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  1. yes i know brief respite and i said as in other countless combinations in my previous post as you mentioned .. i wasnt particularly defending inaros , hes a lazy frame with not much offer to the team if you dont count his low cost pocket sand but sure lets ditch that and he has nothing going on . And about the shield gating .. its not just enough in very high levels you still gonna die , it kinda mstly works for invis frames tho i gotta say and rolling guard makes sure you simply dont die between the casts , its no secret that one doesnt need huge ehps to survive moreso in high levels its about synergy with the other members for efficency. I see you and other guy's point yes inaros isnt very shining but the problem is outside of youtube or overframe which the player needs digging since the game doesnt give out combnations of arsenal like that(or to say doesnt give out at least 1 or 2 updated ways of using things to new-ish players ,doesnt have to be all the builds and whatnot and thats would be crazy anyway, but to give an IDEA) , say you have a player just finished lets say the second dream or the war within , poor guy still doesnt know all the damage types in the game since the base star chart was easy as hell anyway , the game wasnt incentivizing enough at that time for him to ditch 5,6+ hour survival builds with squishy frames but he wants to do arbies for rewards and he sees lots and lots of infested and grineer from lvl60's to 80's(if the guy leaves at 20 i assume) can you blame him/her ? the game wasnt hard enough for him to dig extra info before , why be mad at that player now ?
  2. Just to be clear and staying on main topic ; No , watching your 40 sec whatever your immunity, invisibility , cc or such cooldowns that make you go far in high leves is not skill and never will be considered as a 'skill' by majority of the players , skill comes in when theres real interaction , doing textbook moves in certain periods of time is NOT a skill , just to throw that out. Whatever way you specfically slay high level enemies is not skill in this game because theres no interaction and moreso no need for such interaction to begin with.(no using your secondary to apply status to get condition overload damage bonus isnt 'skill' either or stat schticking with exalted weapons) Ai is derp and frame powers are ridiculous in return we have our game , does it have its perks? yes , power fantasy although it gets old , but to say there is a 'real' skill expression in warframe and blaming casuals for using inaros or sht like that is funny and ultimately wrong , there are just more efficent setups for certain things you want to achieve in a mission and if youre not okay about others' frame references then dont do pubs to begin with. have a good day reader!.
  3. we are saying its poor design , poor design/cheap ai =/= challenge , its not a threat contest when you consider all the bullsht the game throws at you and personally i think nullifers are like the least offenders , people have been suggesting to implement a visible link for energy drain units for at least couple years by now .. why not just implement it anyway , its not even doing the re-math of armor values etc.(which they did after people begging for years because apparently it takes years of frustration to make that happen) just slap a nidus link visual to those units and everyone is fine lol. sure a nidus link is not some 2020 game model but it is just as old as an ancient healer unit throwing the exact same hook as the scorpion unit from grineer .. APPARENTLY those 2 meter+ long infested aliens do in fact carry human made tools to fight *insert some laughter meme*
  4. what used to be a 'normal gaming' experience doesnt make like the op's experience less S#&$ty and weird regardless , maybe op over-reacted who knows , but what the other volt said was toxic either way , so .. yea
  5. Didnt say a game can have no bugs , and i wasnt even referring to the actual bugs in the game , the scorpion and ancient hook isnt a bug but a feature yes it is intended, but its a lazy feature in development. I'm completely fine if DE takes aimbot weapons from us , plenty of what we have is either aoe or melee anyway.
  6. im seeing some people defending lazy coding and factions having their 'must stuff' like aimbots or drain auras .. think of someone outside of warframe looking at your comment my dudes ,, the portrait is not very bright 🙂
  7. dodging, rolling , bullet jumping only makes aim-bot weaponed enemies not attack you while doing so and yes 75% DR but as you say after certain levels that wouldnt be enough and on top of that between doing acrobatic movements you have no room to melee attack or shoot (maiming builds are dead and how many aoe primaries can kill 400+ lvl mobs taht have armor ? while shotting in air ofc) now imagine even in solo play , that you just simply drop an ancient specter that gives you status immunity + classic 90% DR , and you have ways to gain health back and inaros has sand pocket that is a good cheap cc .. so my point is inaros is actually good and yes 'casuals' use it too but how many of them drop the specter and use his 1 , not seen so much sure if someone wants to do savage banshee which has high risks to it , or use harrow and count the time youre vulnerable or yada yda list is endless , meanwhile you can just do ancient specter inaros and call it a day ? minding you inaros generally uses melee so the stances and status effects also proactically cc's the frontal enemy all the time , if you just cast 1 few times on your back view youre good to go , no more napalm oneshot bs and .. thats not to say im an inaros main or something , using frames like inaros and octavia bores the hell outa me too , but if you were to be honest with yourself ...... isnt waframe's endgame all about either stacking DR's , invis , invulnerability or stupid durability anyway ... if you try to utilize the parkour in this game youre punished with less efficency , i wish it wasnt like that but it is.
  8. also warframe one or the other way wont ever die , because whether or not we have balanced gameplay or grind one can simply do fashionframe with friends and doing big flashy jumpy moves will always attract some people or retain them regardless , so in a way they designed their game well , also people dont just leave period they can back when there a new big update so .. sure they can be lazy and not improve but is that what is g o o d in its core , the game we used to get thrill about when doing natah , second dream and war within quests or doing the star chart waiting to come whats next suprise yada yada .. for a long time we havent gotten into a big lore related quest like that , sure i guess its easy to throw out some deluxe skins and whatnot but .. is it okay for warframe to be like that , i cant say okay to that personally. (edit ; railjack and ropaplyst fight yes yes but doesnt have the story progression like the big old lore quests and i dont mean by just lore , you can factor in new frames not getting quests either , they just gave us leverian and be done with it , last time it was revenant or smtg when we had a proper frame lore quest )
  9. You have some solid arguments , especially the first 2 . That being said , what do those players mean by 'game is dying ' or 'game will end if DE dont this and this etc.' is that game wouldnt simply just die in a seconds in and hour in a day or week or month slowly but gradually through the game's own unincentivizing rewards to big but unpolished updates to padding out the grind with already existing content (reskinning weapons and whatnot and no i dont mean deimos update , for that occasion we will have to wait) , it wears out invested players , again slowly Theyre finally doing something about the new player experience , so thats a very good step in the right direction , also im not one of those 'elites' that demand everything to be endgame-related , i just feel genuinely feel bad about the overall wide -range of players' experience beginners to casuals to vets etc. , so when the new player experience will get improved itll be a positive net for me , and hopefully it will reduce the amount of mr3's leaving the game outright . Also i'm down for a community poll for endgame alternatives but when its decided it should be updated at the very least in between 6 months. and personally i dont mind nerfs unless they dont buff subpar weapons and frames to be near average *cough hydroid*
  10. The funny thing is that it could be long lasting cash-grab strategy if and if only they were to implement new player experience overhaul couple years ago ... before they getting sold that is. Each and every time they watered down the game whether it was fortuna enemies or arbitrations or other things i was cringing inside because you know whats gonna happen when someone hears a big expansion in warframe (like fortuna as a past example) and wants to try this game out theyre gonna get absolutely mind-cluster gimped with how things work and how shattered the information is even through finding your way through wf wiki by some player's mention , you KNOW whats gonna be going in their heads before even touching that new expansion , and thus here we are with the consequencies , de being sold to a different parent company and finally after multilple years of nothing we get new player experience overhaul.
  11. the power creep is inbedded in this game , DE needs to change dozens and dozens of interactions just for us to not oneshot sortie levels or even above 300+ with certain setups , at the worst case godroll rivens would still be able to do it so ... again i dont see any point of being scared of power creep , we are already swimming in it almost drown (except hyrdoid cuz fck him amirite ahahah (no) )
  12. to be all honest it wouldnt matter if saryn had dopplegangers or some another broken combo because we already have numb gameplay , it really cant go more numb at this point Personally i didnt get mad because i guessed they wouldnt let us have 'too much' fun (looking at you Steve) so .. i was really only suprised with the infested-butterfly-kdrive thingy that after the update we'll be able to shoot while basically k-driving so thats really positive imo , i wasnt really expecting that for the mech-suits i think the hype is unnecssary whats gonna happen is a medicore damage and mobility tool for killing stuff while looking cool ? im still waiting for a connection between nora and lotus and orokin and the further lore proggression. Considering they did this in quarantine is suprisingly good , not too good tho but still good , have to wait till 25th if theyre gonna remove or add some stuff from what theyve shown in tennocon.
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