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  1. Pls DE, this skin is otherwise so beautiful :( About the shoulder rigging, it looks a bit like the shoulder plates were intended to be rigged seperately from her actual shoulders (with the plates being rigid and her shoulders bending flexible), but were insted fused to them for some reason (so both the plates and the fused shoulder portions are rigid, leading to the strange deformation of surrounding areas).
  2. Regarding how to connect Railjack with normal missions (given Railjack was initially pitched as connecting various content islands), I'm guessing bringing our ship into normal missions is out of the question so how could this be achieved, if at all? Maybe completing Railjack missions in a particular planet's proxima grants bonuses to subsequent ground missions on that planet or something? Like warping our crew in, or free air support charges?
  3. This is more about improving variety. Difficulty/speed is a seperate issue; the new wave types wouldn't necessarily be any slower than existing ones. For example, the elite wave means fewer stragglers to hunt down.
  4. Yep. To help with this I'd love if we could somehow start the next wave early (as long as we have consent from all party members). I guess there'd be problems if we could start all waves at once, but if we could at least skip hunting down stragglers (like if the skip option appeared once no more new enemies are spawning for the current wave) it would improve the experience greatly!
  5. IMO defense and mobile defense missions would feel more interesting if there were different types of enemy waves like some tower defense games have. For example: Swarm waves with large numbers of lighter/smaller enemies Special waves comprised entirely of non-standard enemy types like ghouls, amalgams, or grey strain infested Elite waves featuring a handful of highly skilled enemies like Rathuum Executioners, Index Brokers, or Zealots Disruption missions already have this to an extent (certain conduits spawn groups of special enemies, and there are different types of demo
  6. I appreciate the last update to Tectonics, but it still feels like it's significantly below par. It feels ineffective both defensively and offensively (when throwing the boulder). Although its augment helps defensive utility, no ability should need an augment to feel worth using IMO. My ideal version of it would be: Can create up to 3 walls without needing an augment (tap to create wall, hold to throw boulder made from nearest wall) Rubble creation of some sort (maybe drop rubble from destroyed walls and/or exploded boulders?) Better scaling on the boulder's damage (e.g.
  7. I really miss being able to start a throw with the heavy attack button. Is it possible to bring this back or at least let us map throws to a different key?
  8. Unfortunately the Operator A/B/C loadouts are for appearance only and do not affect what arcanes/amp/school are equipped. Also, warframe loadouts do already include which focus school is active so I was hoping this could be extended to include arcanes (and maybe amps) as well.
  9. With the push towards spoiler mode build diversity, it would be a big QoL improvement if our loadouts recorded what Magus arcanes we use. For example I might want to run Vazarin with Magus Cloud + Magus Repair for a support role, or Zenurik with Magus Elevate + Magus Lockdown with Zenurik for solo play. Swapping Magus (and Virtous?) arcanes automatically with our loadout would save a lot of time with this! EDIT: Since Warframe loadouts already include our active focus school, I was hoping this could be extended to spoiler mode arcanes and maybe amps.
  10. Javlok pls, I've been hoping for a speargun variant for quite some time
  11. Veritux (and Prisma Veritux) no longer dash to target as of the Scarlet Spear update. They were the last archmelee weapons to retain this ability, and it is sorely missed. While I can understand leaving archmelee alone until more important updates are finished, taking something away from archmelee baffles me. Please put this back!
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