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  1. Is there any problem regarding steam region being different from your home country and purchasing warframe content with that steam currency? i got a warning message regarding ive made some illegal purchases ,but i dont know whats the root of the problem . i wanna buy prime access but kinda scared if ill be banned for it .
  2. anyone else having this problem ? game was running fine but suddenly started to show network not responding while i was in a mission . Could not log in after logging out. Warframe.com not responding either . weird problem to have . With vpn everything works fine but im getting super bad ping with it . Anyone have a workaround/fix for this issue ?
  3. The profile view of players need to be seriously redone . Even a simple bug makes it look way better . This one is the normal view here is a view when entering from syndicate window In the current market of games showcasing ones profile has one of the biggest impact imo. I really think there should be changes taking action such as animated profile view , better stance , better lightning, better pose, ability to show companions, featured builds etc.
  4. After the recent update , operating a railjack has become worse than ever. As a railjack fan i appreciate that DE trying to fix all the bugs but this time they made it utter un enjoyable to play railjack. Before , with a max rank Bulkhead and Hull weave you could actually tank enemy attacks. Right now ? it feels like im running a cardboard box with attached guns on it. The fuking Hull ruptures every 30 seconds . AND IT GETS STUCK ON SOME INVISIBLE DEBRIS WTF DE
  5. i was doing sortie and suddenly started getting red crits with no combo multiplier on my nikana prime. I dont know if its a visual bug or not, the damage seemed like it was giving red crit dps .
  6. unlinking and linking twich account is pretty easy ..just login to their website and go to profile you can unlink your twich account anytime
  7. another idea, make steel essence tradable for conclave standing . Just fuking give us an option where we dont have to play conclave
  8. if your account is really new for say under mr 10 or have less than 400/500 hours of play time id actually suggest you make a new account If this negative balance thing happened once in your account it might happen again
  9. ahh srry the venka one is sold already . let me know if you need anything else
  10. Selling tonkor (only 2 roll) , battacor, karak, zenith, dual toxocyst ,cassowar ,venka unrolled ... Pm me your offer or ask for price in here or in game Ign: Sweg178
  11. To me the current bullet jump seems outdated. We need more fluent and diverse set of bullet jumps. For example, imagine mirage bullet jump like gymnastics which actually compliments her clown theme , bulky frames like rhino/hildryn cant do any gymnastics and rather jump with sheer force of their muscles , flying frames like titania/wisp just flies higher and faster etc . Also the very idea of having dedicated mod set to customize warframe movement tingles my very balls.
  12. For the love of god , make a better UI .
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