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  1. You could try for the normal version from fighting Alad V on Jupiter. She should still do the job and grants mastery if you haven't ranked her up already.
  2. I see Steel Essence as a route to gaining the cosmetics that only come from there and I don't see a need to farm it after that. The Relic packs and Kuva I view as simply being there to make any remaining Steel Essence technically an 'evergreen' reward. I wont try to use it as a method of farming Relics or Kuva, but I might buy some from there if I run out and happen to have spare Steel Essence. (Not that I'm likely to have spare, or use that as my first port of call when spare Nightwave Creds get me Kuva already and spare Syndicate medallions get me Relic packs already...) From the latest Home Time stream it sounds like we might be seeing some tweaks to rewards at some point though.
  3. I used Valkyr and Xoris. Go crazy in her face with Hysteria so you don't have to worry about pesky things like knock downs and damage then switch back to Xoris when you need to for plot reasons.
  4. Someday the community might realise that release order of normal frames was never a hard and fast rule for Prime release order, more of a guideline at best. The 2nd Prime Warframe was Frost Prime. Frost was the 9th Warframe added and 6th male Warframe.
  5. I think you get an extra mystery reward. Not sure what the drop table is though. Fairly sure last time I used one I got a Credit Cache that didn't even cover the crafting cost of the antitoxin...
  6. Do you mean Toxic Ancients? Yeah, they've always been scary at high levels with their ability to kill you without even trying, just strolling past. If Defence objectives still have Flesh type health and take extra damage from Toxin then it could be a problem if a few get close enough to affect it. Personally, I'm worried about those sneaky Grineer Drudge workers. They have something like 4 times the stats of Butchers already and I doubt they were designed with level scaling in mind. They already scare me in Kuva Lich missions, creeping up unexpectedly and BAM! you're almost dead.
  7. It took me three nights to get her and all the weapons. One night for each tier, got the weapon blueprints from Jackal on the first night too. Only thing I'm missing is the middle tier coin decoration but I don't really care about that as I don't think I want to put them anywhere anyway. Frankly, I'd feel sorry for the people who bought her if it was easier.
  8. I find Intruder Stasis to be quite handy for this challenge.
  9. It's literally the armour worn by Teshin/Isaah without the cloak/hanging parts and the armour worn by the female Dax in the Erra cinematic. It's exactly how we have seen Dax armour before. Saying that, I don't think there's a good reason not to have the legs, arms and even helmet parts equipable regardless of sex. I just hope the helmet doesn't change my face shape the way most of them do.
  10. I think people blow that comment about the simulacrum WAY out of proportion. As I understood it, he didn't have any problem with people using the simulacrum, he had issue with the number of 'content creators' making videos of new weapons/warframes that just showed that one sterile environment instead of how the new thing plays in an actual game. The problem isn't a casual player's desire to test there, the problem is that if you consider those videos as a source of promotional material (which DE, as a business, would) then they aren't doing a good job of showcasing the variety of gameplay in the game if they only show one room over and over. The reasoning behind having a fixed level for Steel Path is most likely for matchmaking. If people can choose their own level how likely are you to find a team running the same level? Likely it'd just end up with people either running max level for challenge or minimum level for easy farming and then you might as well only have two options. If it was exactly like Simulacrum and had max level related to Mastery it'd be terrible for matchmaking as anyone wanting to run max level would be limited to only people of the exact same rank.
  11. If they let us buy another 3 appearance slots for Operators I would buy them immediately. I have never bought any for anything else. I was actually a bit disappointed to find that the one thing I wanted them for was the one thing they didn't let us have.
  12. Except they don't... They use this for Credits and Affinity (Power Booster pack I & II): and this for Resource amounts/drops (Scavenge Booster pack): "Facts", eh, who needs to check what they actually are when you can just run with your preconceived ideas instead... We've got until 28th July to claim these so I plan on waiting until I've got some of the new Prime stuff after the 14th. 😉
  13. Damn, you must be rolling in 'spores and bundles to be spending pads for the sake of 5 arrows!
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