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  1. Yeah, that's sort of what I meant by that weird moment at the end of the deploy animation. We're already holding the archgun, we've already 'cocked' the archgun (should that be necessary in the first place?), so we should already be moving and shooting. Instead, we're still locked in place for a while. EDIT: unless you mean being allowed to move (but not fire) the instant the gun lands in our hands, even before the animation is complete. That's a nice idea!
  2. Assuming that shortening the animation's is off the table, that is. (That said, there is a moment the end of the animation were our warframe looks ready to move again, but instead our warframe poses dramatically before we regain control.) An archgun mod, a warframe arcane... maybe even as part of a new set of arcanes for archguns? As someone who has difficulty making use of atmospheric archguns due to the deploy animation, I would very much appreciate an option to build for faster deploying.
  3. This could be nice for moving between Profit-Taker's pylons without losing buffs like Vex Armor or having to recast Scarab Swarm!
  4. Mind-reading fits her psychic theme, and there are lots of ways mind reading could be made useful to players! There are many enemy ability animations we cannot normally stun them out of, right? Like Bombard ground slams? Nyx could have some way to interrupt these abilities if she knows (via telepathy) when the enemy is about to attempt them. For example, Psychic Bolts could spawn a handful of extra bolts that remain hovering over Nyx after the initial casting. When a nearby enemy tries to use an ability, one of these extra bolts would shoot out and interrupt them! And if you recast Psychic Bolts while extra bolts are left over, they could be added to the volley instead of being wasted Another way mind reading could be useful is gaining intel on a faction by using Mind Control on one of its members. If it weren't for Banshee already highlighting enemy weaknesses through Sonar, I'd suggest that Nyx do the same for a short while after casting Mind Control. Perhaps some other buff against them would be appropriate. A straight-up damage/defense buff would keep things simple but I hope someone else can think of something more flavorful!
  5. I want to be the giant rumbler DE pls, make my monster warframe grow
  6. Yeah! It was surprised that her voice actress (Jex Black) is an adult, there's so much childlike glee/mischievousness to her!
  7. I'm hearing some siphon destruction lines I haven't heard before, like one asking her troops if they want her to "get mean", and another saying they're walking compost heaps. I like Wormy~
  8. Hello, ahead of lich-railjack integration (I hope), which weapons are most effective in the hands of a converted lich? Since enemies aren't affected by self-damage or ammo limits (AFAIK) would the Kuva Bramma and Kuva Tonkor be up there?
  9. Liches should not level up from losing all their territory IMO. First, it doesn't make sense. Levelling up from botched kills is ok because that invokes Kuva's mysterious effects, but why would losing territory make them stronger? Second, it feels pretty bad for newer players when their attempts to reclaim territory results in even more lich nodes they might not have the gear to complete.
  10. I love how, instead of being held like a pistol like most other secondaries, it floats around the wrist. It really helps sell the super high tech look! Looking forward to seeing other secondaries with that behaviour!
  11. Specifically exalted weapons which are currently always visible even when not in use, like Garuda's talons or Mesa's peacekeepers. Maybe Valkyr's talons (including the devices on her arms) too. This would be real nice for when we're going for a sleek/elegant look with frames that have such weapons! EDIT: These weapons would reappear either when equipped (like Garuda with no melee weapon or Valkyr's 4) or when used for abilities (Garuda's 4, Mesa's 4)
  12. Instead of having to manually check every mission in each proxima for an open squad, a 'join any open squad in this proxima' function would be nice.
  13. Maybe some Corpus saw Nekros turning dead bodies into loot and found out how to industrialize it!
  14. For the sake of integrating PoE and Vallis with the rest of the star chart, would it be possible for them to support standard star chart missions (e.g. elimination) and be eligible for rotating mission conditions (crossfire elimination, void fissure elimination, nightmare elimination, etc.)? How this could work from a user point of view, taking PoE as an example: a new node branches off the PoE open world node. This new node would be labelled with an existing star chart mission type, and it would be treated as a standard node of that mission type/level when it comes to being affected by invasions, void fissures, nightmares etc. Entering this node will drop your party at a random position in the open world. After completing the objective, an extraction point appears near the party host (probably in a random direction but fixed distance). I'm not sure if all star chart mission types would be suitable for open worlds, but elimination should be a safe bet. Drop somewhere on the map, kill X enemies (which respawn in open worlds already), extract.
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