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  1. Uhm 1400 hrs and MR 22... I'm too lazy to rank up. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Alot of these augment mods should just be baked into the ability imo.
  3. Hah you went with the classic redirection of "if you point it out that means you're it" tactic huh? 🤣. You see that a lot lately with racism, people will redirect and say nonsense like "you pointed out racism so that means you see race and are the true racist!"
  4. Pride isn't political, it just forces those against it to see their own bigotry and they don't like that.
  5. Saryn is fine, she only excels on certain maps/game modes. Honestly having a saryn in your group is a god send if you're focus farming or leveling up something.
  6. Sticking rare rewards behind a bunch of chores I've already done is a real borefest. 😴😴😴
  7. I hope they fix it soon since I love Valkyr and this skin. ❤🙂❤
  8. Yeah they really need to improve the looks of the operators and the focus schools.
  9. Alerts were better because I could ignore them till I needed something they offered without the feeling of missing out.
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