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  1. Buff for Bonewidow powerset? All the abilities are rather useless in comparison to the abilities of Voidrig. Ironbride is slow, has no range, and does very little damage. Sheild maiden is flimsy. Firing line is a joke. Meathook has a hard time hitting anything, and it’s damage is laughable.
  2. Will we see a buff to Bonewidow? Currently Voidrig outperforms Bonewidow in almost every way. Necramechs in normal missions? New underground vaults have the worst matchmaking in the game/take forever to get to. Having to do all three isolation vaults takes 20-30 minutes, then you are subject to the grind of the same 2 sets of bounty submissions that are filled with bugs including but not limited to disconnecting from host, and progress ending glitches that require the bounty to be restarted. Lastly the reward tables are over saturated with junk, I’ve done 8+ hours of the new bounties
  3. Deimos expansion when? Will father have new infested zaws as well as kitguns? (Stuff we haves seen in Cetus like sword/board, gunblades, whips, etc?) Necraloid operator weapons? (Amps, operator melee?) Railjack expansion? Archwing overhaul? New war?
  4. Why do all the Orokin that we’ve seen thus far all have a giant right arm? Is it a sign of station/rank? Is it part of the corruption of their immortal bodies?
  5. PvP necramech battles? necramechs in railjack? The New War 2021 confirmed? duviri paradox 2100? corpus railjack, new skins for railjack, new Archwing weapons, and modular Archwings? HoD content expansion?
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