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  1. Based on your commentary in the first minute of that video, you have the forms mixed up and nothing is wrong. Day: Night: Seven minutes in and you've still got them the wrong way round. For comparison, here's the regular Equinox forms: Day: Night: Ignore the colours and pay attention to the shapes and style of the forms, the heavier armoured look of Day and the slimmer, skirted look of Night. There is no bug. The defau
  2. I've seen a lot of confusion over which is Day and which is Night due to the default colours on Equinox Prime because the Day form is mostly purple: while the Night form is mostly white: Could that be the problem? Given that the colours are customisable, you can easily make the Day form lighter and the Night form darker yourself if you wish. The shapes are thematically consistent with regular Equinox's shapes (Day being bulkier and Night having a skirt).
  3. One video of it not happening doesn't prove that it never happens. That's like holding up a black bird and declaring it conclusive proof that all birds are black. Just because you haven't seen it happen doesn't mean no one else has.
  4. This reminds me of a function in Horizon: Zero Dawn. In that you can select an item in a shop or crafting menu and create a "quest" to get the required materials. Your active quest then switches to being a custom quest to collect those items.
  5. I was running a Void Fissure Capture misison on Jupiter to build up some Void Trace reserves and the target stopped in the middle of the room, flying in a tight circle and not taking any damage. Tried shooting, tried melee dropping onto his head, everything comes up zeros.
  6. I was trying to say that if introducing them to the rest of the game improved their movement in Deimos then that would be something I'd appreciate. It's more the Saxums movement in tunnels I have issue with than the Carnis to be honest, but I don't see reason not to put them in other maps when they already cram into tunnels they shouldn't fit in on Deimos. If they were optimized for tighter tunnels then that could be an improvement for Deimos too. Having three Carnis Rex alongside each other in a tight space clipping through each other and the tunnel walls to strike at me just looks nasty.
  7. Given the problems Carnis and other new Infested have with clipping through the tunnels on Deimos, I think it would be greatly beneficial to the game if the time was put in to make those units function properly in tight terrain and then retrofit that functionality to Deimos! I also wish DE would stop letting large enemies turn on the spot instantly, instead have a turning speed that fits their animation, but that's another issue... Yeah, that's why I didn't mention them.
  8. and they have Therid, Saxum and Mutalist Ospreys.
  9. The engagement range and predilection to stand and shoot is an issue I have with a lot of the new Deimos units. Carnis, Jugulus and Therid all sit far back and lob stuff at you and often from awkward places where they can barely be seen but manage to thread the needle to land their shot right on the stationary objective I need to keep alive. I get that the Jugulus doesn't really have much choice once it's spawned but it shouldn't spawn and engage from that far away, I shouldn't have Otak complain that I'm killing things too far from the objective when it spawned to far away and won't move bu
  10. I pretty much do see it as normal, yeah. All the Entrati tokens are clearly requiring variable resources, as have items from some other open world hub vendors (Teasonai, Nakak, Ticker).
  11. The costs are randomly generated. 1 Son Token will cost 1-4 tags from two common animals and 2 Son Tokens will cost either 2-4 tags from two common animals or 2-3 common tags & 1-2 uncommon tags or 1-2 tags from two uncommon animals. If you don't want to pay 4+4 for a single token then don't and wait for the next cycle when they might be cheaper.
  12. But beauty can't be banished when she's right there...
  13. It is crazy and really should have been changed a long time ago but... most people won't Forma a Dark Dagger since the Rakta Dark Dagger exists.
  14. Warframes already get bonus starting energy for each unused point of mod allowance.
  15. Personally, Reload Speed is mandatory on anything with 3 seconds or higher reload time, even without it being Exilus. I hate lengthy reload at that is my cut off for what is comfortable to use and what is unbearable. Maybe I should try out those new fangled mods that reload when holstered...
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