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  1. Rank 4 on Xbox, then moved to PC a year ago and I’m only rank 2 because of how boring it is waiting for a match. These medallions would’ve made it so much easier And if the argument of “PvE content helping PvP” then make them as a possible reward in PvP too. That simple
  2. When do you think pets-2.0 could happen? Are ideas of reworking the DNA stabilizer/loyalty system, mod-able weapons (too many mods for just 10 slots, 9 if you count the basically mandatory fetch/vacuum), or more variants (kavats/helminths) possible? Also ephemera for companions when?
  3. With the addition of Nyx deluxe’s shotgun skin (which I thought was going to be tied to a specific shotgun ie. Tigris) will you revisit the boltor bravura to be used on all rifles as originally announced? Seeing as many shotguns have differing reload animations, this should be feasible? Also ember’s nusku pistol skin still can’t be used on dual pistols as shown in the original trailer for it PS. Will kubrows/kavats be getting their own weapon mods? They seem to be quite niche compared to sentinels and moas which have abilities and mod-able weapons separate.
  4. Upon failing a hack, the moa will bow slightly with its head down, shaking it side-to-side in disappointment while also making a sound similar to the “womp womp womp” of a trombone (sound varies slightly depending on personality used (or not used))
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