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  1. Listed here are the Clan Ranks, what your privileges are, and how to earn them. When you rank up in the clan, the privileges from your previous rank carry over to the next and you get new privileges as well. Civilian: You are allowed to recruit new clan members. This rank is earned by not logging in for 30 days. Recruit: You are allowed to recruit others and contribute to the Clan Vault. This rank is earned by joining our clan. Hero: You are allowed to access the blueprints in the Dojo Labs. This rank is earned by completing 3 junctions. Assassin: You are allowed to queue research for new items in the labs. This rank is earned by killing 5 different bosses. Reaper: You are allowed to place decorations in certain areas of the dojo (This does not include offices or rooms built and decorated by me unless I or your other superiors ask you). This rank is earned by completing 8 junctions. Harbinger: You are allowed to promote, demote, and exile others from the clan. This rank is earned by completing The Second Dream Quest and the obstacle course in 1 minute or less. You must already be a reaper in order to qualify for the Harbinger rank. Ascended Master: You are allowed to build additional rooms in the dojo and be a chat moderator. This also comes with the option of picking your office, a room in the dojo you can personalize to your liking. If you wish to destroy a room you didn't build, YOU NEED MY PERMISSION. This rank is earned by completing The War Within Quest, and 8 zones in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught with me in your squad. Ascended Grand Master: I will choose who becomes this rank, as I don't trust anyone with this role easily. Precursor: This is the title given to the clan's founder and Digital Extremes themselves doesn't allow being promoted to this rank.
  2. These are the rules. No spamming, not in-game or in Discord (My definition of spamming is repeating the same thing in chat). Log-in at least once every 30 days (This does not mean you have to play a match). Failure to do so gets you expelled. (Exile is never permanent unless stated otherwise. If you have extenuating circumstances as to why you can't log in, just let me know in Discord. No need to go into details, we all have lives outside of Warframe). Profanity is allowed, just be careful who you use it around. Some of us might be young children and it is important to set a good example. Don't abuse any power given to you. Abuse is grounds for immediate demotion or exile. (If you feel someone is abusing their power, let me know here or in Discord and I will investigate). Have some fun. Don't let Mastery Rank go to your head like most of the Warframe Community has. The only reason it matters is because certain weapons require certain Mastery. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can post them here and in discord, or message me in-game when I am on. -- Anbrix: Precursor(Founder) of Guardian Incursion
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