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  1. Here are some ideas for his abilities I want to add from what was shown on the devstream. · All abilities can be cast on the move. 1st ability: · This ability is affected by energy drain. You can also deactivate the ability. · It will either use the melee weapon that you have equipped, or it will use primal fury however If you cast it while using guns, the clones will fight with melee weapon. · Clones can use whatever stance you have in your melee weapon and stance from the 4th ability. · The clone’s survivability is based on wukong`s health shields and armour plus power strength. · The damage the clones do to enemies will depend on the power strength and melee mods. · (Synergy) You can increase their survivability by using the 2nd ability before you cast the 3rd ability and even if you deactivate it, the clones will still benefit from the 2nd ability. The invulnerability phase on the clone will only work once. 3rd ability: · It gives you 50% movement speed and can be increased by speed mods. · Make the ability base on duration only. · Make it able to go through lasers, door barriers, enemies and brake/unbreakable grates. (it won`t set off alarms) · If an enemy sees you while activating the 3rd ability, the will attack at your last location · The ability still makes him invulnerable, however, he`s vulnerable to receive status effects. The duration of the status affect he receives is increased (by duration mods) making it to where he can infect enemies with it and the duration of enemies affected by status is the same as Wukong being affected by it. · While in this form, he can be affected by multi-status procs. · Deactivating it while enemies near him will receive a stun and the status effects that was inflicted onto wukong, if affected by two status effects, they will combine. (not open to finishers) · Deactivating the ability will get rid of status affect whether enemies are around or not. · Sentinel is invulnerable while activated. · While in this form you can interact with things in the environment e.g hack doors, open crates etc. 4th ability · Decrease the attack speed of the second swing in the stance. OR give him a completely new stance. · When blocking enemy damage, it will store up the damage and then can be released by performing a slam attack. · It`s stats should lean towards high-status chance. Fix: When performing the animation, you can`t see the staff. (this has been like this ever since he was released) Fix: Make the growing range of the melee weapon noticeable and effective. I may come back and add some other ideas if I think of any, if anyone else has some ideas for wukong, this is the place to add them.
  2. Are you ever going to develop operator only missions?
  3. There are some warframe passives imo that is underwhelming so I have come up with improvements to some of them. Here are the improved passives; Equinox: Instead of getting 10% of energy or health make it half of what you pick up e.g pick up 50 health gives you 25 energy. (I feel like it will make this passive better) Frost NEW: Enemies attacking at frost will be slowed down by 20% Hydroid NEW: Melee slam attack has a 70% chance to send out a water wave that knocks enemies down and slows down the recovery rate. Inaros: · Increase the damage of enemies when reviving while he is in his sarcophagus over time. Aiming at the head will increase damage x2. · Change it to a wave to capture multi enemies instead of one. Mag NEW: When 100 of her shields are depleted there is a 40% chance that she will release a magnetic pulse the pushes enemies back in a 15m radius. Mesa: Make dual wielded sidearms have 20% reload and one-handed sidearms have 20% fire rate instead of the other way around. Unequipping a melee weapon will increase her movement speed by 15%. Nekros: Make nekros receive 10 health within 15m when enemies are killed. Nova: Enemies with a grappling hook will also be knocked down. Nyx: If Nyx`s health is below 50%, enemies attacking her will be put to sleep for 3 seconds. Rhino: If the shockwave indicator touches the enemy it will knock them down instead of you having to land on top of them. This can also be triggered when doing a weapon slam. Trinity: Trinity can also revive allies by aiming at them no matter the distance and will take two seconds instead of four seconds. Volt: You can only release the stored-up damage on enemies, not on crates or environmental objects. Wukong: The more enemies he kills the longer the range on his melee weapons. · You will have 10 seconds to kill an enemy before it resets. · An indicator will show how much range you are accumulating and will show how much seconds you have before the range resets. · This also works with the 4th ability.
  4. I have noticed that when I play syndicate mission captures every time I capture the target and head to extraction there are no enemies left to kill, I`m also going to assume this is the case for all capture missions. This has been going on for years now DE please fix this and if anyone has noticed this, please confirm this.
  5. This will make a difference but not a difference where it`s considered OP and I know it has nothing to do with the stun, hence why I said: "after the stun". -_-
  6. I don`t care if it taking into consideration the Warframe's theme or if it makes sense or not, their passives do that, switching passives is for fun`s sake which after all is a game. Plus if DE implemented this, wouldn`t complain about it, also, it`s a choice whether you want to do it or not duh.
  7. If I were to re-visit Titania, this is what I would do. Titania: · Increase all ability cast speed time. 1st ability: · Increase ability radius from 5m to 8m. · Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air. · Killing enemies will drop a health orb. When picked up. It will send out health regeneration giving her and allies 10 health a second for 5 seconds. Synergy: if you use the 2nd ability on an enemy affected by the 1st ability, they have a 50% chance to drop energy orb. · (augment) When adding status damage to enemies, when the affected enemy is killed, it will spread to nearby enemies. 2nd ability: · All buffs will have 75% effectiveness. · The range of enemies affected should be in a 50m radius. · Thorns – the damage reflection should be 1000+ to make it useful. This can be increased by strength mods · Full Moon – it should also increase companion’s and butterfly’s movement speed. · Holding the ability should give you the option to choose what buff you want. · When cycling through buffs, enemies that will give you the buff will glow by her chosen energy colour for 5 seconds. · Buffs should be absorbed into her no matter the distance. Synergy: dust & thorns applies to 4th ability butterflies. 3rd ability: · Each enemy affected will increase the range by 2m to a cap of 10m. · The enemy affected will stay stationary in the air. · You can shoot at affected enemy loading status damage into it depending on what mods you have on your weapons. The butterflies and the explosion will release the damage. Visually loading fire damage will show the butterflies and enemies on fire and will show fire explosion upon deactivation. 4th ability: · While using the 4th ability, make the other ability cost half the energy. · Get rid of zero gravity. When you stop, she stops instead of it keep on moving, it’s very annoying. (include this in archwing) · When it comes to movement, she should move as smoothly as she is on the ground or better. · While having the diwata (exalted sword) equipped, you can close the gap on enemies within 35m. This makes it to where you can reach the enemies quicker. · (Synergy) If you cast the 1st ability on enemies, it will give the diwata 30% more damage when used on them.
  8. One thing I would like to see happen is to have the ability to swap passive with other warframes, doing this, can give other frames an advantage and give different opportunities for modding and gameplay. Examples; Giving Ash`s passive to Equinox: Her 4th ability in day form will do more damage and will inflict more slash damage after the stun. Giving Banshee`s passive to loki: He will now be even stealthier and gives him the advantage of staying alive. Giving Nekros` passive to Ember: Since Ember is squishy, her abilities can now heal her. Giving Hildryn`s passive to Nyx: This will give her more survivability which she needs. Even though this passive doesn`t exist anymore, this passive swap would make a certain warframe`s abilities even more useful… Nyx`s old passive given to Vauban, I`ll let you guys figure out why this would be useful. Now I know there are some passive that won`t work with other frames like Nidus (1st passive), Khora, Barruk and chroma but it would be an interesting thing to see if this was to be implemented.
  9. One question; Who would be considered to be the last old warframe?
  10. I know there are other frames that need a look at but, I don`t think you understood the question so again, what do you think of my re-visit to Ash? my ideas to make his abilities more fun and effective?
  11. I have talked about some small tweaks to Nova. Here is what I would do to her; Nova: Passive: · Enemies with a grappling hook will also be knocked down. 1st ability: · Instead of it inflicting slash damage it will proc impacted damage which will have a 100% stagger effect. If the particle hits the same enemy again it will knock them down. · The more enemies it hits the more the damage increases. · If you hold the ability it won`t seek out enemies but instead can be used for damage reduction however status procs will consume particles. · Damage reduction will not reduce until all particles are gone. 3rd ability: · If an enemy walks into it on the opposite end it will send them back to the direction it's pointing at (this is good to put in doorways) · You can shoot through the wormhole which will convert into explosions in a 10m radius. · Make the wormhole bigger for multiple enemies to walk through it. · (Synergy) her 2nd ability can pass through it. 4th ability: · (Synergy) If an enemy under the effects of the 4th ability is damaged by the 1st ability, it will cause a chain reaction by knocking enemies down in a 15m radius. (if the enemy is not killed off by the 4th ability)
  12. If it was me I would make the passive be able to when 100 of her shields are depleted there is a 50% chance that she will release a magnetic pulse the pushes enemies back in a 15m radius.
  13. I have some ideas to improve Ash`s abilities; 1st Ability: If you hold the ability, you have the option to make two things happen; · Either the elemental mods you have on your melee weapon will be inflicted onto enemies but only base elementals. If you have two elementals equipped, it will proc either one. The same thing applies If you have all four elemental mods equipped. · Or by having no elemental mods equipped its damage will double however if you have only one elemental mod equipped, the damage will split e.g. toxin & slash. · If you aim it at an enemy, both shurikens will seek out that enemy. This gives Ash more options and a creative way to kill enemies. Even though most people would rather have the double slash damage, it`s a choice whether you want mods with elemental mods or not. 2nd ability · Increase the stun duration to 4 sec. · Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and be more susceptible to damage by 30%. · The smoke will linger for 10 seconds. · The effectiveness can be increased by strength and duration mods. Synergy: · Using 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke victim will increase the damage the enemy will receive. · If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear. There are three new ways you can use this ability; · You can mod for duration and range to make this a better cc ability. · You can use it next to a dangerously high-levelled enemy to stun it and kill it with ease. · You can use it to block enemies in doorways. Since the smoke affect duration is 6 seconds and the smoke lasts 10 seconds, enemies will be stuck for a total of 12 seconds. · Ash is more effective in stealth gameplay. · Ash now can be used in a farming team with a nekros. 3rd ability: · Make ash able to teleport through windows if there are allies, npcs, enemies and objects with a health bar on the other side of it. · Make ash able to teleport to enemies in the air. With these small tweaks, Ash will be beneficial in spy missions and has an easier time killing airborne enemies. Before I get into bs here are the current problems with bs The marking process makes bs slow, in a fast-pasted game THIS IS BAD. Other players can take their kills before you get a chance to kill them. Bodies disappearing makes it to where you can`t bring him in a desecrating team with a nekros. The indicator shows how many marks instead of how many enemies affected by bs. Using your 2nd ability to use less energy is not synergy. Synergy is a choice; this so-called synergy is a must. Using the 3rd ability to be in the animation costs no energy but you need energy to be able to use it. Make that make sense. Apparitions "clones" appearance is not consistent. 4th ability · When activating the ability, it will start instantly. · Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation, holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. · Ash will continually kill the enemy until it`s dead. · If you are in the bs animation pressing the ability again will deactivate it. · Enemies that are red can be killed by allies. · Make bs able to kill as many enemies that are within the radius of the enemies he`s aiming at. · An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs. Why this logically makes blade storm better; · Ash`s bs is slow however at lease because it`s an instant activation, he will at least get to the enemies 1st before any other frame`s damage ability does. · The current bs we have now made him absolutely useless in a team but with my changes, at least in a high-level mission he can kill more efficiently which in turn make the team less likely to get downed. · The choice of whether you want to be in the animations or not is much easier to pull off. The way it is now if you use bs and you want to join the animation, but you have no energy you can’t join it even though it`s not meant to cost any energy to do so. · The indicator lets you know when you can use bs again. · If saryn, ember, banshee, equinox can kill as many enemies that are in their radius then ash should be able to do the same thing. · These changes do not make him op because other people can take his kills while bs is still active. (Synergy) Shuriken & Blade storm: To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuedly keep receiving bleeding ticks, your damage will increase over time. This is also a better way to stack up damage than using your melee weapon. · This is not about killing the enemy with shuriken, they need to be alive for bs to receive more damage. · This also synergises with his passive giving you 10 seconds of bleeding ticks. · If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have 10 seconds before the damage resets. · There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left. · This does not include using weapons that do slash damage, it's only for shuriken. When bs is done, the damage you have accumulated can be used in two ways. It can either be used for bs again or be used for increased damage for shuriken. This gives you a reason to use shuriken and makes him a very efficient killer in high-level missions. New augment: Sprinting Scope After an enemy dies, there is an x on the ground where Ash and allies can stand on and receive 25% sprint speed for 15secs, if Ash is able to use bs again before the timer is up, bs will be able to kill enemies within a 15m radius of the allies location. This re-visit will make him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth related missions, gives him synergy and makes him more efficient in the art of assassination.
  14. So what do you think of my re-visit to Ash?
  15. Yes some of the older frame don`t have this, for example, ash. Only his 2nd ability does multi things so imo he needs a re-visit. Suggestions; These suggestions will make him strategic in missions, more effective in stealth related missions, gives him synergy and makes him more efficient in the art of assassination.
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