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  1. So for clarification I have put quite a large amount of my time and effort into this game. As of the Warframe player rewind thing, I had 74 days played, and have since then played quite a large amount, not too much, but enough to get more things. I also think it is important to note I am a mastery rank 26 and tend to take very long breaks, about 1-5 months at a time. Then I return and play a ton. Currently I am in a clan that I do not own, we had a falling out on Destiny, but still continued in warframe. Before the falling out I contributed 2/3 of every resource I own to the clan vault, which is a lot of resources as anybody who has a large amount of time played would know. They recently brought to my attention that I haven't been actively playing with them, yet I was still getting stuff done. They wanted to kick me for it. Or at the least take away my ability to do anything in the clan. my Question is, Is there any way shape or form to get your resources back from a clan vault? I would love to not have my time wasted like that when I put in so much effort to help out. if not away to get the resources back, Is there away to report people for something like this?
  2. How are missions on planet surfaces going to fuse with Railjack (Oro, Hades, Raptor, etc)? Is there any plan to modify how punch through works? Any comment on the difficulty of void storms (specifically the near impossible to avoid, void bombs)?
  3. That would be great, and I know this reply is late af I always forget the forums exists and use reddit, however that may be great, but how could they make him fun and useful. Thats the problem in my eyes a way to make him fun would make him used in everyday mission more.
  4. *This is an idea I had while scrolling through my mods trying to upgrade some* So either an upgrade segment idea or just an improvement. Upgrade details Adds a icon to mods you have duplicates of that have been upgraded Increases endo gain from tranmutation Adds an additional riven capacity of 5 extra transmutation has higher chance of giving rarer mods transmutation has a chance to not consume 1 mod. That is my idea in the segment, but as a console player whose search bar takes time, it would help for example to hover over my 500 redirection duplicates and see an icon saying (1 upgraded owned) it would make life easier. So if this concept seems to extreme dub it down a bit or just please give us consoles some ease of use.
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