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  1. I have something interesting to show you guys today. besides the other ppl I have spoken to about Ash. There are warframe youtubers that either think Ash needs a revisit or that they don`t like the marking mechanic. I massaged Dogman Dan about Ash and he agrees that he needs a revisit. Gaz TTV doesn`t like the marking mechanic on bladestorm. H3dshot thinks that Ash`s bladestorm need a lookover the most. I messaged Life of Rio on youtube and he doesn't like bladestorm and this is coming from someone that was crazy for Ash.
  2. The one thing I don`t do that everyone else does is acting like he`s a God and I know he does wrong. I don`t like Nidus coz he has two abilities that are stationary and to me that's too much for a game that's all about movement and I hate Protea`s 4th ability that`s why I said "for the most part" for me those two are his worst. Ether way in my eyes Pablo is still better at his job than scott, he plays the game and understands them, because of him Nezha went from no one wanted to play him to ppl were hyped for the prime version of Nezha. I just hope he has more of a say so on improvements
  3. Oh I plan to, I'll just listen to it while I do other things like play warframe ;)
  4. Just to ask you guys, do you have any ideas to improve the melee system?
  5. What was it scot said again? that their will be no nerfs, that the revisit will focus on buff instead of nerfs. Even through idk about Khora I do care about warframe getting nerf because of the damn meta plus you went back on your word, this is why ppl get upset with you scott and your upset that Brozime is being harsh it`s because of this, then you make jokes about nerfs when it`s not funny which proves you don`t play your own game coz you would understand that we don`t like our main frame getting nerfed in to the bloody ground. This is why we prefer Pablo over you, he was in charge on
  6. As we know Ash has had a QOL change but these changes does nothing, you would think at least it would show the enemies affected by bs instead of the amount of marks but DE didn`t think of that which proves they don`t play their own game otherwise they would have know this, I said it before and I'll say it again, as long as the marking mechanic is still their, bs will be garbage to use based on the over 10 issues it has. Just a question for the PC players, since DE looked at Ash I assume that they fixed the teleport bug so I ask; can teleport consistently open humanoid enemies up
  7. Oh no, not another sound devstream. I know I'll end up falling asleep coz I did it the last time. At lease I'll get a wf slot out of this boring stream.
  8. Yh Mag dosen`t need much, she is a good frame,she just needs some QOL and either a new passive or a 2nd passive. Ash for Ash, most ppl don`t know his issues coz ppl either used his 1st and 3rd ability augments to cover up those two abilities issues or they take him in high-level/open area missions where his is most affective. I have put up another post going into detail about why Ash needs a revisit, take a look and tell me what you think on that post. it`s very informative.
  9. The changes to Ash does nothing. The only thing good about this changes is that the indicator will show you the amount of enemies affected by bs instead of showing the number of marks on enemies, so now you know how many enemies are going to be killed and act accordingly, other than that that`s it. As long is the marking mechanic is still there bladestorm will always be crap it terms of activation speed and the fact that other ppl can take your kills. I have put up two posts on the warframe forums, one shows why Ash needs a revisit based on issues and stats and the other is a revisit that
  10. Now you are arguing semantics, you get what I'm saying. Ash`s ability concepts are solid but the performance could be better. I get why ppl like the augment but it`s only useful in high level grinner missions, anything else make the augment useless, that`s why the stats show the shuriken was the most replaced ability out of four of Ash`s abilities. If I were to improve the augment I would make it strip armour and shields and slow down infested movement speed at least it would make it useful to more than one fraction and be useful in low and high level missions Think about it, just i
  11. Unfortunately, DE didn`t change much for steel path they only changed how much steel essence you can get, they didn`t even add more rewards in the market. So disappointing.
  12. Quote from Sol-Risen Unfortunately, these are issues that are so obvious but coz of the way ppl play him they don`t see it. That`s why I made this post in the first. The only reason I think Ash needs a look over asap is coz warframes like Hydroid, Frost an Nyx have issues that are obvious but Ash`s issues is not and most ppl don`t know coz they either, use his 1 and 3 augments as bandades or they just use him in high-level missions and open areas plus meta plays a role in this also.
  13. If that`s what you think that`s fine but other ppl thing his 1st is rubbish and that`s coming from ppl that was involved in the test server. When I hear the ability I imagen how it would work in-game and if it would help so even if I haven`t experience Nekros` change I knew it was going to be bad and other ppl are proving that but if you like that`s fine but I think it`s bad and needs to be better.
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