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  1. To add to this, there are two things I would like to see them get. 1) Remove the inertia from k-drives, it`s annoying and while it`s realistic it does not make gameplay better. 2) Operators can now ride on k-drives. If these things were to happen I would use them a lot more often.
  2. I don`t like conclave however I am open for some improvements. For one I think that only operators and the on-call crew should be the characters you play in conclave, this alone addresses the issue of ppl jumping and bullet jumping everywhere making it harder for ppl to attack them. As for a game-mode I would like to see k-drive racing in conclave that is similar to mario karts but the pick-ups are warframe abilities. This alone would make me want to play in conclave.
  3. When it comes to Ash, he needs a revisit and it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks, stats and ppl`s actions proves he needs a revisit. I say Ash needs a revisit and ppl say "he`s perfect" and get upset with me but he`s not, Ash has issues most ppl don`t know about. The reason being because; People use two of his augment 24/7 to the point where they completely ignore the issues of the abilities and act like they are ok. The way people use him and talk about him ("oh he can use seeking shuriken to strip armour and can kill lvl 100+ with bs) they can`t see his issues in a general sense. I have put up a post of a Ash revisit, which is popular based on likes, views and follows also this revisit fix all the issues Ash has and drastically improves his abilities which makes you feel like a ninja.
  4. How I feel about the trailer and Nidus in general is a different topic on its own however I really like the music in the Nidus prime trailer, it fits the infested theme and it sounds sick. Seriously go to 0:40, play warframe and listen to it you will feel a rush and you will see what I mean. DE please let us be able to listen to this on our orbiter?
  5. To me ppl obsessed over clem and floofs is bloody irritating and now ppl are obsessed over the grineer in the new war gameplay but ppl have been killing them for years. frig clem and frig floofs.
  6. Tbh I`m not really into Nidus that much I like wf were their abilities can be used on the move if a frame has more than one stationary abilities then I won`t like the frame and Nidus is just that. I`m more interested in Harrow Prime I love his has the most unique abilities in the game and it was made by Pablo, he should come out in December if not I will be very disappointed. I know what you mean, his helmet looks like pinocino was telling lies so he hid his head in a bucket in shame. Ash was also my first prime waframe and is my main frame however his has issues pp don`t know about, he needs a revisit and it doesn`t matter what ppl say or think stats and ppls actions proves that he needs one.
  7. Idm it being both useful and sick looking but I will always choose aesthetics over utilitarian like with weapons idc if it can kill lvl 10,0000 enemy if its ugly I'm not interested. I came up with an idea for operator armour before but ppl didn`t like it, it was armour pieces made out of resources. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance like Argon Crystal Armour or Oxium Armour. There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look.
  8. It would be cool to have operator only mission. Here is an example of a game-mode I came up with. This is a mission where you use operators that can benefit from warframe abilities however you can only use operators and the only thing your chosen warframe can do in the mission is sprint and cast abilities that can affect them. Effective warframes: Volt - 2nd 3rd Wisp - 1st Harrow - 2nd 3rd 4th These warframes provide useful buffs or abilities that operators can use while in the mission from ranging from damage to survivability. Their also can be one where the operators can use K-drives and the game-play would be simular to All-stars racing.
  9. BREAKING NEWS On the devstream yesterday they mentioned there is going to be some texture experiments coming soon which means we might get the Anthem treatment by changing the textures on our warframes. This is great so now I can make my volt have a metallic look like he use to and I'll finally be able to play the original Ash and change the textures, I know one person will be happy from this thread. @technozorro Here is the proof.
  10. I have been thinking about this for a long time and seeing Darvo offering a discount on pet items made me want to write this up. I think we should get a 50% discount off on all operator items, as for when I think it is the best time for this to drop would be when the plains of duviri comes out since it links with the operators but if it comes before then then that`s great but this needs to be a thing sometime in the future.
  11. Agreed, it gets annoying when you get knocked down when you shoot (phad scaffold), but the animation looks sick, this should happen when dodging instead of sliding. Here is an example of this.
  12. Being obtainable from conclave? no since it needs improvements before any new rewards are added however I would like to see this be a unique feature for the Bishamo armour for the operators, that would be sick.
  13. Idc about the chaining effect I wish it never happened in the first place. I just want the old visual circle beam affect back, that was the reason why I loved the weapon and now DE ruined it.
  14. Stat Stick: A warframe ability that requires the strengths of a melee weapon to be affective. The ppl I’ve been speaking to, they feel the same way as I do of not liking stat sticks, the reason being is coz in order for a warframe ability to be good, you have mod your melee weapon to get the best out of that ability (when it comes to its damage). Warframe abilities should not be reliant on a melee weapon because it forces players to choose between the ability or the weapon where you have to sacrifice having fun with a weapon or the ability and restricts you to use the strongest melee weapon (which again feeds in to the damn damage meta that I don`t like). Atlas, Excalibur, Gara and Khora`s 1st abilities are examples that fall into this category, people say that the jaw sword is one of the best weapons to use to improve the damage of the ability but what if you don`t like the jaw sword, what if you just want to use a different weapons because it suits the warframe (atlas and fist weapons) but yet on its own the general consensus say the jaw sword is bad plus if you don`t mod for the ability, it`s so bad that it can’t kill low level enemies. In my opinion stat sticks needs to be removed however I have come up with two alternatives of mechanics that already exist to replace this; Option 1: Combo multiplier: The more you cast an ability, the more damage it does, the less energy it takes with one second. It has a cap of four cast to reach its spitmaximum damage and reduces energy cost by 75%, as long as you cast it within a second you can keep the same amount of damage and energy cost. I really like this mechanic because it encourages you to use that ability to get the most effectiveness out to it but unfortunately this mechanic is underrated. For my suggestion, Give those abilities this but with improvements. · The damage has no limit and has infinite scaling as long as you cast it within the duration of the counter. · The combo duration window can be from 5 to 10 seconds. · The energy still stays at 75%. For those that like to play high-level mission will be a huge benefit for them for killing enemies and for people that play for fun in low level missions the ability will work as intended. There are other warframe that don`t have this that can benefit from this: Ash`s Shuriken Nekros`s Soul Punch Nyx`s Psychix Bolts Oberon`s Smite Xaku`s Deny (3rd ability) Rhino and Valkyr`s 1st abilities have this but makes no sense in having it due how the ability works. Option 2: Make those abilities have their mod slots like exalted weapons. At lease with this, you can choose what mods you want to add and it will not require you to depend on a melee weapon. Out of the two, I prefer the combo system but obviously some abilities are suited for the combo multiplier a some to have their own modding system. Here are two examples of improvements I have given to warframe abilities that can also benefit from the combo mechanic. Shuriken: Mutilate: (rework) With the warframe abilities that currently need a stat stick and abilities that could benefit from the combo multiplier, if I had to choose what abilities should get either one of these options I would give: Ash` Shuriken – Combo Multiplier Atlas` Landslide – CM Excalibur`s Slash Dash – CM Gara`s Shattered Lash – Mod Slots Ivara`s Navigator – MS Khora`s Whipclaw – CM or MS Nekros` Soul Punch – CM or something different Nezha`s Blazing Chakram – CM (option) Nyx`s Psychic Bolts – CM (but it has to also do damage for it to get this) Oberon`s Smite – CM Volt`s Shock – CM or buff the passive Just to add single target/projectile related abilities should have a base damage of 600+ no lower of example Nova`s Null Star does 200 slash which is bad instead it should be 700 impact. If anyone has any ideas on other options as an alternative to replace stat sticks please mention them here, if you agree that stat sticks should be removed leave a like.
  15. She needs a lot more than this for example you need to have the choice on whether you want the enemies to rag-dolled or not on the 4th ability. Here is what I suggest for improvements. Yareli Passive improvement: When you stop move you have 2 seconds before the buff disappears. 1st ability: · Visually, the enemy is caught inside the bubble. · It does true damage. · If enemies walk within 15m of the bubbles (which can be increased by duration mods) it will seek out the enemies. · The bubble will pop and enemies within a 7m radius will receive a cold proc either when you kill the enemy or when the duration runs out. 2nd ability: · Pressing the ability will make her ride it while holding the ability will summon it to seek out and attack enemies dealing slash damage and leaving an icy trail that procs cold status affects when enemies walk onto it. · You can use any weapon while on in, if you use a melee weapon it will increase the attack range by 10m. · Remove the damage reduction from it. 3rd ability: · This now has damage reduction, enemies` focus is more on the ring than on Yareli. · The more enemies shoot you the more the damage is increased. · (Synergy) It can push the bubbles if they are not on an enemy, if an enemy is targeted it will deal double damage. 4th ability: · Pressing the ability will not shoot them out but instead hold them inside. · Pressing the ability again will deactivate it by shooting them out. · This does true damage. Despite this imo she needs a rework, her 2nd and 4th ability need to be replaced with a completely new abilities.
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