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  1. Put a space before Gara and it'll filter out all the akjagara relics.
  2. I would like to see either: a) let us use the Prime helmet on Umbra. or b) let us use the Umbra skin on the Prime. I don't think either of those would be unreasonable or difficult to implement.
  3. Are any of the aforementioned Corpus weapons inherently unfun in a way that can't be fixed through stat balance? None of these variants are going to have the same stats so a weapon that isn't fun because the fire rate, recoil or reload time just isn't quite right for the weapon feel you like may get a variant that feels and/or plays completely differently, such as the Nukor and Opticor variants. The only guaranteed relation they'll have to their namesake will be appearance and inheriting any mods such as Rivens, but at minimum disposition. The current Tetra may be a bad weapon but that does
  4. I suspect this was just numbers chosen for the sake of example but they actually get 30%.
  5. Maybe they should also change up parts of the game that encourage, or even require, such long stretches of continuous game time. Looking at you, John Prodman...
  6. Probably because it's easier to set up one reward to run the whole week rather than do one for each day while also letting them have a mix of rewards on offer instead of the same thing every stream.
  7. I've not really looked at it since I don't play Octavia but the Steam Workshop has images made by the artist: If that matchs the angle in game then I'd say it's working as intended. If not, then bug report it. There have been a few other cases of misaligned helmets recently hotfixed (mostly Khora though) so it could be a thing.
  8. Sounds like the typical exaggeration this community often uses with regard to anything that isn't mathematically 'the best'. There's no downside to that mod, other than it takes up a space another mod could be in and it uses up 2-7 allowance that would otherwise give 10-35 extra starting Energy. As to why people would say that about this mod in particular, most people likely consider using the Augur set to take advantage of a specific feature of Shield-gating. The set bonus allows you to rapidly restore shields by casting, and by refilling your shields to max you'll get a longer invulne
  9. Sounds like this isn't the fix you intend it to be. Xbox players that watched streams when they couldn't play aren't happy because they'll miss out due to not being able to log in to the game at a time they could watch a stream, meanwhile non-Xbox players have to watch a third-party hosted stream for 30 minutes to get what Xbox players can get for logging in. Personally, I'll be watching the streams anyway so it doesn't matter much to me, I'm more concerned by the fact we're getting a landscape display when two of the artworks shown are square and one is portrait, but I can't help
  10. Have you checked https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory to see if it's listed there?
  11. Is it maybe this issue that has just been fixed on PC: If so then it might just be a UI problem rather than actually missing out on the Focus.
  12. Convergence does. No lenses means no Convergence spawns and no occupying the screen with the report on Focus gained during it. Personally, I'd be happy with the option to opt out of seeing Convergence. Removing the Lenses would do it but feels a bit extreme. Being able to switch off Convergence and just have the base rate of Focus gain all the time would be fine for me.
  13. The first 3 stages are all supposed to have a 25% chance of 5 Gyromags with the 4th stage having a 28.57% chance. Unfortunately random chance means some will get them in 3 runs and others, roughly 3% of people, will take over 12 runs. If a specific stage is getting tiring then consider running one of the others for what little variety that'll give. They might take longer but a different stage will ease the burnout.
  14. I guess you missed it but I already gave my opinion on that idea: Regarding the suggestion of adding a bundle to the market... Okay, I guess. I mean it wont affect me in the slightest so I have no reason to be against it, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the issue in the thread title, Uncommon Forma in Relics. Also, a bundle doesn't really make them 'constantly farmable' beyond how they already are. It'd just make them cheaper, so there'd be less farming for stuff to trade to get the Plat to buy them, but there'd still be the same process of farming stuff to tra
  15. They also all need a Forma for the previous rank.
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