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  1. PureIcarus

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3

    In that case, it would make more sense to make a Rank 1 arcane worth 3 Unranked Arcanes. Just add the ability to combine them. that way nothing is lost.
  2. PureIcarus

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3

    Why? You can remove them for free any time you want and use them on multiple warframes.... Distillation is unnecessary and de ranking makes no sense.
  3. PureIcarus

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.2

    How about.... never? Never will understand peoples fascination with the incredibly worthless trials that posed no challenge and gave no reward.
  4. PureIcarus

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Weapon Name: Anamnesis (An-am-Nee-sis) Faction: Tenno - Magnetic Blades Description: Forged from the armor of fallen Tenno before you, The Anamnesis is truly a memory of your past and vision of your future. This Claw type weapon boasts a unique Floating Dagger design that transforms at the wielders will. Forged by the Tenno, for the Tenno, of the Tenno. Normal attacks can hit 4 times with each swing, Charge attacks hit with vicious power. Using a Slashing stance will give the weapon primarily Slash Damage, Using a stabbing stance will give the weapon primarily Puncture damage. Blocking levitates the daggers in front of the Tenno to block incoming damage. Please ignore the terrible art skills
  5. I agree that DE really needs to take the time to TEST things before releasing them to the public. I do feel that lowering the numbers was a good call however. My clan is a shadow Clan, we have 4-6 of the 12 people actually active, we would have had to had all 4 members get a total of nearly 238 rescues in one mission for just the Blueprint. Clan activity is subjective, and 50% based on a MAX number is unfair. My clan is a shadow clan with 12 members, while its accounting for 15 members and we only have 4 active.
  6. The content they have slated for U19 is content they originaly promised for U16.... they are pushed it back a little much
  7. Where is Update 19? you have teased the content for the past 6 months and have yet to release it... why not release update 19 with what you have done and the rest of it in updates after that?
  8. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    Gotta love kids who take things out of Context, attempt to twist the words to fit their point, and then try to rebute in a way that makes them sound cool... Well you failed... Anyway, I did it the hard way as in before the hotfix that increased point gain and decreased their HP... i finished the 3rd mission on 8 diffrent warframe... no i didnt use wukong because i hate that frame.... and then they nerfed it... making all my effort doing it when it was harder completly wasted... SO... to sum up the story here...I feel cheated because all the players whining for nerfs are now reciving the same rewards i worked hard to get... I feel like People who cant put in the effort to complete something difficult need to be punished in a way, providing an additional reward to players who completed the event before it was nerfed is easy, not selfish and it rewards the players with enough inginuity to beat it when it is still difficult. What they have no is trivial... so why the hell should someone earn the same rewards i do, when i had to put in more effort? Why the hell do you deserve the same rewards i got when you get to put in half the effort and time?.... Why does DE continue to nerf crap? because too many people whine that things are too difficult and they are the number 1 reason this game is getting more and more boring... EVERYTHING gets nerfed... DE needs to stop this bad habit.
  9. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    In my opinion, things need to reach the level of Impossible... That way people will learn, grow and become stronger from using their brains or watching others... However, DE continues to nerf everything down to the ground when people start whining. So NO... Difficulty IS getting 1 shotted by everything, until you find a way to avoid it... Ash, Valkyr, Wukong... all of thoes are strategies... not cheap tactics... DE will come out with another event that makes thoes 3 useless and people will come up with a new strategy to beat that one. But DE needs to stop nerfing things, otherwise people will never learn.
  10. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    I haven't insulted a single person... You ARE being inconsiderate because you don't understand the situation. I am an Elitist... and i embrace it... i want things to be harder because when they get easier, i get bored.
  11. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    Then get lost... you are fine with the situation... i'm not... So you don't need to stay. I'm going to voice my opinion. You're the type of person who infects these forums... Shooting down any opinion you don't agree with.
  12. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    So im not special for apparently being the only person who doesn't level frames and weapons with draco? or the only person who has actually worked for his rewards?... how about the only person who has completed 100% of the galaxy map? Or Obtained and Maxed nearly every weapon/warframe/archwing/sentinal in the game... I do all these things because i enjoy the game. And when i see players who DO NOT put in any effort or get handed things because they are too lazy to work for them... it makes me sick... people like you make me sick because you feel that you are just as good as everyone else... well i got news for you, you arent.... Im special because i have the skills and knowledge to control this game and bend it to my will... i think you are afraid of that, i think you are afraid that people like me will cause the game to get harder and harder with each event... will yes... thats what i want, and i want the nerfs to stop as well because im tired of the game catering to the weak or lazy players. Its a challenge, its not supposed to be easy.
  13. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    Funny how the truth makes everyone so inconsiderate on these forums... Let me just point a few things out about this game.... Draco needs to be removed... Rewards after a nerf need to be changed... Taxies need to be Punished... and Effort needs to be rewarded... not punished. From what iv seen so far... i AM speical, im willing to take the path with the most resistance, and i feel that people like me (because there are more out there) should earn greater rewards than the people who dont want to take a challenge. I am special because i have the guts to stand up and call out DE for making something easier. I am special because i have the skill to beat everything in this game solo, and i get nothing out of it. Am i wasting my time? Probably... but i feel that sometimes i should get something in return for my effort... unlike thoes kids begging for taxies to draco because they cant be bothered to work for anything.
  14. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    Yea? and it takes 1/2 the time and effort now after the nerf.... So pre-nerf we wasted our time and it makes DE look bad if they are wasting peoples time.
  15. PureIcarus

    Hotfix 18.10.2 + 18.10.3: Operation Rathuum.

    No, i want something special that proves that i put in the effort and time to do it the hard way.... I dont care if its a simple sigil or a badge... something that sets me apart from the rest because i DID do it. Without that, i wasted my time doing it the hard way, and its very irritating.