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  1. You can. I had about a dozen of one so tried transmuting a set of four to get something I had less of. Figured I could spare four since the eight remaining would still do for 24 liches/sisters and I only need to go after ephemeras now, got all the weapons already.
  2. Does it though? I try to solo as much stuff as I can, partly because I don't want to risk being dead weight and want to test the water by myself before getting into a group. I can almost solo capture all three, a bit of tweaking of my build and some more practice and I probably could. With one other player who has a basic idea of what needs to be done I can fairly comfortably capture all three. I know that experienced, full squads can do multiple runs of all three in one night time period, some up to 5 times. By now there's enough information available to the community that anyone who cares to do it can find out how and with a squad and with reasonable kit should be able to fairly comfortably capture all three. The only people under pressure will be under sized or solo squads who need to deal the same amount of damage with less weapons and less buffs yet the same amount of time available. Personally, I think DE needs to make the Eidolons more accessible, be it a bounty that can be started at any time or a bounty that can only start at night but lasts as long as needed or a way to skip straight to the one you want to farm. Events that have offered Arcanes on demand have allowed me to acquire the ones I actually think I'd regularly use. Maxing the others would be mostly for completions sake and Eidolons are too awkward to bother with for that. The only other thing I'd want from them is Riven Transmuters but I'm not so desperate for Rivens as to bother even for them.
  3. I can think of a few enemies that drop components for weapons but I can't think of any that drop blueprints for components. I don't really mind needing to build them, but if you are trying to be consistent then I'm not sure this is.
  4. You can fail it because of a pet killing something. You can fail it after capturing the target right up until th ereward notification comes up. You can be playing solo, in Operator form, in Void Mode and not attacking, and fail because your Kavat caught up and killed somone before the game processed the fact that the objective has been completed.
  5. 9.6 of the PEGI Code of Conduct: PEGI is a non-profit organisation that regulates age classification/rating of games across Europe and has the authority to fine companies or remove games from sale for non-compliance.
  6. You buy them for credits from Simaris' shop (far right of his room as you walk into it) but ultimately you want to get the widget from him that upgrades it to have infinte uses.
  7. I think the 'login rarely' idea entered common community belief a long time ago under a different system in which it was actually true. Under the current system I haven't seen any evidence beyond anecdotes. Under the old system, before it started counting total logins and instead gave rewards based on consecutive logins, there were different reward tables for 3, 5, and 7 days. All could offer discounted plat but the 5 and 7 days reward lists were expanded with other tasty rewards like Forma, Reactors, Catalysts but also less tasty rewards like warframe and weapon blueprints that were available in the store for credits. There was clearly a reason then to avoid playing for a day to drop back to the lowest table and avoid drop table bloat if someone wanted a discount. After the change to login rewards, I suspect the idea that not logging in gives better chance of discount is simply confirmation bias mixed with the continuation of the concept of that being 'how it is' from people who heard it once but didn't know why it used to happen under the old system, or why the reasons for that no longer apply.
  8. On that really annoyed me recently was camera sway when talking to NPC vendors. Why does there need to be sway when we are both standing still?
  9. The odd thing is that he does sell the War Hilt and War Blade that are needed to build Broken War, even though they drop from various Sentients. Although the drop rate is quite low, they are easier to encounter again and again than Stalker is. It's especially stupid that shifting from Stalker to Shadow Stalker doesn't change Dread's drop chance at all but halves both Despair' chance and Hate's chance to make room for War and Broken War.
  10. The standing from daily alerts ignores daily cap, as do the medallions you can collect in them. Yes, they do. They want people to pace themselves and not be chomping at the bit for more new content two days after each update.
  11. If you have an unused Loadout Slot then you could dedicate that to randomizing, then just change the Warframe in a different Loadout to whatever was randomly chosen without changing the weapons etc.
  12. Ordnance is listed in the Railjack controls custom key bindings. In Options>Controls, grab the scroll bar and drag it down the the bottom where the Railjack section is (second last, just before Shawzin) and there'll be an option for customizing Railjack specific keybindings, Ordnance is in there.
  13. Don't make the mistake of putting it on a Sentinel. Having that bright crackle effect (still bright even with dark energy colours) floating to one side of the screen is terrible.
  14. Or, add punch through without removing Seeker and let people have more punch through if they want.
  15. IIRC you can only do one Mastery Test per 24 hours, even if you pass, so it wouldn't be possible to get from 1 to 8 in less than a week even with power levelling all the things. I think the Mastery lock was originally put in as a way of helping with group finding, since the concept of Relays was that people would go there to find a squad even if that's not what actually happens. By having different relays open up with Mastery players would be able to find groups at their desired level more easily, in theory, if Mastery actually related to ability, if Recruit Chat didn't exist. Now I think it just serves as an unofficial bonus for achieving Mastery 8, no longer missing out on some Baro visits.
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