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  1. That's, literally, what a video game is. You have to go through something to get something. Every great, non-pvp game has this element. Luckily, there's a ton of things to do in warframe, and with no rush to do them.
  2. Well, being the grunt over engineers they are, it makes sense for them to focus on tougher tech instead of higher tech. They are, after all, really big on armor and bulletproof glass is a thing. Their ships are hella slow because of it though.
  3. The primaries are set-up procs. Electricity can stun lock an entire mob, completely eliminating risks and takes aggro pressure of your squad. A gas/electric build is a perfect death trap.
  4. What you guys are missing is the early parts of the game are you learning the game. It was your beginning. You had nothing. And, before the spoiler rich playerbase we currently have, you had no idea what new enemy you had to face on the next planet. You had no clue how to deal with eidolans. Mot DESTROYED players. When was your star chart struggles? 2-7 years ago? Think about that. DE knew exactly what they were doing because we asked for it. The power fantasy super cybernetic space ninja game with guns and powers. Now, some of you want something different but most of us absolutely DO NOT.
  5. Yet...people are playing them constantly. I am and so many others so...the game IS great. You guys are the few that don't understand how things work.
  6. Yep, and they should've left it there. If people are going to give DE crap because they have to actually play the game then DE should've just left the drones in market. They're gonna get crap either way so might as well please the impatient players and earn revenue.
  7. Please explain the "pay-to-win" part. Rush-to-use is exactly what the rush drones are, no different than using plat to rush weapons or frames. Not a SINGLE part of Warframe requires rushing. NOTHING. Seriously, at some point the finger should point at the impatient player. Stop giving that a pass.
  8. This! People are stuck on lying to themselves. Simply put, there is an extreme sense of entitlement with a lot of forum posters.
  9. Yes. People don't play a game for years and then get to make your statement. Since I've been playing this game for about five years, I can completely tick that checklist. If you've played for years too then you can't either.
  10. Because of melee 3.0, virtual virtually all of the melees have high potential. The Dark dagger REALLY surprised me, especially with the red veil mod! Add quickening and play with the stances to see what works best for you.
  11. What do you think a video game is?
  12. To be honest, a lot of players are playing through Youtubers. All they hear is how easy the game is, how there's no difficulty and how there's no rewards. They SEE the fast paced combat and the god-tier abilities and rewards and think they know what to do by watching Youtubers but, when it comes time for them to finally play, they get destroyed, get discouraged and can't understand why they suck. They. Don't. PLAY. The. Game. Youtubers sold them a lie. It takes years of gameplay for the average f2p player to be able to really master this game and collect the rare mods that create the builds Youtubers use. The messaging is wrong and we're seeing the results of that.
  13. Do you have a bad connection? Mostof the problems you described are from bad internet connections.
  14. Well, for starters, it's a devastating attack that, when used as the focus of his kit, controls the entire room. It has unlimited punch through and, when you add ice wave impedance to it, it is one of the best high damage, long range CC's in the game.
  15. While I feel OP's pain, I'm also glad they understand and acknowledged it was a bad mistake. This isn't DE's fault and shouldn't be labeled as such for any reason. On that note, hopefully you can get it back!
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