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  1. Press CTRL + F to view Contents Damage Healing Crowd Control Survivability Defensive abilities Mobility Buffs Decoy Companion AI Damaging projectile/single target/ first abilities Marking Mechanic New Mechanic: Threshold Progression New Mechanic: Ability/Command wheel Synergy Energy efficiency consumption Augments Low/high-level missions Melee 3.0 Melee Affecting Abilities Combo multiplier Diverse Mod Builds Animation/cutscenes Sounds and visually fun Side Notes My
  2. I just want to correct myself, I`m giving Nyx a rework not a revisit since I have combined her 1 into the 3 and given her 1 a new ability.
  3. Me personally I would like her to get a revisit. If I were to revisit her here is what I would do: Banshee: NEW Passive: Depending on the level of noise in the environment will determine the weapons and abilities performance. · There is a sound indicator showing the volume level of noise. · If there is no sound, weapons will be silenced. · If there is noise in the environment, her ability strength will increase based on the level of noise. · Sounds that Banshee makes does not add to the volume gauge. 1st ability: ·
  4. If I was going to rework Nyx, here is what I would do: Nyx: Passive New: If Nyx`s health is below 50%, enemies attacking her will be put to sleep. · There is a 3 second window for enemies to be affected. · After the 3 second window is up it won`t activate again unless Nyx`s health is full. · Enemies will be put to sleep for 3 seconds. · There is no range limit on enemies put to sleep. 1st ability REWORK: Nyx sends out a telekinetic wave that levitates enemies in the air. Deactivating the ability will turn them in to
  5. I don`t think Atlas needs a rework, just a revisit. If I were going to improve his abilities here is how I would go about it: Atlas: 1st ability · Increase the dash range from 15m to 20m and can be increased by range mods. · If you press the ability, on the 3rd hit it will stagger enemies and a radius, if you hold the ability on the 3rd hit it will ragdoll enemies. 2nd ability · It is now wider in length. · When aiming at the rock-wall with it becomes see-through. · The four second invulnerability won`t st
  6. Right. I`m not going to act like I made this happen but I asked for another operator outfit to be in the game and behold it was a thing.
  7. @[DE]Danielle Their is a bug with Ash`s teleport that needs to be fix asap, here is the proof. And a lot of ppl including me don't like the textures that you have given to warfames, please do something about it.
  8. Can you make the operators be able to wear the Grinner armour in the footage from the cinematic shown at tennocon. It would be sick if the operators could wear this, please make this be a thing. I have even come up with my own holographic armour for the operators.
  9. I have come up with another game-mode where you play as the operator and you are with other operators and you have to search for six parts for your necromech, once you find them you have to repair it, get in it and annihilate the operators. Let me explain how this works: · At the start operators can`t use any weapons or any focus school abilities except the way-bound passives. · Void dash is disabled. · When searching for the necromech parts it makes a sound when you’re near them. · At this time, you can also find three pickups in hidden areas w
  10. People keep on saying that Ash is great and the bladestorm can kill 1,000 level enemies but then I challenge the people that say this and tell them if bladestorm is as good as you say it is, “take Ash to a normal defence mission in a team, use bladestorm and you will see the issues as soon as you use it”, the point that I’m making is that Ash is too slow their and other warframe will dominate him in the number of enemies killed. As usual no one took the challenge and was cussing me out and being illogical which you can see here. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dnebs7/ash_c
  11. At the last minute I decided to add "What I want out of Duviri Paradox" on the contents and now I'm finally done. Please take a read and tell me what you think of what you want out of this.
  12. The one thing I don`t like about the operators is that ppl use them as a tool and they are not really good on their own here are a list of thing they need to be capable and relevant. Movement Focus System Rework Void Melee Weapons Operator Game-Modes Operator Cosmetics QOL, Bugs, Changes & Improvements Here is a post I put up about these topics, take a look if your interested.
  13. Operator Cosmetics has been added.
  14. Looks like what I wanted to happen is happening. VERRY GOOD.
  15. And to add to this, Syndicates needs some improvements that can make it more personal and fun to play.
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