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  1. I've been hoping we can eventually make Blade & Whip Zaws at some point ever since Zaws were introduced, and as for Kitguns, I'd love to see something like a flamethrower or shotgun chamber, and while I may be in the minority for liking this type of weapon, I really want a lever-action grip.
  2. This has actually been bothering me the more I think about it and go into the Void just to run some quick, fun captures. If Inaros (full armor 'Frame) and Nidus (full health 'Frame) can't gain shields from ally Shield Ospreys since they don't have shields, why is it that Corrupt Grineer (full armor enemies) and Corrupt Ancients (full health enemies) can, despite also not having shields? Is this something we can expect to see addressed (either by giving Inaros and Nidus the ability to gain shields again or removing the ability to give shields to non-shielded enemies), or is it just another thing we can add to the ever growing list of "Things Enemies Can Do but the Player Cannot"?
  3. I do agree with those who say basing a Riven's disposition based on weapon usage goes against what their intended purpose should be (bringing weaker weapons closer in line with stronger ones), but considering we were at least told the dispositions would be dynamic from the beginning, the salt some players are sending DE's way is really unfounded. If you spent thousands of plat on a "God Roll" for a very popular weapon without doing any research on Rivens or spent hundreds of thousands to millions of Kuva rolling a Riven thinking the stats wouldn't change (again, didn't do any research), well that's on you. And before anyone jumps to conclusions, yes, I have Rivens of my own with my best so far being for the Grinlok at 50+ rolls that still needs more rolls for the stats I want. Will I be a tad upset if the disposition goes down with the next update? Yeah, 'cause I spent a lot of time trying to make it good, but will I blame DE for it like an entitled child? No. I knew the disposition could change at any time, but I willingly used my time to roll it over and over again, so if I were to blame anyone, it'd be myself.
  4. I don't have the emote yet, but it's one of the few things I've really been looking forward to getting, so I'm actually pretty disappointed to see it doesn't have any sound effects. Edit: Saw a video demonstrating the emote, and it's just... bad. It looks more like you're stamping your foot to start throwing a tantrum, only to end up yawning half way through.
  5. Same here. After three days of farming Defection missions to get an Ash System and waiting three more days for the Ephemera to finish crafting, I'm very disappointed that the effect doesn't show while hosting missions. I know it isn't a top priority, but with what it takes to get and craft this accessory, it'd be nice if DE could fix it soon.
  6. I saw him twice in the first week: Once on the first day (dropped the Wolf Sledge Head) and again on the second day (Dropped the Wolf Sledge Blueprint). I considered myself pretty lucky since I saw him twice in two days while getting two different weapon parts, but it seems my luck has run dry since I haven't seen him again since, and the longer I go without the Wolf coming after me, the angrier I get that DE put a new weapon on a rarely spawning, time limited miniboss with a 35% chance for him to even drop a weapon part. I saw on the Warframe Reddit that Pablo said that by the end of Nightwave Series 1 he'd be so common it'd be an "Oh great, it's the Wolf again" situation (looking for the thread as I type this for confirmation), but that doesn't make how rare he is now feel any less frustrating, especially considering if some of us don't get the hammer during this series, who knows how long it'll take for DE to add it as a Cred purchase in another Series? Edit: Found the Reddit talking about Pablo's stream with the important parts from the last hour bulleted: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b1x8wg/i_just_watched_the_last_hour_of_pablos_stream/ From the topic: Pablo said that near the end, the Wolf would spawn so often that you would think "GDI this Wolf again???" Edit 2: Just finished a PuG Meso Spy and finally fought the Wolf again. Kind of disappointed that even though he dropped a weapon part for the third time in a row for me (I'm starting to feel very lucky with his drops), I'm a tad disappointed he dropped another Sledge Head.
  7. I love how DE got flak for the "with a friend or clanmate" drek during the first two weeks, got a lot of praise for week 3's challenges, then decided to do another "with a friend or clanmate" challenge this week. I really can't tell if this was either somebody at DE just not caring about the surprising number of people talking about how all their friends/clanmates don't play any more or if these challenges were all premade before NW launched (hence the whole "We can't make any changes now, but we'll take your feedback into consideration for Series 2"). I also agree that the "use three Forma" and "gild a Modular Weapon" challenges are bunk for some players. Why should someone who already built and maxed all modulars be forced to suddenly make another? Why should someone who already polarized their entire arsenal suddenly have to use three more unnecessary Forma? I'm starting to agree more and more with the people saying these challenges should either be retroactive to what we've already done in-game or be based on where we are in-game (so a new Tenno doesn't have the same challenges as a maxed vet and vice versa).
  8. This reply may be late, and you may know this by now, but it doesn't have to be all at once. I'm sitting at 13 Fractures over the course of three separate runs.
  9. So, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it turns out you can throw the Coolant Canisters, which causes them to explode! I just closed a third fracture, noticed my channeling was still toggled on, went to turn it off, and threw the canister like a grenade! If this is intentional, why is it not mentioned anywhere that this can be done, and who thought that'd be a good idea? After all the talk of people trolling/griefing in the Kuva Survival Nightwave challenge by activating Life Support in the last few minutes, did no one think people would use this to troll/grief groups trying to close four fractures with one canister? If this isn't intentional, please address this ASAP.
  10. Had hims spawn on a solo Oxomoco, Void (30-35 Exterminate) while looking for Simaris scans for the Weekly Goal, also the first time I saw the Saturn 6 Fugitives since they spawned at the same time, but two tiles apart, no Nora transmissions any time before he spawned; haven't seen him since despite running different missions all day today. I honestly think he just has a really poor spawn chance, which I'm finding to be a huge problem since these waves are time limited, the weapon parts you get are RNG based, and he has a chance to drop no parts at all. Until we learn whether or not we'll be able to get the Wolf Sledge another way (be it being able to repeat Wolf of Saturn 6 or purchase the parts for Wolf Credits), a lot of unlucky players may end up locked out of some MR if his spawn rate isn't increased or just increases as our ranks increase.
  11. Edit: Now that my head isn't pounding and I can actually read, I can see I misread "changed some Grineer meathed's dropped part to be tradable", which is a good move since his spawn rate is so low. I've heard his spawn rate will increase as the "story evolves" (based on what was said in tonight's Prime Time), but hopefully that won't be too little too late by the time we can fight him more commonly.
  12. Oh, I understand it took a very long time for these changes to come, but it still falls on the player to understand dispositions change. Again, we've been told from the beginning that these dispositions would fluctuate, and while I'm still against the way DE manages these mods (they really should only be based on the strength of the weapon instead of popularity), I, and what looks like only a few others, was in full understanding that even with how much time and effort it takes to get these mods and however long we get to use them, we shouldn't grow to attached to them since there's always the chance they could go up or down in disposition. Again, if people grew too comfy with their Rivens, that's on them. If people spent thousands of plat on Rivens that are now weaker, that's on them. None of this is DE's fault; it's all on the player for either growing ignorant to the potential of their Rivens changing or being completely ignorant to the fact they can change at all. Will I be a little upset if my Grinlok Riven ever goes down? A little, but you won't see me ranting about DE screwing everyone over and saying I'm going to uninstall the game over it. Read the post again: Melee Rivens have NOT been changed yet; those tweaks will come along with weapon rebalancing in Melee 3.0.
  13. DE had said from the beginning Riven dispositions would change. If players were too ignorant to understand that and, for some reason, believed what we had would stay, well that's on you. This falls completely on you, not DE. But since you're uninstalling over your own misunderstanding, bye!
  14. I still believe Riven dispositions should be based on how strong the weapon is over how often it's used, but hopefully a few more disposition changes will get things properly in line, though I will admit that I'm also surprised to see a few of these weapons go down a bit, like the Miter. Gotta say though, unlike many players in this thread, I'm not salty in the least. Yeah, my Miter's a littler weaker now, but it did just fine without a Riven before anyway. Maybe I'm just taking it better since I'm apparently one of the few who knew Riven dispositions were never meant to be static and didn't only use them to scam people out of plat.
  15. So apparently I was a tad more excited to see this drop than I expected and have been waiting to get home all day to let it update, but I'm expecting quite a few bugs, so I'm glad to see you actually made your Thursday release plan. Now onto what I'm looking forward to the most, I really can't wait to get my hands on a Murderizer, but after looking at the Pax Arcanes and deciding I'm definitely using Pax Charge, I'm really curious as to how different loaders will effect it. Will faster reload speeds make the battery charge faster, or will it be a constant rate, meaning a larger magazine is the better choice? I may end up making a few just to test this out.
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