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  1. Yes, Slash, the damage type that is resisted by armor is somehow also the best against it because of its proc that ignores armor scaling. Best against armor, good against Flesh and neutral against shields. IPS is only balanced at low levels until armor scaling creeps up. Wouldn't mind DE pulling back the multipliers by making Critical Damage additive with Base Damage, Viral procs additive with Base damage if it meant the end of armor scaling. Against 6000 armor, 95% Damage Reduction (20xehp multiplier), 35% Base Damage per tick as True Damage is literally 700% Neutral Damage pe
  2. That too. At the very least, buff them so they aren't just endo fodder for a new player. The +30% IPS Primary mods and +60% IPS Secondary mods should be all +90% to be in line with melee. If some mods are unpopular, DE should try to add random secondary stats to them to make them at least interesting like +flight speed, +multi-shot, etc even if it's just for meme potential or just OCD. UPDATED IPS MODS: Rifles: Rupture (9 Drain): +90% Impact, +36% Critical Chance Piercing Hit (9 Drain): +90% Puncture, +0.9 Punch Through Sawtooth Clip (9 Drain): +90% Slash, +
  3. You could make Sympathy into alternatives to meta mods that can't be equipped together. Mods that take up valuable space in a normal build, but offset grind? For weapons: Sympathetic Serration: +165% Credit Booster Sympathetic Point Strike: +120% Drop Chance on kill For Warframe: Sympathetic Vitality: -50% Health, +100% Affinity Booster
  4. Right now, combat in Warframe is our Damage Multipliers against Enemy EHP Multipliers. Above a multiplier and enemies are paper. Below a multiplier and enemies are sponges. As long as that is the case, Warframe cannot have engaging gameplay. No one likes invincibility phases, Damage caps, DPS based Damage Reduction (Orphix, Jugulus) and stripping us of our gear (Glassmaker). Damage 3.0: Where Player Damage Curve matches Enemy EHP Curve -Remove armor scaling, all armored enemies have fixed armor values and only health is scaled (300 For Butchers, 600 For Lancers, 900 For Elite La
  5. It would be good if the player damage curve matched the enemy ehp curve. Right now, damage is just stacking enough multipliers (Crit, Base Damage, multi-shot, fire rate, bonuses, etc) to get past enemy health multipliers (armor, DPS based DR, innate damage reduction, etc). Above a multiplier and the enemies are paper. Below a multiplier and the enemies are sponges. Before all the scaling, before player get the right mods to trivialize energy, ammo, health economy, early Warframe for a new player is actually a game instead of gear checks. At low levels, there are still penaltie
  6. A status weapon that can compete with Crit would be a something that can have both Corrosive and Viral like the Tysis or Akbronco Prime as the damage boost from armor strip and viral is multiplicative with one another. At the end of the day, it usually boils down to cramming as many multipliers into 8 slots as you can. Hybrids are usually better weapons just because they have more multipliers to work with. Still with the limitations of 8 slots, hybrids usually have no room for fire rate or bane mods which are another layer of multipliers that can be worked with.
  7. My suggestions: (Physical) Impact: Causes stagger and after 1 second delay creates a 1m explosion that deals 50% damage of the original hit with 100% status chance of the original hit with 0% chance of proccing IPS. (Basically a delayed 0.5*multi-shot on proc with IPS itself removed from the table guaranteeing an elemental proc for faster ramp up. Benefits utility procs and less so for DoTs. Delayed damage circumvents shield gating.) Puncture: 1st proc causes target to deal 30% less damage and take 60% more damage to health from all sources for 8 seconds. Caps at -75% and
  8. Corrosive got capped at 10 with 80% strip, so even if shotguns had 100% status chance like, they wouldn't be very good unless they were Slash based. Corrosive isn't what it used to be. Sortie Level Bombard with Alloy Armor: 6000 armor, 95% Damage Reduction, 20xehp Now: 80% Strip, 1200 armor, 80% Damage Reduction, 5xehp (4x Effective Damage) Before: 100% Strip, 0 armor, 0% Damage Reduction, 1xehp (20x Effective Damage) Basically: Viral, Hunter Munitions, Slash all the way except for the status immune. Some weapons can use both Viral and Corrosi
  9. Easier method would just be to flatten player damage scaling and get rid of armor scaling. Damage reduction from scaling armor by design will surpass the value of flat resistances. That was why pre nerf Corrosive was so important and why Bleed procs continue to be so. Flat armor values would carry over the early game IPS balance instead of Slash becoming the best because it's proc is the best against the thing that resists it. Make critical damage and Viral additive with Base Damage, so Serration isn't mandatory. We won't need so many damage multipliers if enemies don't have a s
  10. Titanfall 2 Warframe edition could be fun. Have AI enemies, Necramechs and Warframes all on one battlefield. You can enter mecha from Warframes just by pressing 5, so you don't need to introduce operators. Titanfall gave less skilled players something to do other than just being stomped. It would also give weapons that are otherwise worthless in PVP a use.
  11. Well, trying out the mech for the event, DE removed the Gravimag requirement for equipping archguns. It's a good supplement for squishier frames. If DE mixes up mission objectives more, the mech would shine just by virtue of letting you bring a 4th weapon with a different elemental set up.
  12. Lesser used statuses need to be reworked before even considering introducing new ones because of all the unnecessary bloat just like endo fodder mods. First, IPS needs a rework. Slash is the damage type that's best against flesh and resisted by armor yet it has a proc that's better against armor than Puncture damage?
  13. Corrosive has an innate bonus against Ferrite that mitigates 75% of the armor value in damage calculations and a 1.75x multiplier. Stripping 80% of armor leaves the enemy with 5% initial armor against Corrosive only. Damage Reduction = Net Armor / (Net Armor +300) 1-(1/1.75) = Net Armor / (Net Armor +300) Net Armor = 225 225x(1/0.05)= 4500 It only takes 43% damage reduction or 4500 initial armor to negate the 1.75x multiplier bonus of Corrosive. Sortie levels have higher armor levels than that. Remember Corrosive has no bonus against Alloy so it's even worse. Dam
  14. 100, just in case some of the reactant is unreachable. Remember how some Exterminate missions became impossible because enemies just stopped spawning?
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