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  1. Would it be possible to add the bloodshed sigil to the Vox Solaris offerings? The drop rate is ridiculous as it is, especially for those of us that don't have the time to run profit taker for hours every day.
  2. The gravimag I started building two days ago is still stuck in a loop. Every time I open foundry to check the time remaining the countdown returns to 23h 59m 59s.
  3. I started building a gravimag yesterday (1/29/19 after midnight), it is now stuck in an infinite countdown, every time I close foundry, then reopen it the count down completely resets at 23h 59m 59s. please look into this, I don't want to spend platinum to rush this item.
  4. Replayable chimera soon? The drop rate for the bloodshed sigil is too low for those of us that are "weekend warriors".
  5. Corinth solstice skin still missing shotgun shells in the ammo rack on the side of the gun. Corinth doesn't always have to pump mechanical sounds, sometimes silent reloads. Bloodshed sigil drop buff please?
  6. Primary kitguns when? Buff to archguns when? (they are pretty much amps at this point with only one real use. taking into the consideration what it takes to use one in atmo, i feel they should be a little more powerful.) Melee 3? Skins: if we get skins before we get actual weapons this year I'm gonna be kinda sad. Dojo Derelict Decorations? New zaws? Railjack wip? New War info? Buff to bloodshed sigil droprate? Maybe purchasable from vox solaris when max rank is reached? I can't run profit taker heists for hours everyday and it sucks that the only other way to get it is from a bundle that I'm not going to buy for a (really neat) sigil.
  7. Thanks for the update, here are some things that still need looking into. Corinth still doesn't have its pump sound, and the solstice skin doesn't have shotgun shells in the ammo rack. Archguns remain over glorified amps And pax seeker is still pretty much useless in close quarters (halls and stuff where 60% of this game occurs)
  8. As some who knows next to nothing about directx, this confuses and scares me, hopefully it'll still run on my surface.
  9. First of all, I appreciate all the hard work, and crazy expansion you've added to this game over the years. Now ow the not so fun part. Profittaker: she gets stuck way too easily. The other day I ran 8 phase 4 missions in a row, and she got stuck/bugged every time. For the most part I really enjoy the fight, it's not ground breaking, but it is fun. The only problem I have is the amount of times I've played it to get a the sigil or repeller systems. In my honest opinion a 1% chance to drop the sigil in a fight that constantly locks up is insane. (Please raise drop chance) heavy weapons: video games have long had power weapons that are locked behind rare ammo or a cool down, but those weapons tend to actually turn the tide of battle (shotsguns and energy swords in halo, rocket launchers in destiny, the chainsaw in doom [2016], the list goes on.) but arch guns don't give me that feeling of being the most lethal badass in the room. My 3 forma builds are only good on most enemies until level 30, then I have to pump a full magazine into something before it'll die. With the amount of things it takes to even get these things (finish warwithin, know the quills, own an arch gun, get a gravimag) I feel the experience should be more rewarding. The biz states that the profit takes hull is made of the same materials as a corpus battleship. So are their ships really flimsy, or do corrupt gunners also wear (much stronger) warship armor? What must be done is a buff to mod/base damage. I'd like to see these weapons become game changers, maybe give each one a passive, ability, or a second fire mode. Here are my suggestions for the ones I've tried. Dual Decirion: the standard auto fire mode, that can be switched to a 2 round burst with higher status chance. (Add heat damage to base weapon) Imperator (Vandal): secondary fire mode that shoots bouncing lasers that start out doing less damage, but each shot becomes more powerful the more it bounces. (Add electricity damage to base weapon) Cyngas: second charge fire mode that uses 3 ammo, but on a hit/kill releases a massive slash explosion, that bleeds, and dismembers nearby enemies. (Add cold damage to base weapon) I hope you'll take these things into consideration, thank you for your time.
  10. Shotgun shells are still missing from shell rack on Corinth solstice skin.
  11. My question has probably already been asked, but this is something that must be addressed. Archguns: will you buff them again, and give each one a unique ability that makes it a viable choice in 1hour+ endless missions? Orb Mothers: better loot? The New War: I'll take literally anything. melee 3.0: please show some WIP stuff, I'm dyin' here. Railjack: Railjack?
  12. Please buff arch guns. They don't currently feel like an "oh dang I'm out gunned, but I've got a trump card" weapon. It's more effective to just use standard weapons. Make them feel powerful by giving them punch through, or gib bodies. The ability will be unused in a month outside of OV if something is not done about how weak these heavy weapons feel.
  13. Please increase the damage of arch-guns, my secondary weapons are more effective. Please rework loot for profittaker. And please don't try to make another free roam location next year. It seems to be too much than the team can handle. And other content suffers for it.
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