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  1. if that's the case, then cool. Didn't remember how much I had earlier, so couldn't check myself. Btw, if this helps, the lich stole the kuva which was 511 and it ended with 1. :shrug: Edit - Nice 🙂
  2. if he had selected 55%, and merged the 57%, wouldn't the resultant weapon get a 10% boost and hit the 60% cap? Atleast that's what I thought the valence fusion did, increase the stats by 10% of the highest weapon + the element of the chosen weapon.
  3. Edit - screw it, why am I getting invovled. Carry on, while I get popcorn.
  4. I'm actually happy at the 2995 ducat price point. Just imagine all the prime parts getting melted and how the prices of all the other frames will go up accordingly and how baro is doing a good job of sucking up prime parts and ducats and .....
  5. Primed Chamber. Everything else was sound effects to Baro bringing Primed Chamber for 2,995 ducats. (Nice sound team btw)
  6. No. The difference is they said primed chamber will be coming back. They also said founder's edition / excal prime is exclusive and won't be available again. See the difference?
  7. Considering I'm someone who invests a lot of time and mental energy into my projects/ games / passions, I think they have a brusk but fair point to make.
  8. yea, mea culpa. someone kindly pointed it out later. I didn't realise the sarcasm / parody. 🙂
  9. omg, they all looked so young !!! I mean, OBVIOUSLY, considering it's a 7 year old vid, but awwwwwwwwww. I liked seeing this 🙂
  10. This is basically DE's version of attacking RMT / black money.
  11. There have been people spamming WTB primed chamber for the past 2 months for 100k. One person in particular. I'm happy for him if he didn't find any seller 😄
  12. https://imgur.com/0z3QpUMhttps://imgur.com/0z3QpUMhttps://imgur.com/0z3QpUMhttps://imgur.com/0z3QpUM
  13. Acolytes is actually late. Plague star was on schedule, once every 6 months. Primed chamber though... lmao.
  14. dang. I missed the sarcasm. Good one 😄
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