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  1. I'm pretty sure Hunhow's still got a physical form outside the origin system and only sent drones (albeit very large, directly controlled drones) to Uranus.
  2. Any chance of finding a way to allow it again? I've never had a problem with the mentioned bug but I liked being able to use favouriting to store a few Legacy colours that I like. It effectively gives a much wider set of colour options and being able to save some to favourites means not having to turn on Legacy colours every time I want to use one of them.
  3. Timezones. No time is suitable for everyone across the whole world. For me it changes at 1am Monday morning so I don't even have Sunday night to start it, I do what I can on weeknights and finish it off with friends at the weekend. Keeping it resetting at 0:00 GMT, as it currently does, is the closest thing they have to not showing favouritism.
  4. When the new player experience is changed in any major way existing players have always been able to play through it too. I don't see any reason to wait or restart later.
  5. Before a rework on Mag I'd like to know if she's actually working as intended or not, but never having been told exactly what DE intend for her powers to do I can't be sure if they are or not. I'd like some clarification on the Energy Orb drop rate boost that Pull gives. If it is meant to be a multiplicative increase on the base chance of an Orb dropping, as it appears to be, then it's barely worth having the coding for it in the game (buffs each enemy to dropping about 7.5% of the time instead of 6%, yay...). If it's meant to be an added increase then that'd be nice but getting the killing blow with Pull is still too awkward so I think the Energy Orb drop rate boost should apply to any enemies killed while rag dolled by Pull so you can knock them down, then mop up with a powerful weapon/assist from another player and still have that increased chance. Allowing the killing blow to come from elsewhere would improve synergies and stop Mag from wanting to compete for kills with Pull (not that she actually can compete, making the drop rate buff wasted code, as mentioned earlier). Magnetize is another power that I want clarification on how it's intended to work. Currently Power Strength affects the DoT on the main target but not on anything else in the bubble. This encourages a negative Strength, max Range build that catches more people and builds up a bigger explosion than a smaller bubble built for Strength, which feels counter intuitive to me, which is why I wonder if it's actually working as intended. I run a Power Strength build on Mag as all of her powers double dip on Strength and a single cast of Polarize fully restores my shields. Mileage will vary based on an individual's choice of build, obviously, but I think I prefer the current instant full refill over a delayed build up of increased recharge rate, especially as increased rates inherently have diminishing returns.
  6. You can't earn it in game. You can get it from giveaways during dev streams and Primetime streams or some promo codes but in those cases it is not tradeable. All tradeable plat will have been bought either as a plat purchase or as part of a Prime Access, Prime Vault or other bundle.
  7. Did you miss the part where I said "going back to working this way" and "as it used too"? I KNOW that is not how Power Efficiency currently works, but it is how it USED TO work. Currently the term Power Efficiency and how it is presented in the UI doesn't even make sense. If anything it should be rebranded Power Cost with all the positive value mods changed to negative. The current Power Efficiency of 130% with Streamline gives 70% power cost, because it is actually -30% from the Power Cost and not efficiency at all. Power Efficiency of +30% should mean that each point of Power spent would be worth 1.3 points instead, giving an inverse relationship between your Efficiency and your Cost but at least then 130% would make sense mathematically. It used to work like that but people got confused by 30% Efficiency giving them about 23% reduction in cost and it was changed. I don't need to imagine it being like that, I lived with it like that. Admittedly we didn't have Zenurik or Arcanes to make cost irrelevant, but we also didn't have as many enemies that made powers irrelevant either. Powers were used in a pinch because they cost more, but when you used them they actually did something. I'd rather that than being able to spam a power all day long but have it ignored by the enemies.
  8. I did it myself just before posting to be sure it could work. Level 30 Mag with no mods, Strun with no mods (Rank 0, freshly bought). If Mag isn't levelled then you wont get as good a damage multiplier or duration for Magnetize so you will need to level her but I did it with no mods so any mods you can add will make it easier. For example, if your Chilling Grasp is max rank it'll be adding 90% extra damage so you'll only need to hit about half as much as I did.
  9. I'd recommend building Mag and levelling her. She should be able to carry you through all the junctions as long as you know how to roll and use the pillars to hide until the right moment. A rank 30 Mag with a Strun and no mods at all can beat the Trinity Specter. First run to the nearest pillar to avoid her opening attacks, then use Mag's second power, Magnetize, on her. Unlike most enemies she wont be frozen in place but she will take extra damage and be much easier to hit due to the larger target of the Magnetize bubble. If you need to reload just pop behind a pillar and be ready to recast Magnetize (you can even do this without interupting the reload). I tried it just now and she was on about 10% health after I'd emptied the gun the first time. Adding damage to the gun or Power Strength to Mag will make her go down even faster.
  10. In order to standardise how suits fit together they cut a bunch of them differently so Suit parts all stop at the waist now instead of some stopping there and others going down to the knee. Similarly the cut-off point between Hood and Suit became standardised at the neck instead of being somewhere roughly between the neck and the armpit. The V shape on the chest and the shoulder pads that you want are no longer part of the Koppra Hood, they will now be part of the Koppra Suit and Sleeves. The white trousers you want are now part of the Varida Greaves and the Ceno Greaves now continue the Ceno theme all the way to the waist instead of stopping at the thighs. If it's any consolation, I think your Operator looks fine as she is, like a badass space pirate captain.
  11. I actually prefer it working this way as it prevents the need for an artificial cap. I would be in favour of Power Efficiency going back to working this way too (as it used to a long time ago) instead of having the artificial cap of -75% cost. I'd be in favour of more mods having diminishing returns as it would work towards naturally limiting power creep and encourage a balanced build over a min/max build.
  12. I think they've already addressed that to a degree. You now get a choice each milestone so you can get the stuff that's most interesting to you earlier rather than having to get them in original order and eventually there stops being unique items and it just starts repeating useful rewards such as a windfall amount of Kuva or Endo, a set of week long boosters or a pack of 3 Rivens. Nice to get purely for logging in but not unique or unobtainable through other means. So even though I have a head start over you, once you get all the weapons, mods and cosmetics I wont have anything you can't get, I'll just have more of them.
  13. Really? That sounds crazy... why did DE go back to method they dropped as far back as when Nekros was released?
  14. Yeah, because he never lied to us and turned out to be leading us into an enemy trap... Oh wait, he almost got my body stolen by a Grineer Queen! I mean, sure, they had sway over him because of the Kuva so we can't really hold him responsible for his actions but... Do we really know Lotus/Natah is not acting under duress too? I definitely think we should wait until we know the whole story before issuing an execution order.
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