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  1. True would be nice but sadly we all know that won't happen in a million years
  2. Could be a personal stat, like star chart completion
  3. I want to know how many formas I used without counting each one or keeping track with a spreadsheet reeeeeee
  4. Love how you can clearly see DE's pets finding ways around the issue instead of commending this age old idea.
  5. Plague star is one of the only fun returning events, and now that it's not returning edit: Had acolytes in mind for other returning events but that's also out
  6. I mean... 88 hours into one game mode to get 44m credits, some resources that are useless outside of railjack, and a bunch of MR does not mean that railjack overpowered. Only really useful you're getting are the credits and forma bp. Both of which, even as a new player, you can get more efficiently from doing other things.
  7. Feel free to dm or add me in game / leave a reply down here. Even if this gets old, don't assume that I have everything I need since I'll make sure to note that down when it happens. WTB 55%+ Kuva Weapons - 175p Each (Set Price) Cold: Shildeg Toxin: Brakk, Bramma, Chakkurr, Drakgoon, Hind, Karak, Kohm, Ogris, Quartakk, Seer, Tonkor, Twin Stubbas Heat: Nukor, Ayanga Magnetic: Nukor
  8. It was all fun and games until Bile pulled up...
  9. Looking at it at another perspective, I can agree. My option was bias bc I now have all gold mods so it doesn't really affect me. I think that the problem is how many times you see mechs / hour. If they increase it to 3 mechs per vault, or decrease the toxicity and concoction phase times... maybe even let us straight into the mech fight would be swell. 90% of the time spent in the vault bounty is waiting for timers to count down which isn't right, not many people can spare that much time in their day.
  10. Well, maybe you're right and I'm just lucky because I just got another gold mod
  11. I'm sure ash will help, biggest problem you'll face is the damage reflection, you'll die with any frame but wukong. Other than that goodluck and have fun!
  12. I meant don't bother with Loid and opening the vault, take out he mechs after toxicity phase and leave.
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