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  1. Absolutely horrible changes. I don't care that you are making rewards double for C rotations (which you get after about 15 mins of play) I don't care that you are adding these new aura mods. I do care that you are diluting my endo farm. I read that as "I'm here to offer fair prices" and thought of Baro. This is utter crap. There was no need to change the price of items, it finally depends on the how much effort + time the player is putting in. Can there be changes WITHOUT accompanying nerfs? I mean, seriously, what did you guys think when you were offering cyan star bundles? Or was that a planned rollback, to satiate and to show players that DE is listening to us? You are diluting the endo farm tables, with mods that should have PURCHASABLE USING VITUS ESSENCE. Have you seen the prices of Vigorous swap / Rolling guard? They are less than 10p now. Adding those 5 aura mods to the drop tables means 8 mods in the drop table, WHICH REDUCES MY ENDO / SCULPTURES. Do you not understand how many ppl want endo/sculptures instead of crap mods, which let me repeat> should have PURCHASABLE USING VITUS ESSENCE Make the drop tables cleaner and let us farm vitus essence + Endo. Remove the RNG from this ONE activity.
  2. Like sorties disable cyphers, spy missions can do the same. Lisets could still be used in other missions. Or add a different cooldown in spy missions, compared to other missions. Also, you can say most missions are broken thanks to people spamming energy and health pads, that have no cooldown + no limit on how many you can use in one go. https://i.imgur.com/wEzJxL4.jpg
  3. Why do air support charges have a 10 min cooldown? When energy pods or spectres don't have a cooldown, then why do air support charges? I understand that DE doesn't want us to spam them, but a 10min cooldown essentially makes it a 1 use item in most missions. The horribly low dmg and hp is another issue. Why can't it scale up to enemy levels / or if not that, the average damage of all weapons of the team? Can we not have a 1 min cooldown, so that it's actually usable? Also, we should be able to reactivate / re-enable our disabled turret.
  4. agreed. Loads of ppl don't care about conclave and universal medallions would have had SOME use if we could use it in conclave.
  5. I didn't rush my lua unairu lens, but it's not on any of my weapons anymore. What gives? 😞 Edit - Was it a refund of 150p?
  6. is it possible for it to give standing without the corresponding negative standing from other factions?
  7. Appreciated. If feasible, we should be getting +10 every time a new frame is released or +30 every year 🙂
  8. Loki unvault was hardly an unvault with the horrible Axi L4 drop mechanics. 50-80p for Axi L4, while it was still unvaulted should indicate how bad it was. Hopefully Loki comes back, otherwise it's prices will touch 500p+ and it will be locked out of reach of a lot of players.
  9. Awesome, I like this. Why didn't we add "edit" option to this menu though? Still takes 8 clicks to esc multiple times, go to arsenal, then select the loadout and then edit to make any changes.
  10. Nice. That "Daily first win - bonus awarded! " subtitle will make more players know about the double credits you get for the 1st mission after logging in every day. http://prntscr.com/op8tmj Any chance that can work for index rewards as well, instead of using sortie stage 3 to get the max bonus?
  11. What was the twitch drop for people who watched the stream?
  12. Using a combination of %,5,$ still leads to a game UI freeze in the change loadout menu.
  13. Having read and understood your reply, I have to say that I won't be crossing my fingers for any changes to the way trade chat or in game communications work. I did wonder if a 1 way friend list is possible, or some limited way to contact players via inbox, but 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️. While I will take the time (+ hopefully DE's proposed mass deletion tools will help as well) to sort out my friend list, I don't see the players who've added me as their "trader buddy" to go out of their way to bookmark my wf.m profile or remember my name for future trades. Either way, here's looking forward to facing new changes.
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