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  1. I must get a Humming version of this Marvelous Piece of art Called Sleep in the Cold below Can Keith do a humming version? please I must need to use as Ringtone !!!
  2. Hello I need to know what are the best suitables Warframes to become specters (Vapor,Cosmic etc) to do Interception missions on SP solo. can anyone provide me with intel?
  3. Ash Trickster: Config A: https://overframe.gg/build/149510/ Ash Assassin: Config A: https://overframe.gg/build/149512/ Config B: https://overframe.gg/build/149512/ Config C: https://overframe.gg/build/149513/ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Harrow Caster Config A : https://overframe.gg/build/149516/harrow/cordylons-archive-caster-config-a/ __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Doesnt need to be that fast. I can wait.
  5. I dont have enough data cap to watch streams. I'm brazilian and brazilian ISP's Sucks
  6. I really love revenant skin he looks like a dragon I have the perfect build for him Mind FreaK + Thralls = Puppet master
  7. hello I wanna know if this real ???
  8. Keith Power is legendary. He created another hit song ^_^ I'm very happy with that
  9. Warframe is the best creation of the entire world! ^_^
  10. How about design a alt helm wolf like helmet for umbra
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