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  1. The mining points on Orb do not respawn. Go ahead and hit me with another punishment for criticizing bad game development. Thanks!
  2. Move up and down are not needed as far as I can tell. This could have been addressed already, or just not updated the console to the S#&$ version before shipping it everywhere. Classic DE, nerfing the fun right out of the 1% of the game that works.
  3. Just today, 2 of the 4 runs have been glitched. Has DE said anything about this mission and its issues?
  4. Just had to abandon the mission because the door to deck 12 leading out after the first phase would not open. It kept flickering and would not let me pass but let the others in the party pass.
  5. Shiz like this, restores faith. Real talk. We love you Rebecca!!!!!!!!
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