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  1. Plot twist, we are The Man in the Wall, as being entangled like in quantum physics.
  2. Kuva Shieldeg with viral, heat and max range is a real pleasure. Crit build or Status build, same joy.
  3. I have stun locked and won fights on most of the relay bosses with the heat dagger with only 3 mods on it, two years ago. Should we nerf it too?
  4. The Sancti Magistar from the Red veil gives you tons of health back, it eve heal defense objectives.
  5. The exploiter gives more rep than the profit one but it can take twice as long due choice if frame, game mecanics, bug encounter, or phases not spawning correctly. so everybody farm the exploiter instead. Sad face.
  6. 12 hours feels right to me. Because it will be available the next day no matter when you log in but never during the same session. Every 24hours crafting time should be 12 in my mind.
  7. Enemies are right in the sweet spot, it's just that we have over modded our weapons for so long to tri shot lvl 100+, now we get the reward. BUT, they also tri shot you if you don't pay attention. I like it.
  8. My one forma Khom absolutely disagree with this statement. Viral or Corrosive, I shred anything twice as fast as before the patch.
  9. The Grineer's galleons, with their submarine type of corridor, while annoying, are not game breaking in my opinion. They impose a certain oppressing risk-reward movements and they have plenty of natural cover to play with. I understand the OP concerns but I thought that sarcasm was a stronger suit than my will to take it seriously (letting the serious people answer and devise), as I thought the post was lacking a more serious ledge to step on. I appreciate your pun very much.
  10. Isn't that fun that that the levels are not empty corridors with no doors in between? Let's remove ramps, devices and architectures in middle of square rooms too and let's have all of this in straight path, no left or right corners.
  11. Microsoft has realized last year a controller made for people with uneven, unequal or missing limbs. Check it out. It's like a white board with multidirectional pads and other tricks on it. That the only controller that I am aware off that may be able to suit your friend's needs.
  12. Drives me nuts too from time to time, so I put the map on screen and follows it.
  13. I had that problem once with my helmin pet. Logged off and on it was back.
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