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  1. I understand your point but lack of patience in a long term game is not the devs fault. Warframe isn't going to allow fast collection without effort. Complete the NW ranks, earn more creds, get more stuff. I don't think we should speed this up as it would, unfortunately, only satisfy a collector...and then that player would complain about having nothing to do.
  2. I love the Thumper fights because of their desperate evasive tactics, typical of the Grineer when dealing with the agile warframes. I was hyped when I took it on with Gara, a boltor Prime and vaykor marelok. The trick is to bullet over or under them to keep the last hit box in range as it tries to rotate and also to time your hang glide when it starts ground pounding.
  3. What are you doing? This is not a rush game dude. You make CHOICES. Choose what you want with what you have. Warframe would be the worst game on the planet if it's the only game that offers everything instantly or nearly instantly, for free, and then have you start complaining about that too.
  4. Interesting stuff. Here's my take: 1) Warframe is played EXACTLY like you want to play it. I play stealth and only have issues when in pub, which brings me to... 2) Unless you're in a coordinated group, expect a rush player. Apparently, youtube guides love to rush things and receive little rewards. You can "Metal Gear Solid" stealth 60% of this game and I love to see how long I can go undetected. 3) Sigh...Endgame. WoW is the perfect example of why Warframe won't have a dream endgame...yet. The frames, weapons, pets, robots and vehicles are all modular. There is no best of the best. There's no need for it as it doesn't fit the model of this modular game and DE proved with disruption that "outside the box" mods aren't the way you go with vets. So the rewards would have to be based on something different for different gameplay or, perhaps, primary kitgun parts. Also, since "bullet sponge", "time gating" and nerfing were all included complaints in the endgame community, it makes the development of an endgame, raid style at least, difficult because 99% of the endgame examples use a combination of those elements. I say "yet" because I really think they're going to create raids from this new system. Looking at the mechanics, it makes sense to me, a multi step run like the orbs but larger and utilizing the team system.
  5. Someone has to purchase plat in order to trade with it. This is why DE allows it. If 10k plat was earned through trade, that means 10k plat was purchased already. Either way, it's a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.
  6. Well, considering how huge gas city has become, I also see a soft reset happening. There is so much content within the lores of each planet and, with Railjack in the mix, it makes since to have a larger outer atmosphere zone that's just as robust as the inner atmosphere nodes per planet. Here's why I said Railjack ships will be but a small part of what's coming in Empyrean and The New War: 1) Archwing 2.0 - Archwing missions, usage, stage depth and importance will all get the gas city treatment, in that the size and depth of the zones will match the capabilities of the archwings and their artillery and speed. The controls are fine except when navigating corridors. By minimizing the tight spaces, increasing enemy activity and allowing for rewarding exploration and recon, you'll have a completely different game. The orbiter won't be needed unless descending to the surface so all space missions now begin and end through the Railjack. 2) Steve originally wanted Empyrean as the game. That's major considering how huge warframe is now...which the current game was the substitute game!! 3) We still haven't seen, explored or even tasted the Tao system, Duviri looks like it's in the void and The New War has its own world to explore.
  7. I think it will but not until the star chart is completed. My main theory though is that Empyrean will help us send the fight to the Sentients in their system as well as deliver us to the Duviri world. I think the railjack space battles is about 5% of what Empyrean and The New War is going to be.
  8. The "I want old alerts back" arguement is very strange. NW is leagues better! More time to complete, tons of rewards and reward offers, a cool story behind it, no daily time gates, surprises and the ability to get rare resources faster and easier. So, explain why the heck an inferior system should return?
  9. I'd love it if the controls don't change for starters. The modular setup eliminates the Itzal vs Elytron, etc issue and could give us an awesome loadout system. I do think Hydron's speed leveling has corrupted the system and gives a false since of slow leveling and is killing the stealth system so I'm not too big on modifying affinity but I would scale the range to match space travel speed.
  10. I understand the busy life as I'm a family man too. I can usually cram a good session of warframe on Sundays and catch up. With that said, I miss a LOT of stuff and generally just label it under the "dammit, I missed it" category. Otherwise, for DE to cater to people like us, they're going to definitely piss off the masses. They already have to deal with the all day gamers complaining about not being fed enough gaming addicition so I try to not add to the 360 degree player complaining base. Something and someone has to take the hit and, unfortunately, it'll have to be us busy folk. I feel your pain but duty calls! 😆
  11. I really don't like this arguement and that's coming from someone who tries to get a couple hours in per week due to 60 hour work weeks. It isn't hard y'all, it really isn't. DE can't make it any easier. Also, as a loot/grind game that gets a lot of flak about rewards and "stuff to do", it's just wrong to even bring up stuff like this. It's a "poor me" focus point being pressed on DE and it's not fair. Just do your best and, when possible, schedule and shoot for the 7K missions. Personal scheduling issues shouldn't be the devs responsibility again and again.
  12. I agree here. Hydron, and just speed players in general, ruin their own fun and take things too seriously. You have 7 days. Every NW mission is an option, leaving a huge chunk of points to get from other missions within those 7 days. Even NW1 was completed with over two weeks to spare and that was before the improved system. It's simple: don't do the missions that annoy you. If they ALL annoy you then just play other stuff in the game and let everyone else handle it.
  13. Two serious questions: 1) Why on earth is procrastination not the fault here? I get the whole PST vs. EST time issue but, seriously, why are the majority of the complaints based off of procrastination? It was super easy and quick to do! 2) Why are 100% options in-game viewed as a reason to not play the rest of the game? Burnout over an option? We have to do and be better as players.
  14. Exactly!!! Completing multiple tasks in one setting was super relevant and easy!
  15. I agree here, especially for kuva survival. If not having the guardians and jesters dropping kuva works then I'd love endo to be an option, making it a true and ideal mod leveling mission.
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