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  1. That would be neat! Another alternative to tap/hold could be if you are aiming or not
  2. Much has been said already about how outdated Ripline feels (on top of being on a frame that feels generally outdated). IMO 2 things that would help it a lot are 1. better control of whether we pull ourselves or (try to) pull an enemy, 2. making it more worthwhile to pull enemies. Suggestion for 1: Tapping always targets the environment and pulls us toward the hook. When targeting the environment, the hook punches through enemies in its path and Valkyr will damage them as she is pulled past them. Holding always targets an enemy and attempts to pull them toward us. If an enemy cannot be pulled, the hook instead wrenches out of them, dealing increased (scaling?) damage. *EDIT: or instead of tap/hold, as Gurpgork suggested below Valkyr could pull enemies when she is grounded and pull herself when she is airborne Suggestion for 2: When the hook contacts an enemy, Ripline's energy cost is refunded and Valkyr drains further energy and/or health from the enemy. Improving Ripline's startup time would also help it feel snappier.
  3. Thanks all, so I guess rework discussions could at least let us stew some ideas until DE are more free to attempt reworks, or maybe even pick up some ideas for new frames, depending on future priorities
  4. Apparently DE said something to the effect of reworks not being worth the effort. Was this really said and if so is it worth suggesting/requesting reworks if that is DE's stance on reworks? For what it's worth I do hope that reworks are still possible as that encourages me to spend money on cosmetics for frames even if the frame is mechanically out of date or underperforming. To give a couple of examples. Frost and Hydroid have some great cosmetics that I would happily buy if they were in a better state.
  5. I'd love the colour of the tentacles to match energy colour(s) if we specify them
  6. Idea for making Aquablades more interesting and hopefully mesh better with her mobility: While spinning around her, the blades mark enemies they touch. Reactivate to launch the blades as homing projectiles that strike each marked enemy (so marked enemies are struck 3 times, once per blade) Launched blades deal more damage the longer an enemy has been marked
  7. About Kompressa not benefiting much from Yareli's crit passive, perhaps Kompressa could be given a signature effect of changing Yareli's passive from +crit to +status?
  8. Some Merulina ideas for making her more usable in indoor areas. Give her improved handling compared to normal K-Drives. Faster acceleration, tighter turning circle when boosting, etc. (Edit: plus a K-Drive mod to pass this improved handling on to normal K-Drives) Yareli can bullet jump off Marulina if her gun is drawn (if her gun isn't drawn, she does the appropriate K-Drive tricks instead). Doing so causes Marulina to briefly dissappear and reappear once the bullet jump is finished. Another thing Yareli could do with her gun drawn could be a short, sharp boost of movement with Merulina by tapping the crouch/slide key, overriding any K-Drive tricks she would do without her gun drawn. This would help a lot with when Merulina gets snagged on corners and the like. When dismissing Merulina, refund some energy based on Merulina's remaining health. This makes it less costly to briefly dismiss then recall Merulina if we hit an obstacle she still cannot pass.
  9. I'd love if Aqua Blades were more effective when zipping past enemies, at least while on Merulina. At the moment you need to stand next to enemies for a while to get good value out of this ability. Maybe scale damage and/or proc chance with Yareli's current movement speed?
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