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  1. My limit and threshold to download this update will be 1GB higher than that is impossible. last month 100GB ended in a pinch. Like past the first fifteen months it has ended I cannot spend too much data downloading games
  2. yes. sadly. I've spent big money on discounted plat and spend many plat on 30 day boosters and now I may become unavailable depending on the update tomorrow
  3. Tell this to Warframe. each month has a new update. depending on what is the size of the update warframe will be become inviable for me
  4. I hope so I hope DE doesnt optimize game data and I have to redownload 6GB of data. because this will turn me inviable to play. I wish I had my home back again I lost it due this pandemic situation. I'm living in a place that has no other ISP to change so yeah I'm pretty stuck. I even spent over R$150,00 with games on steam days before my home wifi broke. and guess the only game Im playing is warframe right now. and I will have to cancel download if I have to download another 6GB of data
  5. my home wifi is broken and all my family works with heavy data usage. I work with up and download of files and have to share a 100GB link. I live in Brazil so yeah data cap is very very limited for us
  6. hello I need to know how much data cap will the next update Require (feb 23rd) Im using mobile data and have very limited data cap. how much is estimated for a prime release?
  7. Hello. I Came here to Kindly offer a total of 3.550p for these items below Ash prime = 150p Chroma prime = 70p Hydroid prime = 100p Limbo prime = 100p Mag prime = 170p nekros prime = 140p nova prime = 90p nyx prime = 130p oberon prime = 90p Rhino prime = 200p saryn prime = 180p trinty prime = 70p valkyr prime = 130p vauban prime =200p volt prime = 180p zephyr prime = 90p Boar prime = 120p Boltor prime =100p Cernos prime =100p Tiberon Prime =100p Vectis Prime = 130p Sybaris Prime =50p Tigris Prime =60p Soma Prime = 70p Akvasto
  8. I know that. The reason behind this post was to discuss if they have any usefulness. Like smeeta kavat used to farm stuff and adarza kavat that booster critical
  9. Since some updates ago I noticed the Intrisic Count is not refreshing. Intrisic shows in the Leveling section of Reward UI but does not refresh after some grinding. is this happening only with me? Because of this Bug I tought Intrisic farming was completely broken and I lost the DE XP Event on Operation orphix venom Can someone report if you are experiencing this bug?
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