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  1. Will the grineer see an overhaul to their railjack mission types? Likewise will we get corpus skirmishes? Will the grineer get a forth proxima region like the corpus? What happened to modular archwing, and the archwing weapons shown at tennocon 2019 (multiple target locking missile launcher and space glaive)? plans to make liches useful in railjack? Make a forth crew slot exclusively for liches? What happened to the Liger warfans? Plans to revert to old railjack matchmaking wherein a player can choose to host? Plans for expansion? Sentient/Infested railjack prox
  2. It removes player choice, I can't choose to take the ship i've built new weapons and parts for, with the skin I paid for, to do missions in public.
  3. Please revert the change to railjack matchmaking, what’s the point of making my own weapons and buying cosmetics if I can’t choose when to use my own ship?
  4. Currently no certain way to start a mission my own ship, prior to this update starting a mission from drydock made you host, thus your ship is used, now it's russian roulette to see if you get to use your ship.
  5. Will the grineer get a third planet in the proxima like the corpus?
  6. Will we see a preview of Queenpin weapons, or any news related to them? What happened to Modular Archwings, Archwing weapons shown at Tennocon 2019, and how will archwing be improved on after the archwing nodes are removed (if that is still the plan) Is the new war coming this year? Duviri Paradox? Whatever happened to the Liger warfans? They were by far the best designed warfans, and they seem to have gone into the design void. https://twitter.com/playwarframe/status/1114906947373948928
  7. what happened to this warfan? does it’s sun/moon theme tie into the Tenno alignment post New War? Is it just another dead design?
  8. Will we get to see more corpus railjack content? (New railjack skins? Command?) A more in-depth look at queenpins? (Weapons, close up of their appearance?) Whatever happened to melee “beast mode” The New War news? duviri paradox?
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