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  1. Well, besides the removal of the 4xIPS priority, the status changes were mostly a step backward in terms of diversity. We had Viral/Slash, Corrosive and Gas. With the Corrosive cap and Gas procs no longer dealing toxin (also capped at 10 opposed to other dots), Viral is always the right answer unless status immune. Why DE gave Viral and Magnetic equivocal bonuses when everything has health and not shields is a mystery. DE is scared of doing damage reworks nilly willy, yet at the same time it seems they don't spend too much time thinking about it before they execute. I'm surprised DE didn't kne
  2. It's just a shame that most single pistols this can be equipped on aren't that good and you can't put this on the akimbo variety.
  3. DE probably wasn't happy that melee weapons were better at range than guns for Scarlet Spear.
  4. I'm aware of the flat +50%/+15% bonus that boosts damage and ignores the same percentage of armor. I'm suggesting extra armor ignore that scales off Puncture damage to close the gap between it and Slash with 100% armor ignore. That's why "Net Armor" is specified instead of "armor". That's why I said Corrosive and Radiation that already ignore armor piggy back off the extra armor ignore may become more desirable than Viral on one shot weapons. The problem with armor class modifiers is that it doesn't scale with damage. A Boltor and a Opticor will still have to bite through the same amount
  5. Considering the Xoris nerf and the Marked For Death nerf, I'm surprised DE didn't kneecap Viral already. DE wanted to move away from complete status immunity and Deimos infested are only immune to Viral procs, which makes it more line with Corrosive procs that don't do anything to the unarmored and Magnetic procs that don't do anything to the unshielded. I would like it for all elements to follow Heat's example. To have a specific proc that works on specific enemies and a weaker main effect that works on everything. If the procs aren't being touched then the idea I like to throw
  6. It would be a lot easier just to buff up Puncture and Impact instead of buffing individual weapons. Puncture and Impact weapons that are any good are good in spite of being Puncture and Impact weapons. Conversely, some weapons with lesser stats are great just because they are Slash based instead. The War and Galatine Prime have very similar stat lines, except one is Slash based so it's better by default, though I guess the removal of 4x IPS priority closed the gap even just a little bit.
  7. Well, single elements usually have +25% bonuses, vs the +75% bonuses combined elements have. Throw in the fact that armor class modifiers double dip by mitigating the same percentage of armor not to mention the loss of Viral and Corrosive status effects would result in a huge nerf in our damage if the single elements were left as they are. The bright side of this is that this makes IPS more appealing with the +50% bonuses. Without Viral, people will want to proc more Slash against armored targets. Most modern builds can't fit more than 2 elements anyways with all the Crit, Hunter Mu
  8. Subsuming Warframes already provides most of the exp you need. If you reach 10 and still have Warframes to subsume, it feels like a waste of exp.
  9. They made it worse when they tried it earlier this year. They had to make new Deimos enemies immune to Viral due to the narrowed meta they created.
  10. We also have weapons that should have secondary functions. The Quanta is supposed to be a mining laser, yet we use dinky little laser pointers instead. Why can't we use spearguns for fishing?
  11. The easiest solution that would cause the least amount of damage is introduce auction slots. Players have a limited amount of items they can put on auction not unlike the trade limits we currently have. This would artificially bottleneck the supply of items available for auction so prices don't immediately tank due to increased supply. If you want more auction slots, you need to cough up plat.
  12. They'll even kongo line behind shield lancers. Butchers are designed to rush you out of cover while the others shoot at you. The real issue of Warframe is that a lot of the enemies were designed for a game that no longer exists much like the early Warframes. A lot of Warframe enemies are completely at home for a cover shooter, but we don't really take cover in Warframe. We got parkour 2.0, infinite stamina and now we got shield gating. If we recklessly put ourselves in a disadvantaged position like an idiot, we aren't punished like in 2013.
  13. The new set mods drop from the Rex variant enemies and endless. Carnis Rex spawns everywhere, Saxum Rex spawns only in assassination bounties and Jugulus Rex doesn't exist, meaning that the only way to get the Jugulus mods is from endless. It would be nice if Mother could accept some Ayatan Stars for the new set mods or let us buy them with Mother Tokens. It's silly that these niche mods are rarer than Condition Overload.
  14. DE would probably nerf his speed like Assimilate Nyx as a drawback.
  15. I think OP wants the charge system to be like the stamina bar in Secret of Mana. The bow charges automatically to 100%, but you can fire prematurely for a weaker shot. Functionally, it would be the same.
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