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  1. I was doing my lich mission in a pub and they downed my lich three times which made it despawn before I could get to it. Now I'm starting my half hour journey to make it spawn again. This is a bad system, it should only despawn if the owner of the lich downs it.
  2. Half the prices for the items in the the OV store!
  3. I actually have some solid tips your you that worked on my 45k+run. Hildryn - good for energy Voidrig - best sentinet and orhpix killer Learn spawns and camp them Goodluck!
  4. They'll just add 50 more prestiges whenever they find out we're close enough to finishing them.
  5. Thank you and I hope there are clan leaderboards
  6. Facing similar issues here. This is not only a problem in the plains, it's the same issue but exaggerated in dojos too. I have no clue when this started or why it's happening but after the painstakingly long load into dojo after finishing a missing froze my game then started running at 2-5 fps for 10-15s. Maybe unrelated but the orb mother take about double the time to spawn in now. From 7ish seconds to 15ish seconds now.
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