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  1. DE isn't the problem, it's the players. I doesn't matter what DE tries, people are people. Especially the last few years of gaming. The level of entitled and spoiled gamers is insane.
  2. This scope of variety is why I like the idea of a void damage frame. I hate how everyone is so focused on one thing that works when people prove that all frames can work. The beauty of Warframe is it's ability to offer plenty of options to make your personal favorite tools work well. I hope they never change that!
  3. This but with a kuva tonkor equipped with a riven having multishot and the heavy caliber mod to separate the bombs. There I was, with Ember Prime, aerial mods and the anti-gravity moa, performing my version of aerial carpet bombs. My squad looked in awe as I laid flat nearly every enemy in the level 4 kuva lich battle. To add to insult, on my way back around (while still in the air), I launched a meteor shower upon the field. The final hellish salt on the wound was watching the helpless souls fall asleep as I landed and washing them with fire blast as my squad murdered them with glee. Ah
  4. No, he's right. I really wish people would stop trying to change every single mechanic just to make things easier. The game is to be played and learned. Work together or run it solo. It's a game with objectives to get the shiny new toy.
  5. Good ole DE with the sneak in content. Lol! Looks like OP did what people do these days: skip to the shiny video and ignore the boring details. OP, the New War was is an ongoing series of updates and events, starting from Railjack. So far: 1) The sentients have appeared in our solar system via The Anomaly. 2) They scouted our terrain and gathered data on us via Scarlet Spear. What that data was, we are yet to find out. 3) Factions fortify their arsenals due to presence of sentient scouts. 4) Heart of Deimos has unknown effect and revelation that will either prepare us
  6. Ironic that DE Taylor wore a Mario Kart shirt on today's stream. Just sayin....
  7. Perhaps I'm late on the replies but they said they're just moving them to Deimos and perhaps removing the keys feature to allow better grouping.
  8. There was a thread a while back that discussed Umbra versus the original frames but I can't find the thread. One poster was questioning why the lore was off because of Ballas calling the frames "failures". I could've sworn that the warframes were "working" prior to going berserk, as spoken through the Leverian, but we didn't have a proper timespan to go by. Falsagger gave a great ideal regarding this by speaking about the mechs Xaku and the Entrati: "The mechs speak volumes about the story of War Frame because those were the first antique War Frames in the game" "Xaku is an old model
  9. I like it. Something different and appeals to other players besides you and that's all good too. They shouldn't stop it.
  10. Looks like I'm on the missing items list as well. I received the skin and mech statue but didn't receive Hydroid Prime and weapon. I was also quiz contestant #1321. Dammit, I was in the top 1000 too until that Heart of Deimos trick with the spelling! Lol! Twitch name genson_17
  11. Great point. Sometimes, people take talking points too far. What DE showed was something I've been hoping for: the next phase of helminth and its relationship in the battle of the two strains. As far as I'm concerned, these smaller "chapters" (can't really say smaller with this game. Lol!) are going to keep me engaged, guessing and happily thirsty!
  12. Very well said. While I do like the ambitious "30,000 foot overview" of past TennoCons, you are absolutely correct in how this year just flat out worked perfectly. One thing I'm actually mad at is me missing two critical questions on the quiz. Took me right out of the top 500 and then 1k! Lol!! That was a really good quiz!
  13. Beginner mods for the beginning of the game. Leave them be.
  14. I have to disagree with the removing part. Those mods are valuable to new players who want to enjoy this game as it's intended: without spoilers. I went in blind and saw those mods exactly as they are and that's perfectly fine. I do understand the completionist argument but, honestly speaking, I hope this gets pushed WAY down the DE "to do" list so they don't have another thing to take away from updates. It would be really nice to have them in inventory but it's a level 0.5 issue for me. Regardless, best of luck with the request!
  15. I think you're too far into the veteran deep-in, honestly. It's a scary place. Lol! Changing the resource mechanic is literally removing Warframe and replacing it with an entirely new game. 99% of the resources still have use and I like it because it's value isn't forgotten. I can visit, farm and build any resource I need at any time, making the world much more compare than you realize.
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