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  1. There were past suggestions for Puncture to buff damage type vulnerabilities to make Corrosive more relevant. The status effect of Puncture damage is Weakened. The victim gains +15% weakness to all damage types for 6 seconds. Subsequent procs add +1% weakness up to +24% in total after 10 stacks, with each proc refreshing the duration of all previous procs. Affected enemies will have a yellow aura. This change will make Puncture a weaker more niche variant of Viral that is especially synergistic with Corrosive and Radiation as armor class modifiers apply twice. A % boost and % armor mitigation. Note that health modifiers still apply to armored units as armor only provides damage reduction. Both Corrosive and Radiation have +75% against different armor types. No Puncture proc: +75% against armor, 1.75x Damage and 75% Armor Mitigation First Puncture proc: +90% against armor, 1.9x Damage and 90% Armor Mitigation plus +15% against health, 1.15x 10th Puncture proc: +99%, 1.99x Damage and 99% Armor Mitigation plus +24% against health, 1.24x Example, against 6000 Alloy armor (95% DR), 100 Radiation will deal: No Puncture proc: 29.1 Damage First Puncture proc: 72.8 Damage, +150% Increase from No proc, 10th Puncture proc: 205.6 Damage, +606.5% Increase from No proc Bonuses are less pronounced when Corrosive and Radiation are against neutral targets. For unarmored enemies, neutral damage types simply gain +15% on first proc and +24% on 10th. For armored enemies, neutral damage types gain bonuses against armor and health, so against 6000 armor, first proc grants +44.9% and 10th grants +52.5%.
  2. I honestly feel sorry for the guy who implemented the 80% strip cap because his careful math was immediately wasted by the guy who decided to throw in armor multipliers in SP. Corrosive damage has a +75% bonus against Ferrite which means Corrosive damage mitigates 75% of the armor value and has a 1.75x multiplier against it. Paired with the additional 80% strip from Corrosive procs, Corrosive faces 5% effective Ferrite armor with a 1.75x multiplier against it. This breaks even with the old 100% armor strip when that 5% of armor negates the 1.75x multiplier, which is afforded by 43% DR, 225 Net Armor, or 4500 Initial Armor. Under 4500 Ferrite and the New Corrosive is stronger. Above 4500 Ferrite and the Old Corrosive is stronger. Corrosive being neutral against Alloy is generally weaker than Radiation at relevant levels. Of course, 4500 armor is what a Heavy Gunner sports at level 74 and the new gentler S-curve scaling kicks in not long after that at level 80. In normal levels of play, with the exception of Alloy units, Corrosive should feel about the same before and after. Another thing to note is that 4xIPS weighting was removed, making it harder to proc IPS, most notably Slash. Viral/Slash Status weapons used to proc Slash more often than Viral, but this was reversed resulting in players having to fiddle around with +120% Slash mods and unranked Cold/Toxin mods for optimal use against armor. But, these changes did not account for: 2.5x Armor multiplier in Steel Path Hunter Munitions, Melee weapons with Bleed procs baked into Stances only got stronger from Viral's buff
  3. The damage types that lead to the shortest TTK's will always be META. The solution to damage type imbalance is the fact that getting low TTK's doesn't need to be completely dependent on the weapon alone, though that could be an option. There are plenty of Warframe powers and Operator schools that increase player efficiency without being direct damage. Throwing some ideas for weak status effects: Impact: Staggered for 6 seconds and entire body is treated as "head" in damage calculations. Staggered enemies are guaranteed to drop health orbs on death. Puncture: Victim takes +60% more damage on 1st proc, +150% more damage on 10th proc for 8 seconds. Bonus is additive with Viral and Magnetic procs. Each new proc refreshes duration of all previous procs. Magnetic: Victim takes +100% more damage to Shields and pulls nearby enemies towards it in a 6m radius for 6 seconds. Damage caps out at +325%, pull radius caps out at 10.5m. Gas: Enemies are blinded. Gas proc damage per tick: 0.5 x Modded Base Damage x (1+Faction bonuses) x (1+Status Chance)^2 Blast: Knockdown, entire body is treated as "head" in damage calculations. Downed enemies are guaranteed to drop energy orb on death. Radiation: Confused enemies deal +100% Radiation Damage against Allies with 10% Status Chance. Subsequent procs increase Radiation Damage by +50% to a cap of +550% and Status Chance by 5% to a cap of 55%. The main complaint about Impact and the old Blast is that they made getting headshots harder. Now, they guarantee headshot damage by hitting any part of the enemy's body. Could also provide an alternative supplement to health and energy. Blast would be useful against energy leaches by refunding energy. Puncture would be a weaker, but universal Viral/Magnetic. It would be able to recreate the fairly potent Viral+Corrosive combo exclusive to a select few weapons that compares favorably with Viral+Slash into the Steel Path, though not in an endurance run. Corrosive against Ferrite armored Acolytes already have an edge over Viral as they have status caps and are immune to Viral. Magnetic has extra utility as a "ensnare" or "exodia hunt" that can be put on any weapon with the downside that Magnetic is a pretty mediocre damage type. Gas has weaker scaling than other elemental damage types and is capped. What if Gas proc damage scaled with Status Chance as hard as a Bane? Besides the issue of enemy ehp scaling much higher than their damage, enemies tend to use damage types that are intrinsically terrible against themselves. Radiation damage has good multipliers against some of the tankiest units in the game. With added status chance, if the enemies are too tanky, Radiation becomes Endless Chaos as long as team members don't kill too fast.
  4. For example, a gun has 4 forma applied to it. Now you can change any 4 slots to whatever polarity to whatever you want anytime through the "Swap Polarity" Menu. Make them all blank slots. Make them all "V". Make 2 "V" , 1 "-" and leave 1 blank. No need to re-forma anything ever again. Forma investment will never be wasted due to balance changes.
  5. DE could fundamentally change how Forma works so the number beside the name of the weapon actually means something. Instead of changing the polarity of a slot on use, each forma increases the amount of slots you can polarize from the "Swap Polarity" menu. Polarity configs can be saved between different load outs. No more re-formaing, no more multiple items, but DE would see it as a cut in sales.
  6. Corrosive and Viral are exactly that. Extra damage multipliers from Status chance, except with actual diminishing returns. I would have preferred the boring Faction mods as weaker combined element mods. +30/55% Corrosive, Magnetic, Radiation or Gas Rainbow Damage, Galvanized Savy build with Corrosive + Viral.
  7. That's the elephant in the room. DE doesn't balance numbers well period. Some low Crit weapons have higher than average base damage, but usually that feels more out of random chance than deliberate design. One day DE decided to buff Critical Deceleration to 200%, 2.2x better than Blunderbuss and all Crit shotguns got stronger and more consistent with Hunter Munitions. Exergis got left behind with this change, with Galvanized Savy not working on projectile weapons being salt on the wound. Primed Tactical Pump was the consolation prize. DE looks at something in a vacuum, but fails to comprehend the spaghetti of systems they created. Corrosive is capped to 80% strip. With a +75% bonus against Ferrite, Corrosive mitigates 75% of the armor value and has a 1.75x multiplier against it. In summary, at max stacks, Corrosive faces 5% effective Ferrite armor with a 1.75x multiplier against it. This breaks even with the old 100% armor strip when that 5% of armor negates the 1.75x multiplier, which is afforded by 43% DR, 225 Net Armor, or 4500 Initial Armor. 4500 armor is what a Heavy Gunner sports at level 74 and the new gentler S-curve scaling kicks in not long after that at level 80. All in all, DE intended for these changes to balance out, but then threw it out the window with Steel Path's 2.5x health and armor. Slash lost the 4xIPS priority, while Viral now stacks up to +325%. These may have balanced out if Hunter Munitions and forced slash procs from stances didn't exist.
  8. Crit is just another multiplier and suffers from the same limitations as everything else. Crit Multiplier = (Crit Tier * (Modded Crit Multiplier -1)) With a standard modded Crit Multiplier of 4.4x. Yellow Crit = 4.4x or +340% Damage Orange Crit = 7.8x or +680% Damage, +77% Relative to Yellow Crit Red Crit = 11.2x or + 1020% Damage, +43.5% Relative to Orange Crit If a single mod can get your Orange Crits into Red Crit territory, you are better off with a Primed Bane instead. The real issue is that Crit is an extra multiplier that's exclusive to weapons with good crit stats. A weapon missing a multiplier is doing a fraction of the damage of a weapon that isn't. Base Damage, Multi-shot, Elemental Damage and Banes give the same +% bonus to all weapons. Crit on the other hand gives varying +% bonus based on Crit stats, just like how armor mods give widely variable +% ehp bonus based on base armor. The gap between crit-viable weapons with everything else is really no different from the gap between armor-viable frames and the squishy frames. The main difference being that player skill can make the ehp difference of Warframes moot with dodging and shield gating, while nothing a player can do can make up the damage difference between guns.
  9. My idea for Bane mods would be to change them into weak combined elemental mods with the exception of Viral. +30%/+55% Damage to Faction ---> +30%/55% Combined Element Bane of Grineer: +30% Corrosive Bane of Corpus: +30% Magnetic Bane of Infested: +30% Gas Bane of Corrupted: +30% Radiation In exchange for lower numbers compared to a traditional Base Element, these mods would allow you to combo otherwise exclusive elements together, a throwback to the old Rainbow Damage. Of course, Crit weapons are tight on space and would find limited use for these, but these would be incredibly useful on a status primer for the various Condition Overload type mods in the game. The ability to run Corrosive + Viral + Heat would open up the viability of more weapons in the Steel Path.
  10. I'm pretty sure they were overlooked because the launch 3 were useless when the Void was endgame. Bane of Grineer, Corpus and Infested were released on launch 2013, but we didn't get Bane of Corrupted until 2017. Unconditional multipliers always take precedence. Base Damage, Multi-shot, Crits, Elements just boost damage without having to fulfill special conditions already take up 6 slots. When you think about it, Hunter Munitions is basically a Bane mod in that it's "meh" against unarmored units.
  11. The precedent solution to those outliers is usually to make them additive with one of the more common multipliers found on weapon builds. That's exactly what happened to Chroma and Condition Overload, being made additive with Base Damage. Rhino's Roar is kept balanced by being additive with Faction Damage. Maybe DE could let Sonar work on more things if they followed the same principle. Not everything needs to be additive with each other, but there needs to be a clear basis of multipliers to work from. Instead of stealth multipliers, finisher multipliers, headshot multipliers........all these external multipliers could have all been rolled into Flat +X00% Critical Chance. Maybe with the introduction of Base Damage Arcanes, the notion of making Crit additive with Base Damage seems wrong. I proposed such an idea back in April before the Arcanes dropped.
  12. Damage attenuation is the root of why a stat squish sounds promising. When playing a game, it would be nice if rules stayed consistent. Without consistency, there is no strategizing, just guessing. In the multiplier spaghetti, DE missed Banshee for their damage attenuation formula. DE literally tacked on too many kinds of multipliers into the game that they couldn't catch them all.
  13. Don't forget the Acolytes in SP. Or any assassin that's a different faction from the mission you're playing for that matter. Part of the disregard for Banes is that Bane of Corrupted didn't exist when the Void was considered end game. Bane of Grineer, Corpus and Infested were introduced in 2013. Bane of Corrupted was introduced in 2017. Also, any weapon with innate Radiation will change the faction of the target, making the Bane useless.
  14. The Exilus Slot was a mistake. Ammo Mutation fits in there giving AOE weapons with low ammo pools sustained DPS. Weapons with good ammo economy can't fit Punch-through into the Exilus slot. Holster reload mods fit in the Exilus, but reload speed mods don't. All weapon mods have an effect on DPS, directly or indirectly. Making it easier to land shots, boosting sustained DPS by decreasing downtime. The issue is that their are a saturation of damage multipliers that have no negative effect on handling characteristics at all. Base Damage, Crit, Multi-shot, elemental damage are no brainers. Fire Rate and reload speed have mixed results from weapon to weapon. Another direction it can go is to boost the numbers on "QoL" mods until they provide competitive DPS multiplication to Crits, Base Damage and Multi-shot inspite of their drawbacks. +500% reload speed decreases downtime by 80%. Automatic Exergis build. +Zoom mods could also provide bonuses to headshot multiplier Or, introduce more power creeped guns with such poor handling characteristics that QoL mods would seem mandatory for optimal DPS.
  15. I'm in favor of at least making Crit and Viral procs additive with Base Damage to narrow the gap hybrid weapons have with everything else. For some weapons it seems DE balanced low crit-weapons with higher base damage, but it feels random. Some weapons got higher base damage on top of crit. The balance between kit guns is nonsensical. Exergis didn't get squat when DE buffed the corrupted Crit chance mod.
  16. Flawed Serration: +40% Damage for 7 Drain Flawed Element: +40% Element for 7 Drain Each subsequent element has lower relative gain as they are additive with each other: 1st Element +40% 2nd Element +28.5% 3rd Element +22.2% Flawed Bane: +10% Damage for 5 Drain, which is weaker than a 3rd element. With 30 capacity, Flawed Serration and 3 Elements already cost 28 points Bane: +30% Damage to Faction for 9 Drain is stronger than a 2nd Flawed Element when ignoring +75% vulnerability bonuses of combined elements Flawed Serration, 2 Flawed Elements and 1 Bane, is the optimal use of 30 points, but new players seldom have 30 points to work with at any given time as they are constantly tossing weapons to increase MR.
  17. To be fair, early game when lacking in potatoes, players only have enough space to fit on Base Damage and Elements. Banes only become valuable after exhausting all the other unconditional multipliers first (Base Damage, Multi-shot, Elements).
  18. We need less unconditional multipliers in the game. Our builds are already saturated with them. Too many mods in this game give free damage without changing how a weapon functions. Banes have a legitimate drawback like Fire Rate, but it is still boring. To me, Banes should have been better off as weak, combined element mods. The option for Rainbow damage at the cost of raw numbers of base element mods. Bane of Grineer: +30%/55% Corrosive Something like that would at least bring variety to the Viral Slash meta we find ourselves in. Corrosive+Viral Toxin+Viral Gas+Viral Maybe not. Viral's just too good with everything.
  19. People forget that not every enemy is a heavy gunner. 100% damage is still 38% of 265% damage and most enemies are lucky if they are at least 38% as tanky as a heavy gunner.
  20. Literally the opposite to the flat damage reduction other games use. Big hit weapons are not only worse at applying status, they do less damage too!
  21. DE knows armor is broken and that they shouldn't have scaled armor exponentially, but at the same time it was the only thing that kept broken player power in check so they kept it in. Combined elements were created to destroy the Rainbow Build meta. Combined elements were designed to have conflict of interest with their diametrically opposed counterpart. The new Acolyte Arcanes are just a bandaid to cover the hole they dug with the 2.5x health, armor and shields tacked on last minute that made guns feel weak in SP.
  22. This. Guns were fine until they dropped 2.5x health, armor and shields for Steel Path last minute. Arcanes are just the solution to the artificial problem they created on a whim. Next, they'll release the Titanium Path with 5x everything and give guns a second arcane slot.
  23. The new arcanes are just something to negate the 2.5x health, armor and shields they decided to slap onto the Steel Path last minute for some reason. It's just weird because someone at DE knows numbers. Corrosive was capped in such a way to match the new scaling. 4500 initial Ferrite armor is where the New capped Corrosive and Old full strip Corrosive broke even. Lower than 4500 Ferrite and the capped Corrosive is better. Above 4500 Ferrite and the Old Corrosive was better. Of course 4500 armor is what a level ~74 Heavy Gunner sports, which isn't very far away from level 80, where the gentler armor scaling kicks in. All of that logic goes out the window with 2.5x health and armor.
  24. To be frank, any new boss DE introduces is guaranteed to have some form of damage attenuation which will make the difference negligible.
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