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  1. For me the Digital ticket is £16.99 GBP which, according to Google at time of typing, is $29.79 CAD. $0.21 cheaper than the day ticket even before tax and booking fees are added! Apparently that's $22.38 in USD, so I'll be getting a $2.61 discount compared to Americans if I buy it now, before any changes in currency exchange happen. I love how crazy and made up currencies are!
  2. I think that is the plan. https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1107342800302075906
  3. Baruuk I could understand being left out thematically but last time I checked Chroma Prime wasn't an option either (regular Chroma is there but no option to use Prime appearance).
  4. Plague star boss gave standing with Nakak's Operational Supplies where you could buy gems and fish parts. Each run gave 3000 Standing which allows you to buy 4 items from Heart Nyth, Radian Sentirum, Norg Brain, Cuthol Tendrils & Murkray Liver at 750 each. In a roundabout way it already does what you ask.
  5. I'm not sure why people would complain about something already being funded. Usually I see people complaining about others not yet having contributed and having to do it all themselves. I might be wrong but can clan leaders not limit who can start research? If so then just don't start it and have all donations go through the clan treasury (allowing people to donate extra if they want which can go towards future research), then start it when there's enough in the pot.
  6. Today's devstream, link at the top of this page saying "Thank's for watching Devstream #125" will take you to the video. 13 minutes in they show Wisp and her alt helm and discuss Reb having shown it in the previous devstream when it wasn't finished.
  7. Except what they showed today was the original design. The alt helmet was always supposed to have cloth strips coming down from it just like the default helm does but it was unfinished last time and the alternative cloth parts hadn't been attached.
  8. When did you hit Mastery Rank 2 and have you logged out and in again since completing the test? If it was today then you might find the chats will work after 0:00 GMT.
  9. Used to be limited to one per player but the extended gear wheel update added a bug whereby we could equip all of them at once. DE decided to let it run instead of fixing it as it isn't really game breaking but does allow people to apply four handicaps at once if they wish and be guaranteed to open a Vault. I did that to solo four Derelict Captures for the Nightwave challenge and got jumped by Wolf for the first and only time. Ran out of ammo (primary and secondary) when he was on about 25% health, foolishly tried to finish him off with melee and got destroyed!
  10. Pretty sure you want to walk further away from the back of the spaceport to the next section of building like that, judging by your position on the mini-map.
  11. 17th May 2013, Vauban release, was purchaseable instantly or you could wait for 3 alerts with no idea when they'd turn up and if they'd be at a convenient time of day for you and no way to aid progress through your own actions.
  12. Right now, sure, that's what we have, because it's all been found already and the exact locations widely diseminated but when it began there were four maps given out to streamers to share with their viewers who worked together to find the locations so that those maps/videos could be made.
  13. What if that's not the goal? I believe the goal was to get the community talking and working together. DE want us to use the map, that's why they made the map with rough locations marked, cut it into 4 and gave each streaming partner a section to show to their viewers and start exploring. Each gets their fans to help with the section they have and then groups of streamers swap info on the 4 sections to get the complete map. It didn't take long for the community to compile a complete map for all to use but the point is that people got together and worked on it as a group, larger than just one squad.
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