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  1. Sorry about the lack of content that came out. Anyway here's some plat cosmetics and nerfs!
  2. "Originally they were dedicated to the new player starter weapons, but we then changed them to be universal Staff, Pistol, Thrown Blade, Rifle, Bow, and Longsword Skins." Its easy to see how someone could come to the wrong conclusion. There's no reason to jump down their throat for it. Personally I'm just disappointed with the cost of these items, the fact that its supposed to be "Tenno Reinforcements". Seems like a lazy quick cash grab for some not very good looking skins in my opinion.
  3. I feel like Warframe is starting to fall into the WoW trap. They keep making bonkers looking weapons all the time and refuse to go for something more traditional occasionally. I do like the fantasy look of the weapons in game but, as they say, variety is the spice of life.
  4. I'm aware of Azima. It was just a simple suggestion.
  5. Wait. They called this Tenno Reinforcements? Why are they just skins. I'm gona be honest guys, I'm a bit blown out so take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm not wasting more money or plat on meager content offerings. Warframe has seriously been pushing me away lately.
  6. Alternatively its gimmick could be simple. All spearguns have a throw mechanic just make it anchor in place and empty out its magazine in 360 firing pattern. You're right it doesn't need one but cheap little alt fires are almost as numerous as the concepts they've left untouched.
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