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  1. i kill hem with mirage pyrana prime and reedemr took me around 10 min
  2. It's like saying make a vauban frame that will use cubes not balls its different
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Equinox "Shifting between two forms allows her to bolster Tenno strength in light or provide recuperative respite in darkness. "
  4. still w8ting on the beast warframe
  5. to be honest i just wana get to mr 30 and see what happens il probably quit the game if they just add more levels lol
  6. Looking at some of the new bosses and enemys most of them have specific spots you need to shot to dmg them or start the dmg part of the fight and they relly like the assasination animations we might get some more of that....i think the days where you 1 shot things will die pretty soon
  7. Once you forma a wepon you can change the build how you want and even if new enemys come out the same things will work on them at most you might have to hit 1 week spot or some "new" thing where you just dont shot themin the face and they die instantly
  8. Soo....watched for 3 hours+ no pistol drop my friends got it but i didnt....is it coz of the back log or ?
  9. Hope its not another grind fest for a ephemera or some silly cosmetic
  10. Most people playing "hard mode" Veterans....that played sorties and this maps for 6 years and finish most missions on "hard mode" in 2 - 5 min
  11. Man you ir MR 29 what.....
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