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  1. Warframe is one of my all time favorite games, but I'm worried about what is to come. As we all know, Destiny 2 is going free to play very soon. Destiny 2 offers much more in the fields of content, and story, with expansions every 3-4 months, and things to do in between. Warframe is about to face competition on a scale it has never faced before. It boils down to there needs to be more story related events/quests, and more items on a more regular basis. Concerns: If changes aren't made, Warframe will lose popularity and be forgotten. There is no endgame, and don't give me that "Fashionframe is endgame" crap, that is a stupid meme that needs to die. There is nothing to do once you hit godlike power in Warframe. Raids could fix this, maybe. One story quest a year is not enough for the lore nerds like me, I'm not asking for more cinematic quests per year, just more quests in general. Nightwave is boring, it feels like a chore to do to. Hopes: Railjack looks spectacular, and I hope that it will offer a new challenge to the game. The New War/sentient tileset are things I've looked forward to for a long time, and can't wait to see what new strangeness it brings. More story events/quests throughout the year, with a cinematic quest late in the year would be really good. I believe alerts should exist along side Nightwave, for those of us that would rather have a random helmet alert than grind for money to by a helmet, or wait for nitain rotations. An endgame mode/raid that would be more puzzle oriented than the NUKE EVERYTHING meta that has developed for this game. Difficulty sliders for missions, allowing powerful players to go to any location, and fight enemies that they deem a challenge. (personally, I can kill about everything below level 80 in a single shot, and would like to go into a mission with stupid high level enemies.) Thank you for reading, hope to see this game continue to evolve for many more years.
  2. How many weeks will this intermission run?
  3. Hello, I've bought tickets for tennocon, but just realized I don't have the faintest idea how to get in. Are tickets mailed to convention goers, or are they picked up at the door?
  4. I love endless game modes, and the cooperation that they provided. You either lived or died together. That was cool. Individual extraction is a pain in the ass. 1. slower frames get left behind when someone decides its time to go. 2. people like me that have a S#&$ connection all the time and a slower laptop suffer terminal host migrations. Game modes I loved are now nearly unplayable.
  5. Not in a fun way, but it can be done. endo is eveywhere, don't waste the potential of a new game mode on a resource that can be obtained quite literally everywhere.
  6. These can already be farmed in other places, don't make these the rewards.
  7. For Void's sake can we please get a fix for the invisible sheath on Nikana Zaws? It's been like this for months.
  8. I'm holding the weapon by the blade in this image, and it pisses me off ever so slightly.
  9. Primary Kitguns? News on The New War? Railjack? Archwing reworks/new variants coming? Duviri teasers? New heavy weapons coming? With the addition of Vapos Corpus, and the existing Terra Corpus, will we see a different crewman corps for every corpus tileset like the Grineer in the future?
  10. Cool. Fix for for nikana zaw missing sheath when?
  11. Any news on a fix for nikana zaws scabbards.
  12. And the drop is! . . . . . . The same art display I've got thirty of, and out of the eight styles it's the one I hate most!
  13. INB4 operation is during memorial weekend and I miss out. (Please don't do that, would be very uncool.)
  14. Sadly that doesn't work of for the Corpus with their armies of robots, and special trained mercmercs.
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