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  1. That said, I'd love if we could tap 4 for a faster animation that skips the Rumblers and gives us rubble, and hold 4 if we still want the Rumblers. Detonating them the moment they pop up looks pretty awkward.
  2. 1. If you continue to hold the ability key while the hook is in flight, it punches through enemies instead of pulling them until it hits something Valkyr can pull herself towards. Enemies who are punched through are ragdolled and dangle near the end of the line. 2. Pulling an enemy retrieves loot from them in a similar way to Ivara's prowl, once per enemy. 3. Continuing to hold the ability key while Valkyr is pulling herself causes her to pull herself a greater distance (instead of releasing partway like she does now). She can pull herself all the way to where the hook landed if you
  3. Weakpoint Exposure All non-weakpoint hits against the affected enemy have a chance to count as weakpoint hits. Additional stacks increase the weakpoint damage bonus. Could be used for blast damage, or maybe as a secondary property of puncture damage. Attraction Affected enemies drag other nearby enemies toward them. Additional stacks increase the radius and strength of the pull. Possible secondary effect of magnetic damage. Energy Leak Affected enemies periodically either drop an energy orb (if none are nearby) or enhance* the nearest energy orb. This also happens if an
  4. For her unaugmented 4, how about the following: 1. Instead of being stationary she can float around at reduced speed (as has been suggested often) 2. Upon release, the explosion radius and damage are increased depending on how long Absorb was active (longer = larger radius and more damage) 3. Instead of energy drain ramping up with damage taken, it ramps up steadily over time as long as Absorb is active (in other words: the longer Absorb is active, the higher the cost, range and damage all become)
  5. I'd prefer if Gunnery 10 was completely replaced with something like letting us fire the artillery from the gunner/pilot seats. But if that's not an option, please allow us to unbind the snapping from the aim key and either bind it to another key of our choice or even leave it unbound altogether. This allows players who are used to the current functionality to leave it bound to the aim key and snap/aim at the same time, while allowing other players to aim without being disrupted by the snapping.
  6. Choice, like how we can destroy crewships either by boarding them or by using artillery on them. Give players different ways they can complete Railjack missions depending on whether the player feels like ground combat or Railjack combat.
  7. Regarding stragglers, one solution could be to let us start the next wave once all enemies for the current wave have finished spawning, even if some of them are still alive. This lets us cut down on chasing stragglers while still keeping wave-based progression.
  8. IMO each objective that currently requires us to exit the Railjack should ideally have an additional way of completing it without exiting the Railjack (much like crewships can be destroyed either by boarding or by artillery) For example, defense missions could be completed either by boarding the enemy ship to defend the Warframe pod (as we do now) or by attaching excavator-like device to the outside of the enemy ship and defending that instead. Exterminate could be done by letting the enemy ship send a distress signal, then killing all incoming reinforcements. For side objective
  9. Can we replace rank 10 Gunnery with something like: Can fire artillery from the pilot/gunner seat with a seperate key (default is our melee key, or maybe our 'hold-to-equip-melee' key) Firing artillery from the artillery seat charges up faster (so there is still incentive to use the artillery seat in cases where piloting/gunnery aren't a priority) This would greatly improve the solo experience IMO and avoid complains about the current rank 10 Gunnery
  10. Capital ship fights could be really fun if they were implemented as giant mobile enemies with distinct weak points and deadly weapons (as opposed to how Grineer galleons are currently implemented as static indestructible terrain) and several ways to destroy them (like how crewships can be weakened with conventional fire then finished off with artillery, or we can board them). Furthermore, I feel enemies the size of a capital ship would benefit greatly from being built with a degree of procedural generation. The bigger an enemy is, the more effect its physical structure has on how it must
  11. Yes pls. In-game macros can automatically adapt to in-game circumstances, like what kind of weapon we have equipped, whether we are in a vehicle, or whether we are typing in chat. Macros can only 'adapt' when we manually change macros on the fly which (IMO) is far too clunky for a game with Warframe's pace.
  12. They look pretty when there isn't much movement but their stiffness does look a bit odd once things get going. Would it be possible for them to bend and flow a bit?
  13. A bit of Sari syandana-esque physics on the wings themselves (as opposed to their energy trails) would be extra-lovely too
  14. Crewships often feel like the most significant threats in a Railjack mission, and as such more Crewship variety would really help spice things up IMO. Some ideas for new Crewships: Hammerhead: Heavy frontal armour, and extra large (but also extra vulnerable) engines. They can charge towards our Railjack to try and ram it for big damage. They can't turn well while charging, so dodging a charge gives us an opening to destroy their engines from behind while they struggle to regain control. Alternatively an Archwing could flank them and destroy their engines without giving them the
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