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  1. Still no fix for nikana zaw disappearing sheath.
  2. Nikana zaws are still visually bugged, when used the sheath disappears and does not return until the mission ends.
  3. Nikana zaws lose their sheaths wHen used, this bug has persisted since melee 2.9 was it decided that this was a feature? Will it get fixed?
  4. Quick! Exploit this for garunteed rivens, crash the market!
  5. Incredible. Fixed rare bugs, but ignored a universal weapon mesh bug.
  6. Sooooo, are nikana zaws still bugged? (Sheath disappearing when used?)
  7. So you've removed the library thing from the mainline.... k....
  8. Will the mainline include a fix for Sepfahn Zaws (nikana zaws) losing their sheaths? This issue has persisted since melee update in February.If this could be looked at that'd be great.
  9. Hello, it has been about 6 months since melee 2.99(99999999) nikana zaws have been bugged ever since. When one such weapon is used the sheath disappears, and does not return until the mission is finished. Will this be fixed in melee 3? Could it be fixed sooner? Will it ever get fixed? Find out next time on Dragonball Z!
  10. Nikana style zaws are still bugged. When used the sheath disappears entirely for the remainder of a mission. This bug has been around since the melee update in February. Please look into fixing this.
  11. Nikana style zaws are bugged. When used the sheath becomes invisible for the remainder of a mission. This bug has persisted since the melee update in February, please look into it.
  12. Nikana style zaws still lose their sheath after being used. Please fix, this but has been ongoing since melee 2.9(9999999999999).
  13. A lot is salt going around about a certain golden bone daddy.
  14. Nikana zaws still have a disappearing sheath when used will this be fixed in the upcoming melee changes, or is it permanently broken? This has been an ongoing bug since February.
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