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  1. As people mention above, it's more about different biological entities. More like Aliens in the movies can make someone host and develop a new entity. But even there, fast adaptative dna is involved. Even in science fiction, real life compatibility is involve. "infestation" means nothing by itself if the word is sac of meanings for the sake of vagueness ranging from virus, plague, disease, dna breaker, etc. it's all up in the air as to what it technically really means.
  2. Yes you will. Without a doubt. Reason is: Because it needs to place some files into the Warframe folder and these file are executables and process files that modifies other original files.
  3. People that *@##$ at a Trinity on Hydron or Helene for not being a dps frame.
  4. Don't talk at me. I don't make this game. I was replying to the OP. I don't share your frustration if it's what's your trying to convey.
  5. First, there is people working on this game's content. Second, they have thrown a few alerts during that week before the intermission the last time. Please, don't panic.
  6. I was not, just heard the Cache sound the first time on a mission that was not a Sabotage and Ohhhh! I found them when I take my to explore tilesets, same way I find Ayatan sculptures
  7. I have found one on a derelict Orokin ship - two on Grineer tileset and two on Corpus tileset in the last two weeks.
  8. 56 here while only avoiding the Conservation, Void Challenge and The Index ones. I have finish the previous season at 41 not bothering for whatever I did not want to do. I either rush the mission on Sunday at the reset if they are fast and easy or spread them during the week. I buy Silver and Gold Potatoes plus some Nitain.
  9. We are in the good old days of World of Warcraft forums where the players that HAVE ENJOYED the game for thousands of hours and finished everything come out to say the game is bad. YOUR experience DOES NOT compare to mine, nor anybody else. "I don't recommend the game in it's current state." Do you think we are here to read a steam review? You are not objective like many others that just don't seem to remember why they have played for so long and enjoyed the game. I am not saying your feelings are not genuine but you are part of very tiny fraction of the player base and your opinion is more biased because of this. Why can't people move on?
  10. People don't quit Warframe for Destiny, it's the other way around. Why? Because Activision destroyed the confidence the player had in Bungie. Destiny is a great game but their fate has been sealed for too long. And yeah... F2p where you have to buy the DLC is not F2p. Imagine World of Warcraft doing this. 1 to 60 is free - the endagme - 90% of your time spend in game is Dollaz. Not the same game, not the same economy, not the same values.
  11. I feel that their running animation and combat "pose" is doing a lot in having feeling them being clunky, from a design stand point. The downside of focus is that you can't really mix and match the benefits you desire to make your own play style - something that mods on warframes can do: Health and Power str - Duration and Power Str, etc. They would need, in the next future, a re design from the ground up.
  12. I understand your frustration but Operators are meant to complement the warframes. We would not need warframes if they were more powerful than now. I do agree that of having a better interface/modding system will be beneficial.
  13. DE is not your parents or family, they don't care about your feelings. They are well aware about what is in the feedback section, they are just not going to turn around every god dam devstream to let you know they are working on solution just to appease your mommy issue. And yea, they are fixing what they put in the game like the Shawzin, should they not? Do you never hear Rebb acknowledging the feedback? I don't think so. They stream 3 times a week and answer community questions and they do a devstream most regularly or when they really have progress to show. They are pushing reworks, updates, fixes, hit fixes, major updates, new content and future content at the same time with prime releases. What the fck else do you want?
  14. Yes but give it only to Gauss so every other frames watch him run like an imbecile.
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