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  1. This goes to everyone, when tje song says "Where the wind don't blow" it means SPACE. The space is a place with zero air, if there is no air, there's no wind. And to be fair, we are playing a space game, Ship is not a seaship but a spaceship, and where the wind dont blow is the space, you should all know that. It is a Warfrape song so it's about Warframe lore, and it's pretty clear what the song peans
  2. The killing part is easy, the problem is mantaining the life support wich drains quicker than Gauss with Volt and Wisp
  3. Here's a solution, invite someone outside of railjack, (recruit chat or whatever) since you're gonna be in a group and also be the host (1) start the RJ mission in public and voila. The mission won't match you to another player because you are in a team already, and people will join you inside the mission. That way you guarantee being the host in a RJ mission.
  4. I've been doing the test this whole week, and I lose it everytime, the thing is, when i'm practicing it, i complete it, and have time to spare, but when i go in the actual test, life support capsule don't drop, enemies become inmune to abbilities (without arbi drone) and it's driving me crazy. On top of that I have to wait 24 hours to do it all again. (Should be 12 hours) It's so depressing 😭 But I swear that by the end of this week I'll complete that test.
  5. So I 've been playing Railjack solo lately, and I wanted to play the assassination mission in grineer veil proxima, the only problem is that the assassination part is not working. Once I enter the mission I have to kill the enemies and destroy the missile platform, but the grineer galleon does not spawn ant killing the general is not an objective, so once I destroy the platform the mission completes itself. Thing is, I want to play the assassination part too and it's not happening, and I want to do it in veil proxima 'cause I want the spectra vandal. I would like to know when this bu
  6. Hello everyone, so I have a question. While reading the wiki I found out that in railjack missions there are 2 caches. The first one i imagine is the one that is pointed out by the white (default) icon that appears inmediately we enter a mission in proxima regions, wich, once inside the yellow indicator appears revealing the first cache. My question is, where is this second cache mentioned in the wiki?
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