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  1. How I see it DE should revert this. If they can listen to the 1% that wanted sentinel rivens (which required work) they should be willing to change this.
  2. Equinox - It`s funny how you like my passive improvement, I got told that it was too OP. Harrow - I do see how OP that could be with energy maybe only using weapons and player kills and Harrow gaining energy from ally kills could give 5 energy but tbh I play solo so idc about whether Harrow gets this or not, I just added it coz ppl were asking for it. Ash - Instead of me going through talking about his improvements, go to this post where I talk about the problems and the solutions to fix them to answer your questions which is more detailed than this plus my comment to ppl here might answer some of the questions you have. (if I'm not mistaken) I don`t think natural talent should be a requirement, warframe abilities should have a decent cast speed.
  3. If I remember correctly the combo multi from abilities like atlas, rhino have nothing to do with the combo multi from melee. Well Ember does the same thing you can hold 1 for more damage and spam for more damage, how I see it pressing is for spamming at random enemies and the hold is to target a specific enemy you want killed. When it comes to button presses I won`t argue it since I don`t know hat it would be like on PC. When I came up with the holding mechanic for teleport, I was thinking of it to be more used for stealth because the hold is meant to be for careful targeting of where you want to go but it you want to get somewhere quick you can just jump, glide and then use hold teleport, if there is an emergency, just use his 2 since it can stun enemies longer but again it`s a choice of which escape tactic you want to use. Ultimately it`s all about playstyle, no matter how much improvements I gave Ash if someone don`t like his play style they won`t play him, unfortunately I can`t please everyone plus staying in the air is a choice vs someone liking Ash`s playstyle it`s one ability vs a whole frame. I wouldn't` say the shuriken and bs synergy is a requirement, it gives you a choice you can use melee to ramp up damage which makes you have to stop to hit enemies and mod specifically for that or use shuriken to build up damage with the advantage not to mod for it and lets you do other things while ramping up but loosing energy for more damage but that's where the combo multi comes in to use less energy. I also want to add that I appreciate asking the questions instead of saying "that`s stupid", "that`s a dumb idea" or just outright saying no. All I ask is if you disagree just ask the question and if you don`t like my answer you have the right to do so and we can just agree to disagree.
  4. From what I saw of her I don`t think she a big deal. firstly, she has the same visual design as Gara which I don't like (her helmet is ugly) and her 2, 3 and 4th abilities are all stationary which I also don`t like Imo most warframe abilities have to have abilities that are mobile since it a fast passed game. Her 2 is a copy of wisp`s 1st, her 3 didn't last long and her 4 (from what I can see) can only be used in def and mobile def related missions. I hope that DE improve these abilities drastically. Since ppl are talking about revenant I have put up a post giving ideas on what reworks, revisits and QOLs I would give to all warframes, if you`re interested click the link.
  5. Since this is the year DE is fixing things, I feel like warframe abilities is one of them so i`d through I would put up some ideas to improve the warframes abilities, I have been playing each warframe to see if they need some improvements or some changes to their abilities. Here are my reworks, revisits & QOLs I would like to see each warframe get; Ash Atlas Banshee Baruuk Chroma: Ember Equinox Excalibur Frost Gara Garuda Gauss Grendel Harrow Hildryn Hydroid Inaros Ivara Khora Limbo Loki Mag Mesa Mirage Nekros Nezha Nidus Nova Nyx Oberon Octavia Revenant Rhino Saryn Titania Trinity Valkyr Vauban Volt Wisp Wukong Zephyr Depending on how far this post goes, I may come back and update it either to improve their abilities or to add new warframes that need some tweaks.
  6. Shuriken being spamable is not an issue since it has the combo mult added to it also bs is not spamable because you have to wait until all enemies are killed plus bs will do more damage than shuriken anyways. The hold mechanic is mainly for solo/stealth play where you have to B still to aim at a target to deal more damage but that doesn`t mean you can only use it in solo play you have the choice. Clinging to walls is a choice, if you don't want to don`t aim at the wall how I see it, it`s better than what we have now besides not clinging to walls is nova can do. Also I forgot to add press x to bullet jump of the wall, press circle to detach. (ps4 controller) You are not forced to stay in the air if you don`t want to do so, don`t attack. Once again its a choice a least this way, the animation and clone`s attack speed wont rely on attack speed mods. Just to ask, which synergy did you say feels required?
  7. Unfortunately they are stupid ppl in here that don`t understand what I`m saying so I`ll say it again. Nova`s deluxe skin Imo IS NOT BAD it`s ok at best but compared to the concept, it`s lack lustre. Ppl keep saying "its a concept" I get it but why show the bloody concept in the first place just to change it? why not just show it when its in the game? don't get us exited. If DE kept on changing the concept you would be right but judging by the past times they have show us concepts (Ash, Banshee, Loki, etc) it has always looked exactly the same as the concept. Plus it doesn't look like a deluxe it looks like a tenogen skin literally the body proportion is the same but the pattern is different compared to Ash`s koga skin which the body proportion and pattern is different. Saying they could not put the special affects on it is not a excuse to completely change the concept entirely. If they give use the same concept but with no effects I would still be happy. As for the ember deluxe change, I know about that but that was was once (twice now) over the other 10+ deluxe skins. Also I notices that only one person talked about nova's deluxe which was DK, the only one with some bloody sense to notice and talk about it.
  8. I`m so disappointed in Nova`s deluxe skin, it`s not even the same concept they showed at tennocon. Don`t get me wrong it`s better than her 1st deluxe but I prefer the other concept so much more, even though I think she needs a revisit due to the fact that her 1st and 3rd could be improved, (imo) that deluxe would have made me use Nova more. 1st better concept design Now not a big deal design What`s the bloody point of showing a concept, get ppl hyped then say frig it I’m going to change the skin, I don`t care what ppl think coz they are going to play our game no matter what we do. To me it looks more of a tenogen skin than a deluxe and the worst thing is no one else is saying anything about it. I saw a post of someone saying “Oh my Nova, take my money DE” I don`t know about that person but speaking for myself I’m not buying that deluxe skin, such a disappointment. Also you get rid of the crate at extraction on ceares which no one had an issue with but you can`t do a simple thing as make limbo`s abilities be visible with chosen energy colour which ppl have been ask for from time ago? make that make some bloody sense.
  9. Some of these ideas are very similar to my ideas, normally ppl would say "you stole my ideas" however I won`t say that I`m just glad that their are ppl that think the same as me and that he needs a revisit. (not a rework) Here a snip from my post; If anyone is interested in knowing more, here is a link to the post.
  10. Just to replay to a reply you sent me on another post; "As a person who builds for less duration on purpose, because Smoke Screen is not re-castable, I support this message." I would prefer to go for less duration and more range coz I want to see Ash all the time but I don`t coz it`s not worth me doing so. With my changes you have a choice to either have more duration (high levels) or vice versa to benefit from the range and stuns. (which I think makes smoke screen more fun) As you can see the stun duration doesn't affect mods so you can still benefit from it whether you have more duration or more range. Also I added something new to smoke screen for anyone that wants more duration on Ash; "If Ash stays in the cloud the duration won`t start until he either he leaves the cloud or the cloud duration runs out. " This can benefit your type of play style just in case you need to be unseen for a few seconds and for anyone wanting a longer duration has the option for it.
  11. If anyone agrees that the Nukor should go back to the old visual beam design please upvote this posti
  12. DE why did you change the visual effect of the laser? I liked the circler laser effect, that was one of the reasons I like this weapon because it wasn't like any other beam weapon and now you ruined the visual uniqueness of the weapon. PLEASE revert it back the way it was, stop fixing things that ant broke, seriously no one asked for this! If anyone agrees that the Nukor should go back to the old visual beam design please upvote this post!
  13. DE why did you change the visual effect of the laser? I liked the circler laser effect, that was one of the reasons I like this weapon because it wasn't like any other beam weapon and now you ruined the visual uniqueness of the weapon PLEASE revert it back the way it was. Stop fixing things that ant broke, no one asked for this.
  14. I appreciate the upvote. Just to correct you and anyone that says this and is reading; I`m sure you want Ash to get tweaks, if that's the case you want a revisit from him not a rework. Rework - When an ability is remove and replaced with a new ability or combined into an existing ability to make space for a new ability. e.g. Excel, Limbo, Wukong, Vauban. Revisit - When you tweak existing abilities to improve their performance. e.g. Nezha, Oberon, Nyx, Ash (nerf) DE make up the rules but don`t follow them that's why ppl get it wrong. Also just to quote you on another post. "Not a coincidence that ash was one of the most played frames 2 yrs ago and now is one of the least. Common sense tells me rework" If you have read my post I have shown proved and confirmed that it`s not a coincidence and Ash does needs a REVISIT.
  15. Agreed. Even through I'm crap at stealth, I enjoy it, the ability to sneak up enemies and take them out while being undetected or an enemy spotting you but you take them out quickly maintaining stealth, that's why I like Ash so much. I don`t know why but stealth is just not the same anymore. I don`t know how you feel about Ash but imo he needs a revisit. I have put up a post about some changes that will improve his abilities, tell me what you think.
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