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  1. Kuva Bramma got nerfed for being meta. Kuva Nukor is going to get nerfed for being meta. With the new arcanes, they're going to be more OP than pre-nerf.
  2. If the gun mods we already owned aren't getting buffed and are getting power creeped by galvanized versions, can the drain costs on all gun mods be reduced by 1 or 2 across the board? Non-Kuva weapons won't be able to fit everything with 8 forma. Hek, maybe those +30% IPS mods will actually be used by new players if they cost like 4 to slot at max rank.
  3. That's part of what contributes to the disparity of melee vs guns that DE isn't addressing. Melee weapons are good after a potato, while guns can still be lackluster after a potato and 4+ forma. Most players who value their time will just clear Steel Path with melee and no amount of band-aids that require even more investment into guns will persuade them to use guns unless melee gets kneecapped harder, but at that point, players will just quit.
  4. Wouldn't you feel scammed when you realize you wasted a potato and forma on a weapon you liked early on but it turned out to be MR fodder because a clone exists with +Crit?
  5. The characteristic of meta weapons is that they can take advantage of the common multipliers (stance multipliers, multi-shot, elemental damage, Base Damage, Faction Damage) everyone has access to, while also having a monopoly on exclusive multipliers (Critical Damage, AOE, Bleed the health multiplier bypasser) that lesser weapons don't have. Meta weapons literally sit on top of these extra multipliers like a high rise building looking down on the crit-pples. Raising the ground doesn't change this fact. If DE really wants parity between weapons, they need to eliminate these multi
  6. Honestly, I never understood the separation of shotgun, rifle and secondary mods at all. Some mods are "primary" and can be used on shotguns and rifles. Just allow rifles and shotguns to use pistol mods and give the weaker versions extra utility effects like punch-through, or even something like % to Bleed. Serration sounds like the sorta mod that makes things bleed. Hornet Strike: +220% Damage Serration: +165% Damage, On non-critical hit: 50% Chance to Inflict . Point Blank: +90% Damage, Within 5m: +270% Damage
  7. This. Those new "galvanized" mods are literally buffed old mods just like how True Steel was updated to have 2x on heavy attack. If the mods in our inventory are getting nerfed, can't some others we already own be buffed to compensate? No, we gotta grind for the buffed versions of mods we already own. We have too much mod bloat. It's 2021 and we still have those bronze +30% IPS mods that are nothing but endo fodder.
  8. We just need less multipliers. Critical stats are just straight up classism. Base Damage, Multi-shot and elemental damage scale by a fixed % of a weapon's base as indicated by the mod without distinction, but Critical Damage/Critical Chance scale differently based on a weapon's innate Crit stats. The Crit-capable Aristocrats lord over their extra damage multiplier in front of the crit-incapable Fodder. Each damage multiplier a weapon has access to raises its class hierarchy. As long as some weapons got exclusive damage multipliers like Crits and AOE, weapons will nev
  9. This is why mining in Genshin Impact feels so much more relaxing. Smash up gems with a sword and once you press F, it's stuck in your inventory, or just send party members on mining expeditions akin to Warframe's resource extractors. Mining in Warframe's open world is both tedious and nerve racking when the idea of your progress being erased always looms.
  10. DE tends to miss the forest for the trees. They'll approach things reasonably in a vacuum, but Warframe is a plate of spaghetti. Remember Corrosive? New Corrosive at max stacks allows it to effectively bypass 95% of Ferrite armor, (80% Strip + 75% Bypass) with an additional 1.75x multiplier. 1-1/1.75=0.429 or 42.9% DR is required to negate the 1.75x multiplier which is afforded by 225 net armor, or 4500 initial armor. Old Corrosive's full strip breaks even with New Corrosive at 10 stacks against 4500 initial Ferrite armor. After this armor level, the New Corrosive is straig
  11. One of the problems Warframe had for years was the fact that Damage Resistances/Weakness are irrelevant in the face of armor scaling. The Old Corrosive was better than Radiation against Alloy armor. Viral+Bleed is better against armor than either Corrosive or Radiation and they have double dipping modifiers against armor. Warframe has too many multipliers on both sides. Enemy armor shouldn't scale, Viral procs and Critical Damage should be additive with Base damage and headshots should only give a +100% Flat Critical Chance instead of a separate multiplier. Critical D
  12. When DE announced they were going to buff base melee damage by a factor of 3-4x and change the combo counter from a damage multiplier to something else, I was expecting our light attack damage to be divided by combo counter back when combo counter needed 135 hits to reach 3x. In short, melee damage would be top loaded instead of ramped up with Blood Rush being dumpstered. Chaining in the occasional heavy attack and gun-play would have been a way to recover our melee damage.
  13. The biggest divide between weapons IMO are based on Bleed, Critical Damage and AOE. All weapons benefit equally from +%elemental damage, multi-shot and etc, but only certain weapons can proc Bleed and/or have good Crit stats. Bleed becomes the uncontested proc as everything else gets comparatively worse as armor scales up and is exclusive to certain weapons. Viable Critical Damage is straight up damage multiplier exclusive to certain weapons. Hunter Munitions gives these weapons access to Bleed! Only certain weapons get AOE. Weapons with all these characteristics are t
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