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  1. The synoid rubico skin is bugged on rubico prime. Uses prime reload animations causing the magazine to be phased through the body of the gun.
  2. Subject is title, have some pictures. The magazine does not properly align, and the gun uses the prime version of the reload.
  3. Rubico synoid skin is bugged on rubico prime. Uses rubico prime reload, and misaligns magazine into gun.
  4. Nikana zaws stil have busted art, sheathes turn invisible when used. This affects all skins.
  5. For people that traded (paid) for avionics that’s no longer exist, will there be some form of reimbursement?
  6. Katana zaws have an unresolved art bug, the sheath disappears when used. All skins are affected by this with various results. (Some make the entire sword invisible.) pls look into this.
  7. will more weapons be kuvalized in the future? More kuva melee weapons? Might i suggest ack and brunt?
  8. Currently the zato exalted blade cannot be equipped separately from the Excalibur zato skin.
  9. The Excalibur Zato exalted blade is only usable when using the zato skin, yet the mesa deluxe regulator skin can be applied with the warframe skin. Will the zato exalted blade be made into a separate skin?
  10. Nova leverian does not count a max rank nova prime toward getting the nova prex card.
  11. Katana zaws still have disappearing sheaths/skin bugs. Could this be fixed by making the sheath part of the attachments like other nikanas, rather than it using the main colors?
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