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  1. Sepfahn katana zaws are visually bugged. Sometimes the weapon itself becomes invisible when used, sometimes the sheath. This is a bug that’s persisted for a year, please fix.
  2. if each weapon had a reason to dump 5 forma besides affinity that'd be great. the only other level 40 weapon in game [long bois sword] got a special attribute at 5 forma.
  3. Sepfahn saws still have bugged sheaths. They become invisible after use. This applies to all nikana skins.
  4. Nikana zaws are still bugged. Sheaths become invisible. All skin sheaths are invisible as well. Pls fix.
  5. Archwings need work. elytron missiles are too slow. odanata tracker missiles don’t track Railjack enemies. once again player choice is watered down to it zap and amesha.
  6. Any plans to change the Railjack from being the most flimsy/useless thing ever? The grineer crewships have 34 times the health of the Railjack (In Saturn proxima), and the Railjack weapons do squat to the enemy crewships. The main strategy I’ve seen is park the RJ in the edge of the map, everyone ditches it, and fights in AW to capture a Grineer crewship. It’s possible you made it too rewarding to capture enemy ships. Archwings (at least the ones i like to use like elytron and odanatta) are practically useless in Railjack. Tracking missiles don’t track/do no damage. Elytrons missiles are far to slow to hit anything. With the rising amesha meta I’m kind of disappointed that the idea of “use whatever AW you want” kind of got lost.
  7. Sepfahn Nikana Zaws are still bugged. Sheaths are invisible on the default model and all the skins. Don't claim this is a "feature" because it isn't. Skins I've paid money for are now only half there on these weapons.
  8. Sepfahn Nikana style Zaws are not fully compatible with skins. The sheaths are invisible this has been an ongoing bug for months, and was not fixed for this update. No, this is not a bug you can claim to be a feature, the majority of (nontennogen) nikana skins look like the default nikana with no sheath. please look into fixing this.
  9. This has been a persistent bug since melee update part one earlier this year, and it’s only gotten worse with the skins for nikanas, none of the scabbards/sheaths are visible on these weapons.
  10. 1. Requiem relics do not count to nightwave relic challenge 2. Katana zaws still have bugged scabbards that disappear when used.
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