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  1. first one! maybe i won't be so constant on this, since i have work to do, and sorry if it's digital :c "DAY 1 - RING" You thought i was loki... BUT NO! IT WAS ME! THE DECOY! Inktober Day 3 "Bait" Day 4 "Freeze" Finally found some paper! Day 7 "Enchanted" Day 8 "Frail" 😭 Day 12 "Dragon" Day 14 "Overgrown" "Waiting for new Dreamers to be Awaken" Day 17 "Ornament"
  2. after the mainline, i've encountered some "flickering" on various sfx, an example it stay all the mission, today was on every mission i've played (this is what i could record), it is mostly a flickering thing, i've seen it affects any sfx that occurs on screen, like stalker, sindicates, laser damage, void dash, etc, after it happends, i keep looping and flickering, most of the time it's a pretty bright red light, i dont know what it is, maybe it's just me. my specs are on high with minimun fx particles (because ouch my eyes).
  3. Here's my entry... i'm so sorry, but it was the perfect opportunity ti do this xDDDD
  5. aqui mi entrada.... talvez es un poco agresivo xD, lo siento
  6. sooo, can we keep it? 😮 (i guess yeah, since it's hard to return all that xD, thanks again)
  7. glad to se rebbs better and omg the lulz xDD thanks so much!
  8. "Se puede participar en ambos concursos, pero debe ser una canción original por cada uno." eso mismo iba a preguntar xD gracias Zorro xD solo por las dudas, el prime access sera mesa o equinox? ewe
  9. here's my try, years with touching music stuff xD so, sorry the quality xD
  10. thanks so much for the answers! ❤️ have a good day :3
  11. i have a question, a friend of mine it's going to tennocon this year, i can't go because yeah... money xD, but i can afford a physical ticket, so his idea it's for me to buy a physical ticket (the collector's one) and he would could request my stuff there (and then give it to back home) it's that ever possible? thanks for your time 😄
  12. my try, the santuary onslaught elite it's a spooky place... (shoot on captura, but heavily retouch on photoshop)
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