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  1. Thank you very much for all your responses How can you be sure about this? Also some of this information contradicts what's written on the wiki "In any given mission, there is a low chance of a single Rare Storage Container and a lower chance of a single Reinforced Storage Container spawning somewhere in the map. If one spawns, it will randomly select a vacant high-value hotspot, similar to that of a Syndicate Medallion, and spawn in it.", because you said having less spawn positions would decrease the spawn chance, while the wiki says the spawn is decided at the beginning of the mission and the amount of spawns doesn't matter but it also says that "These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation. Results may vary." so if you have any confirmation about it i'd like to see your sources I'm aware it's a low %, as stated in the initial post, but the exact percentage isn't public yet Unfortunately i didn't get to play LOR, but it didn't have reinforced orokins which is the rarest crate from what i've heard from other players, but again, it could be biased Thank you, would be great to hear confirmation from DE about those chances, many of the drops rates are already public and i don't see a reason for crates (as you mentioned arbitration rotations too) to be different Same story for me, been playing for a long time and haven't seen a single reinforced orokin container Gratz, that's really lucky, were you actively looking for them?
  2. Is there any specific reason why there's no official data regarding Reinforced/Rare/Forgotten crates? Most people know that the spawn rate is really low, but there are many questions which the community has been trying to answer for a while but because of it's rarity it's nearly impossible to be certain about it, here's a few of them: Does the crate have a chance to randomly spawn in any mission which could have a syndicate medallion or does it have a chance to replace crates on the map? if it's the first option looking for them in small tiles would be ideal, while in the second case it's better to go for a big tile for more random crate spawns What's the spawn rate for forgotten/rare/reinforced crates? Do syndicate missions/alerts/nightmare/quests have a higher chance to spawn them than normal missions? A few people have mentioned getting the crate in the ayatan treasure rooms, is this just a coincidence because it has a high density of crates and valuable spots or do those rooms really have a higher chance of spawning crates? Keep in mind that many of these questions have been answered on the wiki, but there are no percentages and the information is just based on other players experience, which could be extremely biased and innacurate, as an example syndicate missions having a higher chance to spawn crates could be false and the only reason this is taken as true is because most players are actively looking for medallions in those missions and end up accidentally finding those crates
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