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  1. i find it a bit stupid that the cap is 132k but max rank stuff cost 100k~125k... it costs ALL your standing. high costs should be put on one-time buyings, like cosmetics, but weapons, captura stuff, those things can be sold and you'll probably sell more than one. and also, i'm talking about not only syndicates. SIMARIS. everything(good things) costs 75k~100k. THIS really needs a cap upgrade. open worlds are basically dead shops. buy everything once and bye bye. i think i said before, but getting relics is the easiest and fastest part, i never spent standing on relic packs, as weapons can be sold for plat (and relics can be obtained easily and fast) btw new players dont have max rank syndicates, as far as i know
  2. i get it, relics would be easier to obtain, but obtaining relics is the easiest part. cracking them is the long RNG part. Ukko - Void has all relics lith ~ neo, and you can get axi ones easily doing xini - eris(slow) or that apollo - lua. again i ask, would increasing the limit on standing (not only for syndicates, but simaris and open worlds) be so game breaking?
  3. wait, i just realized... but new/medium players wont have maxed syndicates or stuff
  4. isnt that a cheap way to make players come back every day? i mean... if you design a consistent good gameplay with good rewards, people will come back every day because they want to experience such stuff, not because they're "kinda forced" to come back. i believe those time gatings work for mmorpgs, warframe is a (mostly) single player shooter. warframe already has lots of content, changing this wouldn't affect daily logins. also, it's a game where you get loadout slots as rewards when ranking up your mastery instead of warframe slots/weapon slots, so we already have to pay money. free games usually get money from cosmetics or small QoL, but in warframe you're almost forced to pay unless you only want to use 1 warframe and 2 weapons for your whole gameplay. this change, this small change would make players stop coming every day? if not remove limits, at least give us a bigger limit, like plague star
  5. is this really that impactful to the game? you already can trade with other players and get anything without spending a single plat. but we'd still need to open those relics. we have missions like ukko(=1 relic per minute). also, is it bad that people would have access to content faster? doesn't DE want us to experiment new content? do we really need a long boring farm for everything?
  6. Okay, i understand time limits. it's a cheap way to make content last longer, but it's acceptable. Now, why do we have standing limits at max ranks? Syndicates and such, once you reach max rank, you shouldn't have a limit on how much you can gain. (not per day) like, at max rank, you can get at most 135k standing. WHY? lots of stuff cost over 100k. You can't, for example, gather like... 300k(over the days) and buy 3 good mods to sell. you have to gather standing, buy thing, gather standing, buy thing. maybe i'm not expressing myself correctly... this. this 132k limit. why? weapons cost 100k and they sell pretty well in market. why cant i just get some standing, wait till someone wants to buy a weapon and just pick it once i need it? AGAIN, I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT DAILY LIMIT. I'M TALKING ABOUT TOTAL LIMIT. it's exactly like having a limit on how much credits you can have. Edit1: Would increasing the standing cap at least to 300k be that impactful? would it break the game? Edit2: My point was never about getting all syndicates(even tho i'd love to). all syndicate rewards can be easily traded through ingame chat with other players. but yeah, increase the negative cap as well, it really doesn't matter. I DO understand getting relics would be easier, but it already is. For those who don't know, run Ukko(literally one relic per minute) in Void for relics Lith, Meso and Neo and Xini - Eris or Apollo - Lua for Axi relics. i heard people also use hieracon for axi relics. almost any mission rewards relics. "oh but those who wanna get stuff in day 1 will abuse this system" yeah, so what? With this, we wouldn't have people putting stupid high prices for new stuff. and also, why does it matter if someone gets stuff in day one? again: OBTAINING RELICS IS NOT HARD. OBTAINING THE PARTS YOU WANT IS THE LONG PART. Also Simaris shop doesn't have relic packs and everything is expensive, over 75k standing. Any explanation why this needs a cap? Think like this: you only can get up to 1.5k credits. then you max rank a certain mod. now you're out of credits and you can not obtain more credits today. but there are still mods you need to rank up. btw, this "oh you only can't support rival syndicates" system is as impactful as choices in the war within quest. pretty lame, imo. if you're supposed to take it seriously, then we need more consequences other than "random eximus appears to kill you"(even new players can easily deal with 84% of those squads, maybe new loka is a bit harder?).
  7. yo, i just realized... hydroid... has more synergy in his kit than yareli. and hydroid is 7 years old, and is in a terribly crappy state. his kit is bad, BUT it has more synergy than yareli hah.
  8. Yareli needs a full rework. her abilities are too individual(?), they don't synergize. it feels like DE just picked 3 random abilities and shoved up a k-drive theme warframe. even xaku, the broken warframe, feels less broken, his abilities help each other at least.
  9. it's been broken since release and DE seems to be ignoring this. but yeah, if you deal enough damage, tornados stop working and this is stupid.
  10. well, toxin is good because you only have to add one element and it's done. with innate toxin, you can add electricity and have a corrosive weapon, and 7 mod slots for crit/fire rate/muitishot/etc. or you can just add cold and have a viral weapon with 7 free mod slots. if you're using condition overload/galvanized status mods, i think going for magnetic or radiation is good(depending on the weapon). with innate secondary element, you can mod for 2 secondary elements + 1 primary element. if the weapon has IPS, that means 6 elements = 6 more status for condition overload/galv status. (at least this is how i think) i just checked wikia. Fire does instant 50% armor reduction on proc. the calculation goes like this : An active Heat proc, and max stacked Corrosive proc without Corrosive Projection would result in an enemy's armor being reduced to: (1 - 50%) × [1 - (20% + 6% × 10)] = 10%. i like fire, its damage over time stacks like hell, even on weak weapons, if you get some fire rate, you can apply LOTS of fire procs. each element that has damage over time status calculates its damage differently. for example, let's go with heat/fire: percentage damage would break the game. people would mod for fire rate and instantly kill anything. i believe almost any weapon can be good/usable in steel path with the right settings. status weapons with low base damage probably have high fire rate = more status per second. in this example, we have 355 total damage. viral will proc 84% of the hits, slash 14% and puncture/pierce 0.01%. yes, the chance to proc it is very low, but it still exists. i highly doubt the most often given would be pierce BUT the chance exists. you can have an event where you hit enemies 3 times and proc 3 puncture status on them in a row. it's very low chance, but it's possible. yeah... i'd mod war for corrosive/heat. if its innate damage types are bad, just put good ones over it.
  11. Hey. Hm. I’ll be talking some about damage types and status effects. Let’s go. The physical ones (A.K.A. IPS[I always thought it meant “innate physical stats” lol]): Impact: Thanks to the new mods “hemorrhage” and “internal bleeding”, impact’s being way more interesting (because slash is one of the best status types in the game right now). Impact is also good at doing damage to shields, but… nobody cares about this. There are better options. Impact status effect is Stagger. It staggers enemies and increases the health threshold for parazon finishers against that target, up to 80% health. It’s… good, but there aren’t many enemies susceptible to parazon finishers, so… (Why are nullifiers susceptible to parazon finishers but noxes or elite shield lancers? Nullifiers are EXACTLY as tough as detron crewmen, which means they aren’t tough at all. Corpus doesn’t have many “heavy units” and that’s okay. Don’t limit other factions for that, please.) AHEM. Let’s move on. Puncture: It’s bad. MOVING ON. Okay, just kidding. Puncture does more damage to armored targets and its status effect is Weakened. It weakens an enemy up to 75%. Well, yeah, it’s bad. Why would we want to do more damage to armor when we have damage types that entirely bypass armor or reduce armor? Also weakening a target is not good. Unless you can weaken every single target at your sight. Please comment what weapon can do instantly/in a short period 10 stacks of puncture to a large area. Y’know something that does reduce enemy damage by 75% instantly? Equinox’s pacify. And its energy cost is pretty low. And it applies to every enemy in a large range. Yeah. Slash: THIS IS THE GOOD THING. There it is, claps, claps, claps. The best damage! Slash, as a damage type isn’t that good. It deals a nice damage to infested units and unarmored grineer, but it shines with its status effect: BLEEDING. It does TRUE DAMAGE over time. It totally ignores armor!! Do I really have to say why this is great? Now the primary elements: Cold: Cold slows enemies. It’s only good to make secondary elements. MOVING ON. Oh, it can also be used as side element on eidolon hunts, I guess. NOW, MOVING ON! Electricity: It does more damage to corpus machines and its effect, Tesla Chain, does damage over time to enemies in a 3 meter area around the affected unit. Electricity has some niche uses. Let’s make it short: if enemies are near each other = good. If they are far = bad. Heat: Another great damage type! Its status effect, ignite, makes enemies panic, reduces their armor AND does damage over time. Yo, isn’t this unfair with other statuses that only have one effect? I’M NOT COMPLAINING. I LOVE HEAT. KEEP IT LIKE THIS. DO. NOT. NERF. IT. Buff other status types, please. Toxin: A.K.A. “did you have a shield on?” Toxin is the corpus killer, it does more damage to corpus health AND its damage bypasses shields. AND² it has damage over time status effect that also bypasses shields. It doesn’t matter if they are robots, it you’re fighting corpus, USE TOXIN. And the secondary elements: Blast: Made with cold + heat, it used to be AWESOME. Old blast status could knock down enemies, making them susceptible to ground finishers… now blast reduces accuracy, which is crap. Listen. It doesn’t matter if a bullet has only 1% chance to hit you if it kills you on hit. Reduced accuracy/evasion works in rpgs where you are facing one enemy or a small number. Warframe has LOTS of enemies constantly shooting at you and their damage stales up to hell. It doesn’t matter if I instantly add 10 blast procs to every enemy in sight, 25% of their shots WILL hit you and WILL kill you if you’re not tank enough. And if you are tank enough, you won’t even need this 75% reduced accuracy to enemies. Corrosive: THE OLD KING. But it still is a great damage type. Corrosive (made of electricity + toxin) does lots of damage to ferrite armored enemies and ancient infested units, BUT its effect, Corrosion, reduce armor up to 80%!!! Less armor = more damage taken! (duh) Gas: This one suffered the same as blast… Gas (heat + toxin) used to deal toxin damage in a small area. It wasn’t awesome, but it was pretty fun. Now gas does gas. It’s a weaker electricity status. (I know, gas can reach 6 meter radius, but electricity does more damage because its damage calculation uses electricity mods in the weapon, while gas only uses base damage bonuses and faction damage bonuses.) Magnetic: IT MELTS SHIELDS! And that’s pretty much all. Btw, (cold + electricity) Radiation: As a damage type, it’s pretty much the best. Radiation (heat + electricity) does more damage to corpus robots, high lvl grineer units and EIDOLONS. Its status, confusion, is… nice, I guess? It makes enemies fight each other and increases the damage they deal to each other. This isn’t even close to being enough. But hey, it’s a good distraction. Oh Radiation also disables Ancients and Eximus auras, which's also great! Viral: THE NEW KING. Viral (cold + toxin) does more damage to grineer bodies and corpus bodies. BUT. Its status effect, Virus (duh), increased damage to health up to 325%. IT TRIPLES YOUR DAMAGE. It pairs greatly with slash, heat and other damage over time effects. Void: It exists. Okay, void is the "true neutral" damage type. It's not good against anything nor bad. Its effect, Bullet Attractor, creates a small mag-like bubble on enemies, which makes it easier to hit them. Conclusion: Damage types are still very unbalanced. Most of them are crappy and can be ignored. Blast NEEDS to be reworked and gas needs some buffs. Puncture will still be ignored forever. Impact is only good because it can proc slash. VS Corpus = Toxin VS Grineer = Slash VS Infested = Corrosive/Slash/Heat (Infested units are weak as hell, literally any damage can kill them easily. They don’t have armor or shields.) VS Infested (cambion drift) = Corrosive/Heat (welp, at least, it's what i use lol) What do you guys think? Did I forget something? edit1: ty ty Lutesque , i forgot to add some radiation info xD
  12. yeeeeh.... it's damn boring... usually i just pick a day each 2 weeks to sell stuff
  13. indeed, it takes a lot of plat... but you can buy it slowly, through the ranks. it's important to create the habit of selling stuff as soon as possible XD i remember selling prime junk to buy my third warframe slot because i REALLY needed oberon... good old times... well, if you already own everything, you do have the slots for them sooooo not really a problem heh, but yeh, i agree, we should get more free slots...
  14. added steel path comments, recomended gear and stuff, just in case anyone need it. AGAIN: THIS IS HOW I, ME, MYSELF FOUGHT THEM. if you have a better strategy, comment it, i'll test and, if it's more efficient, i'll edit the post.
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