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  1. Ask in trade chat, people will give it to you for "free" (you have to trade something for it like a ammo drum mod or like what I did a blue ayatan star, I have a ton of them).
  2. Switch weapons, have had that happen once for me also.
  3. Yeah Wukong is not the best for everything, I know that but for me his most used ability is his cloudwalker which has good movement and a very strong heal. So if I do not know what I want I pick him. You prove my point, every warframe can be used in any mission, may not be the best but they can do them. I use Protea for disruption cause her turrets shred them.
  4. There is no best warframe, each has its own strengthens and weaknesses. Wukong is a good general purpose frame, can do a llitle of everything. Protea is another great frame that can do almost everything but she is very good in offensive defense/mobile defense missions or anything cause her turrets just rek things. Last Ivara, the queen of stealth. Spy and survival missions or any mission where you just want to take you time is her bailiwick. Those are my top three played frames.
  5. Vial Rush was Lavos's greatest ability and now it is terrible. I so want to delete this frame now, vial rush was a great method of priming enemies and now you tap it and it sends you into walls and YOU CANNOT TURN THE BLANKING THING OFF and gets you killed!!!!! Yes I am mad as hell, vial rush was perfect before and now is unusable so much so I am getting rid of it for anything else. Why was it changed? WHY?!?!?!?! Vial Rush was a great tool, tap-tap and you could drop vials in front of you or tap and wait for a nice sprint and tap again to turn off, you could control how far you go which
  6. Gloomy Protea is just out right evil!! 😈 Been playing this instead of tesla nuero and it shuts down everything within range. You do have to be careful with where you are but so far have loved it and being able to ramp up the slow and turn it off when needed is just nice. Have not had any energy problems except when eximus units are around especially the ones that suck energy.
  7. I'd you are wanting Ivara get the prime version much easier, if you need Ivara for helminth I understand your pain.
  8. Warframe 1.0 was considered a failure, why we do not know. Did the frames do thing erratic or inconsistent we do not know. But they were independent control, we have evidence of this from several quests, back stories and lore. Warframe 2.0 tho was a complete success with Tenno controlling the warframe actions with the Tenno in turn being controlled by the Lotus. We do not know what the changes were other than Tenno control, but we can classify warframes that show independent action are most likely warframe 1.0's.
  9. What does the screen shake slider do anyways, when it is in the on position does it turn screen shake on or off. Might test that since I do not know. Must test this now.
  10. Have like 5 or 6 sets of the monkey king stocked away. His parts drop allot, easy to get. Also there is https://tenno.zone/relics that has what relics are where and shows what and when relics are vaulted.
  11. Ummm, I do not have screen shake turned off so I do not understand what you are talking about. The only screen shake I have seen is in void storms when using railjack. The only thing I have seen is void storms when inside a ship and you get near a fissure and blows up and shakes the screen a good inch or more from side to side. Never have seen mausolon, trumna or sepulcrum shaking the screen unless you are point blank or too close when using alt fire. Mostly see screen flash which caused me to goto darker energy colors. How are you dealing with the transitions to and from archwing to
  12. Screen shake? What screen shake? Mausolon has little shake, are you meaning void storms? Now there is screen shake.
  13. Got mine, had to log out log back in for it to show up.
  14. Something I saw in the protea quest, Parvos's eyes glowed yellow like the man in the wall's eye do. Wonder if this is more evidence that the man in the wall is playing all sides against the middle but for what purpose. Or the yellow eye signify that they are using void energy.
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