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  1. Seen the same thing that Schwarz Ryu and Big Roy 324 said. Some weapons will drop more than others. Was hunting for chakkurr and kept getting zarrs, grattlers, seer, hind and something else but that was the only things showing up. Leeds me to believe that certain weapons have different drop chances depending on what planet levels. Weapons have a straight 5% but planet level also maybe a factor. Could be wrong.
  2. Need more info, there is so many weapons in the game you will find something for every situation there is. So some of my favorites in no particular order. Ignis Wraith Kuva Zarr Trumna Acceltra Cedo Kuva Ogris Fulmin Tenet Tetra Tenet Arca Plasmor
  3. So I was under the impression that once you got ten warframes invigorated it would unlock and allow you to invigorate any warframe after that, but no. I have to invigorate ten more warframe to do it again. As Tony Stark said when fighting Hulk " blank move Banner." Not going to use the helminth invigorate again.
  4. I have had the same issue with entering crew ships or capitols. What I do is fly at them full speed then just before hitting them slow and find the x button.
  5. Get all the mk3 upgrades from your dojo, they make a huge difference. You go into a high level railjack with default gear and your constantly repairing you rj.
  6. The problem is that with his halo, enemies can still hit his health even with 1,000,000 armor. Equilibrium helps with that because it converts part of health orbs for energy and energy for health. Certain enemies can bypass his halo and can suck him dry of energy and several builds do not run flow. So equilibrium help with making sure he has a constant supply of energy. Before I used equilibrium he would sometimes just die especially against corpus, now with equilibrium he is much more tanky. Try him without and then with it, you will see the difference.
  7. Nezha Prime/Nezha, fast but a bit slippery so once you get used to his slides he can keep up or pass speed volt. Also get equilibrium, solves his one problem with dying. Wukong Prime/Wukong, good tanky frame and with cloud walker excellent mobility with a built in heal. Want to use whatever frame? Use the mods rush, sprint and armored agility. All will increase sprint speed.
  8. The problem with Protea is getting her. Her kit is decent, put allot of duration on her with some strength and she can hold her own. Her 4 is her weakness, I replaced it with gloom and tesla nervos, gloom for when need heal and a slow and nervos for cc and target finding. One thing I did also to her was put in a shield mod which helped her survival ability. She is a Protector Warframe, so interception, defection, mobile defense/defense are her play ground.
  9. The deluxe skins are alternative takes for a frame, ie Nyx's deluxe skin looks like a royal lioness compared to the normal nyx that looks like a clone of Excal.
  10. Have you tried Nyx? Grind Hard Squad did a video on her that just kills hounds and the lich, any high damage weapon should work but make sure Nyx is efficient and power focused. Use her two to strip armor and shields off both and then her number 4 invincibility to tank her.
  11. Yesterday ran into someone's corpus lich that had Sevagoth's gloom and a radiation weapon. She was invincible, get near and your slowed to 75% and could do nothing, get out of range and hit her and get radiation procs and die. Was using Wukong tank and got one shot 3 times. Made the fight impossible to finish cause everyone ran out of lives.
  12. Weapon skin on Ambassador, the magazine keeps flickering from base skin to the tenet skin. Noticed it when leveling in Sedna defense and Saturn Helene.
  13. Get rid of her 4 and use gloom, it makes a big difference. Protea is a very good frame, she is tanky when using shield grenades and dispensary. Her turrets give her extra fire power when needed or to hold a choke point. Duration and some power strength and she is good. Gloomy Protea is my third most played frame cause she is a good all a rounder.
  14. Defense, mobile defense, interception frames, Vauban, Protea, Wisp, Khora, Hydroid, Lavos, Mesa, Mag, Nova, Hyldrin all can lock down an area and or debuff enemies to make it easier to kill. Forgot about Octavia.
  15. What it comes with is a Loki warframe (non prime), and Loki verv skin. That was last month, this month is just the verv syadona. Also this is with your Amazon prime gaming.
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