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  1. Were they even trying with octavia prime?
  2. I like the idea of us freeing a captive and escorting them to some sort of escape shuttle. That would be cool imo.
  3. Well that's just a huge inference on defense missions and when it comes to the infested while they as a whole may not be mindless they have little use for "intel" to defend. There's no need for long intros but a little sense in missions without having to make random stuff up ourselves goes a long way to feel like there's a reason to be there beyond the obvious game rewards which feels hollow quicker.
  4. Curious, why pay for inflated prices when you don't need a riven to complete or do content in any normal capacity?
  5. They should balance rivens by deleting them. The whole system is dumb and DE should be ok with some weapons being subpar but those should also have lower mr and be easier to craft. Give weapons some sense of heirarchy.
  6. My first thought once I finished that quest was "wtf that makes no sense.."
  7. I really enjoy these missions and the arcana missions afterwards. They feel more immersive than other missions in the game and each objective feels like it makes sense to proceed into the next one. One of my biggest gripes in this game are the un immersive aspects of the starchart missions. Such as. 1. Defense - Defending a "warframe cryopod" for an infinite Amount of waves. Why are we still defending what appears to be a placeholder objective that makes no sense lore wise, why are the enemies randomly attacking it and if our missions is to protect it why do we decide to stay for
  8. She looks way cooler design wise with her glass parts on her (especially with the new skin) . Id go so far as she looks pretty silly without her glass parts on the new deluxe skin.
  9. i thought DE was doing some sort of pattern? I recall we got hildryn, wisp, gauss, grendal, protea and now its Xaku and then after that it looks like its going to be the alchemist and then possibly the wraith? Thats kinda sucky, I like the female frames.. T__T
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