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  1. Not much in disagreeables here but it's not a 99% rate of DE not listening. Quite the opposite. Turning a 20 seconds to write request into gameplay reality is what's ignored by us, the players. Multiply that by hundreds of 20 second requests per month and you get a very backed up list and a player base that accuses them of not listening. Are we to expect them to dismiss the old requests then? What about the ones on Twitter, Reddit or from the Youtubers? It becomes easy to say DE isn't doing enough. In this instant/constant gratification era of society, nothing is done fast enough or good enough. The past glory you mentioned was complained about and changed. Change the riven system and watch the pitchforks fly. Balance the game (which I'm also against until after Railjack) and watch the silent happy players become the salty vets. You are correct in that this is the trophy for all era and companies like DE has to deal with it as best they can. There is no winning this and they shouldn't try. They're on the right track with the new stuff and I just want players to think things through a bit more and, more importantly, understand that there are 6 year old players and 60 year old players and all the levels of maturity and immaturity within. Your version is a good one but not for the trophy generation.
  2. Personally, I'd lock Cetus, PoE, Fortuna, Orb Vallis and Gas City until the star chart is completed. I'd have the old Jupiter tileset back until the chart is done. Max star chart level = level 40 on Uranus...which of course starts the operator quests. Next, I'd open up the operator based quests and, once completed, Lua and the Void opens at level 50+. From there, the open worlds, Gas City, the Void and the Derelict all start at 55+. I know that's not high enough for some but I don't want to scare off the new players.
  3. Sorry mate, wasn't calling you entitled directly but it is a bit weird that two multi year (5 years for me) players are discussing "once a great game" as if we haven't received maximum value from this product. A product, by the way, that is still growing. We've mastered the arts, experimented with hundreds of mods, learned the weapons, mastered the stances per melee weapon type, learned the enemy weaknesses, rallied as gamers to learn the trick to the Eidolon fight, etc. DE has rewarded us quite a bit and has the best modular reward system in gaming. Despite that, I find it strange to sit here, after years upon years of playing, and see vets speak as if they weren't and aren't rewarded for the gameplay. The game is in World of Warcraft territory when it comes to a massive experience and value. That said, I do understand you want it to be even better, so do I. The difference we have is in what we see from DE. They're transparent, open to feedback, applies the feedback as seen with the latest reworks, attempted many times to add endgame elements and I also know how they schedule updates with two mainline updates, two mid-grade updates and monthly small changes or cosmetic/weapon releases per year., which is on par or more than AAA games. The recent thread on conclave looked more like the players stopped playing rather than DE abandoning it. Same with Lunaro. Simply speaking, I can't just decide, years later and after I've enjoyed my journey and experience, that the product suddenly sucks because my 2019 self has mastered a 2012 game.
  4. I don't think they consider an 8.5 hour run as an opportunity to test any part of anything in the game. I wouldn't neither. That's extreme gaming and is not a valuable area to explore because very few players would go that route. Yes, endless modes exists but, if you're asking why the devs aren't addressing level 200+ scaling, it's because there's no point in allocating resources to heavily thought out, continuous, variable and player satisfying rewards for that when those same rewards could be applied to a more broadly accepted content release like Railjack or New War. In fact, there should be no rewards or adjustments for that type of marathon play until AFTER those two releases. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for raid modes and special endless mode achievements but I'd rather they focus on finally getting the sentient enemies on the field and THEN relax and start creating balanced enemy raids and endless stuff.
  5. Wow. You really are using those weak talking points that some CCs use. Ok, here we go: 1) DE isn't the issue, it's you, the player. You can whine about difficulty all you want but it's not the model of the game and especially was not what the call to arms was about until after you had your fill. The very core of the gameplay is to build an overpowered super ninja that has very entertaining ways to destroy enemies. Every adjustment to the gameplay was directly requested from the early version of "you", before hour 1000 or login day #365. That said, why would DE design something players didn't originally lust for? Kinda hard to go from overpowered to underdogs unless the new content warrants it. 2) Trying to please a spoiled kid that has everything is a nightmare unless you either take all the toys away and make new ones (throwing him into a temper tantrum) or teach that spoiled rotten kid patience until new toys can be made (throwing her into a temper tantrum). It's not a smart idea to just throw rewards in to a model that vets would still complain about (Ropololyst rewards taught DE that lesson when vets and Youtubers bashed then over it). Also, if an operator skin is great for player one but sucks for you, then what would your reward be? Answer that carefully because player one might be pissed at your reward. 3) Since many players, logged in constantly or not, haven't even defeated the tridolan, let alone the first orb boss, then why would DE rush to create a solution to so few? Content isn't difficulty. Content is Gas City and it's crazy size, new puzzles, updated lore, new game mode, new warframe, new weapons, new boss, new secret rooms, new mods and new melee/gunplay mechanics. None of that cost us money so I don't know where you got that lie that DE is all about cosmetics. I do agree that Tau should be locked, level 50+ and make corrosive and bleed damage non factors with the sentients. Lastly, DE is employed by adults dude. I'm quite sure they're not worried about your little "dare".
  6. I think we often forget that they have a major goal to accomplish while still trying to address our concerns (potentially thousands and thousands of requests, changes, reworks, etc.). Looking at the dev workshop alone blows my mind with just how many requests they receive. Adding rando difficulty and reconstructing scaling would be added chaos if building within current content...so much so, we would be out with the pitchforks screaming for bloody murder because there would be no focus on content progression. Looking at where the games is now, I didn't expect them to just randomly change the entire scope and model of Warframe's difficulty without also applying a real reason to be difficult. Their route is definitely not the solution for this generation of gamer impatience...but, then again, warframe was never designed for the impatient. DE puts in a helluva lot of detail that slows the process and I agree it can rattle the nerves but I'm also very happy they stay the course. For them, telling the story is critical to the model and is also the best reasoning to fulfill requests while remaining on the big task. Railjack and New War creates a LOT of room to add difficulty, puzzles and refreshing content that vets want while also giving new-mid level players an even larger library of content to navigate through.
  7. They sort of made that her passive now. Her original passive was horrible
  8. Just like anything in life, humans eventually begin to turn on a product, get tired of a product or start to overly obsess about a product. The latter is most of the CC's problems. 5-7 Years is a very long time...a VERY long time..to play a single game. I'm just as guilty of it. The gameplay is just unmatched, IMO, so it's difficult to jump into another game without coming back to Warframe. The second issue is now that the CCs have gained a sizable viewer count and monetization has taken effect, the core of their content has to be based on maintaining and increasing that count. That, combined with the above mentioned human traits, begins the greed based dilusion of not enough content. The sense of urgency to create vids, streams and controversy for profit is just like a drug addiction and the CC no longer cares about how toxic they become. OF COURSE ITS NOT ALL OF THEM. That said, you can clearly see just how comfortable some of them are when it comes to the bashing, disguised as "constructive criticism". Every high end game goes through this. The only difference is that DE is the first free to play dev to enter this toxic territory. They're doing a great job of handling the stress of it though, so kudos to them!
  9. There's an issue with those CCs that are publicly complaining about the game, especially Life of Rio and AGGP: the lack of content they're complaining about is one dimensional and immature. Their complaints are not speaking for all vets and, because they have a loud bark, it makes it appear as though the situation is "tragic, grim and dire". The reality is that DE is guilty of being openly transparent to a bunch of players that are beyond the level of spoiled and assume only they should be heard. Endgame exists already but they want more. This game has WAY too many rewards but they want more. It has content galore, in multiple forms for every type of player to get into...but they want more of JUST their favorite type. It's simply obsessed players wanting more drugs to feed their addiction to a game they love. More in point, the content creators in question need the viewcounts and controversy in order to rake in views. Talking and showing recorded replays is simple to do but designing a ground up new system for a 7 year old game...not simple. All in all, the content creators who leave have made human decisions. Those who threaten to leave or rant constantly are merely using the moment as a means to profit. Take them with a small grain of salt.
  10. Exactly. Your favorite food, eaten every day eventually wears on us...until we step away for awhile. I can never understand the vets who say "stop telling us to take a break". The game has done its job: entertain you for a VERY LONG TIME. Step away, let DE add more stuff, then come back refreshed. Bashing and biting the feeding hand does nothing but give that hand doubts about still trying to feed you.
  11. No, I'm considering the lore in discussing the New War..which is lore.
  12. Exactly my point. We didn't recognise the sentient when we scanned it. We learned of them as players exactly as the tenno relearned of them after their sleep, which is why she had to instruct us. I hope your arguement isn't that things are never forgotten and never needs refreshing. Experience means nothing if not remembered.
  13. I did. They fought that war centuries ago and forgot about the war and the sentients. Lotus has to explain to us how the sentients adapt. Umbra,on the other hand, has developed stronger fighting abilities against them, as a warframe. Our knowledge of old returns but they had centuries to grow and develop while we slept.
  14. I considered that for a sec but now I see it as the new meta. When DE showed a sample of the sentient area, it was massive, extremely massive...railjack use massive. We might be going to the Tao system which may have an entirely new set of maps.
  15. Exactly. I see us losing the war. We've never had to fight an army of sentients and the Tenno aren't very experienced against them. In fact, only Umbra has the experience to handle them...lore wise. Gameplay wise, we've only had to fend off about three at a time and they were of only two real types. Remember, the Eidolons are PIECES OF ONE SENTIENT, so the sky's the limit in regards to what other forms they have. My guess is similar to yours with the man in the wall but I think he's more sane than let on. While we're freaked out over him, it seems our tenno avatars communicate with him quite well. They know something we don't.
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