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  1. Patch notes don't say enemies, they say NPCs. I might be wrong, as I haven't actually done a Defense since the patch, but I interpretted that as meaning Arbitration/Sortie Defenses with a live agent as the objective will advance to the next wave while the objective is bleeding out rather than giving you free time to revive them safely (unless it's the final round). Only enemy I could think it might be referring to is Bursas.
  2. Two questions; Do Pustrels/Copernics/Carbides/Cubic Diodes collected on-foot now go to the forge or do they still go direct to player inventory? Can we get the is feature in the rest of the game? It would be handy in missions that tend to split squads e.g. Interception, Spy, Defection, Syndicate Alerts...
  3. Pistol Ammo Mutation should be giving 8 per Rifle Ammo drop and Primed should be giving 14 according to mod descriptions at max rank. In game they are giving 3 and 5.
  4. You can upgrade an old weapon to have the bonus stats of a newer one. For example, you could invest a Catalyst and 5 Forma into a Kuva Ogris for Mastery and the fun of running around with an automatic rocket launcher, even if it doesn't have a top roll for bonus damage, then down the line fuse another Kuva Ogris into it if you get a better one (possibly after the proposed ability to 'bait' Liches with specific weapons). But if I'm running a specific Relic for a rare part I need then the other parts on that Relic are often parts I dodn't need, they'll just be Ducats. In the same manner as how Railjack weapons I don't want will just be Dirac. In my personal experience of playing Railjack, I wanted a Zetki Photor for the pilot seat (I know most say Cryophon, but I wanted range and accuracy). First I got a fairly low damage bonus, about 18% I think but I didn't even have the resources required before finding a 24%, then a 28% and now a 29.9%, each time scrapping the older repaired one to recover some of the resources to build the newer one. I wasn't losing out completely by having built the less powerful one as I still got most of the resources back and I got to use that weapon in the mean time. Now, there's no guaranteed progress I'll admit, I am no more likely to get a 30% now than I was on my first mission in Veil but the same could be said of Relics, I am no more likely to get the last Baza Prime part I need in my next run than I was in my first.
  5. If we get to fight her, I could see that being muttered as she slips into unconciousness. I can also imagine Exploiter Orb saying it just whenever.
  6. Even if we do have boss fight against her, it doesn't have to end with her death. I'm expecting/hoping that we'll be able to restore her Lotus memories but without removing her Natah memories and then let her choose what to do with a level of clarity she's never had before. It'd be sad for her to end up with amnesia for a third time. She'll end up like Ordis if we keep wiping her memories.
  7. I'm fairly sure that it doesn't affect mission rewards, it only affects drops from enemies so it has no affect on Relic farming on Xini. As to whether or not it's more or less valuable than the credit booster it replaced, that's subjective. Even after the cost of building a Railjack I still feel comfortable with the amount of credits I have while a mod drop chance booster has helped me gain a few Avionics and even the duplicates it got me have helped me with Dirac. I've also gained a few Sentient dropped mods and Jupiter secret lab mods that I might not use but it's filled a gap in my collection. Also, it directly replaced the Credit Booster in the Sortie reward table and didn't affect the chance of getting a resource drop chance booster so your last line is completely wrong.
  8. Don't bother wasting time repairing electrics, your shields wont last anyway and the damaged areas will stun any boarding parties that get too close to them.
  9. Actually, looking at my Kuva weapons, I might have been completely wrong. I had assumed it would just be a percentage of the base stats added to the other elementals but it looks like it might actually increase the base damage value. Which would make it similar to only having a rank 8 or 9 Serration instead of 10. What has me most curious now though is that the physical stats on my Kuva weapons are all lower than what the codex says, for example my Drakgoon has 45.7 Impact instead of 46.
  10. Keep hitting enemies with no more than 5 seconds between hits. There are mods that extend that time as well as mods and weapons that give you a minimum (first hit puts you at 30 hits for example) as well as an option later for the combo counter to only lose 5 hits when it times out instead of everything.
  11. Once it has been repaired it takes up a Component Slot (as do any clan tech parts). Component Slots can be bought for 12Pt a pair, same as Weapon Slots.
  12. Once you factor in Elemental mods in the weapon's build it might only make a difference of 9-11% to the total damage. Even a build with just 90% elemental damage from mods will only have 16% more total damage on a 60% kuva weapon than a 25% kuva weapon. Just because people call the highest roll "god-tier" doesn't mean it's actually that much better. Looks like I was wrong about Kuva weapon damage calculation.
  13. Base combo window is 5 seconds so, yeah, that mod kills it unless you also add a mod that increases Combo Duration.
  14. A little bit of a long winded work around: Chat-link your build, it'll allow you to copy it to whatever config(s) you like. (I recently also used this to easily copy my Artemis Bow build to my Artemis Bow Prime.)
  15. Could be amusing if added as a celebratory optional thing, maybe for April Fools or the anniversary. PS: I'm not for killing Lotus.
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