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  1. plz, no more random buffs, everything was fine but this is not. The new helmith skills are nice, the idea is nice, but invigorations is a really bad idea in my opinion.
  2. yes, you are right ,but i was not talking about Desecrete i was talking about Shadows Of The Dead, in my opinion both are the core of nekros and because adaptation is expensive (endo and credits) a build with both arguments in a "future" will be a better option even without adaptation for a new player..
  3. Hi, here some quick tips about your build Sinse you dont have an orokin reactor ,Steel charge is a better option for aura (more capacity) Overextended isn't good here because nekros range is really nice and you will need power strenght to get more % in his 4(you will need 225+ strenght later to get more damage reduction with Shield of Shadow, but for now its ok) Rage is nice but continuity is better, why? skills with drain/second are affected by 2 things : duration and efficiency
  4. hi!, i have this issue, i cant destroy my grandest hall, this happen after the update 29.10 :c [Dojo]I can't destroy my Grandest Hall - PC Bugs - Warframe Forums
  5. TYPE: Dojo UI DESCRIPTION: When i want to destroy my grandest hall I can't because i must destroy first my energy reactors (last weekend i destroy my labs and tried it but i can't, same issue, i must destroy first my energy reactors and my crimson brach) VISUAL : REPRODUCTION: Always, when i try to destroy my grandest hall EXPECTED RESULT: i want to destroy it without destroy my energy reactors :c REPRODUCTION RATE: always
  6. plz, i can't destroy this hall i wanna change it for the new corpus one, but i must destroy my reactors first :s
  7. I can't destroy this hall(grandest), it say i must destroy my reactors first :s (?), this have no sense!
  8. Hola tennos!, mi nombre es Zure y los guiare en este largo y algunas veces turbulento viaje llamado Railjack, en esta guía intentaré cubrir todo lo necesario para que al terminar tengas todaslas herramientas para ir a patear algunos grineer! A continuación les dejo la tabla de contenidos con cada spoiler siendo un tema, espero les guste y la disfruten además de que si tienen dudas o sugerencias las añadiré aquí e intentaré contestarlas. Q&A comunes sobre Railjack Q-¿Qué es un Railjack? A-Railjack es una vieja nave de guerra de la época orokin utilizada en la guerra
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