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  1. This isnt enough. The base range and duration is absolutely stupid for all it's abilities and requiring 100 Energy to just extend their duration for anemic abilities is insanely expensive. Why even bother with Xaku when I can go Protea and have actually useful turrets with actually useful elemental procs? Dead on arrival and pronunced dead post-op.
  2. Just my personal opinion, the Trumna sounds pretty good but for such a MASSIVE machine gun with insane damage output it would be nice if the sfx could be adjusted to have more bass to it. Right now it sounds too small caliber and almost tinny for the sheer size of this lad. Otherwise really enjoying what is essentially an HMG.
  3. Just to add to the growing list of absolute BS that is solo fighting Necromechs. You put their weak spot on their backs, gave them uncapped turning speed so they always face us, and then they also continue to turn and follow you when YOU'RE INVISIBLE? -painful to reach weakpoint -health regen -long and spammable invincibility phases -damage reflection -status immune -uncapped turning speed and tracking through invisibility -invisible AOE from grenade that slows you down to a crawl for ALL ACTIONS and lasts way too long with no status icon. timer. or visible eff
  4. Just noticed this today (8/23/2020) Khora's spikes are missing even though arsenal says their equipped. They were also missing/invisible in missions. Can anyone else confirm or deny this?
  5. UPDATE: did some more testing, The bug has nothing to do with Rising Storm after all, it is caused by having Xoris equipped and using Blade Storm at all. Completely wipes your combo multiplier. The bug only affects Xoris, I tested Cerata and it kept it's combo multiplier as well as other non-glaive melee weapons.
  6. "Blade Storm attacks increase your Melee Counter by 4" This much is true however as soon as Blade Storm ends, with Xoris equipped your melee counter resets to zero instantly and you lose all stacks including those not from Blade Storm. WHAT This does not happen on any other weapon I've tried so it's possibly an issue with Xoris having infinite combo duration.
  7. Update: It seems that the Granum Void hands breaking is tied to what tile you spawn in. If you spawn in any room besides the tile from Deadlock Protocol's story mission There's a high chance the hands will not work. The Deadlock Protocol story tile always had working hands from my attempts to farm Protea.
  8. Please fix Granum Voids. Unless it's included in this patch we are repeatedly being denied access. The golden hand terminals are inactive and no menu or prompt comes up. Has happened too many times to be a fluke.
  9. Can confirm, I was in his squad and it happened to us multiple times in a row.
  10. Update yesterday has broken the Granum Void. The hand consoles are non-interactable and the spawn rate for Specters is super inconsistent now. You can go the full duration of the time limit with only ~25 spawns and no time bonus drops. This bug is eerily similar to how the Consoles don't work anymore during Orb Vallis spy bounties and completely bricks the session.
  11. Not only is the Granum Void completely broken, the specter spawns are super inconsistent and you can go the entire time limit with maybe 20 spawns and no time bonus drops. This patch murdered the game's already shaky playability.
  12. - Right hand Akjagara Prime gun vanishes with every other shot and if you are holding something like a Mobile Defense payload or coolant canister it will appear in place of the gun. - Coil drives in Orb Vallis when hit with a Heat status proc now have a really pronounced "tiling" to the fire decal and it looks really bad. - Venus on the star chart is SUPER bright for some reason.
  13. Repeatedly happened to me and my clan lead, the "spy" mission to infiltrate the enrichment labs bugs out regularly where the doors stay locked and hacking does not open them. Failing the bounty is the only way out. If you manage to get to the glass vault through the air vents, hacking the terminal to raise the glass doesn't do anything. PS: Reviving someone while in archwing sometimes puts you in a permanently frozen state. /unstuck, summoning archwing, k-drive, archgun, don't work and all abilities including operator don't work. You are stuck in place unable to shoot or move. Quitting to o
  14. Confirm I cant see the launch button and launch the game. In addition slapping spacebar doesn't work for me. Game is literally unplayable for some of us.
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