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  1. I saw Operators all the time on Hydron. I would ask how to get that pet character and people will deflect gently. Knowing they exist does not spoil how they come to be, which is the important part.
  2. I like it a lot. Especially the exalted Sniper rifle.
  3. Now, take any $60 to $100 games and add all of your points. EA is laughing in stock money. Monetization is what keeps the lights and salaries on at DE.
  4. Everybody name each other because they sort their differences and make peace. Their names are new names, for they do not not bare the old grudges. We don't know what they were called before. Grand-Ma is the only one that does not judge any family member on their action. She has nothing to sort out. She is the elder and the leader, She is The Grand-Ma. Grand-Ma is a title of honor she acquired by becoming wiser than the rest.
  5. No problem. I bought my first one after two years of playing the game. It's a pretty good way to get some plat and exclusive items at the same time :)
  6. Prime Access is for new Primed frames. Prime Vault is an un-vaulting of a pair of frames that have been getting a primed version in the past.
  7. Nice suggestion. A useless mech and one that cost real money. You have a really petty idea of For Everyone means.
  8. I don't know, I just use the phantasma shotgun and Garuda's Talons and everything dies. Not sure how status is not as powerful as crit.
  9. I do appreciate as much as I appreciate your insights on Revenant. 🙂
  10. Hola! What? I suck at Revenant? I am the fist to know. I did not come here to spread misinformation, I am describing what I experienced in my limited play time with him.
  11. He clearly need a mechanic that refresh his Mesmer Skin like Nova has one to refresh for her 1. You can refresh one Mesmer Skin stack by Reaving through a Thrall but... In high density missions, that will make you Reaves constantly and still loosing the stack fast anyway: not a solution.
  12. The duration on his Mesmer Skin individual stacks is a thing I don't understand how it really works.
  13. Indeed, normal MOT is perfectly fine but Steel Path MOT is not for him. He looses his Mesmer Skin stacks really fast because of the gunners and get one shot by a bombard. And that happens too fast to be able to use Rolling Guard invincibility frame constantly.
  14. I think you are right to call this out and right to theorize that the crap-on-it-before-it-happens posters have seeds thoughts in DE's mind that possibly led them to pre-emptively strike - Although, we will never know how much it has influenced them unless they make a comment on live stream or specifically pointing that out somewhere. My kneejerk reaction is not against you but against the criers that think DE are ever bowing to change because they are loud enough and not for the obvious reason that they are in charge of their game. I hope I make more sense here.
  15. DE sure does read the forums but they have a brain for themselves and they will do what they think is right despite all odds and they have proved time and time again, rightfully or wrongfully. Imagine, being convinced that 200 specialized employees are going to read your crap understanding of an un released system with thousands of implications, turn their head and say: "Oh no, are you crying Baby Brain?". "Let me comfort you Baby Brain, it's too difficult, too OP, too strong for your baby brain, I know. Here is a nerf, voila, shhhhhhhhh.". No forum poster nor community is ever responsibl
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