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  1. After hacking anything, your Warframe's head will always be tilted upwards instead of the correct idle position and will be offset upwards when aiming down sight. This bug is so prevalent that it is even present in the Dev build and affected Sevagoth and Lavos during livestreams where Rebecca had to hack something.
  2. Since you brought back the ability to hold melee (E) to execute the traditional "heavy attack" of throwing the glaive, it is far too sensitive to the (E) hold and regularly mid combo it will start the heavy attack charge and put a full stop on Glaive melee's. Please consider reverting the change or increasing the duration (E) has to be held before it registers as a heavy attack command. Right now it is far too sensitive and makes Glaives a bit of a liability in CQC.
  3. Repeatedly happened to me and my clan lead, the "spy" mission to infiltrate the enrichment labs bugs out regularly where the doors stay locked and hacking does not open them. Failing the bounty is the only way out. If you manage to get to the glass vault through the air vents, hacking the terminal to raise the glass doesn't do anything. PS: Reviving someone while in archwing sometimes puts you in a permanently frozen state. /unstuck, summoning archwing, k-drive, archgun, don't work and all abilities including operator don't work. You are stuck in place unable to shoot or move. Quitting to o
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