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  1. Thanks for fixing the pump animations! However, the trigger hand is still holding the gun by where the grip used to be for the base Corinth and the model overall clips into the heads of a few Warframes due to how tall and high the model is... I really really love this gun since it behaves so realistically as a shotgun compared to many other games, I hope you guys can get it perfect.
  2. Thanks for fixing the Corinth Prime gun animations but the Solstice skin still wreaks havoc with the hand animations and my trigger hand is holding an invisible pistol grip lol.
  3. Right hand holds the gun way too low possibly on where the base Corinth's grip used to be and when used with any alternate skin the left arm grips the gun completely wrong behind the trigger grip. Update: seems like the entire gun model is sitting too high when I flip between the Corinth and Corinth Prime. Update 2: there also are no animations on the gun itself for the pump-action. The fore grip does not pump between shots or reload.
  4. As state in title, every time you perform a mercy kill on a Lich, your Warframe loses the ability to pick up any and all resources including energy orbs forcing you to play without energy pick ups for the rest of the mission. This is an extremely consistent and occasionally game-breaking bug.
  5. Can confirm, both for the host and client side that Titania is currently broken due to the update.
  6. Nevermind, I did a verify cache and reboot and the bug went away so its my fault.
  7. Logged on after a week or so hiatus, noticed that a lot of my warframes: Atlas/Nekros/Revenant (Nekros Noble), Mesa/Nyx/Khora (Khora Noble), Garuda/Ivara (Garuda noble), have really bad weapon clipping into their torso as if they are holding their guns and bows way too close to their body. Their right hand is noticeably lower than before and their shoulder textures sometimes fold and break whenever they move... what happened?
  8. This round is so redundant. Revenant still has ZERO SKINS while you guys are mass piling the skins on the same few Warframes round after round after round. I've been playing Warframe less and this Tennogen round didn't excite.
  9. 1. Bow string draw speed and arrow draw speed are not synchronized: at exactly 0.69 charge rate (Critical Delay + Rank 1 Vigilante Fervor) they will draw in sync. - At a lower charge rate (faster draw), the arrow will be drawn back ahead of the string and the string will teleport to full draw at the end of the animation. - At a higher charge rate (slower draw), the string will draw to full tension before the arrow reaches the final position. 2. Alternate arrow skins don't have the correct placement (Warframe holds the arrow by the middle of the shaft, probably a mis-assigned node on the skeleton.) 3. Strange lights spawn in when the bow is fully drawn (very similar to the Lenz "jets") and they seem to be "attached" in terms of movement to the ends of the bow but they are very far back and away from the bow itself. I dont know if they were supposed to be highlights for the glowing ends of the bow but they are very out of place.
  10. I posted this back in November 2nd but DE is so paralyzed with Railjack that nothing else is being fixed. So much for a year focusing on fixes. This game has another 2 years tops with the current player count.
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