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  1. Eh i got bored. I mean its kind of cool the mobs don't get insta deleted but there doesn't seem to be much of a point.
  2. In soulsborne games people challenge themselves when they find a regular run to easy.
  3. What her whip claw needs is a better animation. I cant stand that just half her body moves.
  4. I name mine after their parts. Tomb-splat-brash 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yeah for like a month or about the time this NW started. But i just played again today.
  6. I recall just pushing the button and the wheel would stay up. 🤔
  7. I don't recall having to hold the button to keep it up? Was this a recent change? I liked it the way it was 🙁
  8. *See's mention of valkyrs butt in title* Me: Ah a man of culture!
  9. I wish titania 2 had two less bluffs since two of them are rather useless. Heck you can prob get rid of three buffs and just keep her damage absorption one.
  10. I use to play valk all the time. Her 1 is pointless and used for lols Her 2 is nice but that animation is so slow abd locks you in place too much. Her 3 i find pointless unless i wanted to perform finisher attacks for nightwave or something. Her 4 also takes forever to cast because she dies that locked animation and she is already nigh unkillable so why bother with the invuln.
  11. This event feels way too repetitive.
  12. They still don't feel like much of a threat.
  13. Kuva liches are a boring slog fest.
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