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  1. While it does suck to not get the free stuff, it's really the lack of support that gets me. When I get angry, I tend to not forget what made me angry, so when I start the game I remember their support and the lack of responses from them. Despite all that I say to them, I would have been perfectly happy if they could get it working, but instead they keep repeating the same thing over and over. It feels like they think i'm an idiot or something. Edit: while it is immature, I do start blaming them for the issue. Its a way to help me cope with my anger. Edit 2: Well, they just got back to my support ticket. Absolutely nothing they can do for the issue, pretty much the only new tip they gave me was to try a different browser/PC. I used the twitch app and a browser on my PC 😑. Nothing they can do at all. "After going through logs, we aren't seeing anything that would be blocking you from receiving these Twitch Drops. We've investigated your account and ensured with you that you are currently linked and set with the proper accounts and everything at our end seems to be in order." Twitch already pointed the finger at them. At this point I would have to email twitch (first thing I did when this issue occurred) and they would probably just point the finger back at Warframe.
  2. Like I've said in other threads, I have been trying for the past month to get support to help, but they haven't. Posting the same instructions over and over, when they do nothing, doesn't help. It becomes very frustrating to deal with people who tell you to follow the instructions they gave you before when you already followed them three times. I have also tried to contact DE directly three times as well (over the drop issue and the lack of proper support) with no response.
  3. Never had another twitch account. Only created a twitch account because of Warframe. Never had another warframe account either. So a single twitch account always attached to a single warframe account.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if that was their actual response. Shortly after contacting support for the 3rd week about drops, they sent me this. "We are sorry that you missed out on this opportunity, but don't fret as there will be more promotions in the future in which you can take part of." Three weeks with no solutions to my problem and they tell me there will be more promotions, so don't worry. Well, if drops don't work, promotions don't mean S#&$ to me.
  5. Thanks for absolutely nothing again for the 4th month. Congrats (you and the support team) on disappointing me again to the point where I cannot enjoy the game. Edit: still waiting on the 4 drops from the campaign [DE]Megan.
  6. I would be happy to get credits at this point. I have gotten absolutely NOTHING. No ducats from a previous stream, no poster, no sniper skin, nothing.
  7. Watched the stream tonight. Just wasted another hour for absolutely nothing. Total drops in ~4 months: 0
  8. GREAT SYSTEM! /s For real, no drops again. Thanks for getting my hopes up and wasting my time once again.
  9. Oh boy, a new system. Too bad I'll probably miss the stream, just like I missed all the drops from the campaign you decided to have before trying to fix this system. Great job!
  10. Lol. That is never going to happen. If they compensate for missing drops, I am owed a LOT. Support says that they can't manually add the drops to accounts and I don't see the rest of the staff lifting a finger to add it unless nobody got the drop. Edit: My drop table Total: 0 Jack Squat: (100%)
  11. Looks like I'm gonna miss out completely on this campaign. I did get a different message from support on Monday. "I'm trying to obtain information from you regarding your case in general to verify whether you're experiencing something that we could help you with or not completely. That being said, feel free to provide as much information as you can and we can work from there." Gave all the information that I could. Haven't heard back.
  12. They think all players are idiots. Look at my other posts, you'll see that if you complain that the twitch drop instructions don't work, they send you the instructions. It's like if you called tech support and they tell you to unplug something and plug it back in. DE: unplug it and plug it back in. Player: *does that* It didn't work DE: Did you unplug it and plug it back in? You should try that. Player: I did that already, it didn't work. DE: Ok, now try unplugging it and plugging it in. If that doesn't work, you'll have other chances in the future to use your product, don't worry.
  13. I think I summed it up well in the Xbox stream. Players: Drops are broken. DE: Players are saying that the plains seem small. (hint: they don't care)
  14. If that's true, then the only ones using the bullets are as accurate as storm troopers. Edit: Stream is about done, no drops. Any answer for this [DE]Megan? you said that if you unlink and relink your twitch/warframe account you WILL get the drops.
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