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  1. It was supposed to be fixed in the last hotfix so I'd recommend replying to Megan's post here if you are still missing the Vazarin polarity so they are made aware that there is still a problem.
  2. There's 12 Phased Tigris skins currently on offer, starting at just over £100 but buyers only want to pay about £60, although in the past month there were two sold for about £100 each. The Vauban skin only goes for about £2.
  3. Phased Ankyros Skin has sold on Steam Market for over £500 on three occasions. There are currently 4 people offering over £70 for it... That is insane...
  4. From Support's old FAQ about PC to PS4 migration, they lost: Braton Vandal Excalibur Prime IAHGames Braton Skin Lato Prime Lato Vandal Nvidia Braton Skin Phased AKVasto Skin Phased Ankyros Skin Phased Asa Syandana Phased Vauban Warframe Skin Phased Vauban Warframe Helmet Phased Tigris Skin Rubedo Plated Drakgoon Skin Rubedo Plated Galatine Skin Rubedo Plated Rhino Skin Rubedo Plated Rhino Helmet Rubedo Plated Twin Vipers Sk
  5. Looking at the portraits on https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Warframes, there's 45 unique warframes and 31 of them have yellow names which indicates they have a Prime version, that makes 76, plus PC has a third Excalibur for 77.
  6. I'd add a Grineer civil war story arc. Vay Hek's failures lead to him falling out of favour with the Queen(s) so he sets his propaganda machines to work to start a rebellion in an attempt to seize power himself. Promise of greater freedom to experiment unshackled sees Tyl Regor join Hek's forces. Kela De Thaym remains loyal to the matriarchy. Lt. Kril breaks off into a small religious sect following Vor as a Void-Prophet. Sargus Ruk has an existential crisis leading to a honour driven redemption arc that ends with him joining Steel Meridian (I picture him repainted steel grey instead of o
  7. I'm fairly sure the only current cross-save is PS4 and PS5. I don't think there's any inter-company option.
  8. Is that not a feature unlocked the first time you use Forma on an item?
  9. That seems somewhat ironic given your post has no citation either. I don't plan on trawling through the whole forum looking for people to quote as saying they just want higher level enemies and don't need rewards but I guess I could refer you to the last three paragraphs of FSK41's post just above. In this video Scott says the idea of letting people go through a higher level version of the star chart after completing the normal version is something they'd been considering for about 5 years. But I guess you are referring to this video in which Scott discusses disliking the Simulacrum
  10. Sure people have been asking for that but that doesn't mean Steel Path was supposed to address that. I'd say Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and the Liches were more inline with offering new challenges for veterans. Note that I'm not saying whether or not they were successful in that goal, only that their addition was intended as veteran targetted content. And what does the testing chamber offer? High level enemies that they can show weapon performance against without having to spend time in a Survival waiting for the levels to rise so they can get a few minutes of footage. What does it
  11. In DE's defence, it was a response to the player-feedback asking for the option to start missions at a higher enemy level. The repeated request on these forums was for endless runs to be able to skip the first few rounds and go straight to a higher level (and the repeated request often came with the statement that rewards would not need to change as it was a 'for fun' option and AI didn't need changed, just simply change starting enemy level). Of course, once implemented it the calls for better rewards and even tougher enemies came in, but the original 'design brief' was just higher levels s
  12. If something is just going to be locked if returned to after inactivity then rather than adding a warning about that they could just set a timer to auto lock threads after a given amount of inactivity. Personally, I don't think there's a problem with threads being necro'd if the new poster has something to add to an ongoing issue. Especially given the number of times I see people being told they should have used the search function rather than starting a new thread.
  13. Arcane helmets were removed because players didn't like the fact that their build affected their cosmetics. If you wanted a max range build on a frame with a + range helmet then you had to use that helmet, not a Prime/Tennogen/Deluxe helmet. When Arcanes came in as a replacement they were first limited to being put on helmets or syandanas because they were following in those footsteps but even that got changed due to players still feeling it limited their cosmetic choice too much. People want them now because they are a rare novelty, not because they are actually good for the game. As
  14. Are you suggesting DE are controlling the weather to intentionally interrupt your Rank up attempt? 🤔 If you are a grown up with a job etc. who only gets to play once a week, I doubt reducing it to 12 hours will help. At that point any lock out more than an hour is likely as good as a 7 day lock out since you wont be playing again anyway. Same. I ran a few practices until I had a build I felt confident I'd be able to complete it with but even after that it took a few tries to do it and it felt great when I did. If there was no lock out then the practice option would be point
  15. The Saturn Six Mask is a 2% drop from Wolf. This 'brand new' Wolf Hood might be is something different.
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