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  1. Ok...now, mod that weapon and utilize it based on your selected Warframe load-out and watch it do exactly what you need it to do. I took unforma'd twin gremlins to a level three sortie and they were knocking out enemies. Heavy gunners took two extra seconds, as expected. The twins were at level 14 at the time with my MR28 capacity allowance. 99.9% of all weapons in Warframe are useful everywhere except steel path and Loooooong endurance runs...which both are not a part of the base game's parameters.
  2. "Guns aren't bad just because DE is making more and more enemies immune to procs and giving everything DPS falloff. Guns are bad because DE have designed a game entirely around gear checks In most games you can take the weakest weapons to the final boss and still win. People do silly stuff like that all the time. Warframe is not most games. If you do not take something stronger than the enemies, you will lose. Guaranteed." I think that's not close to being true until you access Steel Path...which is supposed to be a gear check mode. Minus the stug and base karak, Warframe's mod syste
  3. Gotcha. I don't think it's a different mentality. Looking at Warframe from your perspective, I can see why your view is different: your growth with the game means your initial familiarity and early discussions means that your understanding of the game is maximized. For me, beginning at the end of 2015, the approach was much different. What was 20 weapons for you at start was 200 for me, and so on. Therefore, it would make better sense for later starters to be overwhelmed by the options, choices and freedoms Warframe offers...while also making sense that early adopters would feel less.
  4. In regard to the differences in content, do you think your 2015 assessment is more based on your "new" experience with the game, growing and learning to be a vet, at that time? I ask because I remember the intimidating and overwhelming feeling I use to have during that time, lost in the huge menu of mods, frames and weapons I didn't have as well as how poorly I performed with attack evasion, etc. The noob experience, aka nostalgia love, is a heavy thing in Warframe.
  5. I love this take and think this is where the greatest divide is in gaming in general, let alone Warframe. If rewards are the primary source of motivation for a game then fun is the lesser of needs. If gameplay is the primary source of motivation in a game then rewards is simply a bonus add on to that overall fun. Warframe accommodates both but both have time and human behavioral limits. If one is a rewards based player and rewards are all obtained, then play other games until a new rewards stack builds that's large enough to get you playing again. If you're a gameplay based player and yo
  6. Mostly agree here. Outside of Steel Path, every frame, weapon, sentinel and companion is more than capable of handling anything thrown at them (minus the stug). No meta setups are needed to gain 95% of the rewards offered in the game. I think the issue is us, the players, simply helping each other build the best setups...which isn't an issue really. It does take away from the overall learning experience but it's a choice we make. I can only imagine the pitchforks if DE decides to nerf the nukor, viral, slash, condition overload, weeping wounds, blood rush, multi-shot and corrosive. 99% o
  7. This I agree with. Fun is subjective indeed but the same thing that was fun in years one through four most likely won't be fun now. That's just human nature at play. Even your favorite food gets old to you eventually and the solution to that is to simply try other foods. In Warframe's case, what was once hard is now easy (Mot); what was once fun can now be boring (playing the same game from 2013-2021); what was once "overly massive and endlessly rewarding" is now "not rewarding enough". All some of us are doing is trying to force the game into what it can't really be over time: a brand ne
  8. True but keep in mind that long time players, who have clocked in thousands of hours, really should not be talking "as loudly" about devs needing to keep them having fun. This game's "portfolio" is more diversified than perhaps any other game made and DE has the data that tells them which direction to go. If you've earned your way to being highly skilled and have collected almost all of the rewards, then congrats and take pride in your hard on, very long journey to the ultimate power fantasy. Here's where I feel the problem lies: Which one of us here deserves their version of fun the most
  9. I'll keep it simple and say this: ANYONE who chooses to day one spoil content, disrespect devs AFTER they played for over half a decade, intend to get devs fired for stupid reasons or create a negative narrative just to gain views, likes and subscribes should be called out. However, if a youtuber is supporting what supports them, discussing truly constructive ideas, giving constructive criticisms and at least trying to avoid spoilers for a while, then they should be praised and supported. By the way, explain where you saw my hatred for youtubers in relation to what you quoted.
  10. Actually, I'm still searching for them casually and have been for years. Bro, I still haven't gathered all of the Fortuna tablets, the Gas City secrets, the posters you get from the new corpus ships...I still have yet to fight John Prodman! More than five years in and still happily discovering at my leisure.
  11. I think it boils down to just people mouthing off. Youtubers that talk about it show themselves camping in a spot, utilizing a meta and boring themselves. Then the players who watch said youtuber, copy that youtuber and camp in one spot for hours, exactly following a meta and then wonder why they aren't having a good time. Quite simply, they make their own play-time boring. The game is all about choice, so choose to have fun.
  12. Agreed, and that's when they should walk away for a while.
  13. No, Warframe does have those elements. It's just that DE allows a freedom of play and players simply choose the rush route. If not for youtubers, I think 80% of players would have no idea about the Gas City secrets. Warframe greatly rewards exploration...hell, it rewards everything!! Lol!
  14. I'm sort of on the same page as you but have another take. DE has created a phenomenal set of open worlds that are all part of an ever developing and expanding game. They like to rotate updates by factions, revealing more and more of each of their stories, but some players only see Warframe one dimensionally. Those players often get in the way just a little too much. What I see happening, within this year and well into the next two years, is: 1a - a HUGE change for PoE with a full sentient invasion. This is from the invasion scene at TennoCon. 1b - a huge event on Fort
  15. The casuals are fine. That's the point. The game is fun as hell as is. Why muck it up by changing it to an unfavorable experience that has thrived for over 8 years, right?
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