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  1. I haven't had a chance to read through all the responses but a couple people mentioned how useful shields are and provide this sense of mod options but I haven't found that to be true. Maybe I've been in the "endgame" too long but i find shields get obliterated so quickly that I'd rather have my frame have no shields and more armor and health to compensate. I cant remember the last time I thought to myself "wow I almost died I'm glad I have shields."
  2. Ah snap! Dojo breach! Sound the alarms!
  3. More stuff needs a buff imo. Brozime and Potato made YouTube videos which I think expressed the railjack issues pretty well which coincide with issues you mentioned. Hopefully DE pays attention.
  4. "Their skin blossomed into swordsteel" - Ballas. I ran into a post not too long ago that talked about balance in railjack. Balance in general is a topic that continues to rear its head every so often, whether its enemy armor/damage or warframe survivability in higher levels in anh case there are a lot of moving parts but in that post I saw someone mentioned how warframe shields melt in less than a second at higher levels and then it dawned on me. Why even have shields? Would it not be easier to balance frames with just armor and health? Saryn for example can be made pretty tanky with adaptation and umbral mods and that's without relying on damage reduction skills. Raising armor and health on the squishy frames would definitely give them a needed survivability boost imo. Lorewise this makes sense as well since warframe skin is hardened like steel per Ballas. Perhaps shields should be removed (minus hildryn of course) and be relegated to a sentinal or moa support function. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Saryn - when I first started playing warframe she had the prettiest skins that made her look feminine. Valkyr- Shes an angry fit girl who meshes well with melee. Ember - not as pretty as saryn but her new kit feels very involved. Wisp - she looks plain with no fancy frills but still manages to look better than most frames. Her skills feel balanced and she is easy on the eyes. Titania - she made the game feel fresh and new when I was getting bored.
  6. Random stats on items has always been in games for one reason. To artificially inflate the time it takes for a player to get the BiS item. That's it. In reality there's no choice, options or build diversity based in random stats. There's always the top, acceptable and sub par. Thinking otherwise is just being misinformed.
  7. So I went into a railjack mission today when to my surprise my Ivara Prime decided to be lewd and take off her Prime clothing. 😳 Front pose. Rear pose. [DE] approved Gara Pose
  8. Warframe lore is interesting but sloppy. I see the infested interact with radio towers and somehow hold prisoners so heck we may as well have some battle pay for them.
  9. Maybe they should just get rid of shields for warframes and balance them based on health and armor values. It would make adaptation useful on more frames and probably make squishy frames tankier. They would just have to redo some skills.
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