoe .. Edit; also players simply (and by that i mean word to word) dont like their investment time taken away with a questionable excuse , which is understandable imo . This especially for the players that have limited time is a huge bummer , they farm and build for months just for it to be taken away like it was nothing .
  12. wrong . Simply the tools at your disposal could be all suited for technically but (in that hypothetical scenario where DE makes a strategic game as they claim to make some day) you are the ones , the player who has been tested and not necessairly your arsenal as in stat check . FTFY.
  13. are we talking about helminth subsume costs in general or the last 5 helminth abilities been introduced ? if its the ladder then yea all 5 of them pretty much useless(sorry) except maaaaybe the healing effect one (cant be bothered to remember that) but then again even in sp we rarely need to heal so .. meh just , they could make sense if they were in lets say in first levels of helminth abilities but they arent .
  14. No , the truth is people dont like to fight auto-aimed grapple hooks and aim -scaned enemies x20 within ranges of having to actually fight them ... wait .. do you see the reason why ... Because realistically you cant fairly fight that ... thing , thats why there are frames that can perma cc them or go invis and entirely skip the whole getting cc'ed for days .. thingy Edit; yes there are multitude of ways to currently skip enemy interaction in any meaningful way , casting skills , rolling guard, any spammable grey bar untouchable skill , vazarin dash, ancient specter , sure footed variants , and simply nuking them afar away or high range cc's they exist yes , but what i was referring is hyperbolical , say we are nerfed to the ground and we dont have ways to ignore enemy AI , in that scenario . Also lets not forget that early to mid game where you dont have access to most energy economy or life saver quality of life mods and purcasables its not a pleasant experience , and no a new player wont bunny jump all the time just to not get grapple hooked for 3 seconds straight .(long edit i know)
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