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  1. Finally we can do the stropha heavy attack build
  2. Passive: The warframe's broken body is unable to fully contain the energy within, as a result this warframe's attacks have a chance to deal increased damage. The increase in damage would be based on the warframe's max energy and how much energy it has at the moment. Ability 1: Using its body as a weapon this Warframe can remove parts of itself and attach them to enemies, dealing damage per second and gaining specific buffs depending on the faction of the enemy. The buff scales off ability strength and duration Grineer: Increased armor Corpus: Increased shields Infested: Increased movement speed. Corrupted: Energy Regeneration Ability 2: Disassemble into small pieces to bypass enemy defenses, traps and even their own senses. Your movement speed is increased in this mode but it costs a small amount of health to activate. Reassemble near an enemy to hit them with a stealth attack and deal massive damage. Ability 3: Take parts from the environment around you to make yourself stronger. This ability would give a certain amount of damage adaptation/resistance which scales with strength but has a natural cap to not be too op. Ability 4: Consume a great amount of energy to trigger a massive void explosion, killing any enemies nearby and leaving the survivors weakened. Hold the casting button to consume health to increase the power and range. The ability would require the Warframe to temporarily destroy itself and reassemble after usage.
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