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  1. i haven't made one of those yet lol. Maybe thatll be my next zaw if i play again.
  2. Eidolons are a poor example but arcanes are important part of builds that can last a long time in steel path or arbitrations. So yeah if you dont have arcanes youre gimping yourself
  3. I named my smeeta kavat, "smeeta kavat". I named my railjack, "railjack". And i named all my kitguns after their parts such as, "tomb-splat-hay". Naming system seems fine to me. 🙃🤷‍♂️🙃
  4. honestly for arcanes they should allow us to purchase which ever arcane we want from onnko using the shards or whatever they were called.
  5. I pretty much stopped playing after this update dropped. It just feels like another island with the same grind as the previous open worlds. I wish they'd focus more on polishing and updating the original starchart and integrating railjack and liches into the base game. The longer I play this game the more obvious the piecemeal of these updates becomes and the more I lose my interest playing.
  6. I like to feel like I'm exploring so I'd say I like sprawling more but is there really anything to explore in these tilesets that's worthwhile?
  7. Yeah one of my biggest gripes is the lack of lore in the fractured lore as you play the starchart.
  8. Yeah that grass was annoying af when I was following animal tracks.
  9. it seems the forums on mobile have changed a bit and I can't find where my notifications are and also don't see where I can select my account.
  10. The status system in this game just seems bloated.
  11. I'm ok with conservation but it should not be a mandatory thing. Im very concerned someone at DE thought this was a good idea, like how out of touch with your player base do you need to be?
  12. Id rather they focus on cleaning up the base game than adding yet more half baked things in the game.
  13. Yeah its dumb and yet another immersion ruining aspect of this game.
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