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  1. You are provided with Prime Video, some Amazon music benefits, Amazon Prime, allowed to shop at Amazon cashier-less stores (ok they are new and only one exists so far). And college students can get it free from what I know. Anyway the reason I'm here. The sugatra is literally the smallest one yet. Thank you, but... Omg. Can hardly see other ones as it stands
  2. The issue for some of us, is we've been spoiled by previous releases being midnight of the date of release, it's strange that it has stopped or doesn't occur in our new gaming home. And with something as simple as this, it shouldn't be an issue, but customs are different...
  3. You say its a currency, but there is only one trader who accepts it, we literally have no idea what he does with it. Ducats seem to be essentially a crushed oriokin tech? Why not repurpose it ourselves when we can? Currency is a resource, resources are currency in their own respect. If a npc accepted alloy plates as its only currency I don't think anyone would object, we need a dump for it.
  4. Not soon, but I do believe from what we were shown on melee 3.0 daggers/dual and other not so great weapons should become more relevant, I assume a lot of primes are going to move up in the line, expecting Dakra Prime to be a top tier.. Anyway yea Fang Prime likely will be buffed, I'd actually be happy with a 'minor' nerf if it were given the ability to ignore armor entirely as its description seems to imply. "A set of ceremonial daggers from the Orokin era, the Fang Prime's blades resonate violently as they strike. This allows them to pierce hardened materials like armor with ease."
  5. You have the syndana not the sugatra, if you had that, I think DE may have to investigate you. Sugatra is the dangly decoration on the melee weapons, it looks similar. And to continue off this why is this cosmetic the choice of the theme, what about the previous syndana? I assume that must of been left over asset that was 'about' to be used in a Prime Accessory pack until you teamed up with Twitch, hence why the new set has a distinctive purple in it. Cant wait for armor set though!
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