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  1. Okay great but what about people who watched everything but didn’t get the lotus step? That was legit all I wanted and now it’s a requirement to get nekros since that drop is also broken. Twitch links are broken, they remain broken, all we get told is people who got one drop will now get the other but those who didn’t get either are just #*!%ed. It makes no sense how y’all don’t reward both drops when it’s broken. Last year ash didn’t drop and this year nekros didn’t. Can y’all just figure out a new way to give out drops cause this is dumb.
  2. I believe I did. Never used edge before so it shouldn’t have had anything at all to clear.
  3. Yup. I’ve tried edge chrome the app even tried using twitch on the console itself and no matter what it’s not enabled.
  4. This exactly. It’s been obvious that it’s certain warframe accounts that are bugged and all we get told is “follow the twitch drop guide and see if your linked in the connections page if not link your accounts here etc” and when you say that dosent work you get told some thing about how they can’t add drops to an account and to contact twitch or that you just have to relink again.
  5. I haven’t done this since I play on PS4 making a new warframe account would mean making a whole new PS4 account, but from what I’ve seen people say they are connecting old twitches to new warframe accounts and getting drops enabled, but connecting a new twitch to a old warframe account still has drops off. For me my link is fine. It works it’s connected it’s shown in connections on both ends and I get the twitch prime loot no problem. The problem is that drops are not enabled for me whatsoever. When you watch a stream it should say drops enabled under the title area but for me and several others it says “enable in game drops with account link” which when you click shows you are linked yet drops are still off. It’s stays like this no matter how many times you link/relink and you get no drops at all since they’re not enabled. but the link works since the twitch prime loot will show up in your account no problem, I got my fang prime no problem but drops just don’t work.
  6. Finally got a response to my ticket regarding drops not being enabled and besides telling me to unlink and relink or checking my connections I was told to contact twitch support, although there’s been many reports on this thread and several others like it where making a new twitch dosent enable drops but making and new warframe account enables drops so it’s kinda obvious the problem is with the warframe side of our links -_- im beginning to think we’re just being used to inflate views after the update with these broken drops. Oh well I’ll just farm khora and nidus like normal.
  7. This is just messed up they know linking and unlinking isn’t fixing it yet they won’t try to help us at all, they say they can’t add the drops to our account yet when the ash prime drop was messed up they gave everyone a free ash why can’t they just do this again since the link is broken
  8. At this point I just want DE to awknowledge this issue cause it’s kinda just brushed under the rug and ignored.
  9. Theres still the problem that a couple of us cannot get drops enabled on our main WF accounts and all we get told is to unlink and relink when that is not helping a all. If making an alt WF account and linking to our main twitch account enables drops but making an alt twitch and linking to our main WF accounts not doing it then it seems the problem is on DEs side of things. They should address this issue in some way and maybe provide some sort of compensation for those unable to receive anything in this event giving out at least one of these frames would be nice until they fix it.
  10. if de dosent address the broken links and drops they might really be breaking some kind of twitch rule/guideline
  11. The issue for me is that drops are broken for me, they're not enabled at all and i'am linked. i can care less if i get the frames i just want twitch drops to actually work for me.
  12. everyone whos having this issue with drops not showing as enabled should submit a ticket cause de is not replying on these forum posts and this has been an issue since the ash prime drop, its not any of our faults obviously the error is on their side since creating a new warframe account and linking it to twitch shows drops enabled while using our main accounts to link just gives us the message "enable drops with account link" even tho every page shows we are linked. DE please address this with something beyond "unlink and relink your account" because that isn't fixing this issue. ive personally been having this problem since the return of the sacrifice drops for console and all ive been told is to relink yet that is not fixing drops.
  13. linked and unlinked and it still says "enable drops with account link" DE I sent in a request when the sacrifice drops were back and missed them because of this issue and no amount of relinking has fixed it and now im going to miss out on these drops because yet again all you can say is to relink your accounts but it is not working. I look in my connections and it says im linked I receive my prime loot from twitch prime but yet im not getting a single twitch drop. im watching only one stream, being active, not muted, not offline, and my drops are not enabled. this is a problem on yalls end not mine.
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